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incident of Boy Scout Jamboree in
London Apparently Misunderstood
There and In America.
There has been much comment on
this side of the ocean as well as the
other because during the recent "Iu
tornational Scout jamboree" in London
the American Boy Scouts did not dip
their ilng in salute, as tho scouts of
all other countries d(Id.
Even when ceremonies wwe held
in honor of the war dead, the Amori
can flag remained steadily upright
wheni all other flags wer. dipped.
When King George reviewed the
Scouts, aguit our flag remniuud stn
tiontary while all other flags alutod
It i9 reportel that thin "unfortunato
event" left "a unfavorabl inpres
ston," and crlti en ( omment haue
como from some quarters In thiv coun
try also.
Buit there will he no t(wtltism in any
quarter where t'he rulem of the tla
Qrc khow. anti espcifitly thore will
he no crticisn frAii anybody Wiho hait
read the infftntry drill rogulation . For
there theso VTy plain words. agrgr:
"The nationni co4or nemvr eittt "
Every eitimen, and all shate regimentol
and other flags render trihnti '.o the
Stars and Stripes. But proud Old
GWory never dtick a cotirtey, even
to the prestdent of the UnIted States.
The American loy Scouti tli Lon
do wer'i sinpsly obeying a primary
rule goverulnn the use of the flag.
Duluth Iferald.
Lord Leverhulme, English Millionaire,
Explains Why, at SQ, He Will
Not Quit the Game.
Lord I.everhulme reoentAy told n
goodi story to show why losiness nio
workus hard1 as they do. It is not for
the money. he snid. as imnuh as for the
sheer (111 of It.
A ou1 namo1uied Tyson. he said. weto
out to Australin In the eatrly ays. ITT'
now has sheep firins In Quieensin n'.
Now' S'outh WVales. Vietortia, wil south
Australla. I I t has m!'ons of sheep
and enttle, yet he ilves as simply as
one of his own stockmon.
lie is now eighty years of ngt
halh and heiarty. When ie wits isked
why he workd ;o hiriid ill livel like
a work mtn, h ropliled thatt it was not
a litnttor of 1onev at all.
"I tinhae put sheep where there were
Tn sheep." he said4t "nttle wheire
there were no n ttl-houses wh're
hrUwere. no lits+--whIte v:n.n
where thert were only hltiek ment he
fore. Thait is the fun I 1:et out of it."
Codflah and Education.
Tltts N'w Envihiiil. in to lilt vs of
silk shir's amd fur eoats. lIo-cwtm too
proud itd fathihm- fir honest iwA
blitrIIus 'fIh halls? 1Th' q:wvro'l
('11l still sw ita n!'ft ohav- the l'i-d
e our wlise men tssemble !n ten re
' Od Genera-1 4,ou11r I. It I it) n o nn
tthol. It stas f'r th o' day f
1 oi oe indutstry atol frutoi Ilvinr on
e dh Now Ei,9:mdu prosp-rlty wa
-U d. "Tihi lute fih'bal" Is a
i-ot"t work of ersit!vo ,etis Iilus
*:,'g the' eloseI rIltiton Ietweentt eol
h tit] weuenton. Fish was aw
foo for the lrilis. If w:e
he' vot Iyondl euifish we dorve' in
-1. fat fill'. to h' t Ie prey of the
Il"Cill t! tie entti b to tno O0nm
m rnfltSn friom I any one.-Sue
Airplane C'.rry Jewetry.
nn-re -i el !h. 1:t- het sir- uv a
a: '3''lar U-*t. V.ie fnit
Sihl fri 'ht.3 .\ 1 -l Phinots wire (de
Cnn buter ('P4' Itsten(e il on iirornt
Ana Servac' t' flurpose.
Docaitorg i'ni thei let!' .exilirer,
t9 ar no~rtht 'wer' the rats that in
fi' 'ed hi-s ship1. Ntsvirthless, when'i In
in t of' 'othir f eat. he -onis glaid to liit
i m-'(oS eintunsi' i'hopped til and
ft--'tnI ito tillw hltls-. lie wrote:
tguliled hiis hiouir of watch by shloot
Myg rNtis ws-ti th how and arrow. The
r'puginnten oif mty ('om0pa1 nit to shatre
i-thi me thits table luxuctry gave tme fro
quetltta nvainge of fresh meint soup1,
wih eh coii ntbu tedl til doubit to my
cot~mlparatSiv sonuntittlty ti s~curivy."
World's Oldest Auto Driver.
'The w.~orhi's iilde(st nu itomobllile drIver
has been dIlscov-eredi.
Ife is Johno ('rook of L~ynton, De'vont
shire, Englend1. Criook Is 98 years old
and has beeni drivinig a car for the
past five months. In thnt tIme he~ has
nlot had an n'cklen~t and hasq driven
through the densest traftle in London
without n truce of hesitation or nerv
Mr. (Crook Intends to Start out on
a totur of lFralnce, lieilim and1 other
parts of the continent.
"I). you1 tid H-f I smolkol" naked the
"Not at nil," replied the suffragett~e.
"I'm niot in pollI ies for my health."
"inut, moy dear mnndam, my cigar is
not 441 bndi ni(I that."
Pabesnger in Auto and Odoelferous
"Puseles" Alike Went on Their
Way Rejoicing.
An unusua sight was witnessed last
week on the road to Onsot. A party
of Brocktonlians wore autoing to
Bournehurst and on tho road this side
of Onset there suddenly appeared a
black and white patch. The machine
approached the spot at a fast mte and
as it drew n.irer the mtasn straight
ened out into a line across the road.
There was a gasp of astunishment
nnd of dismay, also, for the black-and
white mass proved to be a mother
skunk leading four little ones across
the streot- They were moving very
slowly, no slowly indeed that it was
unpossiblo to stop the cur before It
reached thiema.
Admonitins of "Don't hit thon"
were not necesary to the driver of
the machit; bnt he was wonderlag
howm be was going to miss them. As
Inuk woutd have it, the mother skukmi
just fhon separ-atd herself from the
four little one* and fl muchine
pasel right over her without harm
Ing a hair of the odorous animal.
The passengers, lookita back, saw
the mother polecat lndaled fl the
road, while her offspring had turnaed
and wero trenking it neros the high
way and over the railway tracks into
the friendly buahet. They were right
In the path of an approaching trolley
ear, tut negotiated the retreat with
out a Casualty. Prohnhly the unharmn
ed but dazed mother rqjoinLled her lit
tile flock iater. lind the auto and the
skunks mnot In collislom it must have
Cast a gloom over subsequent pro
teedings for the car and its cargor
Brtckton Cnterprise.
According to Discouraged One There
Was About Nothing to Do But
"Up and Die."
They were talking of the city govern
"''lhey all work togetiet\" one twin
complained. "First they let the triits
Put UP the pr-ice of coft'ee and teti Ull
a poor Man can't afford to drink 'em
any more. Then the m1i11k companies
get after us and put milk out of our
reach. Then cormes prolhibi tion anld
we can't buy heor at till. Thought tle
Ilimlit was reached then, didn't you?"
"Sure," salal the Idle Person, "they
ha ven't thought of anything muor'e to
do, havo they?"
"Bit havenl't they, IIthouglh?" bi tterI
ly reiled tle discorgeid one. ")o mn't
yu rin-d the patin-rs? Wencta t here's
tnothinag (lse left to drink baut wat er,
thist blasted city governtent sulyl
wkes up iad raise the price of wa.
ter. What chance ias a poor man, to
live. anlylhow? "'
The Time of Heather.
The nmo rs are Urile with henthIer
or'--AirnIre sieletly silu-aking-with ling,
for by this tune ti real bell-hteathr
is PIr'tty nte lt y over.
Ileati-rs of dliferent kinds inlnhit
til ligh mt14o"1lttn,s all the w'rld vor.
in AtteeIa. Afrin and Asia, as weil
ats in Etaurj a'. I lar own ilug aaa. ie,
Si'n'fl Iouiinaig int Newfvioundalanda atnd
fliso it New Enaglanu.
Most se'ople renrd i-athaea' imnply
fr'aim the. atsthaeth: standpolinait, and
in*vir c1lve a iitL'lnt ta its v:aried( uJns'.
haut every~ ytar thereai is taric (tutting~
ofi henthelar for' the ipurosi of baruoma
raainihan . hlia r ni n,~~tii is itni ix-'d
I an t tr ial for' Ilthaithin Iam-aaaa'
an'i ! ti-at-ly put ota a laa:ta.a. tlMt-h
lH! atstn (li ientry,.--Jaahn 0' Lomliata's
Which Stone is Best?
It I<-' ,sta rana' t bit, a fter auli theis'e ern
t i as raf thtllng a n! rihitlbling. at re'
( nt la'a'ro lii l at ndon hIub set on
fiat a' tlivl (ontroiversy5 a..! to) w~lmt
rV l ihe st te wich baest with1
8-a:u:0r thait ally's utmaosphle'''. Pet'
has a genrialto hoee ti' answer
WVhtI' e one, saysM thte TtLndon ('h'rni
Ch-a, aniii the' r'e-ernfo rcedl 'onc'rete sys
ti'm now oan its trilal will htiavi (tt.ab
Hshed It .alf. P' nlrtand stone hans baeen
ruiatwd ge'n'rnly wits thiat city's most
usifaul blbialing Stone, liut titer,' are
dotaaarrs now, nnd1( the coniclusion
S(einis to he thait science alone enn
coute(rneat the ravages of London's at
a s idh'rea by art iflial ('onting of ex
posed tfaces oft the stone.
Soldier Cashed as a Note,
A soldla'r ptresenatedi irnuseif at the
comrnaonweallthI triasury, Melbourte,
Auastralta, and said: "[ ame a ?20 note
ntnd witant to be ciashed." ITe statedl
that he had swallowed the note at
Fh-u'arbaix when he expected to he cap
Iit 'rId ii'e r'emenid 'red the numbaer,
lad the note in que .4tion tutrnedl out to
baa thet only13 one missing from a par
ticrtair issue which had been recalled.
Thei man a 's given a new aote.-Men
trial Ni'ws.
The Greatest Cotton Sheds.
Thlairgi't cotton storage sheds in
lthe worl tare being erected at Ihull,
Ern~aml. These nccormmtodate 50o,000
hali's rat onei time uinder ideal "ondi
lions. There are all facilities for in
spection of the cotton in the best light
tintd also for removing any particular
hales regardless of their position ir'
the ple. This is donc by a rertark
eable piece oif mechanism recently in
v'en ted.
Stiil to Be Conaidered.
"Of course you are in favor of wom
en vonting."
"I'm in favor of votes for woman,"
replied Mr. Meekton. "But I expect
the docidlon will rest entirely with
them as to whtether' or riot they take
the rroubi~g to go to the noit,
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