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One Held on Charge of Murder and
O.her, on Charge of lreaking Into
Bamberg, April 9.-Preston EIvans,
negro, held In the county jail here
clarged with murder, .and W. A. Wal
ton, White, held for car breaking at
Denmark some .time ago, escaped from
jail here Tucsday night between S and
9 o'clock and up to this time no cluc
has been (iscovered that, would lead
to their arrest. E'vans Is described as
being about 22 years old, about 6 feet
tall, a mulatto, with peculiar eyes that
attract attention. Ills teeth aro good.
le weighs about U>O pounds. Walton
is about.flve feet seven inches tall.
Tuesday night Jailer Dickinson ad
mitted the tiprisoners in the hall for
exercise, as is the custom. He left
them in the hall and went down-stairs
to his rooms, but after a short while
noticing how quiet the prisoners 1were,
he went back up stairs to lock the up,
when ho discovered that Evans and
Walton had made good their escape.
A large posse of citizens formed
if HUNT'Sz 8
't env'ot of VCH . A .
v'r a '1 etbox ot -
Lauren Drui Co.
Reonew vyour ea t
7 pul..y "v your'
A "IA.
conAt a.das,
and E "ver and
TIe ' 0 -ro sold
only in 3. packages.
Avo d : oa
-i 1.\a1, from1 itomei,''
young,. 1lawyerc of Kokomfo, 1
ties h.l !s. amiusing and 'ion
a romant10Ie iltle-i(hun ting gir
in citutins. '1lhore will b
All Comb
Season Tickei
*n commenced to huat for the priaa
era. After ataying out all uight they
failed to And anything that would lead
to -their capture, - except they traced
tracks that were supposod to be those
of thel prisoners into Cope, about six
miles'froin Bamberg. Evans was held
for the murder of Tobo Williams, an
!other negro, with whom he came to
Banrberg about three woks ago and
whom -he Jured to Lemon Swanp,
which he admitted was for the purl)ose
of 'obbery and imurder.' He was cap
tured in Urnuchville the same after
nioon aind brought lack to Bamberg.
Evans, since fbeing in Jail, has made a
clean confession to the murder and
told in detail how he committed the
crime. He was -being held for triali
for this crime when -he escaped.
Walton was being held for alleged
car breaking at Denark about two
weeks ago.
The prisoners escaped by breaking
two locks on a cell door which led
into the "crazy" cell, where one of
the bars wAs partly filed.. They sue
Iceeded in finishing the filing of this
[bar and then tied blankets together
a'hd swung down to the ground. Mr.
Dickinson 'discovered the jail dolly
ery only a few min'utes after the pris
oners had escaped.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
1* *
1* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Lanford, April iL.-Quite a large
crowd assembled at the Baptist church
Sunday momning to hear the Rev. J. W.
Watts preach and were amply repaid
by coming out for they heard a most
excellent sermon and one that is ap
Alicable in such depressed times as
Rov. Robertson preached Sunday a
ternoon at the NMethodist, church to a
'rery approciat ive audiene and bLs ner
omon was very much enjoyed.
The people of this place will be
honored by liaving the old soldier's'
reiion to moAi with us at aii oarly
d:Lte in May.
Our school childrmen are boginining to
practice for the school closing for the
last of the month.
Misnan Nina LoYuis, Jennic Burgesd,
Pearlo Chapman, Pearl Rawlinsoni and
l 'i no Waldrop wec guests Friday
'i.h. at 'i ho;plt.rahle homo of Mr.
and Mrs. WN. 1). Pattorson.
Mr. and Mirs. ILau rena Patterson en
termi.tIned the teachers and sonio ot.h'1r
l'rien ds st a sum01ptLuouls tinrkoy dinneru
** J.\ i W .: i.Enord :t, - A Mr. and M s.
J. It. (-Oy 'von't to Grceenwocd Sat ur
g Comedy, "The B
at Chautauqu
reisnhig .ieriap cmed, wi bepre
m, froma a' piing famuih,1 !hilyo thel "le prl
v Yohr, thrsi.l'ls plot elen noundmethe
id Dieiratolitd fer~s h
ine to Make a Wee]
ot Let Yourself Belie
ls .$2.75, Plus 10 P
day to. apead a Xew dAy With. Mr, A. 4
-M. Wash and famly, - -. , ' d
Mr. Mel Flomning h) patraf eId homq r
from Leesvillo where ho has been
spending the winter with his daughter, s
Mrs. Thomas Crouch. 1
Born to Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pat
torson, a daughter, April 3. . v
Mr. J. W. Johnson spent the Week- 1)
end in Spartanburg to be with his a
wifo who was operated on last week. a
i cr m'any friends will be glad to knowi t
she is improving rapidly.
Mr. J. T. Inurgess a1: family were 'I
the Sunday gucsts of Mr. and MNlrs. T. (
M. Burnett.
. iss Nora Cannon iA at home for her
vacation. I ler school closed last Nveck.
Ilisses Maltie and Annie Powler, of
Central and Mr. 0. C. Cox, of Youngs,
were recent guests of 'Mr. and Mrs. C.1
D. Cox. .
Mr. and Mrs. J. 'D. Williams and
family went to Fountain Inn last Sat
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Garrett at-'
tended the singing at Riddles Old
Field Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. 0. L. 'Waldrop spent TAursday
in the hospital at Spartanbung with
Mrs. J. W. Johnson.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. T. Higgins and lit
tio son, and Miss Carryo Lou Higgins,
of Buffalo-Union, spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Higgins;
Clinton, April 12.--Mr. John C. Hen
ry, of Greenville, spont tho week-end
in town with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bailey and lit.
tie granddaughter, Frances, spent last
wook at Magnolia Gardens.
Mr. and Mrs. E. l& F. Giles, Mr. and
Mrs. Irvin Coleman, and Mrs. Annie
Bailey, spent last Friday in Green
Mrs. I1. 1. Scalfo roturned last Fri
(lay to her home In Washington, i). C.,
after spending several weoks with rel
atives here.
Mrs. A. 11. Galloway, of Abbeville,
spInt sveral days last .week with Mr.
an( Mis. .1. A. Chandler.
Mrs. Cyrus Bailey and daugliter
spent last .week In Augusta with rola
Mr. and Mis. Forrest Sunimers and
son, of Nwberry, spent Sunday with
Mr. and M'rs. W. 1-. Young.
Mrs. 11. C. Philson, of Alheville,
spent Friday in town with friends.
Mr. John I. libertsoR, MIss Emmic
jtolerpt.son, Mrs. Tom Robertson and
4an from Home"
enlt-( d at tho comuing Itedpath (Cimuttinqu
adventures of Daniel Voorhece Pike, an e
in the face of well-nigh insurmnountab~le
ifully American. fils efforts to saive hi
ower'" of' Eu1roie' futrnishl1( mt erialI for met
o debit'iIi e'very membller of thie commiunl
ental and
c of Instruction anad]
ive You Cannaot Affc
er Cent War Tax
Mighats% and $1% Zong spen seteral
ar last rwa 1rAshetifle N. 0. rwith
Mrs. Oswald Copeland, of Newberry, WI
poent -the week-eind with her (parenth,
[r. and Mrs. Jdhn Nipp.
Tho "Tuesday dlub" met last week
ith 'Mrs. Kenneth Burdette.~ Mter a
loasunt hour of sewing the hostess,
poistcd by Mrs. Hubert Pitts served
delicious salad course andicod (euof
a the following mem'bers: -Mepdames th
F. Jacobs, Jr., W. P. Jacobs, Jphn.
Younig, Reece Young and W' B,
owcns, Jr.
'rowds of Two Thu6sand to Three
'I'iousand Apply Daily at Warsaw.
Waisaw, March 22.-Crowds from
,000 to 3,000 ipersons have been be
loging daily. the vise bureau of the
nierican consulate here to obtain the
,onsul's vise of their .passports to the
Jnited States. For months there have
>een lange numbers of applicants wait
ng at the bureau every anorning, but
;ince the latter part of February the
:rowds have been increased, owing to I
lie vague and disturbing rumors which 1
iave been circulated throughout Po- ]
and of restrictive legislation pending }
n the United State congress.
Horded together by relatives or or- 6
;anizations endeavoring to get permis-'
don for these persons -to enter an ]
Aierican port before the rumored leg-.
slation. .became effective, the hopeful :
-miigrants invaded Warsaw by eyery(
(rain. They wore mostly women and ]
hildiren. They came not only from
various parts of Poland, some of them
were refugees from Ukraine and other 1
nea(,Lrby parto of Russia.
: you are troubled with pains or
aches; feel tired; have headache,
iJigestion, inrmnia; painful pass.
age of urine, ou will find relief in
uqilD MDAL
Tho wvorTta. cta.darl remedy forfidney,
liver, bladdn nnd uric wcid troubloc and
Inational Remeody o.f Ho)Vnnd sinceo !G6.
Three si:- all drugg 1e u Grimoc
--oh For n n 0uI .n.d d -en everj boix
* The one~
by an Di&n sIg
nvri week os
17 Big
Vocal Co
Pleasure. Worth M
rd to Come. You C
.~d~ [email protected],WJ WaUs.
Tka ?R tnt "i e a90 ,a
lwt *A 00 *munity- thainl et 7O . t
rer .OP to consider . how yow
rod up I
'A douln Marriage.
A W5opi 'marriage does not take
ich tine. The bridegroom kills a
eel and spills the blood on the sind
his father-in-law's threshold and
D wedding is over.
Colds,Cause Grip and Ioufuenza
UAUVE DROMO QUINNE Tablets removo the
use.' There Is ony one "bromo Quinino."
W. GROVE'S ilanturo on box. 3Of.
- ASS]
toai Estate .... .... .........
Vharveo .... .... .... .....
Iaehinery and Equipment.....
Iteamers and Equipmpnt (20)
iciners .... ...... ...
Tew Construction .... .... .... .
'urniture and Fixturc8.........
'undry Assets .... .... ..
latent Rights .... .... .... ..
'aijh and Bank Deposits.....
Aberty Bonds .... .. ,
4otes Receivable .... .... .... .
eccts. Receivable .... .... .... .
Juexpired Insuranco ..... .... ...
;uspenso Account..............
)eferrcd Oharges .... .... .... ..
nventory, Raw and Finished ....
Japital Stoqk Paid In, Preferred
Iapital Stodk 'Paid InT Common
3ills Payable .... .... .... .... .
Accounts P1ayablo .... .... ....
3eserved for Depreciation.....
'apital Surplus .... .... .... .
)eferred Liabilities P'referred
Dividends ..'...........$11
Balance Net Profits to Stock
holders .... .. ... ... 5:
Burplus........ .... .... ... ...
ek of Apr
event of the year to
:cares of the tim<
ie of enjoyment a
ncerts, L
any Timem More TL
'anot Afford No
k Anybody Where
' e STo op' a ush *Idck
* Y E$HAIjNo. WNEY. a
o a lcinewblch stops the by
*a the Inflamed and Irritat tissues.
'ALVE for Chest Colds. Head Colds and
oup -Is enClosed with every bottle of
hould be rubbed on the chest and throat
f children aqfferlhg from a Cold or Croup.
Tho healing effect of liaves, Iloaling Honey In- .
ide tho thra co mbined with ti hcal ig efWe t of
Srovqs 0-Pon-Trato Salvo through th pores of
ho skin soon stops a cotgh.
Both rom'edles are backed in one carton and tho
ost of tho combined treatmont is SSo.
Just ask your druggist .or HAYES,
in, N. C.
2, 1921
. $ 871,727.10
. .. 924,476.00
... ...2,359,410.73
.. ........ 7,800.37
..e... 665,049.73
...... 467,035.11
. .... ...... 6.352.56
... ....... 12.343.56
.. ....1,869,760.80
. $2,156,700.00
... ...1,729,686.11
. . ......61,273.59
Elnio 1'Pow , Aiitor.
i 20 27
look forward to.
s and make the
t mall expense.
ectures -
an the Cost.
p Come.
to Buy a Ticket

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