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C. E. Kennedy & Son
Motor Equipment
LAURENS, . . S. C.
Colds & Headache
"For years we have used Black-Draught in our family,
and I have never found any medicine that could take its
place," writes Mr. H. A. Stacy, of Bradyville, Tenn. Mr. Sta- *
cy, who is a Rutherford County farmer recommends Black
Draught as a medicine that should be kept in every house
hold for use In the prompt treatment of many little ills to pre
*vent them fronm developing into serious troubles. a
"It touc s the liver and does the work," Mr. Stacy
declared. "It is one ot the best medicines I ever saw for a
cold and headache. I don't liow what we would do In our
family if it wasn't for Black-Draught. It has saved as many
doUlls . . I don't see how any family can hardly go with!
* out it I know it Is a reliable and splendid medicine to keep
in the house. I recommend Black-Draught highly and am g
Anever without it."
At all druggists.
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Prescription fota(
Bilious Battery
Get that examination NOW(
OLO) 0
ARE your lights dim and yellow? Do yod
get a lazy spark? Does the starter labor
to throw the engine over? Your battery may
show none of these symptoms, and still need
looking over.
Tuning up the motor and putting grease hi
the cups and transmission don't constitute
the Spring overhauling. What about the bat
tery, the electric heart of the whole works?
It may be all right, but 6nd out. When you
'do nced a new battery, you'll be glad to know
that Prest-O-Lite is back to pre-war prices
and that an allowance will be made on your
old battery.
Drive around to the Prest-O-Lite Service
Station and get the correct dope or your bat
tery's condition. That's the common-sense
thing to do. A little attention now may save
you the price of a new battery later.
Harney Electric Co.
West Main St. Laurens, S. C.
Pull up Uses less than one four-huno
where you dredth of its power-reserve for
eoo this sign a single start-and the genera
tor quickly replaces that.
Hughes Tells Gompers That U. S. Can.
not Resume Relations at Present
-Washington, April 17.-Secretary
Hughes, writing to Samuel Gompers,
president of the American Federation
of Labor, who asked for a statement
of "the facts" regarding Russia, ind
cates definitely that there is no pros
pect of at resumption of relations with
the United States while the Soviet 1)0
litical and economic system remains.
The letter of the secretary of state
makes direct reply to various state
ments characterized as 'propaganda,
which contend that resumption of re
lations, trade or political, .w-ith the
Soviets would open a igreat current of
trade of advantage to the United
States and that large shipments of
Russian gold- have already 'been made
to other countries in payment for
Soviet Russia, Recretary Hughes de
clares, is a ."gigantic economic vacu
um," and he adds that "no evidence
exists that the unfortunate situation
is likely to .be alleviated so long as
the present political and economic sys
tem continues."
Taking up specifically the charge
that the scarcity of goods in Russia Is
due to the blockade which was re
moved July 8, 1920, and the statement
that .the demand for manufactured
goods in Russia is so 'great and the
purchasing power of the Soviets so
vast that it is almost impossible to
determine the capacity of the Russian
market for imports Secretary Hughes
"Though there is almost no limit to
the amount and variety of commodi
ties urgently needed by Russia, the
purchasing power of that country is
now at a minimitm, and the demand
hans consequently to remain unsatis
fled. * * The attitude and action of
the present authorities of Russia have
tended to undermine its political and
economic relations with other coun
tries. The Russian people are unable
to obtain credit, which might other
wise .be based on the vast potential
wealth of Russia and are compnelled
to .be deprived of commodities imme
diately necessary for consumption,
raw materials and permanent .produc
tive equipments * * * It should not
be overlooked that there has been a
steady degeneration in events and iii.
dustries in Soviet Russia that were
not dlependent upon imports of either
raw material or partly finished pro
ducts nor in .which has there been any
shortage of la'bor. * * * Tre can he
no relation of the failure of all these
industries to blockades or civil war,
for most of them require no iinports,
and the men mobilized since the So
viet revolution were far less in nut
her than before the event.
"Restrictions on direct -t-rade with
Russia were removed by the United
States on July 8, 1920. The conclu
sion of treaties of peace with the Bal
tic states enabled Russia freely to en
ter upon01 trade with Europe andl the
United States. Bioth American and
European goodis have been sold to
Russia but the volume of trade has
been unimportant, due to the inaabil
ity of Russia to 'pay for imports.
"It is true that agents purporting
to be representatives of the so-called
Bolshevist commissariat of foreign
trade have placed immense orders for
the purchase of goods in the United
'States, Europe andl Asia. It is esti
malhtedl that perhaps six and one-half
billlon dollars' worth of orders have
been booked. But, shlipments as a re
suilt of these orders have been made
only in small volume because the So
viet agents .were unable either to pay
cash or to obtain cr'edit so as to in
sure the delivery of the goods order
Partial to Gloves.
When Eilzabeth was queen of Eng
land she was very partial to fine gloves
as presents, giving them to her friends
and enjoying it very much when they
were given to hdr.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
Q~uick and delightful re
lief for biliousness, colds,
constipation, headaches,
arnd stomach, liver and
blood trouzbloe.
The genuine are sold
only in 35c package.
Avoid imitations.
Former Emperor, Broken with Sorrow,
Takes Leavo -at Train and Returns
to Exile.
Doorn, Airil. 17.-Never wag con
trast between former glory- and pres
ent, state of humiliation more accen
tuated than when Wilhlcm, the for-m
Or German emperor, followed the body
of his wife, Augusta Victoria, to the
station at Maarn where he entrusted
the faithful companion of his grandeur
and his sorrow to his sons and friends
to take back to the fatherland.
The enrperor that wah and the for
mer crown prince and other sons pres
ent were all attired in full uniform of
the Prussian guard, their 'helmets
crepe covered.
The funeral procession arrived at
the little station at Maarn in darkness
broken only by the light from a few
lam-ps on the railway embankment.
First came a huge car with flowers
followed by servants, who loaded the
wreaaths into the railway carriage.
About ten .minutes later the hearse
arrived, flashing powerful search
lights. It was draped in with black
cloth with white cross and 'border.
From the next automobile Chaplain
Dryander alighted wearing black
rohes. Immediately 'behind came an
automobile carrying the former em
peror and his daughter, Princess Vic
toria Louise, which drove on until it
reached a shelter of shrubs, hiding
it from view.
Frederick William, the former crown
prince, and Prince Adalbert in long
gray mantels walked briskly forward.,
6ther members of the family alighted
from their cars-Prince Oscar, the
Duke of Brunswick, Prince FuersteiA
berg, General von Gontard, chief of
the household, Countess von Keller
and Countess von Rantzau, the
staunchest friends of the late empress
and ladies in waiting in the old days,
and .the court chamberlain, Baron von
Representatives of queen Wilhel
mina of Holland, the dowager queen
and the Irince consort, with repre
sentatives of the King of Spain and
the King of Sweden, and a number
of such officials closed the procession.
When all had knelt around the cof
fin court chaplain, Dr. Dryander, his
voice vibrating with emotion, deliv
cred a brief oration. The coffiln was
then .placed in the railway carriage,
which Wilhelm, Fredorick William
for a few moment.;. Then the former
emperor led the way to the ears in
which the other mieibc.rai of Ihe party
were to slee; tonight and remain dur
ing their Journey. I thanked theimi
all and took leave of them.
For a brief i;ieriod Wilhelm be
came dimly visible to those who had
gathered to watch the ceremony, his
figure that of a man broken -by sor
row. Prnicess Ltuise entered the au
tonobile with her father, the door
closed and the car glided on, carry
Ing the exile back to confinement at
Doorn, to face his fate 'without the
(levoted wife who until now ha~s
share~d his humiliation.
Soon after the dleparture of the
former emperor', the ex-crown prince
left the station precincta and re
turned to the castle with the D~uke of
Brunswick and others who are stay
ing in Holland.
The last farewell visit to the funeral
car will be 'paid ,tomorrow morning
before it proceeds to Potsdam. Those
who remainedl on the train to accom
pany the body included Prince Adal
bert and his .wife, Prince Oscar, Prince
Fueuntenberg, Countess von Keller,
Countess von Ratzau andh IBaron von
Spit zen berg.
A service in mourning for the for
mer empress was held in D~oorn cas
tle thuis morning attended by all the
memblers of the former Iim perial
household, some of its most intimate
friends and several oflicials of thue
D~utch government. The service wa.s
an affecting one, and (luring its pr~o
gress forme ci'mp ieror' Willlim fre
quently sobbed and at one iiolnt
seemed at the verge of a breakdown.
The service was conducted by Dr:.
D)ryander, the former court chaplain,
who took the text. of his sermon from
the tenth verse of thfe second chap;ter
of Revelations: "Bo thou faithful until
death and I wvill give thee a crown
of life."
Loses Life 'When Feet Becomue Enftan
gied ini Harnecss oin lrightenied Ani
Anderson, April i6.---The 13 year o1(1
son of Cliff L~ollis of near Ilionea Path,
(lied late Thursday afternoon as a re
sulIt o-f the I inuries received from be
ing dIraggedi bf a mule for a mile.
Young ILoliis was riding the mule home
from work, from which -the harness
had not -been taken, when the mule
became frightened and throw the
young boy to the ground, and his toot
got tanglcd in the harness, and lie was
dlraggedl -the entire' distance to his
home, which -was about. a mile, lie was
alive when he was rescued but died
nhnorty aftne.
Henry Counts' Garage
I have a stock of used Maxwell parts for models up to
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away with the unsightly clothes line and really is moro or less of
an ornament than an eyesofe such as the usual way of hanging out
clothes is. Write for circular and price.
Columbia Supply Company
828 Gervals Street, COLUMBIA, S. C.
Dealers in everything for the nemeu
The largest and beat equipped mon
i ' umental mills in the Carolinas.
GREEtWOOD. - - - S. C.
Mint leaf, Peppermint or lus
cious Juicy fruit, either
flavor is a treat for your
sweet tooth.
And all are equally good for
You., Teeth. appetite and
digestion all benefit.
Your nerves will say "thank
You." Your vim will respond.
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it does as well as for its BIG
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The Flavor Lasts
A La

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