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EhJ~e Ebbertisir
Subscription Price $2.00 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurens. S. C.
Advetising Rato on Applileatiou.
Obituaries and Cards of Thanks: One
Cent a Word.
tered at the postoffice at Laurens,
T. C., as second class mail matter.
LAURENS, S. C., APRIL 20, 1921
What The Advertiser force considers
a real tragedy was enacted on the main
floor of the establishment last Tuesday
night just at press time when its mem
bers suffered the loss of a feast of ice
creun and cake, besides a few mo
ment's association with a committee
of young ladies from the Business Wo
men's Club, who came over from their
social meeting with refreshments to
appease our appotites after a hara
day's work. The whole force was iwith
the big press in the basement at the
time and no amount of ingenuity that
the ladies could command availed
them to got a hearing from the work
ers below. : There was great lamenta
tion the following morning when the
news of what we had missed was dis
covered and .plans at once were laid to
prevent such a loss again. Certain
ones in the shop .who were more (its
consolate ovor the failure to see the
ladies than to miss the feast avowed
that such a thing would never happen
again and wanted themselves ,:mtt oil
record as being in favor of leaving
somebody on watch every night to pre
Vent ti1 repetition of such an affair.
We thank the ladies even though we
mlissed their presence and what they t
* * .
In t'he ablsence of a comnplete report
of Gov. R. A. Cooper's speech in Spar
tanburg, where he advocated the can
eel'ation of the Allied dobts to this
c evni.ry. an w Itt ()only the repoIt to
the dit'uly 'aper; a4 arried in The Ad
vertiscer lart week at hand, we are in
clined to believe that those who have
taken id;ssie with the Governor on his
1;'osition have mlisinterpreteI 'his re
mark . As we raad the excerpts of
hiJS )spe:'. Wi understood tihat lie
'based hii position no! on the question
of cliarity or good fellovship but on
that of sound business. lie is not
alone in his views on this subject, hav
ing conllderable cornpany among large
men of affairs Who (oubt the ability of
the Allies to pay Iheir debts. Gov.
Cooper woul d cancel the debt as a
mcartt're of relief to tax burdenc( pe
plie with a view of reviving Industry in
those nations so t hat we may profit
ourselves froli the trade which would
follow. 'Th1e Governor woild apply the
same pri ei :44 to theim as we apply to
bankrupt individuals. remove the
sihackles that prevent themi from he0
comcing pfli : i. and i eful ci tiz'en s and
make uip thle loss from the etieiency
gained by more freedom of act ion. Tihe
Allies owe is a tremenlO~dott m im of
money andl there is no (lueCstion as to
the justice of the de-blt, but we may
gain more .b~y eaneelling it than we
would 'by holding ouit for its payment.
The question is certainly -worth argu
The Advertiser rceprints in another
colucmnc of this . nge a repcly frocm Thie
Cl inton Ch ron icle to 'The Advyert iser's
rerksii cf I' aZtt wee:< in reference to
the defeated .\luii grov~'e ro):td bonr! ,
atill labor.; unti'), thle impre'ssion that
grove p:''j''t we: (n.-t t n motives
of lprejudi('e.
The 11' 'bri'4 ' ignlore; (our compari-- j~
i;on of tih' .\ IiS erove' piroect and thte
Ormings: proja-t! as coulnty (1nterpr41ises
refus'ng to be eonivic('d butt tht' the
Owlngs pro(j(ct was a Ilet eniterprise;
of our's ic lihe face of the cleat argn
menut; toa the cntr iary*3. i'Te Chrtoiil
no doublt kn~ow's that good roads: t~o
Or'enville have a.lcc:tuly ma::de clpossifale
the inaucgum.ion ofa 1 an auitomlobiile
truIck line (out4c '4'envilile which
nmaike's( Il- GevillIe competC iiion stron)g
er in the wholesale line here and it
*imst be appacrent also that the im
*provemcent of' Ithis roadl willI make
Greenville easier of access for Lait
ronsj county traders'i. Surely, thean, if
we had been bound by sordid mfotives5
of trad.el we would14 have vole oi icai nst
this proe'. W!'h thi:; in minid, it
musit be asolumedi that thec large vole
wich thli rSioadl receivedl was easLt 0n
*its nmerits; as a go no ra Irtoa 'I prop oM".
tie)n and( on its advanitage 44) tile counity
an Ra whole. WVe have lhearid no atrgu-4
tuent 'hy VTe Chronicle 01' anlyone els"e
to justify placing the t~wolt prooiions
Ofl an equal11 basis.
The Ciontieleo gives very good trea
eons why tihe lower par't of the (cunty
voted algainstci both !.lects,4 Int ir lthe
Mu (crv(e projei(ct woculd hive bieen of1
:witch ir t 'rtn' o ton the 1 (wer part
ar part of the county would have made
it substantial showing in its favor. It
could not be expected of Laurens to
carry the election if the lower part
of the county could not rally a rea
soable support. The Chronicle pass
es very lightly over the Ilopewell vote,
saying that Hopewell, which Is on the
oxppoite side of Clinton from Mus
grove, "sat down" on .both issues.
lopewell did sIt down on both issues,
but It sat very much harder on the
Musgrove issue that it did on the Ow
Ings issue, as was pointed out in our
issue of last week.
The Chronicle hints of certain as
surances which had been received in
linton that Laurens would vote for
the Musgrovo project. Except on the
ontlngency that something was -prom
ised in return, and we would mcf.
:harge that Clinton attempted to trade
Aitli any section on this election, as
iurances of support in the election,
whother the support 'was realized or
lot, disclose no motives of prejudice.
l'he Advertiler, of courso, could not
ay whether or not such assurances
vere givoin, but we loan to the opinion
hat our Clinton friends mistook an
mpressioa of opinion Or a phophecy on
le returns for an assurance or pron
se. No one, we are sure, would care
o promise a delivery of the Laurens
Outside of Its charges of prejudice
n Laurens against Clinton, we believe
ho main contention of our Clinton
,ontemporary Is th1at since Clinton
own pays one-soventh of the taxes of
he county that it should receive a
arger share of the benetits from the
'oad bond issues. To determine this
;hare, of course, -would be a dilicult
natter. Acceptiig The Chronicle's es
.imate, how ever, that 51 miles of high
vays have -been Improved and then
.ountinig three miles of the highway
etween Laurens and Clinton as Clin
on's share and adding to that about
ive or more miles between Clinton
ud Kinards, we have about eight
niles of road leading directly into
'linton giving it over one-seventh of
he top-soiled roads, which is not a
ery bad percentage as compared to
lOlie other sections of the county.
To prove the existence or lion-exist
mee of prejudico Is a very diflicult
natter, but The Advertiser is quite
'onfident that the Laaurens vote in the
)lection was not a prejudiced vote and
hlat, moreover, many local voters,
,trained their conseieices a poiit. or
.wo Iin order to be sure they were
'ivinlg Clinton a fair d(eal.
'I'he Ad eriwsr Explaills
Our friend Editor Lee, as olicial
tIpokesmillan for. I.aurna, has gone intio1
I legthy dlisCSSiOln Of tIlie ma1,ktteri' as
rou will -'ee, yet there 01r0 seVerall
hings lie ment.ions; that ve want to
all atteniIon to. At the oits;et, 'we
xoul d say that neithelr The Chron icle
ior thet pjeople of Chltonl, aep u
liced a tile article cha'l ev. and our
ote inl the riinl bold ('CtiOl, LS
e(l a.i 1t two piroject las: u'lelday,
mb).:1antiatles thlis -onitenlt ,on1. The:
S ( hinton and tis ection of
to county are askinig for. a squarel
ye ha't C1 got-ten it. ThAe. CI oile e
10olds no -prejudice or dislike algainst
jaltr'tns1, hut after viewingi thleir atti
uide towards ClintIon as ex: ressed( ini
heirt vote. we feel that La:u r no fell
lowni on us5 andt ha'; 1not given) ts a
quaretI') dealI. Thlle refo re we a:oke in
utnvarnished" language, not for a
ontrover'sy, but hecauise .v e felt it
vas time to say somet1h ig in ce Lau11
'ens v'oted just the ol~posite to whlichl
ye had been given) assuiranlce tile I'd
ult wvould be. Furlthelrmlore, we werec
lot urIgdl 01' drtiv"en on1 by any ( o- but
tlok4 v-ha't we felt and( aIpolog ies arev
lot iln otdert.
'The Advertiscr 5fayst 'that Lauitrers
leeds to make no ex planat ion of its;
ole" Probably 3 not, for* th-i roi
Ion c-an't be exidainied. Thie Advet -
iser inl its len:ohy, illuminating ar
he Musgrove road0. It .ay thai t I"the
m the t heory' that ti ished jobs 1) ~
houlId .he coml)Iet ed or providtedl for
)efor'e niew~ ones are he;(un." Whtere
IidI tis nmv alrgumel(nt sp'rin" freomu?
t wasn't hleardl beforeC the 'I '.4eo,
mlt rather, alssutrance had been given'L
>Orited. Wh iy was tsuch Sent im:)enit ((:1n
11ned ailonie (o Lauriens. wvheni the ot her
>re('in'cls of the coutnty not favoring
'urthtetr r'oadl construct ionl vo td a l 0
nost solIdIly against 'hoth bilIls
''it Is <possible that these I2' y eo
non1 ,were inf1 1luced by' rejudi(
igain11st Cl intonl,"' 'rie Advertioetr aIs
ets. Why ? Why arie out-r Lauren",
leighborsi w'ilirp for II. o 10 , lay
ection yet 111nwilling to helpi ipay for
ltch) imt)pr'ovCIet effnet ing i~nlon?
jaureins, above1 all othier ':laces Ina tile
'C)inty13, 11hou l have voted' wit hout ;1re
udico'0on l' I t' propot ions :: 'eam 4:
I Is tile Center' of the countytj andl was
Mfected -b~y the r'oad e xtelnsion1 to both1
ioints. We are muaking no( '"oitibur.tl
>f prejuitce"~' aga inst thle fify--ive vol -
itr.i 11 hovted for til'e~ Musgrlove road,.
i'i the I3 who V. ile'd uIp the bliggest
IS I tht. we 1'1re(I quest Io nng. 1liad the.C5(
oterI regstered1( 11h~eiI potr gin;
hel uppe roadv itt we0tOlIhl a-l0 a us -e
'ulie d v nrttood : theIr? ' arica Ian
neta) 1s''kom M;h'i'el'o T Top, Tn
ens was to be ('x-lhcted: hiecouse of
hli drnettct Liln 01' n11m it.i h.....(''
vote for the Owings road, excapting
Clinton, came from their box, and hi
the original 'bond issue the largest af
firiative vote cast in 'the county canic
from this same box. Why should thil
precinct now be expected to pile uil
an opiposition vote? Tihe vote is the
ans-wer, Clinton' was involved.
As regards Clinton and its adjacent
territory to which The Advertiser r'e
fers, the vote is easy to understana,
For instance, the vote at Renno was
-ozd a-gainst both projects becausc
the people in that section feel that
they h.ave never gotten a square deal
in the matter of roads and they are
about right. The difference 'between
Ljaurcas and Renno is that 'the former
is in faor of highway improvement
(if it doesn't 'touch Clinton) while
the latter opposes highway construc
tion anywhere and voted consistently
on both bills Tuesday and -in the samc
proportion against the original refer
endum bill when it first came up in
the county. In a large measure the
same in true of llopewell because the
folks there are mad, feeling that thi
territory has 'been neglected, and they
sat down on both projects. The Lang
ston i'ecinct, which is four miles
from the Musgrove road, voted for
the Musgrove road in the lower end,
while the opl)osition camne from the
ul)per edge of the township which was
not affected. These sections like many
others in the county, had derived lit
tle beneilts from the bond issue and
were not enthusiastic over building a
road for Owings, Laurens or Clinton.
The Advertiser says "that the fav
orable Laurens vote wats probably east
to give Clinton an arithmotical share
of the benefits derived from the taxes
it pays." While we are ready to ad
mit that the policy of returning to
tho territory the iproceeds of taxes
paid could not be completely, adhered
to, we feel that this section should
have received more than we have.
The town of Clinton pays one-seventh
of the taxes in the county, and in re
turn, .w'iat are we getting? Includ
ing the $30,000 voted for the Owings
road, and the $50,000 for the comple
tion of the Kinards-Laurens highway,
$582,000 has 'been ilaced in the hands
of the conmission and apl)roximately
51 miles of roads built, the cost per
mile averaging over .$ 11,000. This ex
p)ensive Cost of iprodiction is in a very
lar['e imeasulre, the reason for the
otrong_; opptiosition expressed over tite
conity against the two bills.
In conciusion, we are glad ,iwe can
.tate that Clinton has always voted
for road imiirovement in the county
though we have realized little of the
benefits. The issue for the Musgrove
roai was forced from here as The
Advertiser asserts and outr commer
cial organization uinanimously adopt
ed the two .pirojC.ct;i when t hey were
ordered by the legislature. Why didn't
the Ibatrensa Chanither of Con mimerce do
lkovise and work for the two bills as
we did? 'T'lie roadl had been iromised
at tle beginninog of the bond is.;ne atid
wvi.tHi fli t he money spet, had tiever
been touiclied. It was for this reason
t hat Clinton took the initiative and
:'!)t a comiittee to C'olimbia to con
for with the (Oilnty delegation, and
had such action not been taken the
. rove road wotild never have been
iv ationed and in all irobability the
(h a ~road woui f never have 'been
'- lil pon. The referendui of t-lt
Iwo ill was due to the vouinty sena
tar who oppeose'd a direct alpro)pria
tien on the gronitds of econonmy, yet
"' :1tohwed'" a $50.0(1) aptor iittion to
14 through wit'hout. a referenduni for
fi: r'hri' road dlevelopment.
Te Clinton vote for the Oivings
1-!I lealing into L aurein; was 175
21 no. '['the Lanu'ris Vote oi tile
s;' rove' road leading into Clinton
v%,. : ~, yes, 123 no.
\Ve illleae i tothe public. as to
vail in thte greatest prepond oer'ance --in
('lintonie or 'Lauirens.-The Cli ntoin
(Chrioniele. __________________
state of Soth Caurolna,
Coity of Laurens.
J. D). COATS, P'laiintiff,
S'lW\0 SilfElt, .JACKl SU Bll'it, LOU)
sLEi!Olt, AlOSIES sil1i101, 31.Ahl
Sii'1it, and NEAl4 S4UHii~i, l~efe'nt..
P'urn'uant to a Decree of the Cioutrt in
the above stated case, I will sell at
iblic~i utcry3 to thie highest biddori, at
Laurens, C. ii., S. C., on Fsilesahay ini
M' y next blin g M\onday the 2nd day
of th im' ionth du. iring the legal lhouris
for suih e lesi ', the folio wIig deiscribed
broperty, to wit:
All that certa in parcel , picCe or tract
of iaatd coniitalining fou rteen ( I-It acr ,
more 01r 1lcss, bounded by. lands of Du)nckI
Young, Arthuir Youing, Rhbett Crawfor d
St:1, he'i a g thle pi 'a' of iand deeded to
ilar-ga ret Sn beor 1by the 'Trus t ees of
W.adhiworthi hat.. said land heing, lin.;
a'id situat- in Ceuntty of L'iuirens.
~State of .Souilth ('arol in a, and forme riy
owned by Margaret Subher;
A.r o all bhat. certalin piece. ;iatreel or
lot~ of land, lying beinig and situnate ini
L aurt ens Coun ty, Sonuth Cariol inau. ec.
tainling niine (9t) actes, mor'e or' less,
bioundod by lands of Rhett Crawford,
I uck Younrg a 1nd the fourteen acres of
Alar.::;ret Sior.
Tesrmns cf Sale: Cash. Pitrchtaser' to
pay for' pa per's anid revenute s:tamips. If
lbthe tems of sale arei* not Comtiplied
with, the 1and to be re-soid on sanme -
tuotne giuiuqtent Saleuday' on same
termis, at tick of default'ng paurchasoir.
C. A. POWJ'it,
C. C. C. P. and 0. S., Lanirens,. S. C.
Dated, thin April 11. 1921.V 39-t
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('itilon for Letters of Aditistration
State of South Carolina,
County of Laurens.
BlY 0. G. Thonpson, Probate Judge:
Vhereas Brooks Sw'ygert made siit
to me to grant hiin Letters of Admin
istration of the estate and effects of
DeArcy 11. :-wygert.
These are, therefore, (o cite attn
admon ish all and singular the kind red
atnd Creditors of the said 1D eArcy iH.
Swy'gert deceased, that they' be and
a ppear before mne, in the Cour tt of I 'ro
hate, to Ihe hteld at 1Laurtns Coutc
Iliose, LTiur'enst, S. C., on the 20th dlay
of Apit'l, 1921, n ext, afteor pub )1licationt
here(of, at 11l o'clock inu the forenoott,
'A show cause, if any they htave, why
the .Said r.'buinistrationi should not be
Giv'en uit 1ler my handc this 5th dlay
of Ap:-i Anno D~omini 1921.
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38-20-AJ. P'. L. C.
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February. ............................ 5,305
Mareb.... .... ..................... 61,886
Total Production .... .... .... .... ....127.074
January. .... .... .... .... .... .... .... 57,208
1F1e)ruary .... .... ................ .. 63,603
.larch .... .... .... .... .... .... .... 87.221
Total etail Sales .... ...............208,032
showing that actuial sales for the first t'hree months of' 192t
ex(eeded production by 80,958 Ford ears and trucks!
April reqIuisitions already specily 107,719 additional
cat'S atid trucks and tle estintted April outpi t of the f'actory
and asseImlbly plants combined calls for only 90,000!
These facts clearly show that the denind for Ford pro
duacts is yrowillg uch faster thant Ilan fuacturinm u facilities
io proutive anlu w ere 11 )ot for tlie <IJealers i imited Stocks,
which are flow being(' rapidly depleted, maflany mtore cust om-'s
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