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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, April 20, 1921, Image 6

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* By F. H. Booher, Redpiath lp.
* reseniifve.
***********e**** *
Th ie 192'1 lhdpath Chiautaustuazi 1)ro
gram. N hieh 0;-ents in Lauren0ts today.
i.; ('ne of the stron.'t 2 if not tile very
str'.12n est in the cltire history of the
Reda' C~niann~a.The. progLram11
i o t n~hee with phi.\s. lectures,!
1' 1: r l t l
uAr o r it"
.:i nIC \ - n t
-I for:n1or in: a rton fikteclt , \\ill tcll
o r m It Cau.e. I](o It is Prae
ticl-d moal flow \ Ve .\ ll ('an I lkelp in
li'(-\ t' In it'.
The :nu::iA l at tractionA f or:01' the coM
in111 t'IIhtIlu i; far abovC the avet
age. In the Nevin concert company
are t young ladies with :vrsonality
Taec present instruiental , v.o u-al :ant
misiciI readlin gs to the deli ht of al
.0h0ir ant41incs.
.\Ir. Yi-melle \tereetr -s known as ota
of the country's foretos ten ers. 11
Is acco:npanieti by l{arali Ayers,
Linelft.een yea.r old boy who h:s ;-layei
in rthe ':h1ic.go Symp;haony atnd ihrstoi
\Mr. 'iox. l 'Ith-r 11ndl basso Iof lit(
Nati ala. Quartet was to cap
I till ,Il 12. .\. !-. V. dirf- ily 1 nd11r ttn
Pershin.,. in ch'irge oll f i re ian
inent diisin. 'I'hl ow ::n
wvt.A e :I ::, n i (II < ).n - r oI)f I y :it, \ za
I rs f .\IiiI .t Ika". ha r t t i tt n '
he Natinal \Male Qutrt 2, "I ca I
a k Iy say t hat hi.; . 2n1 of \nt-ri
51.-li all 4 :th l~ t
t liafl - i not te- bet."
ir. p I . :i
"0". a Ahor' ' :11! :i? nw11 Until th
ni op , I-. h- a d ev'erty iilo
T:Stp Co Qicktsb
cu1niediin whic stop atcugh bt
en.g he inb' ed \nda. irlfw tliSe2;
A bo of nGROVcE O-p."-r
haY' EalING \VOkN. :Ths: "F
rend iras h a on ::1e chat endu to
01 itklrn suferng! fom a Clvhd riro
tiirona cobind wtit th hAT.nN.\.Ie
(i -i- (3ei-Tlte ictugh wte v oreh
li-4o SOI : a co u gn .h . .1 ayn v
.13!h r Sdeabe pand inonuartntad b
Stre d C.1th ri -:.tn trennedy &s 3 .
JuToi Stor drCughis Qu' ikE
helig h Cifomernigttd ise
SAV o htCls T headClsa
Rru secoedpwith 1otl
ond e ubedonghecesa adthm
ofChaudren ua fro eekol Hru
Th rApinrflc of20e'-27lngHne
Control of Covernment Before People.
.Iron (4rly Persists.
'Wish ington, April IN.-The gre:t.
issue before the American people t
dlay is the control or their own govern
Ienlit. Senator Robert .\M. La Pollette of
Wisconsin, decla red in an address to
nli!ght to thg( founiders; of the "I'tle
IeAgi-lative Service."
''A mighty power. has beenl buIilded
inl this Iountry in rt:'nt yer': .
strollg, yet s. ,() i i s 'ai far r -
i in it inliiuelce.;" Senator lIa i-o.
!elte Saidl "thla! ;nl.l ar. .rav, .. 1
tIu iri. v,b h, I'r its I -i. , (Il .
A ;I :' l and Is::less can I. h
;Ai)I ellttt" it to nIo ii :1; t li t
dats l fo l it polit ical partite . It h
inl In.aIted th lit, 11n ::tIion 'IOf 1
lit, bodi ' at ( Itl n t1 1 3 lilt It., . -
the t-I
Io I ndue c I ~ heIIenII
I c II' I I i I hI I e t
z n 1 1 1 I - -
IC n thu tn
Th 1 ir-t Iza mS nt i d r,
t1 t 'nii s:Iat * ill 9 in I ro: ! -
nierce. Natiollal association of lan,.
IaItu re rs. \ml-icani association o
\leat 'ackers. National Commercia
association Wholesale Coal I )all .
association, National Iletrolein as
sociatioll, National Power association
National ILumber Manufacturers as
sociation, Nat ional Association to
Protection of American Rights if
.lexico, Imnlmernen's buroau, Almer
can LBeet Sugar asselation, Ameri cal
'Cane Sugar association, 'nited S tale
8tugar Mi n tfactu rers as;,ociat ion
Iardware .Mauiactitl'er's associatioll
National (anner. association. Na
tional Association of I(ual INtat.
Board, American Itallway ass ociath.
Associathmn of Hallway Secui'
SIoloIders, and the Association ofr itai!
way 1Execltives.
ThIlle seniator chait I d hatI 1 "th I l
witnol o1 f thw. o. organization i s In.:
packers coal a o iaion., aind the (11):
er great truist and monopllit , a n!t :
(t' ti 3151 iel i. tain- of tile.- I i II .H111
Il li. 51:ltI .lT';;. ,..'S
b m lhill'. ' publ ll in llh ir :
data a II t iS ti I l u b etil
erth thir ide f every -ihli' ii.
t io .
Adop: tV ion It byi congrl :: 31 at-n il Si:
Cmrva 'ds tilStan iLt 111 tra spo ttin -ii
of)1 lst lihtio by bimdrld.s tilf Shitil
sh olilar If il" .1n(to feet orltt 11 ah t
.nua a ''ctri i lllas oxamI e of3 th enor.
- J'he piwern I w ic nn beis' o maIhlei
a byoaijigleo ite:;l'it."~e iii i
t(il' \ t~I, W \ li S( by ll'I.S Sg
tlhes ~l~loi \en"t-o hile 31houn W~i
Pr(incesItsin Titr Twogii 05 pIlly 10 owiI
The3C1 fo ~i po0 t'.(1u- .\nn-rb-:I lII
- 11( on hao .inad 'heiC (ICa thlirhes oft
tho big tl. S. Govenme nt)0 (fl a iiui
"Plar thel0f of ie alhag arnt
for lato-attl howin rul h ePrnce'
Theatr .\lay :t' and (. The)~ig woicturdh
otrakiled, crowelsa wherever itCl hi bI
Sip o aglvd iist aid to bel fhl I<C. sil ;
e ciawlingtreoftl( iaogl warar ev33
of71 tat- it rad tiflling ton :
service nen ini the audlience were heard
to remark to their friends on the right
or lef-t, "I've been right there, buddy.
Go.h! But those shells do itake a hell
of a noise when they ilt close to you!"
One of the muost thrilling and yec
trt?tlar scentes shows the alr slttadron i
lead by bietenant Quentin lloosevelt,
fly tig inl formnatioll to elgage in battle
wNith a (lertiat :iutrn, andt dropping
ho blils on the lloche line;. Captain
l'Idie Hlieketbacker. Aerica's "Are of
.\e " is eenl ot lookinig for ait eIytCtV
planle. The, c,:Guera man is h inl the.1
nle 1!::nt with Caplain Itickehi e i,
n-; the. rt .nhi r : llt, fanums~ act. :1n
1-v i' :'. .\ ''e r . on 4l a --
.: ~ ~ ~ ~ v Ih Ib Iva t o toacI
I . II -
- i:: . T i .1 rett e ' (l t an'
:u~ln n :1 c los-e-up .
Nih a 4 t n, with1 the14 piit Ar i l e 1
y h rm !,, hi? LK mal
i ieli (:in t "I < :I
reI.V, Wn '' ien1t . W; WOl I;.;4
. ~ ~~~ . B er h lds.h
At Mint<
To save
sacrificing q
Reduction in Sprir
$15.1;101 it 6s roeineedi
$ '! .0 It 'o n t I ~ . n itt ('rd n eed.'
\ shiint f\ new styl it'',
.t .... .... .... ..
pe lt cil Deses il
wW Shipun-n I-f Plaid :n
W ek ani t i alo al s
laid .krt ... . . .. ..
hene et 'tensi -0
an latls0t' o el
pe y r . . . .
-C .\pFa uchs nbe
't . Ih \\ht
troW e
guns behind the liies, the .big howitz
crs, the famous French 'i7's operated
by Amerleans, as well as naval guns
in implacements far behind the lines. 0
The "C-in-O" is slown decorating a e
doughboy on tho fleld, and is seen leav.. I
ing French soil, saying farewell to the 0
ilrencl Imlarshalls. and thlen arriving in
New York with the parade of tile First
ivislion down Pifth avenue. ,1
It is a picture that is well worth see- 1
ing. Any red-blooded American nuAt
thrlill wvith pide to !see our, troops Inl
:clion in lth shltl swept arcas of I
~a .11(e. ndll lter a th "Watch on tle :
1l'hin". The film wil b shv:n at the
itnesThealtr. beginnlina at oneo
o'.!v(% in th a11 *fer.oon and Inning
conti1noush- untl l 11 o(+'loK at n 01.
\1.n: io i - .- for aduflt- ,.nd 25
< -1s for chilien uintlet 12 .In.s r f
No Worms in a icaithy Child
AN Ithildren trotuNd with Worm,; have on un
hI lth c00 l(.1r), wh1,Ih i::.d Ites4 poor tmd, and as a
i0P. th re i.; vl iie c ,r.u. Ftim inh di Sitchance.
( V s TA hESS Cn IL. '1ONIC .ivcn re'.u
mI . A -rich thC blod.
-~~~~ ho :.. m trwill hen
17'Ch to1114
er Co. Cast
you money is ti
uality to low pri
merchandise al
ig Coat Suits and Coats
to .... .... .... .... ....$29.98
lits r Idl to .... ... . . . . $24.98
t.... .... .... .... ........$19.98
s and Skirts
11 Dr'ses just arriv'iI spe'il
... ....$22.50, $25.00 indl $35.00
FTfll't. a :- .. . ... $19.98
Ill l'e l ;kirts arrivel this
.... .... .... .... ... . . $8.50
....$6.50, $7.50, $8.50 to $12.00
y of Colored Voiles
in fh oisls ol*' excllen tialy
V \oiles.
ni D rapries.
ack up your trouble
and Smile! Smile!
ne to Laurens Chaut
And Meet Y
Co.'s Cash
Take notice that on the 6th day of
lay, 1921, 1 will render a Ilnal account
f mny acts and doings as Administra
>r of the estato of 1Flolse Shell de
eatsed, In the oillc of the Judge of
Irobate of Laurens county, at. 11
cvicek, a. la., and on the samc day
ill apply for a 11inal discharge from
iy trust as Admininstrator.
Aiy person ideibted to saId estatt
inotilIed an1d required to in.ake Pay
ent on that date; and all persons
Don't Neglec
We Build New
Rim Cuts, Blowouts, Rebuildin
City Vuka.
Oldest---Largest--- Best
ie aim of this .
ces, but to furn
: the lowest m
38-inch Sea Ilan
Limited 20 Yardi
Flaxons, LykAline
These shetrv arcsa'e.
yon a I I li W l I vt' I
\\hitn. 'a on m ay ei
New Things
We have ,just rt(T iveta1 I
Iill'.ys ill Sji'lig allti Siiii11u0er
Bargain Table of!I
$ 1.99
liraakeni lot of I1.owa Shoes~a, valuesa
Of Special Intere
We', hav'.e maipte a specia al pu
Wt ,xpect thlese to arrive this u
the styles the best pr(.etl b,
tur1ers ii thle I'hitei (I lIatn .
$ I00( i o 115.1 It ZI a l at....
Silk Shirts foi
'repae-<l-( tine Silk Sirts..
Silk l'ongeret hirts .. .. .. .. .
See I hese r
'I'he new 1Ilats are here ini the
$5.00 amn .. .. ..
New ('aps for .\he and liys .
s in the old kit bag
auqua April 20th t'
our Friends at
naving clails agaist said estate will
present thei on or beforo said date,
duly proven or be forover lxarred.
i1I'NltY M. SiILAi,
April 6, 21..t-A
Filets Cu1recS in 6 to i 4 Days
.'run'lit refundntney if PA20O OINvMINI 1:1k
a-Tro I ;chJ'. 1. il I. '' or Protrmdoud Pi:Q
t!.re eve'n Itch! ai nd (1 eT- - t.
'- eef ntv: afte the ist n t a o . Isi t
t Yor Tires
They Coat Lots of Money '
Life in Old Tires
g and Lcereadirg a Specialty
zrs 3tationk
At City Filling Station
ant Store
itore--not by
.ish you with
arket prices.
, per yd. . 5c
to a Customrr.
n andA Oirged
' n . 't I .3re oli ;'(.Il ipo
......25c, 35c to 50c
in Millinery
badies' Low Shoe.
a Pair
upijIC $. 0( aini $6.00 o i $1.99
st to Youn~g Men
zes :U-1 t o 17.
. .. . .... .. .. .. .. . $25.00
eYoung Men
. . .. .. . .. .. . $7.50
....... ... . .... .... $5.00
. .. . . . .. . . .. $6.00
...... $100. $1.50 l I $2.00
~... .... .... .... ....50c
~nt Store

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