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"Fonild Seven Rats Dead in1 111n Next
Robert Woodru)li says: "My 'reom
ises were infested with rats. I tried
RAT1-SNAP Oil friend's recomlmna
tion. Next iorningjotll'i sev('i1 dead
rats in bin, two near feed box, three
In ali. Found large number since.
No s:neiill from dead rata---iiAT-.-SNAP
qrys them u. Best thin, I have ever.
kl:Wd." Three sizes. 35c, 5c, $1.25.
Sold aiid uaranteed by Laur(ns lard
ware (o.. Pltnam iDrug Store, and
C. E. Kcnnedy & Fon.
Colds Ceuso Grip and Influenza
LAXATIVE 3RO3 QUININE Tablets remove the
couse. Timo 1e c.ly oeo "Bromo Quilene.
E. W. GROYL'S cl ,atrxr on box. 0iM.
*This Is Better
Than Laxatives
lOne NR Tablet Each Right Per A Week
Will Correct Your Constipation and
Mako Constant Dosing Unneoes.
sery. Try It.
Poor digestion and annimilation
,mean a poorly nourished body and
low vitality. Poor elimination means
clogged bowels, fermentation, putri
faction and tho formation of poisonoun
gases which. aro absorbed by Ilia blood
and carried through tho body.
The result Is weakness, headaches,
dizziness, coated tongue, Inactivo liver,
bilious attacks, loss og energy, nerv
ousness, poor appetito, impoverished
blood, shl low complexion, pimples, skin,
disease, And pftert times oerlous il
Ordinary laxatives, prged and oa
thartics--aalta, oils, ca elomo and the
like-may rolievo for a, tow hours, but
real, lasting benefitb imn Only' come
through use of redicine that tones
up and srengthenS the digestivo as
.Vell as the eliminative organs.
4Get o; 25d box of Naturea Reimed
XNR Tablets). and take one tablet each
night for a week. Relio will follow
the very frst dosE, but J, tow days
will elapso before yo tee and realize
ithe fulle t beneft. [When you get
straightened out and teal Just right
again you need not take mediJA
every Gay-aa occasional NR Tablet
will then keep y'oun system In good
condition and you Vna always feel
your best. Rememb er, keeping well in
aier and heaer than gattin weall.
Nature's Remedy (NR Tablets) aro
sold. garanteed An4 recommended by
ycour druggist.
4" -TABLL~T - V
4 ob
You won't be satisfied
with a car unless you are
qatisfied with the battery.
The Willard Threaded Rub
ber Battery not only gives the
right service to begin with, but
keeps on giving it, and actually
outlasts the battery plates.
The plates are insulated
not merely separated. And the
Threaded Rubber Insulation
neither warps, cracks, nor punc
tures, because unlike wood
separators, it is not affected by
battery acid.
Drive around. Ask questions.
We give authorized Willard
LI.,urens Storage
~attery Company
W. Laurens St.
Phone 446
4** * ,*** * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * ** * * * * * *
Lan'ford, April 18.-We are having a
sPell of cool weather for the season,
und .ack Frost has nipped a few of
lie early vegetation that .was thriving
"o promiising inl the balmWy spriig
Miss Nina [ewis entertained the
children of the high school Saturday
at a very enjoy'ble pienic. They re
port a delightful occasion, although
somewhat interrupted by the wind
storm and rain, causing sonie incon
veniences In reaching their hones.
The Rural Inproveniot association
will li-ave its regular month-ly mzeoting
Friday afternoon. All patrons are re
que.:ted to attend as his will be the
last imeeting during the school term.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Itandall, Mrs.
.1. F. lyers and children, of Ileler
sonville, N. C., and Mr. and Mrs. John
Payne of Greenwood, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. C. ). 'Cox Saturday night.
ir. 1d Mrs. C. L. .Waldrop cele
brated 'their wedding anniversary last
Sunitday, and served an elegant (linier'
to about thirty of their friends and
relatives, which was very niuch en
lessrs. J. F. Waldrep, H. M. John
son, Mel Flening, J. W. Lanford and
L. M. Cannon iwere among the veter
an1s who enjoyed the hospitality of the
Laurens peolite at the annual .gather
ing of -the old soldiers last Saturday.
Mrs. M. W. Fowler, Misses Jennie
lurgess, Pearle Rawlinon and Mrs. C.
L. Waldrep were in Iurens Satur
day on a shopping visit.
Miss Carrye Fowler is spending the
week with Miss Itlizabeth Martin of
Ora and attending the Chautauqua at
Mr. H. P. Burdette and farnily are
domiciled In their new and commod
lous residence just completed and were
happy to have a number of their
friends and neighbors at a big quilt
ing iparty a few days ago.
Mrs. J. -T. .Littlejohn, of Scranton,
spent a few days ;w-ith her mother,
Mrs. J. W. Lanford this week, return
ing home Saturday.
Mrs. J. 11. Williams fell down a
flight of stairs Saturday night and is
suffering froin a fraetured bone in the
arm. It will 4he sone time before she
will be able to use it.
Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Lanford, of 'en
tral and Miss -Etolia Lanford, of Green
ville speilt last Thursday in the home
of .\ir. and Mrs. L. Nl. Cannon.
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Williams and
Miss liethia .Willi.anis spent Sounday
with Mr. and 'Mrs. C larenice Garrett.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 'Pal inage Patterson
spent the wek-end with .Mr. and .Mrs.
J. T. Langston in "ountain Inn, last
Mr.. J. S. Iliggins lia.s returned from
a visit to her brother now at Steedly
Ilospital and reports 'his condition
very critical.
We are glad to note that Mrs. .J. W.
Johnsioni is still impJroving and will be
able to return home in about trwo
weeks from the hospital.
'We are looking forwardi with pleas
ire of hearing the Rev. J. W. Watts
agaIn next Suniday afternoon at 3:30
D'clock, at the I~aptist church. We
hiope to have a large attendance.
Itev. Roberson will preach tn the
morning at 11 o'clock at the Methodist
M r. and M rs. 'Doni 'hur'ns visitedl Mrs.
D. F. Fowler last Sunday.
Dri. and Mr's. C. P. Vincent and fam
lly, of Laurens, spent the week-end
wvith Mr's. .\ amnie D~rumimond.
Mi's. J. iR. Patterson enteirtainedl In
tionor' of the school faculty last Fr'l
lay nighte. Qu ite a num'ber' or othiet'
frie~nds andi relatives also enijoyed the
3ecasioni andi the boumnteous5 repast
Mris. Patterson is so capable of ser'
Thie Womnzn's Missionar'y society
avill n-eet Saturd'(ay afternoon at 3
'clock and the president is very dIe
I irous that all the nmember's be tres
Mr. Yates Waldren':, of Woftor'd cot
eoe, splent the weoek-end with his par
mts Mir. and Mrs. C. l~. WValdrop.
* * * * *5 * * * * * * * *
llarksdale-Narnmie School *
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Flirst iialf-Year--DIec.-March.*
First Grande---Vera 'Todd, Ostelle
Ballar'd, Ilanskell 10stes Juanita illen
ieo'son, llelle ~SumereI.
Second Gr'ade-MiIldred Mic~ee, Sara
lellams, Rober't Young, Ahnle Sum
rtel, lietrmani Owings.
Thlird' GrtadIe-Ethel T1er'ry, I renie
rerrty, WVilliami Ilhunter.
Fouritlh rade--Virginla Todd1(, Jack
'OI'od. JToe Gam-breil, Mary Cald well,
'Curle Sitmorel.
iFiflh Gr tade-L.Iou ise 'Todd, Eliabeth
7lobinson, IEloise Young.
Sixth Grade-Sarah V. Owings,
3lydo Chuimley.
Seventh Grade-Madge Woisnor, 3,
I. Leopar'd, Teague Ilollams.
Ninth (Orade'--IHentrien Hoellanm.
At(enpt. to opuenI Safe (ontain intr
Idarge 8um of 3oniey. Somne Good!*.
.Nowberry, April I.-'he brick
store of the Smith lMercantile comIipaniy
at Kinards, 1:3 miles north of Nev w
berry on the C. 'N & L. railroad, was
broken Into Ia t night between inid
night and day by robbers, who ap
peared to be amnateurs, or bliunglers of
the business anyway. A crowbar, a
chisel and a big haminer were taken
froni a nearby 'bllacksnmith shop, and
entrance was effected by prying open
a window with the crowbar. With the
hammer efforts were made to breai
dlown the door of the safe, but tihe rob
bers only succeeded in breaking ofi the
kIn)ob and several hundrI(1ed (101,11-s werc
saved by tlieir failure, for in unusual
sum had been put in the safe yesterday
that came in too late -to bank it. It b
possiblie the robbers we-re frightene(
away solimehiow. At any rate the ;ro
i'letors have not muissed it great (lea
--only several thousand cigarettes, I
nuiber of socks and other article% o!
no great vailue; also the mney draiv&1
that contained only four or live dol.
lars In change; it was foimd nevera
hundred yards down the road towa r(
Newberry. Tracks of an automobile
with a peculiar 't'read, were, found thit
side and -beyond Kinards, and wer
traced down as far as this city, an:
it is thought it came from the direc
tion of Columbia and went back th<
same way.
The discovery of the robbery wa
made by the 'proprietors ;when they
went to the store this morning. They
found the door unlocked, the robberi
baving gone out that way, leaving the
blacksmith tools In the store by the
It Is thought from the appearanc(
of the tracks that one man stayed ii
.the car and drovo up and down the
road keeping watch, ready to pick h
companions up and get away If they
should be detected.
Tht offloers of Newberry and lau
rens countis--store is right on th(
Newberry side of the dividing line
are on the lookout for clues. So far
none has been found, at least nonc
given out.
Habitual Constipation Cured
in 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially.
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Ha bitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates , Very Pleasant t- 'Take. 60c
per bottle.
No Credit
strictly cash
way we hop
customers ti
To accomo
will keep one tr
on two barrels<
We believe
Watch For
Ant 114 ",ir ii, Alienl E14nemy, 1'ormec'r
1y of Em1eon and 'ormorant, Ar
rest ed.1
.\Iiami, il., A )ril I .- -Andrew (.
Wittig, alie nll y Mid formel1y a1
itiellber of te ewp of the (erman
raiders limden and o('rioranlt, w.3as
seized as stov.away Friday oil board
the Amei ican steamer "lark .\Mills, en
route from (GaIvestoni to llamhurg, and
brought into Key West after he had
told the master of the vessel that he
was an eaCaped prisoner of war.
Wittig, who bid in a lifeboat of the
Clark Mills, was forced by hunger to
emerge and seek food after the ship
was three days out. of (;alveston, told
the skiipper that Ie had broken away
from federal auithorities while bling
taken to an internment Camp at At
lanta, during the. war. When the
Mills put, into Key West lie was turn
ed over to I -:. hi owe, in 0lhar-ge of
th'e local (<partment of .tiee hi
reau. lIe dned that he was a fugi
tive, aImittini', le had told a f:.Iry
tale, hopilig to work on the synga
thies of the captain. lIe said th:; he
had been made a prininer when I he
Cormorant was internal at (h1m1 dur
ing the var. The Cormorant was sub
seqtuentlv )lown(1 i p hy her crew. Wit
ift" was released yesterday and is now
on his way to New York to take pas
Ask For
Sizes Froi
Wholesale Distril
No Delive
g May 3rd, we
basis and reduce
e to eliminate li
ie benefit of the
:tra Charge
date those who woul
uck and charge 10c
f flour will cost as r
this plan will meet s
Opening Day, May:
Mark Dov
,age to 'lajinl itr-g, w hvei'i' 11v hopes to
oll- 'et tNw(o yearSI' back pay 'ront tile
To Ctire n Cold in One Day
r'ake LAXATIVE IIIWM( QIiNINE (Tablet!.0 It
4iugls th.: 011101 ail 11-ctthnIt mid works Of the
:Cohi F. W. GRiOV ES sini.tauro fm nrch biox. 31(1(-.
the good taste of
. neAZrs
of the girl who
gets them.
-A Tan
"Made in Tampa"
n 10 Cents to 3 Foi
ry No Bt
will put our b
prices accordii
arge expense a
for Delive
rather have goot
for every delivery r
nuch as a can of
vith the approval ol
3rd. Store Closed
mn Goods
-7 ci I.
f '4I,
;y *' a j k. Jf
Laurens Drut Co.
50 Cents
Greenville, S. C.
smness on a
igly. In this
~nd give our
Is delivered, we
nade. Delivery
baking powder.
our customers.
Mvay 2nd to

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