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Subscription Price $2.00 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Ptiblished by
Laurens, s. c.
Adat4isring Rate- on Application.
Obituirles and Cards of Thanks: Ono
Cent a Word.
Entered at the postoifice at Laurens,
2. C., as secondi class niil matter.
IA U ' N S, S. C., .\P'1IL 27, 1921
Laiurens county cn weil lay claim
to thle best topsoil road in South Caro
in nowadays-aid those whl1o have
had the pleastire of ridiig over them
recently Will bea'r us out in this state
merit. Prom Owings Station to (lin
tol is a highway which should make
the other conities inl the state jealous
with envy, even to the point of striv
ing to oitelulss this progressive cointy
in this respect.
The road from1 Latureis to Clinton is
pei ha ps One of the prettiets drives ;1in
this section. witi its varying claiigiig
landsca pe, and every timne A curve is
eincoitered, there is soinething inex
pccted t'o greet the eye. which at this
time of the year. when the trees are
green, makes a beauitifil drive. If t le
Other portions of the highway from
GrcelIville to 'olumlia is miadlea
.good as that in, Laturens couity, the
motorist will be hard iIndeed to satis
Slie is lnot delighted with it.
L-tuirens coutlily is to be conigratilat
ed on its ioad.--The (retiville News.
Hleauty of landi(s:L: e and Sin11lOth
ness of surface are not the only
praisewortily things abotit this road
betweena Lauaritn a and (liton. .ool:
ing far into the future when a pavel
road iay onne:-til the two vites. o
highway commIIi.4sion dl cidedl t hat !ht
shorttSt ronuto beotwen tci he two cities
sliould be stlectied for pre:-!n i im
irOvellent so tlit tIh ml.ney t-. .
ed for gradil2 wold riot be lost when
further impr:-o.--nt is to 1: uidt-r
taken. Vith this in vew. the tom
misiodI nt foll1ow th.. oid roa."
w".y bt;t -liit a i:rt: cut tn: u a
ia' n'- illy c' 8tty andi thotreby re
dulced the distnce between 1.- two
(it c- a Ilih- 0r more. With the -hamii
of lainldscape tht, mio:oist se('ires also
a sho'ter distani,- hetwetn tllfrillt
dintjn ;.)n tilt road,
.Ir'. ' ..- M NST-'IR
Laurt n, "ets it" from all sides oil
the roal question. When Clinton :s
not critielsin. us for grabbing most of
the o n ey 1iIl :ic. ( - retn wood is cha g
in US w ith a trade :1'i which would
jnVen4At !.ok'd ma sb In built in oth
er dir'ctioils than toward Laurfns and
no1W C0111cS Otie' v0iceS from the lp
1ecr part of the county and WotniruiY.
We ar: besiegd oin all Ids. it iS a
Curious tlinag to consider too that all
of these are sich live and hlstlin:v
town1s. while l aurentlis, which seem1s to
be a sort of monster wheln it comel1
to taking care of itstif. is :hie only
One of th' puaritt t pf cities w i% lh is
dead andlt adiiits it. . It is indleed pC'
curliar how a (leadl town a:s Lani
'rns is (-an so successfuilly "walk
away with thie ra&" whenoi stieh hustling
towns as its neighb1 oris arie, remtalin
p)owerles. as5 it setmIls. to hielpt thieni
selve ts. TFL cse thioughIts are i rougal
to mlinid by recenlt haip: enlin--5 and a
communiliienC ton ill T:w Wo'odit i News
achmaild by (comm ielnis li that pa
'lie' s editor'. as followvs:
TIo the Chiamb,-r5 uof I'lmmerce oft tl .:n:
renls andt .11 aftalhur.
Tfhe a~ riteh i- ind hi- fi tntbs and
nighbi1or. rc::lizing t ifct that the
Iit. Why~ Is it'. : o t of 17 o:
the -Sqt: t'nim:--: Ita itt -.-i- in the
Coiunty of -i01 niur; ar e wvorking
nlortl o f thu .;' I alt Ibilw a\'?
intd. Whyli i it t hat tilt anortherin
'T.art of I . lren county is Practeiall
nieglec(t.t d ?
rens and Spai'riburg (10 not want
the trade of this section
I o Ine mircha:ils of the'se tweo iies
'lantl i to '0ota: cselvve; into Ga. n
If the v anth im-n ci mplsing- thcee
two bondies will illii answer these
(tucst ions ti tlountiy itlople in the
litii'er ( rethon of lI .:'ns andII~ lowr
isect ion of S h'r 'a 8hturg will knol~w cx
aetly v-hat ti tdo arid if a morcif just
division oIf th1 o:a tl fu:h;t is Inot miad(,
we rhall 1 mke It to :inearn that the norti
chiants o~f attr en. miti Sptarit-'inbuitrg
heve no int(ereit in the weifarie of the
pe opl of this section, antd thierc will
be somi -t ling dotiin.
J1. !1. Ab:reroie.
bers of Commerce of Laourenis aind
SliartIanht1trg with miIore piower than
we ar o willIng to admit themn having
tint for the sake of doing justice to
Mr. Abnerr'omie The Newsv~ will give
a fewv facts:
1st. The Cllamber of 'omm1:erce In
L aur ens county Is just about as actir
as the Woodruff (Chambner' of Co'
Juece; andi we sa'. just abant adlvist
ly for the WVoodr .ff body dloes oCC
alonally (10 a little soiething for th
It isi not unjust actIons on theIr
part that Mr'. Abel-crombie' Can kick
(If, but InactIon.
6 Now 'when you come to the Spartan
burg Chamber of Commerce, you are
up against a 'horse of another color.
You are up agaInst the brainIest and
rnost progressIve and best organized
set of business men in the United
States-this is facts not fletion-and
they are working night and day with
out ceasing for the advancement of
their town, flrst, last and all the time,
'but they have brains!
It is Customary with many :Jeople
to credit the Spartanburg Chamber of
Commlllerce Witi anything that might
b to their discredit. but who is re
ponsible for the Supervisor having
$(i0.000 this year and the Towinship
SuIervi-iors $0.000 in the place of
half that sumt?
'Tle chat rge is made every day that
they control everything-well give
ithem credit for this.
If Mr. Abercrombie and his neigh
g0 1or Will vote themselves into the
county that has a live Chamber of
Commerce they might stand a chance
of getting something done to their
roads-there is three road gangs at
wvork in the southern half of Spartan
hurg county and the township super
visors have approximately $15 a mile
to s oel on upkeop of the roads.
A11(1 taxes haven't been raised.
Will be lieported Out by ('ommittee
Toa-Isenlssfin to Ileieln Tules
daty. ('loture linie .May Hllod in
Tariff Debate.
Washington, April 2iI.-The Knox
*>eace resolution. tariff, immigiation,
agritiuitural relief and appropriation
bills will be before congress this
week, the third of the extraordinary
The peace resolution. according to
leaders' plans. is to be reported out
tomorrow by the foreign relhtIons
commlllittee with the view of 1e2 inning
debate Tuesday. Althou.th IDemocratic
oppos ition is regarded as assured comn
pativcly brief discussion is antici
pa'.ed and its adoption within a w(eek
or ..o as reported by the s inate, s
expreted by l..uianleadcrIs. A
siAilar measure is to be introduttced
tomorro w inl the h1ous1 by Chairman
Porter of the foreign affairs commit
tee. Leaders have plainned to )hol up
the Porter measure until the s1natt
acts on the Knox resolution.
This week in the seniea also prom
Iscf to witness progress of the em1er
vency mariff and inmmirathi exclu
ion 1i11~, The former is to be I
ported Out of the finance comittee
during the week uncer a schedule for
debate after dispos al of The pwacle -
lntion. MIc 1:11iff discu sion is pre
dieted by Demiocratie opiponents, al
thou.:h 1la;mibilicAn leaders have de
(l red thei intention to (curtail d
bate by cloture if necessary.
The innigration bill. which passed
the house last week. !i to .e r(-i.
tolrorcv, by the mnate a-nd taken by
the immia:ratin cammiw:L. Tr.lsday.
Ladcrs '.an to haw it yird 'Y th:*
olnvat and in 1rsili-n lWr~n: s
h.nds !y the end of th.k. lVuh
aly. wit fe . cian 'es.
Diarnmamentt is to 0 I- ken lt
11o110w by the house foroinl atyairs
comnitee ill coIntection wi r -
lution deugn0(d to Irinmg a 0ut an inl
tcrniatinal disarmlalment cnerne
ecretary ulghes of The stat) de alt
m-te:i heads a long I:. of _ in* t of
licials antd others whto are to be' call.!
dur) in)g thle ('01mmi11ttee-5 hearin1 .
The tarmty 113nd n1avy a pproprtiat in
bill which failed dulring theS last conIt
gross are to be pressed 5'()m a the
hous'. lThe latter' wtill be: briouglht u3
th:is wck , possily~ tomorrow w0~'Xit h t e
prit ipal queostion at issue .b' a3i.al
hlility of conltinutinlg the 191l bu.i
houise commtittees. Tlhe Ilatter tomuor
row, Is to take tup the ('appe:-"'ini:h
er' bill to rest rict gambin iig in food
stuff-. 'ie 'rke' q tr:, d i- also
is to be replorted out this wveek, ae
cording to tihe leadler's plans.
Thle Shteppard-Townler' "better' buaby"
hill i1 to be cons~lidered tomorro3(w by
the senafte eduen('tlon 'omm11it teo wi'th
favorable and I roml)Pt actio 101lann331ed
withbout futi :her bearii s on3 the men
sure whichel failed dlurinkg ht. !t or.
Foreign loans are to be considered
tomtor'row~ by tihe senla to juld ticry (om-t
mittee0. I ienis of treoasu~ry dlex t
ment31 doenmItents are to he taken u1tp,
but whiethter any more1 hea'rngs ".ill
.be hold has ntot been determined.
Mlany ijniniations, 1inluits1 thloe
of thle r al ily labor' boarid and m3 hor'
and br'igadieor generals nominated re
centuly are to be dlisp)osed of -,it weslk
by the senate with much interert man~
ifested in the opptositlin fromn D~emo
cr'atic senators to confirmation of
Brig. Con. Clar'ence Rl. l-:dwar4l',
former commatnder of Twenty-Sixth~
(New England National guard) dlvi
Ision overseas, as- a major' general.
Senator La Follette, Repuiblican,
Wisconsin is expected to deliver a
lengthy address tomorrow on hi~s r'eo
, tion rec ently introduted~ in blflli
ceognition of "thte Irish repu'.lie."
e~nfr at1 ll Flds
services will be held( at
ba. rchl Sunday morning at
11 o'c. n the Thirdl Sunday
afternoon ~ ~ ock. Services illi
be condtcted e. v. M. C. Wood
-reth, of C'lintn.
Harding Wili Not. Mediate litepar
tins ietweenti'ermany and the A]
Washington, April 21.--The Amerl
cal government refuse(I today a
urgent appeal of the German goveri
iedt that President larding mediat
the question of reparations betwee
germany and the allies, and fix th
sum Germany is to pay.
T'ihL ['ited States agreed, howevei
that if the German government woul
forilulate l)roiti)ly such 'proposal
regarding reparations 'as would pre
sent a proper basik foi discussion" J
xould "consider bringing the matte
to the attention of the allied *govern
mients in a manner acceptable to thet
in order that negotlations may speed
ily be resumed.'
Germany's appeal, signed by Chan
ehlior Ftebrenbach and Foreign 'Min
ister Simons, was directed to Presi
dent iarding, and was transmitte
through American Commissione
Dresel at Berlin. It was answered &.
Secretary lughes after a conference
late today with the Presdlient at th
White Ilouse.
The texts of both the appeal an
the reply were made ;iIb lic tonigi
by the state department. The com
munication said the German govern
ment was "ready and willing" u
agree without qualification 01 resIei
vation" to pay such sum as the Presi
dent after examination and invest]
gation. might "find just and right
and to fulfill in letter and spirit al
the provisions of any award that ma
be Im.-de by him."
In reily, Secretary lughes said:
"This government could not agre
to mediate the question of repara
tions with a view to acting as unpir
in it sCttlement. Impressed. ho
e er, with the seriousness of the Is
suesi ilnvolved as they affect the whol
world, the govcrnmncit of the Unite
States feels itself to h4 deeply con
cerned with the question of obtainin
an early and just solution. This go'
krnlment Atronmly de'sires that ther
lid be anl i1Uiediate resuilptio
of negotiaitions and reiterates its earn
est hope tat the German governmen
w pron'. tly formulate such pr(
o.als as would present a prope
b0asis for disculS'siol. Should t (h Gei
mai government take this courise, thi
government will consider bringing th
matter to the attention of the allie
governments1) itn a maier acceptahl
to thml in order that negotiations ma
fspeedily be res-mue.".
Ger-maniy's appeal was; regL-arded I
ofl1.ial diplomatic Wash I II; tol as
remarkable on. It wits poinltal ou
that it was dirceted to the head c
a nation with which Germany still I
th l war, and which ha
troops on its sail. Reference to t
!t:te of war was made in the Get
mant oimmiuicatioi, the chancelld
and foreign minister declaring tha
:"twith'staiding this, they petitione
the President "in the name (of th
German government andl the Germna
ceople."' with "'the con fident hope
that thte appeial would be granted.
Thi:; was the second commieti
tion dealing w itli r~eparations at
dlressedl to the tlited States by th
(13rmatn g overment. and( appalrenltI
it w:s not unieoxpected( by adinnist r:
tion oflicliab-, as the reply went fo
wa rd a few liourIs a ft er it hand hee
i.reelived at the state departmen03
'T'he Gterman mC mor'ainum was hani
a:d reachrdl W\ashin gtot) today. Se'
etary 1llughes considered it and lat
in the day conferred with the P res
1k''t at the WVhite A Iouise. Ills v'is
wasit brief and soon after his retur
to the department, word came thll
thle I exts of both the( GermItan) notC an
thte Amer'ic'an reply would lbe mad
palie witin a few hours.
Germany has until M\ay 1 to met
the dlemiandis of the allies that. 111
first installment in) caish 0on the rn'
parations bill be pa id. Premie,
isloyd Gecor'ge of Great liritain, an
ia itndl of F~ran ce, are to meet Sui
th''.n 3 l~Ilnd to dliscuss measur'
ir, be taken if Germany fails to mee
hile allied demannd, it has been r
eorte I thaut France wouild Insist u
on the occuipationl of additional Ge
nanui terr'itor'y and other' penalties
'te event of fai!uro to comply.
What step~s Germany has taken
meet the al lied detmands or to wht
e 'ten't ne0w prioposanls regarding rn
parationst have been prepc'ared are nt
(nownl hterc.' From) thle urgent na
ueofte German appteal, it was il
bttiefoftsom ofieials and diploma
that thsoe ri gover'nment found I
relf in all extremet position.
'The German appeal received toda
and .\r. Hlughes' r.ply was made pu
lie 1:7 the state ,department wilthol
co~?imen1t, and high administration'o
ficers declined to dhiscutss either
Italian Superstition.
'ne' of the numerous superstitionm
cf the' Ttalln petsaWtr'y' is that rows
Of teeth h'tmg around thme necks 01
I''G.e child In Will atssist them ii
"Rats PAss Up All Other,Food For
One Meal of JAT-8NAP"
Their first .meal of RAT-SNAP is
their lat. Kills In few uinutes. Drie.
ip the carcass. Rata killed with RAT
SNAP leave no odor. R.AT-SNAP cones
In cake form. Break into small ic
es, leave where ratA travel. No mix Tng
with other food. Cats or dogs woa't
touch it. Safest, cleanbst, surest rat
and mice killer. Thriee sizes, 35c, 65c,
e $1.25. Sold and guaranteed by Lau
reps Hardware Co., Putnam Drug Store
'aid'C' E. 'Kehfiedy & Son.
r For Sale-Two Jersey Cows- with
young calves. Will exch Oge for dry
- cattle. Lewis Anderson, -il-It
a For Sale-Choice of/six milk cows.
prices right. i..F. 'dntpson, Gray
Court, lit. 1. 41-it-pd
Plants For Sale-Pansies, Asters,
Verbenas and Salvias, ready to set
- out. Mrs. J. G. Sullival, 661 South
- larper St., Laurens. ' 41-tt-pd
'Tomato, Pepper, Egrg Plants--World
, famous Brimner, the largest and best
tomato sown; Earliana, the quickest
V grown; Marvel (early) N9r ton (ie
e 1 dium) ; "Wilt Resistant", 0e iardiest
e known. Your choice, 3 d i for 2oc.
Peppers, hot or cold, 15 cents dozen.
Egg Plants, 25 cents dozen. J. G. Sul
livan, South Harper St., LaurenTs.
t / 41-1t-pd
swcet Peas-Forty cOnt/ per' hun
dI red. Mr.s. R. W. Niel 06>, Sullivan
~ St. 41-lt-,d
1 Wanted-To' buy a stock of gro
cer ies or dry good In the town of
. La-.ucls. or lease store room n the
_ square suitable fr 4 general busincss.
Address Giovei -Dr hg oGods Co., New
berry, k. C. 41-it
I RAGS WANTE')D.-Wd will buy clean
white ravs. Advertiset ,flice.
Cot Zon Seed-Wannonaker's Pedi
greed Cl(veland Cottoh ied, secono
year from originator, .0o the 100 ilbs.
V ,t .lountville Will.exchange for pigs.
- A. P. Fuller. Mountville. 40-.?t
I Pato lanits-orto Iico, Nancy
Hlall. Early Triumph S qt' IPotato
ipants, $1.50 per 1,000. . rhter Balti
- more Tomato Plants, $1..,0 per 1000.
e ixtrge orders, promtt shipltmentt. Dar-is
Plant Co., Valdosta, G;a. 40-5t-d
For Rent-Suite of nicest olices in
~ town. See Dr. -V. 11. 1)ial. 40-2t-pd
For Salv-Ear corn in shuck, car
- 'ot10C per bushel f. o. b. Dunbarton.
e S. C. B. P. Owens. 3f1-51
Et!L---Fromn my IMrred Plymouth
lRoc1s at Just half price, since Apr':'
- 1st, $1.2-, per 1i eggs delivered. Mrs.
t Grovyer C. loper, Lau-ens, S. C.. It. F.
. 1) G. . - 39-5t-in
\Not lee--This is to notify tile publie
lot hlt on aceout of all supplies being
~ o0 en ac eah basis I will ib- forcr-l
s to demand cash of my patilent:; wLo do
iot. pay .il full t!ir accountsU( thi
spring. if I can collect the accounts
due me I will be in a posiftio: to con
e -tiptue serving as a physician but if I
Y -do not, it N ill by necessary for te
to go on a cash basis also for mr se
-Ice. Tho.e interested will take dte
notice and not be disappointed if they
a are refused further credit. J. ,. I.on
t non, M. D. 39-3t-pd
I Notice-I have arranged to be In
Laurens two days 'each month. If your
piano neen tuning leave order with
S. M. & E. 1. Wilkes & Co. 0. M.
e Tully, Piano 'l uner. 28-tf
Notice is hereby given that 1, C. J.
e Lyon. l'nited R'ates Marshal for the
nl W~est irn l)lstrict of South Carolina, in
" usance of the provisions of an or
decr of the 'nited States Diistrict Judge
in the caso of 1'. S. vs. Austin Bloyter,
-et al, will on Mondhg', May 9, 1921. at'
I- 11 A. M., of the said (lay, in the city*
e of Iaurens, S. 2., at the front of the
C.(out Ilouse, in the said city, sell at'
pith!.! au-tion to the Ihighest bidder
-one Ford TFourzing Car, Motor No.
i,i-.t; 46iE, Licste No. 1,482.
n C. .1. TYON,
t.lnite'd States Ma:rshal./
0. Langdon Long
IEnterprise National Bank Building
e All Legal Business Given
Prompt Attention
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
SLaurens, South Carolina
t Office in Peoples' Bank Building
Simpson, Cooper & Babb
:..ttos'neva at Law.
Wit Practiee in all State' Courts
Prompt Attention Given All Business
ts Oil Tanks and Pumps, Air Comn
t.. pressors, Computing Scales, Floor
Scales, Show Cases, Account Reg
iters, Rebuilt Caush Registers,
Iy Safes, S4ore Fixtures.
Lit Clumbiia, S. C..
0. 0. Feathrstont W. B. Enight
Attorney. at Law
All Busiess Intruuted to Our Care
Will Naye Promapt 'and Carefti Atten
Office over Paleseto Bank --
Mr. Featheratone will ppend Wednes-~
Bring us your old,tires and let us add new
life to them. All modern tools in use and
first class workguaranteed.
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