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Lenrneve Beautiful Scheme Puts End to
AlI Possibility of Laying Away
Any Money.
Among the many strange fruits of
the war is the fliat national legislation
on record that frankly champions th6
Prodigal Son and makes frugality not
only undesirable, but also impractica
blo. This law, according to recent
uews from Copenhagen, has been pro
mnulgated by-yes, of course-by the
inspired statesmen of the Soviets.
They are issuing a new currency
that's guaranteed to be specific cure
for ill the ills of capitalism. A differ
ent series of notes comues out each
ilionth and every series has a different
color. B1esides, a glorious innovation
in finance Is brought to pass through
the proviso that every note becomes
null, vold, Invalid, absolutely worthless
at the expiration of tlie month for
which it wa' enitted.
JResult: The soclal millennium! All
July wages, salary, profits, or income
received in pale green July currency
must be paid out by July 31. It can't
be exchanged after that date for t ",
glowing pluk of August's issue; and,
furthermnoro, it will seldomn )e accept
ed at its full face value, even In July,
by any concern not thoroughly soviol.
Ized. Thus all of Comrade Lenine's
oflicial, commercial, Industrial, or agi
cultural undertakings are assured of
ample savings, the creation of capital
becones thenceforth lmpossible.-New
York Nvening Post.
Famous Swiss Pedestrian Will Make
Exhaustive Study of Men and
Conditions in America.
Dr. Maxime Leuret, the Swiss globe
trotting walker, recently arrived in
this country. Dr. Leuret, a graduate
in medleine of the University of Berne,
has trol the huamble path of the pedes
tikin through sot' .31.00) miles in
Europe and the two Anmerleas, ob
serves th- Boston Transcript. Since
tv started his walking campaign in
1014 he has worn out over 100 stout
an(d well-nide pairs of shoes--102, to
be exact.
Seeking new worlds to conquer Dr.
Leuret now proposes to walk across
the continent from New York to San
Francisco. Moreover, it is a "pa-y-as
you-go" 'affair with the (listinguislied
Swiss pedestrian. Spurning a walk
ing trip with all expenses pak(, lie Is
determined to earn the expenses of
his transcontinental venture by such
occasional and temporary jobs as may
liappen to turn up.
Dr. Louret will meet and study In
their homes and villages all the types
that make up the great Aimerlean
family. Ie will learn by actual con
tact, and not by reading a geography,
the country's topographical features.
Odd Beer Labels.
In certain American circles where
.bottled beer would readily circulate
as money, if tho laws were more oblig
ing, immediate approval will greet the
'late achievement of ain strian brew
Title concern happens to be the
"Krone" brewery, and that name
means "crown" in erman. Also the
present cost of such a label as the
brewery has been pasting on its bot
tied product is 10 swiss centihes
approxImately 2 Amerlean cents . I
normal times.
But the brewery Is now cutting down
expenses and delighting coninoisseuris
by decorating each quart bottle with
a one-crow~n note ait a cost of 7j%
coat lnes.
"GOone Are the Old Days."
Wo are all slaves. WVrlsts were made
for manacles. One daly ba2ck at the
( after ai vacation and we are
going throuOtgh al11 the told muotionA with
as muclh facility as if there iiever had
been a lapse inlto Elyxium. Yea, the
perl Is mightier than the mashie, the
typewriter mor-e po(tent( than the rae
Quet, and as for the "call of the
wild," Its "ur2go" is not (compai~rable
with the information that "tihe boss
wiants to see you." It was all very
fine while it laistedl. Ihut its purpowse
was to miako the harness feel a bit
lighter. And unless you had a voea
tion, thiere (0ould not he0 such Iiig as
? v'acaition.--Clncinnatl TIimes-Star.
SIde Whiskers In London.
The London exquisite is dloing his
bost to cultivate side whiskers, a fash
Ion that w'as somewhat frowned1 upon
a few years ago wvhen Lord R1ocksar
ago atteinpted its resurrection1. But
th 't was in the dlays hofore the war,
fadii probably it 1s aSi a change from
-the regulation military mustache -of
the last ive or six years that iiritl.ih
young men of today are growing tufts
of hair In front of their ears with most '
hideous result.
Acc.denfts Take Heavy Toll.
'Every year' 11,.t37,000 pber'sorm. an'
~hurt in vairIous kindus of accidhents. anid
150,000 are killed. 'flit's aclinidig
to the statistics of the hetalth dnd aec
figur'es aire ave-rages. Tlhe' inmtvance
men say thle "personal enarelossness
of the A merican is to 'blame'' maid that
speedl Is thle present phligue.
Too Quiet.
"Enjoy your vacation ?"
"Not mucli. WVent to one af those
adver'tisedi gullet littlii places w~here
yucan get ai good rest."
"Not a bit. It w~as really quiet."
If we could only shed a fw
proiltcorst I 1
Only in Comparatively Recent Years
Wave They Received Recognition
Under English Laws.
Our laws regarding dog bites, which
Judge Cluer declares .to be full of
anointlies, are all of modern date,
S6ays Tit-Bits.
There seems to be no reference to
dogs in any law passed before the
accession of Queen Victoria. In a case
heard by Mr. Justice Eliot in 1535 it
was ruled that dogs were vermin, and
for that reason the church would not
degrade Itself by taking tithes pf
then. Nor was a dog the subject of
inrceny at common law, the ruling be
ing that "a man shall not hanug for a
Parliament first began to notice dogs,
in 1838, by passing a statute increas.
Ing "the resources of civilization"
against the lawless doings of Irish
Ten years later, (log ilghtlig, bull
halting and bear balting were prohib
ited by parliament. letween 1854 and
1882 no fewer than eight statutes were
passed regulating the coiidition and
social status of the log, one of which
placed him in a position of a tax
Iayer. In addition to tiese which
applied throughout the United King
dlom-a special act wats framed to
curl) the sheep-worrying propensities
of (logs In Scotland.
Broker Declined to Wait for Any
Further Advance in Quotations
on Preptred Foods.
A prominent curl) broker, wishing
to make his lunch period as brief as
possible, forsook his accustomed res
taurant, a very exclusive place, for
i "trust system" buffet.
Glancing up at the price board, he
noted "Pot lioast Beef with Corn
\Inilins, 30 cents," which he ordered.
ks he "self-served" himself to a vacant
lact at one of the tables, lie again
turned his gaze to the board, where
ie noticed an attendant was now do
ng some sleight-of-hand work.
With much astonishment he beheld
:he 30, denoting the price of "P. R. 13.
vith C. M. common" dexterously
!hanged to a 35. When he had suffl
Aently recovered from the shock, with
ilIate of victuals in hand, he ap
iroaehedI the food trader, and indig
iantly Inquired as to the cause of the
mudden change in price.
"Why, I bought this hgrdly three
inutes ago," he protested, "when it
,vts quoted 30."
The lunch room profiteer smartly an
iwered, "I know, but the asked price
. now 35."
"Well," shot back the broker, "I sup
)ose there's every indication of a fur
her rise, but I guess I'll get out now.
rou can sell this for me at thatt pri'e
md keel) you; commission out of the
)roceers."-'ValI Street Journal.
Lrnded Freak Fish.
A wearied marine monster blundered
nto the net of a San Diego, Cal., fish
'rzman not long ago. On being pulled
nro the fishing smack by the aston
shed captain, it was found to nmnuro
little more than 15 feet long, and in
enernl configuration to resemble a
hark, reports Popular Mechanicsi Mag
zifne. Its upper jaw was surmounted,
owever, by a clumsy-ooking horn of
olId hone. A month after its destrue
t.on in a fertilizer plant, a rominent
cientist notified the flihing captain
hat lie had entight a female of the
pecles basking shark, of which only
ix are known to have been taken d'ar
ag the history of the- waid's fishilag
ad ustr-y.
Rear Beer for Bava-.la.
The JRavarian br'ewe-ries are- tryr
umne the- production o:f beer wtth an
Icoholic con tent of eight per cent,
ccor-dinig to a statement madh. en -
lugust 5 by the Bavarian mniniister of
A-lculture, foflowlahg his return fr'on
nieeting in Bierli, where tl'e gen'
ral food situntion of the- natfort hrt
een disenssod and eert'aih plans for
he future agreed on betwveen' tiw' na
lonal and state aucthorikibs. ~e aliso
aid that the da-i1y bread rntibn was
o be raised from 200 gramrs tes 200
ontrol of the egg marke't vms to be
Iroppied in Octoe*r.
Fleet to Hurnt Sponges
Ther eniornious rise in ricevs of
rponges hns induceIf rtaii'n sha rwners;
o construct nrnny new craft f'ar sponge'
cathecring, the fleet setinig forth from
sfax, the sponge market, nnihers
ome 00) vessels thii year, ta c'ontrast
o 80 In previows campaigns, wurite;i.:
3nitocd States Consul Cookinghamn cf
P'unis. The sponges gathered durina
he summer campaign now in progruss.
willl, it Is expected, bring at least 110.
Erancs per kilo to the 8fax niarket.
Woman Water CarrIer.
'The '9fellaba," the woman wanter
enrrier, for centuries an lnstitutimn in
thce fioly land, is threatoned witth ex
tinction heeiuse of t-he use of.' wa'ter
carts, gr-owvr.g popunlar through, the de0
mnndls of sanitary mesurces.
The pictur iesqute wa ter earrier, gil d.,
ing along the strenets in her colorfut
costume, with a vaiso of water hal
ancedi on her hed, may soon become
a Innoiy.
New Anuiseptic Discovered.
At Bellevue hospital, New York, they
are using a new antiseptic, discover-ed
by. F'. A. Mardon, a graduiate ni-se,
who has been workcing on it for 25
years. It 1a called chlorsal and is
similar to severmal othnr ant'.eeptics,
but has the great advantage ov-er them
of not being affected by' expollire to
the acr.
X-Rayed a Mummy.
An English scientist has taken an
X-ray picture of the band of an Egypt
tan princess of the encond dynasty
(about 4500 B. 0.), taken through the
wrappings of her mumminfied remains,
showing all the bones with great clear,
ness, and a ring on the tird finger.
'Found Sevep Rats Dead In Bin Next
Robert Woodruft says: "My 'prem
ses were lnfesked 'with rats. I tried
AT-SNAP on Triend's reconmnenda-.
ion. Next nor ing found seven dead
'ats in bin, twqf near feed box, three
n stall. Fou nA large number since.
qo smell fronq dead rats-RAT-SNAP
irys them up/ Best thing I have ever
ised." Thr.de sizes. 35c, 65c, $1.25.
3old and guaranteed by Lauruns Hard
vare Co., Putnam Drug Store, and
. E. Kennedy & Son.
Money back without question
If HI'S Iva fails in the
tetmentsof ITCH ECZHMA.
other Itching skin diseases.
Try a IF$ cent box at our risk&.
Lnurens Drug Co.
Specials in
40-inch Crepe de Chin
$3.50 value, special
36-inch Taffeta (black <
32-inch Romper Cloth,
36-inch black and white
27-inch best grade Dref
27-inch <lest grade Apr
32-inch Shirt Madras, r
Yard-wide Pajama Ch
Extra good quality Cui
27-inch Red Star DiapE
81x90 Mohawk.Sheets..
Big lot' Voil Shirt Wais
Big lot Silk Hose, in b]
regular $3.00 value,
White Washa
Cotton, Sati
There is nothing
'wash petticoats either
or for picnics, outings,
tifully, and are very et
*choice in Cottons, Sati:
tins. All are made in
scalloped and hematich
shadow proof and have
$1.50, 4
Shoe DJ
Big reduction on
fords in our entire stot
our shoes and oxfords,
to our customers. We
many styles in our oxf
regardless of cost in
One lot Ladies' Oxfords, Siipp
tworth from $5.00 to $7.50,
One lot Ladies' fine Patent Iso
$lo.0oo.... .... ......
Ali Howard and Foster Shoes
We have .ilust. received a new
Gray Suede Slippers, 1)rl<
.D A
Ask For
Sizes Froi
Wholesale Distril
al L
lay, Frid
Piece Goods
e, all colors; our regular
only), special $1.50
peciaL ------------ 25c
Percale.. ------- ---29c
s Gingham ------- 19c
)n Checks .-.._15c
egular 65c value,----.35e
acks --------------.. 21c
tain Goods -...25c
r Cloth, 10: yard bolt $1.96
..-...- ....-. -$1.59
ts, all sizes ---------.50c
ack, brown and white, our
special-----------...... $1.59
ble Petticoats in
nette and Satin
more practical than white
for wear around the house,
etc. They launder beau
onomical. We have your
nettes (imported) and Sa
straight line effects with
ed bottoms, liberally cut,
non-rip plackets.
3.50, $5.00
every pair of shoes and ox
k. We give 1-3 off on all
which means a big saving
have decided to close out
ords and have made prices
order to make a clean
ers andl U Pmps In all leathers,
---........ .... ........ ..$88
'ither Oxfords and Pumps, worth
- ... .... .... .... .... .... ..3.99
aind Oxfords, regular $15.00 val ie,
.... .... .... .... ....8.34 to'$10.00
lot of Satin, Black !$utde, and '
:ea from .. ... ..$7.7& to $10.00
-A Tampa
"Made in Tampa"
10 Cents, to 3 For 50, Cents
mvtors Greenville, S. C..
lay & Saturday
Extra Special
Big shipment of Voiles, Organdies and Swisses
just unpacked. These] are less than half the
old price.
Speial Special
One case extra large two-thread Turkish Tow
els. Special price, each.-------........39c
Clothing Department
Men, Young Men and Boys
We are still offering our entire stock of Cloth
ing at one-half price, which is far below manu
facturer's cost. We advise you to buy now.
Every Shirt in the House Half Price
A Real Bargain in Shirts
No shirts laid aside---every shirt in the
house half price. Now is the time to
buy your spring and summer needs.
$10.00 Crepe de Chine Shirts, now ------.. $5.90
8.00 Crepe de Chine Shirts, now.-------- $4.00
7.50 Crepe de Chine Shirts, now -- - $3.75
6.50 Crepe de Chine Shirts, now------- $3.25
6.00 Silk Shirts now -----.- --------- $3.00
5.00 Silk Shirts now--------------- $2.50
4.00 Madras, with Silk stripe, now ------ $2.00
3.50 Madras, with Silk stripe, now ------ $1.75
3.00 Madras, with Silk stripe, dow ----- $1.50
2.50 Madras, with Silk stripe, now ..-- $1.25
2.00 Percale and Madras Shirts now-.. $1,00

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