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flan of Harding Administration Start.
ed on Way. Towisend Effort Eiids
lit Failure.
Washington, April 30.-The admin
istration's first ste) towards placing
the United States on a technical, legal
basis of ipeace was- taken tonight by
the siunate in adopting the Knox peace
Before the preparation for a vote
by the senato tonight on the Knox
peace resolution an amendment was
introduced by Senator Townsend, Re
puiblican, AMichigan, prop)osing to sub
stitute for the provision repealing the
(leciaration of war a siu)le clause (e
cla ring peace.
Senator Townsend argued that it
was tinecessary to repeal the war
declaration and ipoinlted out that the
repeal plani had leeni attacked vigor
ously. Ile therefore pr-oposed as a
stibstitute ht'use "Providing that the
state of war ldeclarled to exist by Con
gross on April 6, 1917, betweeni the
-imperial Gemnan government and the
governmenta e1(1ople of the U nited
States of America is hereby declared
at an end."
Senator Tow nsenid's a mendiment
was defeated, 26 to 4H. It was stiip
piorted only by the Democrats and
three Republenns, Senators Nelson of
Minln1esot a. SterIling of South Dakota
anll( Towisentid.
'Pite vote for adoption of tile resoilu
tion was .1) to 2:3.
Three Democrats voted for the reso
luition, an~d alithiough no Republienns
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voted against it, Senator Nelson o1
Minnesota, ipaired against it. Thi
Democrats voting for It were Senator,
Myers, Montana; Shields, Tennessee,
and Watson, Georgia. Two others,
Reed and% Walsh, were announced a
favoring the resolution.
The resolution now goes to the
house with prospects of prompt ac
tion -there. No change was made by
the senate in the Knox resolution as
reported by the foreign relatIons
committeo. It would repeal the war
resolution affecting Germany and
Austria-Hlun'gary, impound alien en
eiy property and remove the United
States froi all rights and 'privileges
tinder the treaty of Versailles and oth
.r peace treaties
An effort to amend tie Knox reso
ution made by Senator'Towusend, Re
mblican, 'Michigan, who moved to
;trike out the clause repealing the war
leclaration of ipeace, was defeated, .14
o 26, shortly before the final vote.
'enator Lodge, Republican leader, O1
)osed the Townsend amendment, stat
ng that it had been considered care
Llly by the foreign relations commit
ee, which decided that "the direct
nethod was the best."
Senator Lodge in inaugurating de
iate for the day, told the senate that
reaties with Germany and with other
Lations with which the United States
las been at war would following the
0nox resolttiion. lie also gave notice
hat the United States would not aban
lon the allies.
Substitutes for the Knox resolution
repared by Senator Kin'g, deimocrat,
,tal, were not offered. Mr. King said
hat the Republicani majority appeared
etermi ned to support tihe Kniox reso
lition as offered. Senator France, Re
ubliean, laryland, also did not offer
is plan for a general world confer
nee to consider various qiestions af
ecting rehabilitation. He promised to
ffer his mnea.sure later.
Tle vote on the ea e resolution
id not colme until after i o'clock to
ight and was preceded by tense par
Isan clashes. The Republicans lined
ip almost solidly beh1nd the imeasure
nid all but live of the Democrats voted
r were paired against it.
The roll call follows:
For Adoption--Reu blicans: 1a1.
orah. Briandegee. Blursom, Cameron,
apper, Colt. Cummins, Curtis, DMl
ngiam, Elkins, Fernald. France,
'relinghuysen, Goodiing, liale, Hlar
Dld, oJhinson, Jones (Washington),
:eiyon, Keyes, Ladd, La Follette, Len
Dot, Lodtge, McCormick, McKinley,
[eNary, New, Nicholson, Nordeck,
'orris, Oddle, Penrose, Poindexter,
hortridge, Smoot, Spencer, Stans
eld, Sterling, Sutherland, Townsend,
radsworth, Warren, Weller and Wil
s. Total 46.
Democrats: Myers, Shields, Watson,
ieorgla. Total 3.
Against Adoption - Republicans:
Domocrats: Ashurst, Broussard,
araway, Dial, Glass, fHarris, Harri
on, Heflin, 4Hitchcock, Jones, New
lexico; Kend rick, 'McKellar 'Pittman,
omerene, Robinson, Sheppard, Stan
tv, Swanson, Trammell, Underwood,
falsh, Monitana, and Willlan,s. Total
Senator Reed was ipaired in favor of
dloption and Senator Walsh, who was
bsent was announced as a suppioi'ter
> the resolution. Senator Nelson, Ro
mublican, Minnesota, was plairod
Lganst the resolution with Senator
(nox, its author, for it. In announces
nent of pairs, It was said that all
>ther Democrats not voting opposed~
lie measurie and all other Rtepub~licans
avored it.
In the final clashes todlay, the third
lay of debate, on the resolution, the
eague of nations hattle was fought
inew. Senator llorah dlecilred that
'resident H ari'(lng had "'scrapped"' the
eague swith the approval of the Amern
tan voters. Democratic senators de
riled that the last election was a (eei
4lon against the leaguie declaring that
nany suipporters of othe Repubhlican
ticket favored the league and believedl
hat Presidont IHarding would( endeavoir
to secui'e ratification of thie treaty of
Senator Borah chiargedl that the
treoaty was not being exected'c and
that the allies in fixing German ie
parations were acting without au
thorit y from the treaty. Senator
Florah's statement brought. shiarl i'e
iply from Sonator I hitchcock, the Demo
r'a tic leadler In the treaty fight, who
rieclaredl Senator Iiorah was pimnarily
responsible for' America's lack of a
voice in the .peace settlements.
Rte-puiblican leader'shipii todlay came
strongly to the suppior't of the r'esoliu
tion although its author wias absent.
Besidles Senators Lodge and Borah,
Sienators McCorm ick, of Illinois, 'La
folette of Wisconsin, and ot gr Re
punblicans spoke for the measui'e.
Speeches against the r'esoliition iOhich
was dlenoirncedl in all Its asipects,
were [email protected] hly many D~emocrats In
alutiing Oator's King, Robilnson,
[harrison, lIeflin, Stanley, Jones, Wil
llams, WVolcott and Walsh, Montana.
Senatoi' Jones of New Mexico, do
icrlbott the resolution as "abject
inology for hnving nterel tae war,"
The same contention was made . by
Senator Williams while Bonator lKing
declared that ibehind the -resolution
was some "stbtile senators' designs.".
Senator La Follotte said he support
ed the resolution because it would end
the war status. He said it was not a
treaty and gave notice of future free
don of action in the settlement to be
imade with Germany.
Senator Wolcott hsserted that the
resolution was "shockingo and bordered
on national disgrace."
Explanipig his'support for the reso
lution, Senator Myers said that he had
stood staunchly for entering the
league but that his hopes were extin
guished by the last election.
"I consider the verdict of the 'pe'
ple was against ratiflcation," said Sen
ator Myers and it appeared.to nc it is
the course (by resolution) or nothing."
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Laurens. S.
Charged with Robbing pleeping Car
Passengers on Southern Railway
Charlotte, N. 0., A'pril 30.-Charged
with robbing sleeping car 'passengers
on Southern railway trains' put of
Charlotte, a young .man9 giving his
name as *B. G.' Burke, fashionably
dressed, is held in the city jail for
'hearing Monday, having boon arrest
ed early today In an uptown hotel by
local . police. Men's and ladies'
watches, handsome lorgnettes, costly
shaving sets, manicure'sets and hun
dreds of dollars, were seized by the
police In 'Burke's room. His Personal
effects included several handsome
suits. 'He had bce'n registered att the
hotel two weeks.
While he declared tonight that he
% as innocent of the -charge against
him, police offlcials said they had in
formation that he had .been "plying
his trade" for some time, boarding
late trains in Charlotte, going through
the sleepers, gathering loot and leav
Ing -the train at the next stop about
?5 miles away in either direction.
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