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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, May 11, 1921, Image 10

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Guars, wh14 1 11o thrl :: the, a : Is
father hats just b1--orno the twetlfth
earl of Galloway. lie was takeon 1,ris
oner while badfly wounditil in the re
trent from M ns in the_ (,rlyranh
of the- war, anal 1:ks heith0 wrT.eg-kc44
b y the. tebe MoL Itrdi n:, Ien I I, -1: Mthl-s
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WoCEr ORi i CAdLL onII the undergn
edf tor a inmaion: you may dere~k
about our plan o~'.~y f inurnc fr.ri
tWe insureli- you propertyi agaistde
any company i eitance.
.Reembr, e re repre to prove::u
to.yo..'h...ur..s..he....af.t and. -
wtInsrnei h conie of:
EdgfildLares, alda Lexington
Richlnd, alhou, an Spartanbur.
Greevile, Pckes, amberg, arn
well Claendo, Suter Lee Ksaw
Cheteried, ancstr.~
A.O rann', . . ..Mt.CamlS. .
.ViR.i, Olak CALL.. .n Grenodrs.n
Ab.u Woungblod ..n..HodesS.C
J.traerton ..E WIN Clumbia, O.C
1.GHTNNG anolson.. ..EdeaperdS tha
RemmbrHe.eWreartoedWteroro. C.
Our AC.cato iaes... now ..Bated t.o
AGenwoo, GrenodMcoCik
CJan.ried L.19Anatr
Five Minute Chats
on Our Presidents
(Copyright, 1'Z2. by Jareskw Morgan.)
1775-June 15, appointed com
mander in chief.
1781-Oct. 15, received the sur
render of Cornwallis at
1788-Dec. 23, surrendered his
commission to congress.
1789-April 30, inaugurated
first president, aged fifty
1793-March 4, inaugprated a
second time.
1796-September, Farewell ad
1797-March 4, retired.
1799-Dec. 14, died.
T IE choice of Washington to be
comniiander in chief of the Revo
lution Is on of the mysterious but
happy accidents of history. Nothing
in the deeds of this militia colonel,
who had lost every fight that he had
fought, pointed him out as the one
and only man to meet the armies of
the greatest empire in the world. Noth
in, In the words of this farmer,
who never made a speech, Inspired
the congress at Phi ladelphia to turn
to hirn by unaninuils consent as the
leader of the yoin: natirm. Yet
l'atric.ek lenry test lied that this sl
h ent inemiber was "the greatest nian"
In nn assemiblage which Lord Chat
George Washington.
ham deelared never had its superior
anywhere in history.
As he went to the front, Ie met a
courier on a lathrerl horse, hearing
the (rcladful news (o, .l unker 11111. ''1)1(1
the militia fight?" was all he wish d
to know. "Yes." "Then the liberties
of the country tire safe." Although it
is Faf1i that Washington never in ilis
life read but one look on the art of
war, he knhf that If the poorple would
only stand up to the i:ing's regulars,
they (:01uld lose every battle an d still
defeat an enerny who was 8,000 miles
from his ba se.
Thue Rievol utlon was not won by the
swordl of Was~hingtoni, hbut by his in
dlomnitalie chlaracter. It wafs hits ebar
act 'r, 51lowly biu ilt uip by i overt y aindl
struggle., which hadu given him fromi
the' st arit til- leader'shi Ip ('ver men0
w'hio talk'd raore ; yes, and whoa kniew~
'I he inviitb(e firt itude ofi 1 peoplde,
tl- kmii's ;nn ant ii' .lavy3 atol his
of thie :.000 linmtud, huniIILrinfi, shiv
('ringr, raiez'i'l ('oat iwtails ot Va:lley
F'orge w ;rest (l from t he BritIish (ro~wn
tin emIpire grea ter than i I alie cotn
(Iuiest s madle by'3 Naphotlon's grandi
At the last, as the Amearica ns leapi ed
IUritish redoutbts at Yorktiowvn, Wash
andi well donite. :rinig mei( tOy hOrse."'
TPhi wvar was over, but thle noblest
v'ictoryv was yet to come)). Iliivinig re
celveil the surrendoer sword of Corn
wall Iis, Wasin mgton strren dered his
to the hieople whoi~ had1 enitrusted it to
lim i and w(ent hack to his fiam, from
whnleh lie was cal led to becorne the
first presiden t of thle repmbliIc.
No president has been more bi tterly
a hused t han the first. Ilis caiilnet
(Iuarreled until Jlefferson, his secre'tary
of state, resIgnedl, pind his next se'cre
tary, Edmund Randlolphi, basely be
tr-ayed hIm. ils vice president, JTohn
Adbams, called hIm "an old1 mutton
hend," who hadT "not been found out
only because he kept his mouth shut."
"Trreachlerouls In prIvate friendship and
a hypocrite In pulhic life," Thomas
Pnine pronouncedl hIm. Retnause he re
fused~to take the side of revolutionary
F~ranet), "10,000 persons In the'streets4
of P'hlladelphia''-then tihe capital
"threatened to drag Washington out
of hIs house." .John Adums tells us.
NotwIthstanding the outbursts of
partIsanship, he retained the confl
dence of thne country to the las.'t, when
the people at the inauguration of his
successor followed the retiring presl
(lont Into the street and left the new
president all but deserted. The long
task of the hormesick exile from Mount
Vernon wes done. Hie hadl found the
Unicn~ P theory and he had1( left it a
tact. Hie haul foundl the United States
nnner ,ntil he hna1 left t a rock
* * * * * * * * * . . . * *
* * * * S * * S S S * * * *
Clinton, May 1.-Mrs. Abel, of
Chester, is the guest of her daughter.
Mrs. J. Lee Young.
Miss Bertha Bultman, of Sumter,
spent the week-end with her sister,
Miss Helen Bultman.
Mr. Marion Scott. of BishopvIlle,
szpent the week-end with Mr. and ~\lrs.
W. E. Owens.
M1isses Myra Leaman, Floride Rudd
and Helen Uultman spent last Thurs
day and Friday In Rock Hill.
Mesdanies Julia Griflini, J. I. Co'e
land and W. 1. Farr, spent several
days last week at Rock 11111.
Mrs. Emma Glenn, of Spartanburg.
is spending the week in town with
Mr. Tom Glenn, of Savannah. Ga..
npent the week-end with friends an-1
M1iss Emmninie Young spent last week
with friends at llrenau Cole:e.
Mrs. Cyrus Bailcy and daunhters
We Sell
You Wait 0
.ItXWill I
10 lb. Ba
25 lb. Ba
Good Gr;
Chum Sa
Pink Salh
Large Ca
Good Ric
Grits, pes
Karo Syr
Large Ca
Full Line Faii
are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Fleming, in Augusta.
Miss Blanche Turner spent the
week-end in Gaffney with her parents.
M1iss Grace Porter is visiting lt
Pickens this week.
Aliss Dorcas Mason delightfully en
tertained the "Tuesday Club" last
week. After a pleasant hour of fancy
work the hostess served a delicious
salad course, to the following: Mes
daies Reece Young, J. F. Jacobs, Jr.,
Kenneth 13urdette, W. 13. Owens, Jr.,
W. C. Bailey and J. A. Chandler.
Another Still Captured
Sheriff Reid, Deputy Hicks Owings
and Rural Policeman Andy I. Boyd
capturnd the remains of another still
near .Mt. Gallagher church Monday af
ternoon, destroyinug a conidenser. othe-r
Paraphernalia and taking in charge 1
about half a gallon of whiskey. P. C.
Moore, a white ian, in . hose barn the
still was found, was arrested and later
released on bond.
Engraved Cards and Invitations.
Advertiser Printing Co.
ening of a
Next Door i
for Cash, Hav
n Yourself V --We
'ay People for Miles
At Thi
.g Sugar.
.g Sugar - .
ade Rvastedl Coffee,
(Limit 2 lbs.
'non .
.n Tpmatoes.
:e, 4 pounds.
- pound.
ad Lard, 8 lb. Bucke
up, gallon.
n Sliced Pineapples
Other Articles
Lcy and Staple Gi
Are Invited to Visi
S. N. CRI11
L Self Service
V Store
:o City Hall
VAY 15th.
-e No Delivery and No
Give You the Saving in Cost
Around to Come and Trade
s Store
. . 75c
. . $1.87
per lb. . . 12 1-2c
to Customer) .9
- . 12c
. . 12c
- . 3c
* . 94c
- . 65c
. . 34c
in Proportion.
roceries, Fruits and Produce
t Us in Outr New Store.
P., Manager

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