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Erje Zbbertiser
Subscription Price $2.00 Per Year
Payable in Advance
l'ublished by
Lamrinsi , S. C.
Advertisine l aatu~ na Application.
ObituarIes al Cards of Thanks: Ono
Ceit a Word.
I'atered at t:r postolic at Laurens,
;. C., a- s-cond e ass mail matter.
I.. It. "I N. S. V.. I31 1Y 1, 1 9: l
t tt
t) n
tn-r a -
as l-A . a., to'
a t a t ..t
(I ' a- n::,
Es te w T
crs. .io: .f.
the res n
as theye
well at n
kno; thtt
(itui.: ;:n z
was a:2iW : to ocvr-b
real cau~a a g of -nn ndae
sire to .- :r 7 ;.' * -'*: t a 7
'The w-:.o - -r t.
to ,e-. : .- -
t'he w
mo -
in ! -- -
1:n c A
for '--('~ 'r
tilute - ,
'Jrn. en - p '( t: r
anjd Mr- -~ n" .aa r nlM
Dr J, flo' 'r' a n \ a -r- '- -
play, 'i:. ' tri I' J I) er i !: N:.
and ire. S. :.1 . Iord~,r ~. Xr. Ind P.\vr
ers, .Mrs. J. T. Ovr-n, .\rs. W. W. Ow..
ens, Mrs. .J. r'. Fmxer, Mrs. WV. W.
Bramlrito. Mrs. Palmer Will iams., Mrs.
I, II. lluds'on, .V'r. Charles9 M. Owens,
3!ra. rosa .3-nyder.
Mrisses Mlildrrd (oer, Mary. IEsther,
Louise PBramir 'to: Ettrt'n, Anna VA i
Ilams; Ednaa IHurlon: 1lelen Taylor,
M .ary F,thel Powe'/r: Etta Fulmner:
Rch :1 Braow'- , ana'd MIa ry Be-nam in.
Mecssrs;. IRuas.ll and Lerocy l yron. S.
J. JBearns, .ir.,.' alph and R ay-'n nd'
Cooper, Jo-a and Kemnn th Owens.
Malvin, Nye. 12-hard. Frld. Hlora'
anad L ay Lee Will am ns, .Jn oo lndson.a
F~red Taylor. .fames [menrmin, (Charlie.
Earle and La crneo Flmerr, Co lon
andl~ Benjamin Snyder, Hay Flemin'.
OzellIe, an d J1. T. Powers, E'vere tte Rt d -
We hao:ie ourm school will be~ honored
by M\rs. Owen's presranec as teachemr for
another term, as she is a noble youn'
inthi lrop (Chapter to Meef
1.The~ -Winthrop-01 Chapmtero has hoon
c alled to me(et lriday a fternoon at I
So'clock with Miss RlutIh .leAl ister. IEv-.
4er y WAintIh rope giri Is as:ked to be p res
E ent
Annual lieunlon Heldi at Lan frd
Where the Old Vets were Hospitaily
Survivors cf Co. G, "rd: Co. F. I ith
and Co. E, :;IrdI Battalion, Ilet in their
a at Lanford Station Ait
U'' day, .\l th' 7th. T . weather *a
v- ry fi 12n was con(duiiv'e to
. , I l 'tti:Kntl7. :rL'funtin iim.n
ThIeU l:n.. ion,.vi
L f -
!n - n .- . H .. ( tr.* in fker-l
7 1
to 1:o fade.
'.77 - t : e y <-.-:.J
N. Drown wodieri Nr--our last.
1' 1M'. .Gowan o el W i i .USA
Mc o a: is rno: a veran Aut i
.o of a viv:a: of the S:inote War
:1 the War of 4. A Slvy
aniV of a fanQ- thav hax had it.
.n" rpeech
: *;'it i l :.0wa so ur 7. un . H
.e: 2:9 e: i~d : (:: t-: .7He moi
.\ :r.' .- wa: read fr4 m . 1,
Varnna DIo Brow:n. which, canm i
ans-we:- m J'id:e Thw::::-ons ina
--o -. -a r myl ! GhA x
rci "'-'-'-f KV to
n- . . .
J - J'. . (7 '. 7. - -
:o ! : fn. ::Ia, r V
7s ifo n yr v.'
P -wo.
C. C. J .
0,'d. a. ro. J-i~fl.-\ W. Lanrd ith
S. C.: 11. W. Imndy, Co. F. 1111h S. C.;
Wa. A. Simpsoan. Co. F, 4th 5. C.: C. J;.
Taylor. 4th S. C.
Several of the grand old won'-n of!
the Con federacy~ we"re in attteiqnlin.-.
Clerk C. A. Power was with us to lend
a hu Iping hand as lie alway"s doe.
We take this method for- thank~iing
ourit wh Ite frinds for' thle I1:ndne(ss anc
the assistane" that they have give-n it:
(liling tile se-ssion of then Tuimh~n:
Shoals In sLtile, of 1 f2',- 921.
Wo heart-Wy invit. thrim to ;t'trnd
our closing ceier -s whlih i wl..
1held in St. I'aul's (lhurel Tiaslay
night nnd W\"dnesday ni1h of" this
wa-ek. 5-cats w!iH he pre-pal r( d f"
May 9, 1921.
,A 1novel and( brilliant musi51(a! 17ro
duel(1 on, ent it led "'Katcha- K 0o", will b'
g vetn undern the aiuspices of the Ihi:2
ness W\omen's (lubi on June1 13thi at
the Opera H oulse. An expl1einced Iro
tesIonal direcltor will atttend to fihe
correct staging of the ':>lay. Stmnelal
c-Coo. nn11( ostmes ..,m 1w. ..4p~.d. .
ge **e...... C C ***- e C C C
Coopentive Cotton Marketing *
Association. - *
* * * * * * *0 * 41 * * 14 0 :
County Agent. J. E. Trevathan is
pilnn ing to assist the farmers of Lau
ren, county in organizing a county
unit 4in the (7)-operative Cotton M.\'
ktiny Exch.e ang organized in the
z ou'i.. At the pi) s nt time there i.s a
b-wid! mIovVieent oil to develo: a
Cow t va (t~ tn !ateting -
(:1nnu for t :.ur2ose o: enablin the
: .o ..: tteir cotto m' re
T' l r . m co n omr call - n
a. At da ('-2I
'n1 firj to C.trin ;'.c. u...on
(anare as f'l"ws:
.z around th re omn
:y as a- 1,asi4. rath'r than round
a inocra mmuni a- a loi. The k
: . i e r modif id mt sit to a1ro -
oft (ottoll and to lanollords who reeiveI
ition arent afo
m:dit As a-b si. ater ha run
a lo (1l omnity ca ra basi: l. Thde
austwn the s atd th associa
tion x 1,r~b y hei memnher ag:rees: to
sIisi cotton itu n. the
.a Mionmr- a ;imtod of - years.
oton ttaon will bne t.ad and
poo.l A'inording to grade lwhen ad
bvter-n t tm r association. The grow
:rkte'.y a e.:1! for his ottn
whaltl canlVusr ac- collatoral for
aa ono ariod final dfvidends
. Th-(- cotoni. Aftr the r-oton is
Ire d to t assoia ion The grow
'r r te-:!ve 1r ei c otron his r o.t ,
C V Whicn I.- u(e as c ollater lio
:-orrow.Cn:: mon y .:.i fi ddiiends
h bna. Af:tr. on isr
c.--.sn o fur::d in trol -!: r 1 . H
*radC.and sta l t of ta r e'
-hro ::h he welv moths.Of ort
x ! fo r l i handlin w : 'e deuce
fr Xm 1:. na p-:
ta wl bta tn ahe had dst
t* C1c a oia:m toie
* ~ . *~r.yn T~ n (d:m 'o:. of ithr
I.a non-a'v d.nCi
n'an !itItrit
'I n~j~'th'lrr' n the en tt
-ua err a oin Liens -::d uicin
n hurdayii E. T:--: .:.l. Milln'
he\ ere 75x nl,s. emi.. h
doe' t \.ho Na eCIa~ Ie oT WTT xa
I ulctt fol Of theg "Mse th~t eported
tamtahswa an exttremely fn goupa
Tfhabe"sa. h y cma:nta
on Th tn'lhursday nith.ht ad-l
thres' were 7m abdes examied The
Mntin vof thsata younrgstr rnd ported
tha this~a waang Waseel ine group;
At" dl the tingThursdy niht ad
dress ies wer ae by wa rd s !r iaer
1 uph om'isf Sparabr. hnd firy priss'
d* rsr ided tos ii~v 1 i).,a the f ive
A.me1timo l aicei asi'.Wa to h .Jreof
the tVt.i he1lmiots(1tnf
The' : rize!s. Swe. awr h.io.\ ThrdR
1! tluhe 1f i.-mtn. Te; flaihr rio
'.11.nt to lii Rub e Browni i . the fui-e
lie s 1i.ill anahe r ilo tr.and tih s i'.
A.es the n eetngri went o in rod
FRo.l~ Wlon.th supor ofnth:; cal ho
She. eand aso i. \,ihstn Ter irdo
te sny we endbye.red yar the i-tt
Mill tlh. ht onths old urch te;prto
hlii hi ilthnursth a te a thritIs mae se
toithloyalipt thor~ff h. o d(1
Mill' (ran.tBcaus wof asu wsuport
te publi heath MilsToiihavela beenhi
; * S * S 0 S * 8 0 S * Z 0 8
Notle-All persons are hereby for
bidden to harbor or hire V. A. Ross
who is under contract to me upon pen
alty of being dealt with according to
law. J. D. Graydon. 413-lt-pd
For Sale-Good sound corn in the
s:ck, 1.25 per bushe. J. 13. Young,
Laurens, Rt. 5 4 -11-pd
Voun ad-Fountain Pen in my office.
Ao Shrine pin. Owners may rective
h hy identifying and paying for ad
vertisement. R. T~. \\'i!lso, Supt. of
Notice-We exc'ianze one and one
1.ai' Ilbs. hulls for one lo. cottonl sLeedi.
lia e n .od Ipply for tis wee'k. J. D.
Culnrtson. .\1addens. 1-it
T'rienl Yourl Himlls--Lusz and riml
:Aor parts for Al. vakey of c ari.
* caizingr Station. 43-it
Fi. sal Peas and crn 1 n 0huck;.
a i ens. . - : i
- r at \tui : ca- lots
- .d flVV n ''4 J. 1). Cul-i
1 "4d--Wanted ~at Vaddv n
y I loads ami!
nr -uidred. Ihm't !
er..J. 1). Culbei tsoen.
oir :entral oilice work. ly a you-'
la a ;:ate o ne of the lGAdTm
iniesco11Lecs oif thef state. Ad
dre::s .\N,. Lo: tena Gar r<.tt. .\loo re. A.
C.. R!.. 1'. 413 -1-I
Wanted- ' Sell yoiung Jersey cow,
fresh. She is in good flesh. S. Will
exchange for dry cattle. J.,D. Culbert
Son. .Maddens-. 43-It
Money Is Scaree-Why not convert
thiose left-over cotton seed into cash.
If you sell lter than this week .ou
will likely get less than 1110 cents. J.
I). Culbe'rtson, 3Maddens. 43-It
Wanted-Two infurnished rooms
for light house-keeping. Call at 3lc
Cravy' Barber Shop. 43-1 t-pd
Wanted-To buy milk cc\.VS and beef
cattlec. Always willing to make you
an offer. .1. Willie Ilenderson 43-1t
IOst-Black broadcloth coat with
plush collar and cuffs en stree*s of
L.aurns Sunday afternoon. M rs. J.
M. Winn. 43-1t
for Rent-Five room house oin
Hance Street. Call at 4v-, South Ilar
:er street, or Phone 117. 43-1t-pd
TI'iten Your Himijs-LIgs and rim
repair parts for all makes of car.'.
City Vulcanizing Station. 43-1t
lint Hluiis--Fresh hot rolls made on
sjc clal orders. Rolls baked morning
after order received. Phone 307.
Corn-i want to Fell 1(16 bushels
home rais ed corn at $1.2', per bushel.
.\sti n lIramlett. Narnie. S. C. 412-2t-pd
jAGS WANTEl)-We will buy clean
wvhiite rags. Advertiser Olive.
Potato Plant'-Porto Rico, Nancy
H Ell. Early TrilmJ Swee411 . (t Potato
lants. $1.70 por I.00A. Gr avtr Halti
m!,ore Tomato 'lants, 76 14r 10W0.
Larue orders, prom t shitment. )orris
l'l.1 Co.. Valdosta. Ga. 1(4 -.t -d
For Silb-- r corn in shik, ca r
lo)ts !Ine per bulshel f. o. b . 1)unbarton.,
8. ('. Ii. F. Owens.3 -.,
Is- iFm my: Irred Plymouth
Rock- at jut half pri"e, sinep April
I . . 25 ;1 r 1 eazzs d livered. N!rs.
(over C. Roer, Iaurens. S. C. It. F.
ID. t". -~t d
N4tlee-I1 have arrar.nred to be4 inl
Lauiren two days each month. If your
'an'o needs tuni n leave order withi
". V1 & V. H1. Wilkes & Co. 0. 31.
0. Langdon Long
Enterprise National'Bank Building
All Legal Business Given
Prompt Attention
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
Laurens, South Carolina
Office In Peoples Bank Euilding
Simpson, Cooper & Babb
Attorneys at Law,
IIlU Practice in all State Courts
Prompt Attention Olven All Business
Oil Tfanks and Pumps, Air Comn
piressors, Computing Scales. Floor
ScWales, Show 'Caes, Account Rteg
ister's, Rebuilt Cash Registers,
Safes, Store Fixtures.
C. C. FeatherstonE. W. BI. Knight
Attorneys at Law
Laurens, S. 0.
All Business Intruistedi to Our Care
Will Have Prompt anid C'arefui Atten
Offlee over P'aimetto Bank
Mr. Featherstone wvill apend Wednes
We will sell for cash
Friday and Saturday
with each $1.00 pur
chase of coffee,
13 Pounds Sugar for $1.00
A Big Bargain
Use Old
as Spares
Your oldest casing may
have in it hundreds of
miles that. we can save
for you. Some day it
may come in mighty
handy as a "spare". Bring
it in and let us look it
over-we advise only such
repairs as ;-ay.
Our skilled methods and comlplete equipment will make your old
ti"es strong and serviceable.
We make all kinds of ropairs In our vulcanizing shop, using genu
ine Goodyear Factory Repair Materials.
Drive in today with your old tires.
Tires, Tubes, Accessories
Gas and Oil
McDaniel Vulcanizing Plant
Next Door to Post Office
New Shoes New Styles
Brought to Your Very Door
By Prepaid Parcel Post
One Strap In fine grade of Brown and
p Black Kid or Satin and Suede
Pumps combinations; French or Ba
by Louis Heels.
Priced from
$8.00 to $13.50
Satin Pumps Brown or Black Satin,
fine quality, one strap
styles; French or Baby
Louis heels.
Priced from
$7.00 to $10.50
Full Line of Women's High Grade
Silk Hosiery
In All Leading Colors and Styles
Write for Our Spring and Summer Catalog
Wright-Scruggs Shoe Co.
Spartanburg, S. C.

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