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* Local and Personal Mention.
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Alr. and .\lrs. J. S. Switzer, of Wood
Iuff, were visitors in the city Sunday.
Mr. ). 1.. Tribble, of Clinton, was a
business visitor in the city yesterday.
Dr. J. W. Daiis, of Clinton, was a
visitor in the city yesterday.
ir. J. II.,wolff and daughter, Miss
Sarah Wolff, of Shiloh, were visitors
in the city yesterday.
M iss IHattle Eichelberger, who Is
teaching at Knoree, spent the week
end at home with her mother.
Mr. Sihell McDaniel, Who is ntow 10
cated at Gadsden, Ala., is spending a
few (ays in the city with relatives.
Mrs. W. Al. llinlhaw. of Winston
Sa1lm, N. it; the 1-1 t o f A!!,-.
Airis. .larvi \Vo! I on WVest Main
Mr. Laurens 'irews, who. i \ now
workin- in Creenville, spent the week
end in the city wit ih his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. .1. T. Crews.
.Ar. and .\1rs. C. .\l. Clarke attended
a family reunion of the Wodride
family at Woodvill, Greeliville con
ty, Sunday. They report a very pleas
ant occasion, a bountiful dinne r being
A1 r. M. 13. I lanna; formerly connected
with the Davis Realty Company in
this city and now In the Greenwood
oflice, was a' visitor in the city yester
Mr. R. F. Fleming, who was ipainful
ly injured about ten days ago in
Greenwood, when h is anutomobile
knocked him down, was well enough
to be brought. home last week and is
now at his home on Irby Avenue while
his injuries are healing.
Mr. T. Rt. Wolff, Miss Louise Wolff,
Mr., John Vandiver and Miss Hilda
Kowalski, of Anderson, spent Saturday
In the city with friends and relatives.
Sunday morning they went out to tile
home of Mr. J. I. Wolff, in the Shiloh
sectioii, where they attended a family
reunion of the Wolff family.
Friends of Mr. Lewis Stoney, who
has been sick Iin St. Louis, Mo., for
several weeks, were glad to see him
In the city again, lie having arriveu
last week very much improved In
health. sle is now visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. H. 1%. Blackwell,
Col. and Mrs. T. 1). Darlington left
Friday morning for Allendale to be
at the bedside of Col. Darlington's fa
ther, who was stricken iwith paralysis
the ay before. Mr. iMarlington, Sr.,
uough hale and hearty when last
v was here, is past eighty years of
age and grave fears are felt for his
- Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Anderson, Mrs.
Glcjin Fuller and Mrs. Fleming Smith
moYare-d to Rocki 11111 the latter part of
last week to witness the pageant at
Vinthrop College. They returned to
fhe city Sunday after a very enjoyable
trip. They spoke of the pageant as
one of the most beautiful scenes that
they had ever witnessed.
Mr. Thos C. Tolt returned Monday
from Washington and1( Philadel lhia
where lie spent several days . ';h a
patrty of Now York Life Insurance
company agents who .were presented
with the tript on account .of at large
volume of business they had written
duiiring tile past several months. Mr .
Bolt, who is somewhat of a base ball
fan, speaking mildly, was present at
the game between New York and
Washington when "Hlabe"' Ru th, the
great New York slu'gger, pasted the
ball over the right Center field1 at
Wahntn knqcking the longest ball
ever' hit on the .Washington (dianmond.
Mr. Bolt said that the ball iwas
ked lop-sided and had to be taken
Ot0 of the game.
Confercee at (rny C'ourt-Owinmgs
There will 1)e a children's hcalth
conference at Giray Court-Owings
school buildling neOxt Tuesdaiiy and~
.Wednesday, May the l'ith and 18th.
Miss Katherine Hlagquist, the public
health nurse for Laurens County, is ar
ranging for tis conference. Dr.
Charles E. Rogers and D)r. W. TP. Pace
andl Dr. J. W. Iteason will assist in
making this a successful conference.
In additioa to these workers specia?
ists from Greenville willl be at the
meeting to render their services. Par
ents are urged to bring all childr1 en
of ire-school age to this conference.
I lowever, the public health nurse re
(i~iests that cild(1ren,o who are suffer
'ing from aniy contagious disiease not
lie blrought, to thtis conference. The
conferen'ce wviil begin at eleven o'clock
and( will continue during the dayi3.
Lovely Ilirt hday' Party
ncelebration of' her thiriteenth
b*.thday .\ary Cftuir Milami entertain
Cd about tbwenty of her friends at ia
most enjoyable party on Friday after
noon May 6th, at her home at New
Market. Whten outdoor games had
been enjoyed for a long time the
guests were invitedl into the dining
room, which had been charmingly
decorated for the occasion, andi there
wer'e served a delicious sweet couirse
jconsating of peaches, whipp'ed cream
and cake.
Recoiiendatlons Made for Further
lea utlilatlti of the Cemetery.
The regular semi-annual meeting of
the Trustees of the Laurens Cemetery
Association convened in the presi
dent's0 room of the 10nterprise National
Bank, on May 3rd, with Adm.'al Me
Gowan in the chair. Those present in
person nwere 3Miss Mary Ferguson, Ad
miral McGowan, A. C. Todd, R. F.
-Jones, L. G. Balle and Admiral Me
Gowan held the proxy of N. 13. iial.
The iirst business to come before
the meetiag was the Introduction of
the three following resolutions which
were unanimously adopted:
."Resolved that the Trustees expr ess
to the ladies of the Executive Commit
tee their -grateful aTpreciation of tle
committee's most valuable work inl
getting the cemetery in its prese'nt
gratifying ionditiol and rQquest the
nnie be continued."
"liesolved that the thank of tle
Trustees )e extended to Mayor John
A. Franks and the City Couincil, and
Mr. Carl isle 13o1t, Supeiniteldent of
the streets, for thir vailued lielp in
the eineterv and ean iestly requnest
the continuance thereof."
"Resolved that the Tristees express
to Mr. ). E. Todd their grateful ap
preeiation of his Voluntary and valu
able assistance to the Executive (pi
mittee in putting the cemetery in its
present gratifying condition and earn
estly request that lie continue his ac
tive and most helpful interest."
A motion was carried empowering
the Executive Committee to employ
Tom Owens as an assistant to Lonle
Moore at a wage scale of not more
than $2.00 per working day.
The Trustees, realizing the cost of
lots, a's heretofore determined (by run
ning or linear feet), oftentimes 'proved
unsatisfactory and unjust because of
lie fact that the lots varied in depth,
unanimously adopted a resolution that
"iHereafter no lot be transferred or
sold at a less price than ten cents
(10c) per square foot."
A motion was made and carried that
the cEy be earnestly requested to in
stall two or more additional wtter
spigots on the grounds of the cemetery.
The Trustees, striving for continued
improvement in the alppearalce and
beauty of the cemetery but without
any thought of being arbitrary in Its
action or discourteous to anyone,
adopted a inotion, that the Executive
Committee be requested to remove all
awnings, after obtaining consent of
the owners and thereafter no further
such installations be permitted.
Acting upon the request of Mrs. M.
L. Copeland that she be relieved of the
duties of the Acting Secretary and
Treasurer Mrs. II. K. Aiken was elect
ed her successor.
Attraive Program Arranged for Com.
mencement oi FrIliay Night.
An attractive program has been ar
raniged for commencement exercises
of Mt. Plbeasant school of which MIiss
Mary A. 11i11 is principal. The exer-.
cises will take place Friday night of
thiis week, beginnin tg at 8 :30 o'clock.
The public is cordially Inuvi ted to at
The follow inRg program will lie reni
Commencemient Song .....Thle School
Recltatioin---"Vaucat ion Tfime".
Operetta ......li gh School Girlbs
lI itation of GrIap~hophuone.
Rleading---"An 01(1 Swecetheart of
D~olIl DrillI Primary Gr Iadles
Vocal Duet.
P'antomine of the Iholidays.
Group Scenie.
A"varding of Prizes.
Laurents and( Greenwood HEigh Schools
to Play onm Local Orounds Friday
A fternoon.
Th'be final base 'ball game of the sea
son for the Laurens high school tmn
will 1be played on the local grounds
on Friday, May 1Idth wvhen the team
reptresent ing Greenwood high comes
over. This wvill -prob:lbly lie the heat
game of the season as the bw'o teamis
are evenly mateched. Sinice Greenwood
has already won one game from the
locals the game w;ill he hard fought.
The Lanurens team, after wvinning
from Clinton last Friday by a 5 to 3
score, Is anxious to wind up the sea
Sonl with a victory and ask that local
fanms come out to see the game and
urge thteim on withI their rooting.
The gaume will be called at 4I P. M.
Trickets wvill be sold1 at 15 andl 25 cents.
Card of Thatnks
We wish to thank our neighbors
and friends for their kindness and
sympathy during the illness and death
of our little daughter. We pr'ay that
(God's richest, blessIngs may r'est with
them all for' these attentions ,uw'hich
wvill be long remembered by us.
I Mr. and Mrs. Furman B~rowvn.
* Mrs. Cleo Cuunnginua Wofford *
Cleo Cunningham Wofford was born
June 14, 1873. We knew her as "Aunt
Kate" and still love and remember her
under that name. For many years the
readers of the Laurens Advertiser read
swith itiltisual interest the articles
wvritten by "Aunt Kate.'" Not until af
ter her death did it become iluniversally
knowin that the author of these much
appreciated articles was .rs. C.' C.
Wofford, whom God called to her re
ward on 'May 8, 1920.
"Aunt Kate" set for us a worthy ex
ample of faithfulness in her untirlig
effort for the Woman's Missionary Un
ion. She served as president of the
Unii on in the first div!sion for several
years, but. becaluse of scarcity of lead
ers inl the lird divisioni, sle was
tranasferr1ed to the third division. F'or
three years she served faithfully in ithe
ca pactty of president of this divisionl.
It is lardly enough to say that she was
faithful in the dischlare of her du10ies.
1f h ih1, le we should like to expre.::
le. l.alty in stionger terms. I!r d(
mostic d(uies wvere iecesSarily very
taxilig, a.; '1he was the mctler (f t
ehildren sill of whom; are still lir in:i.
Yet in the face of all the deiianl(A of
tle home life, she never failed to 1b
1preselt. at every meetinag ald ready to
fill lier place on the lograini. 'o le
praise pf "Aunat Kate" it cn he said,
too, that her loyalty to her Christian
(uties never caused her to neglect her
home duties. She was one of the few
women who had the happy faculty for
home building, but not at the sacrifIce
of all interest in society at large; and
also the talent to make a definite con
tribution to the Kingdlom of God
through her pen and church activities,
but never at the sacriflee of the home
dities which evidently were first In
her life and thoughts. As we remem
ber her today it seems that she truly
worked to make the world a worthy
field for her own children; and, at the
same time, labored to make hieri own
children worthy to* become laborers
in that field.
.ler Interest in education was un
usual. To her education meant pi'o
gress and therefore was an object
worthy of her best support. Her am
bition to equil) her own children for
ellcient service made it a joy to her to
make the necessary sacrifices to give
them the best educational advantages
possible. It was her privilege to see
four of her ten children college grad
uates. it her interests were not lim
ited to those of her own householo.
She never failed to encourage the oth
e' young people of he' (olllmuillty to
cr 3'Oun ig lieple f her community to
take advantage of all the training to
which they had acces.'4 If possible she
would aid them in securinig scholar
ships .where scholarships were nmeede(l
anld de0served.
Not only w.as she an advocate of
Christian plrogress, educational pro
gress, but also civie iiterests. When
the good roads were beiii agitated,
"Aunt Kate" was ready with her pen
anl ilt]uience to encourage the miove
ment. No habitual teamnscei was imor ie
delighted than she was when such
r'oads1 wvere biiit as to make it possiblIe
to miss ''doiibie .br'anch hiill'' and to
make it piossibtle for thle a utoiioil Ies
to defy all bad wveathier.
Words fail us whien we attempt to
('iulogiz.e a Womiana of suchi cuiiture,'C
such1 unswerving Chrmistian faith, such'l
unitirig anmbit ion and such a world
wide v'islion of seivice. We can feel
and~ know that God did place a truly
great wvoman In our miidst, a wvoman;
who has mlade such defini1 te conttribuj
tionis to the lives of other's as to make
us feel very keenly the loss that we
sustain in heri death. Probably time
insciptloln upon heri tomb is the most
adequate expression of hier genuine
chairacter': (Prov. 31:31), "Give her of
the frnit of heri hands; and~ let heri
own wvorks praise her in thme gates."
* ..e * e o e .*e * . .
WVat ts MillIs, Mfay 10.-On Saturday
afternoon, Mlay 7th, Misas Etta Ediwards
and~ Mir. 'Iauthier Corban were hiappuily
united imn marriage at the residence ot
anid lby llev. i. C. AMartin. This young
coupile have m~any friends who extend
to thlem their heariest congratulations.
Oni next Saturday afternoon, Mfay 1-1,
lie school0 and1( kindergarten at thiis
place will -give an entertamiment oil
lie lawn near thle milli. The~ publIIc
is invited to attend.
11ev. Ii. C. Mlartin will leave on Wed
niesdlay for' Chattanooga, Tenn., where
lie wihlh attend the annual Southern
Baptist Convention.
Oil the flfthi Sunday in May, time Lau
r'eins County Singing Convention will
het held here. Everybody, especially
all goodl singers, are invited to atteind.
Quite a numlber of our people at
tended the AMemorial exercises held by
the W. 0. W. at Rlocky Springs church
on Sunday afternoon.
Colda Cause GIrip and Influenza
camuse. There is only ono "Bromo Quinine."
E. W. GPROV IC'S nignatutre on box. ina0
Will give longer service, and is the
most comfortable porch furniture
that can be used. Rain and sunshine
won't even damage it. Let us fit up
your porch. The cost will be very
S. M. & E. H. WILKES & CO.
"I Never Knew You Could Keep Ralts
Out of a Butcher Shop."
What Italph 'Watkins says: "Fig
t:red rats arounld store had enottgh to
feed on; wouIdn't touch anything sus- Jj
picious. IIeard about I?AT- SNA P,
gave it a trial. Results were wvonder
fil. Cleaned all rats out in tol days.
)ogs about store night and day never
touich iRAT-SNAP." Three sizes, 35c,
pe, $1.25. Sold and guaranteed by C
Lauren., Hiardware Co., PultnamIl Drug'r
Store, and C. J.". KeInnedy & Son.
Staitemient of thle ('lndliton of thet
Located at. Laurenis, S. (., at thle close
of buisiness April 2es, 1921.
L~oans andtt iiscounits . . . . $27-1.9 lI .99 ; A U '
Overdrafts.............1,0,i;. ix
lionds anti Stocks OwvnedI'
Fur n itur an td Fi Xtitres .. :'..30.00i I ~
itantking l ouise.. .. .. .. . . 1 .0
line from IHankls an td I ank
Gold .. .. . .1 . . . 100
S'rilver an thr oiun .. 870.02 A jj
Checks and Cash. -Items . . 1,152.3 YUU
Total .... ...........$319,tM5.7.1
Capital Stock Palid in . .$ 50,000.00
Slurpis lFund t.............. .0,000.00i
tlnd ividled Profits, less Curi
rent i'xpensesq and Te~xes
Paid.....................1 18,891IOpoo au1.6a0~ t.gA
i)ividemuis Uiinaid . . . . . . 21W..00 ~ r n uga n ' ~ i
Initvltidul Deposits Subtlth SaeT'.11
,to Check . .. . $93,799.1 8Uie eea tsrela~ aeyu
Savings D)eposits ti,520.77
Time Cer'tifleate's or i1)nyeaewhni-i nou ak
posit ............,709.11
Cashier's (Checks -195.78 2-10,525.l esalb ohv oei n
JullIs IPayable1, Incluttding Cer-gldyuai s
tifleates for Money itor-neswtus Whnyuw tfiacladceom
rowed ....,.. .......... 10,000.00
Stt fSoutIh Car ol ina,cet
County of Laurens, ead4pe neet
lBefore me canme 1. (1. lHalle, Cash
ier or the abo~tve namiied bantik,.'ho, be
Ig duly sworn, says that the atbovtMk U akYU ak
and foregoing statement is a true eon
di t i Sit aid hi mk, as showna by the
bookro sidt bank. . .1TAV T e E enr e Nai al B k
S worn to andl subsecribed before nme
thtis tith dayt5 or M~ay, 1921.
N.B.IAAre.d ntC. H. RO ERiCse
Correct Attest: I. It. Tier'ry, L. I0
thbUit ed oStates Cuederant Reeve Bnkimaegou
Oroo TateesschllTonc estre W i shal bet la 21 toy have~ t y unme in andf~le toleit bu il
EnrchngtheBlod ~Vte yu felit erlsr w'lith lus. vWen orliul waintiancia or ve stlicmen
otrnghein, nvgoatngefec, COho (sinandj cout uivs. It wtly b a'uig pleasue t tseyve andu.p
shoutl e taen Weguarly fo 4 21(apear tintresltheC.t0'1n,
itImrve heapeieyo il he elTes ~ EryPenterprisae. N~ tsatioenalS.C. Bnk tii
apritris tue t\onio vle, pebtle 0 ay 12entoftrrsb.ttit
Grove's Tasteless chil Tonic estrsiml iiCi.a Iocol nIlefit)t
pEantih n h ld.ren out feiebloo its Iut rSuhCiola h ad tuinsrto oit o i
11t1 UIN INoEo to the cheek and NhowB onyo ~uuc~.gatd
oit 'romtprovesl'rbthe .udappetieniteoleryouianwillis:1thenda
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and ~hra .I.Ckrnaesi ( rArlAuol)mn 91
Grip germs by its strengthening, Invigor- m ogathmletr fAliiita .(,T Oisx
aling Effect. C~~c. tionoatbitate Contipaftsio Pureas 2JP1,C

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