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"Fouil Seven Hiats Dead in lin Next. ill Stall. Found largo amumber since.
Morning." No smell from dead t'ats-LkA'1-SNAI'
Robert Woodruff says: "M1y 'premj- drys them 1). Best thing I have ever
ises were infested with rats. I tried used." Three sizes. 3e, 65c, $1.25.
RAT-SNA 1 onl ftiedl(i's recomnIllenIda- sold nd guaranteed by Lalras I lard
tionl. Next Inotuning fotuid seven eal we o., l'tl nam liriig Store, and
rlts ill hill, two near feed box, thteae. Fll. Fe ndn lredy & Sonu.
('hauret' No. 100043 Joserve District No.
Itt'iiort (of ('0114111 1411 (of I lie
Al 1114.fS. Ill I14p S tt Ii of 4it Ci'arys Itthem i p. I le st ohif havsltess one
usp."rhrl sze.,3c,15c $125
Loanst 111 lis1tltits, ittvI~ililt, ani.walire C.... .....$18 Dg. 16
.ots1; ol hills o (near fellte I with eder Reserve
Blank loihl t11,i11(Italk ltcceptiaccs soild).........18 6h. 30 .t,0.S
All o) tha' t'nt ed Stalte- , Governta i Secitllit ies.... ...........22,0004.00
Ollieir o)1. st)ks5, seci]t eites. es. ..... 12160.0
ilaat1iaa_ -- louse, $22.II'4(.oo: Fl'aitiaaae ,tj fixture , $15 0'U 0 .... 26,5 13.00t
Cash ill valit t.............. .............. .....................16, S7 6. 25
Nvt anonnis hie f i erti o f h ni llo of. .. . . .. ..i..le11 70
.linrs, o n lrl hanks ile the sa te city o)r I a4ola tii.' clg (a1fk 2,0. 1
L oa anti Iou v tw itets....i.... ...........$ 1,117.17
Citcs oat hiallks lcaled utsli e city 'l town of esieortiv
hlak 11141 other cah iteanss.... ........ ......... ....0.$.0.,042.1;
TAotll St.... ....G.... ....u...r .... ....... .... $..$22.00 1.5 1
1I AAIl I' I ll.'is
Capit l h tIck paidk illt.... .... ... . .... .... .... .... .... .... $100.000.00
Cati' Itsh li lt ..... ..... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... . ;,0(t. I,
Undwivide r i t . wi .h .-' ...a ... r. .... .. k .... .... .. . 1,. . r, 0. .:
L~ess clara'4'a1 cXp1ess intearest andl taxes paid..........1 1, 4)29J. 1(; I1.1\0 1.79
\Atboalail 1111o to4 I't'4 ilI i{I's(l-ve itatuk Id4 re (l'Ili c41 'rits) ...... ...... 2 G I; Is
tash nic s ue frs o n t n aio tans . . .... .... .... .... 1.117.
'l'4t:i l of above tw o ite tus .... .... .... .... ....$ 2,711.17
Ch)eeksii dpon taks (lctehal atilk floposits r suhwect to Resertiv
b posIt'( tervahl witls '.. d ....
oitidua ., d... ... sl..j.t ... chIc(.... .................... $72;.12!1.5
(etii uao of1 44' (14': osit (lite I II le,-; than :,-( days (othter thanl
Ca ial for k illo ly in .... ... .... .... .... .... ....' .., .... $ 10 ,960.017
1ivu efra 1111 . i .... .. ......... ............. .... ..... .... . .1 0.':
Totl of(I (14lil 11111)41 i)5ts (4)1 vi l t a l hanik (I(
'n iv 4' pro1 it1s 4) s v .......... .... ......... ..... ::1 ... 2
TLess (i curre t; exliens s, ineto m~l-v ta pa id ...1 y. 1,Sl9tit 1,017
Ai t :1141 t) o dys )Ia ieeore lin)ace. air postal savings)
Cer clicales 1 deponsit owthl ttsan f1 liley ..... ..d .... 112.1N6.S2
Other Iitao deposits .... .... .... .... .... $ ........ .... 1
T') i io 1 ill l ep osits 1b.ie c to ch e si' ... .... ...$2 7, .71..1
Blsr patyale. at o th \it uedi in Res eseth ve aik (ih thlllnig
1411 44141ig4 1 ionsrep 1'))eSeiI tillg" 1110110 )01*1 oaroed ot her thanl re
fi5 orion y hs.)r............ .. .... .... .... .... .... .... ... '2500.0)0
ita l!.... ............ ..... ....... .... .... .... ..........( : ,5
Ttat of out laol loito aother ii'its.
I C. II. : thjev t (to la'erv i 4 aabloe- Iat :ll ayk, 410 s4lv ly sweat.
l et tlen aove 4ttll1l1 is Ies ilt to tha oest of y horowl(gv .... 1.eliel'.
Stl of54 I ' (le wotil to be'o s rve ..Ls ,I .$ , d7,y of May. 1.21
L Gi. Notat'y lin .
alorc- .\ttnst : R. . Wiss on y. h. orioedl S. M. haikes, Directors.
itateE. Kennedy & Son
. .,and...
Motor Equipment
LA RE S,'. S.Ctl'dt (ah.
Sub crhel nt s or -t beo e m hs.t <a f.ly 9
1-7.Hlald oar ulc
Sherspnivoodtsoftepm n
struck with a box of
For Sale By
Powe Drug Co.
EME~in3 5MRam2H mma raewBim mr
* * * * * * * * * * * * *. *
* *
* *
* * * * * * * * *+ * * ***'
Lanford, Alay 9.-4.Last Saturday w s
a. memiiorable day for the old soldilers,
for they all assembled in the grove
at the lhaptist church. A good and fit
teresting prograni, consisting of good
speeches frontllRev. W. A. Anderson, of
Woodruff, Col. 0. G. Thompson, P'rof.
II. I'. Grillith, 'llon. .\lc owan. Tihe
welcone address delivered by Miss
Il'alline Waldrep, was, retsponided to inl
well chosen words by Col. 'I'honiI son.
I'lof. (GrillithI was very feeble but de
livered a ilost scholarly address
tlihell Was greatly enjoyed and a)
preciated. Tle elegantt dinner and
excellent Ilusic, consisting of violin
bv Mir. \arren Striblin, of L aurens,
assisted in song by 'ir. '. L2. Riddle,
of Gray Court. and others, were great
ly enjoyed. The roll was revised b
Hlon. ". .\. Power and (in ite a good
unalny weeI pr'esen t to lioy tlie occa
R1e. .1. W. Watts preached a niost
excellent sermlonl Sunday lu1oIing. it
beiing .iother's Day, his diseause was
a miost appropriate one.
irs. Reed. of Spartanlhirg, and Mr.
and .\rs. i ,aigston, of cross
Ancbor, ati ctded service:, and mwere
ust f ". and .\r,. ,J U. lrankls
M1r. antd .\ls. 1,. G. Moore and little
Dorothy. of Spartanhurg wer week
end guests here.
TIe Children's Day exercises were
well carried out tSunday afternoon.
The children were Itwell trained and
tle inusic ably led by Aliss Jennie ur
gess P'oVed inspiring and helpful.
Mirs. Anna K~amup, of Spartanhurg,
and Mis. Norman Ai rhart, of Atlanta,
Ga., wer. wvee -cnd gueri: of Capt. and
M1ir. I. W. l.,nford.
Mi:':., Nora (carnon spent the week
end with .\Mrs. Wyly .\oore, of l"iinoree.
Mrs. Sara Nelson, of Clinton, visited
her sister, Mrs. .1. 11. Wililais, here
this week.
M r. and .\lrs. .1. It. W illiais, Mrs.
Clarence Garrett and Mlrs. C. 1). Cox
welit to Owings Sunday afternoon to
see Mir. and Ml 's. Malarioll Iryson, who
lost their infant and was buiried inl tle.
Martin eeiiietery he re.
Tle school at Central will close lr01i
day, May 1:1. wittil a picnic. Speakers
will be Rev. I. N. Keinedy. of Ora,
Rev. .1. W. Watts, of 1i aurens, and
Supt. It. T. Wilson, of Laiirens.
Mrs. 1. W. W. Fowler ald .liss
Pearle RawlIinson were del igIt fully
entertailed at tile hospitable home of
Mr. and .Mrs. Geo. l'ulley and Mr. and
Mrs. G. .1. Ianford last week. All
tle children have made wondelrfil pro.
gress. \'irginia and Ioy Garrett, thle
bright and attracive children of 'ir.
and Mirs. .1. 0. (Ga rre( tt have woi hiigh
distiln(tion in the fourth and fifth
Mr. William, .Misses .lanie Ililiter
and Jii IC' liiitg'ss went to G reers
Satirday and were accolipaiiied hone
by Prof. .1. N. Iurgess, who spent
...iiiday wi th his sister.
Clemson ('oillege, M ay N.--..oue in
tecrest is iig sho~wni thli season, says
P'rof. ('. P.,Itlaekwell, agi'oinmist, in
tile (iti('stion oif the spacing of cotton
foir .boll weevil 'ondcitionis. .\Lny ini
<iics are' be'ing ri'vedl by the
agronomy divtisioii as to Ithe best spar
lng of cottoni. Prof. Hlac'kwtell's; aii
swer' to such1 Iniuiriies are' that tile oh
54ervationi and experimentl of our1
agr'onomiist.s are 01 hiarmiony with the
othie'i state's to lhie'f elt that "thick
.';:inug is best.
''W'e have gotten Iari'eri yields fromi
ti uk spiaing, and w' helieve' thai It,
is <luiiiiiversally I lii i trcougnuout
We1 be11ive that farmlersi('ii I lenerall
have not. heeni leavlinig their1 coittoii
thick enoulighi, atnd we have foir several
3 (ar s been recoil)me(m1ling thiickl splac
ing oif cottoni.
Th'le Pr'iogressiv'e IFarmiiei states that
('ightiy-foiiu' farmiers :mave witteni I foriI 1
s pacinig cot tonl. Of Ithese5, seven'lty--sev'
('n havel foundi that Ithick Ipai~en~ In
i'reaised thbei' yi('ld, 01ne is still experi
mnentinig, 01ne giv'es his op'inib'n withbout
exierlimenitinig that thin1 spacing Is best
and five re'porlt betteri re'sults with thin
'aci ng. The (se farmers4 w' vho hiave' 'i co
ini nearly all cases goitteni best5 recsul ts
froii t hi ck~ spacing.
Y'Oi:N(O FlA 10.I' FJiil'il'lT
Andy Wells isluiers fraiciulral4 Skull
at Greeinville.
GreenvIlle, May 7.--ills skull bad
ly fi'actui'ed by a iblow w'ith a single
tree, Andy Wells, young fai'mer of the
Travelers Rtest section of the county,
1s In a eiilcal coniltlin in a hospital
here. W/alter 'flowers and his son,
Cairl Howeis, have been lha(ed in jail
chargced wIth harvln'g infliecd- the
wotind dIuring a fight with Wells to
Thle fiill de'pth of thie ear'thi's at
muosiherne .is naot na miles
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *1
The Uonion of the First Division of
auriiens Association 'will meet with
Mt. Olive 1'lhitch St.tuirday and Sun
day, May 2S and 28, 1921. The follow
ing cltirches comipose this Union:
l1llilau, lilenideison, l'nlion, Princeton,
Poplar Springs, Alt. (Galh-glier, and .\lt.
Olive. These churches are invited and
earliestly Il irged .to senid full delega
tloins to this Ineeting.
1t:00-ilevotional services and greeL
ings. W. P. Utlbertson.
10:30--Tite purpose and proiltable re
stilts of I'nion lMeetings. r1. .1. 0.
Alartin, lRev. J. P1. Coloeian, II. H1.
I1:00-Sermon by Rev. W. A. .Baldwli.
1::30-h Churchl. Rtead Alatt. 2,V: 11;
1Iph. 2:20-22; Hoin. 8:5-17; Nel.
1. Qualifleations and life of its con
stitlen'cy, or ind(ividual 1 1ellibers.
R1ev. J P. 1 )endy, .1. II. Culhertson,
W. F. reeituan.
2. Its relation and( durty to the
world. W. N., Wash log toi, Kelly
Cooper, .1. P). Simmons, W. A.
2. Its opportunity and respollsibil..
ity in its siudly service. or Sunday
School. .1. . Martini, J. 11. Odell,
.1. A. 13agwell, J. P. Coleman.
.1. Do the needs and Scriptural oh
ligations Jbstify the church inl
ma inta ining a regular organized
training service? J. 1. Dendy, J.
C. Maartin0, J. 1. Simiiions, J. L'.
.\artin, Kelly Cooper.
Sunday Morning
10:110--Sunday School. Supt. W. P.
10: *.a--Some Slnday School leeds and
hlow to 'provide them. II. 11. 1l1onl,
A, W. Hill, .1. 1. Dendy.
11::10-- Alissionlary Sermon by 1Rev. .1.
1. Coleman.
AW. P. Culbertson,
W. L,. Cooper,
Waterloo, May 9, 1921.
SinlteI(iement of the ('onditlon of the
BANK O .)10U'NT1i LLE,
Loeited lit 3loinnllilie, S. C., al the
cloe of busIness April 2S, 1921.
Lo0ans anld Discouants . 1 .100.5I2. 19
Overdrafts .. .. .. ..: 1.17
Purniture and P ixt ures . 2.120).00
iaik ing I1011s o . . . . ... 2 ,00.00
Due from Hanks and Batnk
S ... ..... .. .. .. .. .... :-,;.78
Cuirreny... ........ .. 1..10.00
Gold .. ............ 5.00
ilver and Other Coin .. -172.1 1
Checks and Cash Items .. 1,107.88
Total ............$117128. IS
Capital Stock Paid in .. ..$ 20,250.00
Sirplus und ......... 6,000.00
lldivided Profits, less CurIl
rent Expenses and Taxes
Paid .............. .,387.73
Individlual Deposits Subject
to ChIeck . . . .$si ,870.58
Tllie Cercitleates of IDe
liosit.... .. .. . . .1,72.73
Cashiler's Checks , 199.1.1 57,790.415
hills Payable, including Cer
ticates for Mloney IHor~
rowed ..................0,000.00
Total.................$1 17,.12S.lS
State of South1 Caolinal,
('oiint y of Laurens11.
I lefore me1 cam ne C. .\ . Full er, Cash
ler of thle above named1~ bank, wh'lo, he
in4~ duly r0worni, says that t he above
an1d foregoin-.x stat Iement Is a truie con
dlitlon or said hank, as shown by the
hooks of 51aid bank.
Sworn to and( suibscibed before mne
thIs 5L-h (lay of M\ay, 1921. .
Notary Pubi)lic.
(Correct Attest: ('. .\I. Fuller, .1. 31.
Shuonois, W. .1. (Chick, Directors.
Monny b jck{ withlout question
If HUNT'S Salve fal1s In the
t re'nt men ej ITCH, ECZEMA,
ro ZN G Wy OR M, T ET TER or
oth ort ituIuIg sin 1lisenses.
T ry a 'i cent box at our risk.
Li' .ens IDrug Co.
Renew your health
Dy puifymg your
system.' with
Quick and delightful ro.
lief for biliousnes~s, colds,
consitipation, bh. dnche's,
and stomach, liver and
blood troubles.
The genuine are sold
only in 35c packages.
Avoid imitatin.
Has Secured the Exclusive Agency for
Blue Bird Hosiery
and as an introduction of this famous line
we will sell this week to the women of
Laurens Blue Bird's No. 582, a pure silk
hose with lisle top, for
75c a Pair
Colors: Black, White and Brown
Regular and Out Sizes,
Come and look at these whether you
buy or not.
Compare this hose with any you have
ever bought at $1.50.
Don't miss this opportunity to fill your
hosiery wants for the entire summer.
"The Home of Blue Bird Hosiery"
Delivery Routes
To simplify our delivery business and
make it possible to serve our customers
in a prompt and efficient manner, we
have decided on a change in our delivery
system, making a delivery to each section
of the city twice daily. Our customers
are requested to bear these delivery hours
in mind and co-operate with us in making
the new delivery system a success.
East Main Street and Mill'Village .8:30 A. M.
North Harper, Lee St., etc.-----9:00 A. M.
South Harper, Ir'by Avenue, Sullivan Sreett,
etc..---- ---------- ----9:30A. M.
West Main Sreet, Glass Factory, TodJ~d Avenue,
etc.----------- ------ 1:00 A. M.
North Harper, Lee St., e. 4:00 P. M.
East Main St., etc. 4:30 P. M.
West Mamn St., etc. ----5:00 P. M.
South HI irper St., ete.- 5:30 P. M.
Tack Up This Schedule By Your Telephone
60 lb. Best Compound Lard $5.50
45 lb. Best Compound Lard-------$4.25
8 lb. Best Compound Lard. .95
4 lb, Best Compound Lard - .50
Army Roast Beef, 1 lb.-------- ---.15
Tomatoes, 3 lbs. can.---------.1
Tomatoes, 2 lbs can - -- - -- -- - ----- .09
Argo Salmon, best grade,------ - ----.35
A good Salmon---------------------- .10
A.. L. Mah af fe y

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