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Annoned it. CIie( of Staff by Secre.
tary of War. lIlarbord Takes Care
of DIetaille DIntIes.
Washintmin. .\lay 1:.-General Per
shinl. since the enld of the war noin
inally the heatl ot' the ariny but av
tally w ithout any iniportant tlties
or authority, twill becole llief of the
ix neral staff and the actual head of
the army July 1, Secretary Weeks ain
neIlineed today-. oil that dlate he will re
liev .\lai. Gen l'yton (. bircIM, the
present chief of staff.
InI addition to his InVew dutles Gen
eral Pershing will remain head of the
gene1ral headriuIa rters or war staff of
ile arnlly. a post rectintly createil for
It mot. Ie will have as assistant chiif
of the general staff his old ftrtnti and
(li-f of staff in -'an % 01.\i Wn.
Jameis N.-iro:d who) w;,n
\I:j. e nti. \-illia A l.
Oi' 1% T
\d at Il n l 1:1. Ilk o"
sai -V: h " n.
ticiI i71,
ant to :e:.v
a:- 1. n u.
tli ch :.f o:' staff, hand'ine :- h
ter, drat zly with th sere'tary .a
tTtl l1avin- General 1rimn frep :n
acquaint himst:f withl 140 varin e:
m0nts t na : -ia .! On
ganized reserves. which would form
It i t r art hi .:-:n u' nd : his
rn(mand. V a n- raino sh, c K
h) ::nde ta.n tht Ir, I a ta .
WIII.AT K lil \
e m t m n Tf ,r 1 1u r 1i -1 cu r . tV
Promi n.
all~vt 0- of bi n v n 7h
staymand law. "V: Or.
WeaeIilldi'lthlo . i i
ra ia. l'ih It'. I- 'i. i
i u ofa aucerShp.
W* h a t I l h ~ t ., m : -
feed on woi at a
Ili u.ai !o l \T S .
('tia t, a itd ii o eew m -
fl.t Ch-aned alt ra\ 1 u i ' dI-.
Dagt abot streni h ndd' m
to h it-T SN \'" h e in .
5", $1.i- i.i So (ndtiarnk
Lauren~ls lIirdwtare Coi., Ptnt'm Diru
Store, and C. N. Ke-nnedy & Mutn..
Money back without question
(Hunt's Salve and Soap), fail in
the treatment of Itch. Eczema,
..- Ringworm, Tet ter orotherhich.
-ing skin diees. Try thic
treatment at our risk.
PinnmftIIi I) rnwt'M gEn..
French Workmen Refuse to Complete
Building of Structure Which They
Assert Is Haunted.
Corner sites are usually at a pre
mnlui n i any givat olty, but Paris hits
one that has reiailned titiocetipled for
nearly : yevtrs simly herause French
earlinters, briklayers and tmastifs re
fu'te' to cillipletei a sitettire which
w'as beguni there itild whiel they de
el.rei is himuntted. The corner is the
rue die i Ville-tte.
Ill IX" the nilemr of the 1lot de
eildev to t bubi a threv-story brick
Sapatrtii'lt house, but hardly hdut work
stairit'll ('[I thel wall., wIl l wNv lilllell
fourel1. the bldy (it' a wounwho had
b ii (-lit into liees atil huried in a
bansket. The Ilaborer*01s thr1eVW dlow
their tools mnit refiitei t, work. A
in-w crew wa us hi1ul, but t.hO first
1ay thyI' wire lt vork a s'a :ToI fell.
killni'e' ie. of the wqrtkinen anid in
th'I r*' wil's unin the yn~It1 II
huved th t r --\' r to ' 2.iv u the
l'r I' yar the constru haen -vt'erk
-i ic
Oa btX 2:ts at:.i a:-1iriesk.
" ne . ay t!- ur ' een. ::. the
Woman in State of Washington Has
Found That Scripture Study
May Be Purchased.
T cc::11-.1Int that 1.t11,10 nO
l r''''.! their It12 lx. 31rs. Gaflhlesq
o ':.r n a way to lop
1'~ ~ 11 1 1tt1 x : * x -k
t'ar:e ~biereal.- Ai w weeks
Y ! 1' 1: n r verses fo t rt1 in
' .' '" 1 i th' liibl. . AI inew she
is re~~eine heaLv I(s t mail Inl L.1
n h rel rein wh t ave earniel their
l niii -a.Il waint thetn at (nce, Glen
M1. 1ey writtes in the Seattle l'ot
Int'2etlcn or. It wuld require o(ile
o esona's te 1.0 ane11xSir all the letters
atal inail k't i-es. 1i1iu StS have
Come nro1) all] I.arIts So(f th I 'nited
States :al! ther. h:Ive even 1beon ap
Sicat its ifrn f rign co auntries.
I lence, L'eelrI'al lible I'e: ding, I We
note, 4 tonly a inatter of going out
and Iuy itIt. Mr. litlukefeller and
ethetr., If his fatness Iiihlit ilalke Bihle
readi ng. tie avoation of the wi! he
eintry by dtachtiing a few miillion
dillars a:. turin' theta into pelniles.
ulit wxi! that varioety of liile roading
-10 W!.%' L -, I- ,? W ill It stliinullat- thle
rea!'!rs wlhi are after int-is to) fol
hIw tho Christian life'? r is it stin
idy Istinuitedl that n bdy enn read
nach i I the 1t0- witIoit stinie of
it sti'kin-: tto hit?
How to Use Violets.
"V. ', ' i . : 1.:uol. hn adi.tion
- : .lx'. er" have
at to.:h re-ney, un ~hi
-ta. It lin h
- a h r ji
n - -me
T b)ie re
Col Or Farms.
u!n:ly for
1 '. a.-' itha n ' o
ou a u nu o c;r in :1.. s, -
en n ..:n n ,N.: ':''-.:a I.
T 1 w-i ianaa
Puzzled Expert.
IIohi'c l. .5 r f ss r i~ e h : r
Co tensiered. Frea.art
ism.lv'e the inlrbl xi."---T'..do
Duty Devolving on Cook for East
Africatn Monarch Can Not U3
Called a Sinecure.
'ho I1v. Johiil loscoe, rector of
Ovit.:to n Nrwfol k. kept ietuibers of
the loyal soelety woniderin: for tuore
1 ta anI hwiur whilIe hek lectuwrei onl his
J uII :*nIy hrl I It E-h st A frica. where
L. wvelit n It t1r of (oivestigatin il
lhtelaa If Aif I te gove'in neit ani tihe
Ioyal society.
King ' r 11e 1s ain4seil by tle
ra . ehr's i!et-m'llition of the royal serv
:lilts at Blilyoro,i one of the iaces
M1r. 1 iaisee :isitud. lie ileserihedltheir
iuth1iks inl his leeture in L.ondtion.
"Thie kin's chief eiiok hias a very
tr..N;! e.io . snill Mr. lRoscoe.. "The
11:-:1 i h t every inlorni. h~; le
h:i: _s t th, kiing a lot of sievially
arm o ient. with which hie nu11 1
w:4 a:ill run! the royal enela u.
I 'h h t.e I whi:keucil lk- tlirs the
Irai .~, , i in at ih.:i1a stuih- e
- :~ ft I!ecut thb- inay n1't
r ' i sneizina 41
i' . ' h h :'
he i . If ft
bi' :\iy i nsur tine'ks but ifiby
- w h 0t lin l, i1 fork h e
Ii i.~i.' I t I l it, i d y lAl f -I Ih
, : V :In It nlyI, carry it "lut
SmaS. Kfss C \vhty D ItAy .an'd
I . Iy fr a sx Weeks'I 1 h1itlIay.
Small Kansas City Dog Dirty and
Shaggy. but as Faithful as
They Make Them.
Ire is . i n t a I ttle sim ne y pm t 1)dIe,
nlai :as h:-k :is oa dust :11 13 smioke
(.It linak him. but he is very ievitel
ti his !selfiuIp seil iluijis. I le nuy le
#1een ,awh rnwaiting at the rear
lIe Iv!aws nI) salary froin the post
tliev i iipartin ent, but is as rigil:r
iii his aitt,'nt iin to his task :s thi uglzh
li- were ri'eivini the top wae.
S"ineon is always at the iliiiir to
wuh it lhii. 'In'ii. aftir a (enstu l in
spetiihm (of tll hice, lit l nts up hIs
chosin frien.!, E-:d -ast n, carrier 10,1.
c(a con -en -s his- <laily <luities Its
guarilinn anil frI mdi.
Ile waits at en i still for 1Ei to un
lonail his 1in1i and iieiiniany hilti havk
to ithe statioin, staying till Easton goes
to lmch. Theni he will trit filf to his
ow\*n hiane fur n rest, and it lOe
W'c'iak ay bivle 'e-11 on duty once
-:ven S1ah1ty liltninigs, whlen hi
frie id <14,is not cine to th ileiCe, hea
will run up ti them door, wait patiently
till le Is tiredl, ail then will lsalppear
ani iiot lie sienk any inore till Monlny
Mt tIe usual hioyur.--Kanisas City
He Had the Proofs All Right.
I liiih Sli 1 l.l ihn' thrie spinstr
:0t1,we e l s timentail il. Th'lly
triaaurt'l aIl the reli's if their early
rotiIanIc.-tr. " that .l1hn w- til
vIll hae 1in. rm' r' I-ni f atr r hi
famtal's :18ttntin toi a Lny'ly'a ili'a'iat
it's taut iif tyh-Ii. tial. 1.1t's gt ainie
ii :'r~ hae."t'' h~'11lt
i''a' -mr'if Ith l sistersu loI a cI a th
Kele.p" Ch.otrl <of. Themsper
"Ie's k.tp it fo 'aitiry'isimto ae
hI i em'' goia ny';ti hapy h ou'irsi frii.
"Yrt . ~ir n ail ii hlati" lihn .XIr ed
i' r:.f'.y.'V ta "il.l o -iaiatr li the trsnt
(''i. '~miti asat hui r ''a erei,.-.Tinv
Freeze Fruto tof Kempert.
hite'r en'- l iuti' sa ofrvits.ro-S wae
th ea:an '.' t]e siit itu <liena'~tinen
!iti ati, Iirvu iela ni tat tiii aiiihay
the- env ::y inera by h1e watirfat.
lIi n ao very'- lit Zila-a.r :,ip nir t'a iv
s'iril himl l fnri'y.'I. wll bangf.r.
'tlall tin . a s in th of al.sie ofiri a bad
flitih- ilork aiits nro *'t li::h t Allithi
ma'r;: tait is ;ahi'rata. by th liniats-1
Maring roe Tem fLfear wistbowy.t
Cd. Invaern at inh' to i ;~ r thoerliohn
li.!a':vin'hy I -almol I aid lyr'i N a' wsh lo
Freez Fri'mitt to eep t e
Strjuaheriesi. 'rahes. herr i rasp-c
hg rh- .'i. d t h r a' i almm lo truitel.gs well
a2 he etami iii. lha' i~intc froh the
Thei .'j leb-sr ofn of: agr-ulurcha
Famie Strickei Land Must Be Olven
Outside Assistance. Many Face
Columbia. 3lay 16.-"Statistlcs at
hand show that 5,000,000 peole-i
000.000 of them children under 14
Years Old-in northern China are face
to face with actual starvation and that,
every minute which delays assistance
counts in the death toll," according to
P. 0. Black, treasurer for the Southi
Carolina China famine fund. "Eight
out of every ten people will die either
from death by starvation or the diseas
es which following in the wake of
famine before December," )Ir. Black
says, "unless help Comes from outside
to tide over until the next crop."
Yesterday was set aside by the
South Carolina fund committee, of
which D. C'. lloyward is chairman,
Chiia Famine Relief day and all South
Carolinian.is are urged to hecd the cry
of the famished land.
" ilial c individual.s and 1wholly
resonsile a encies have, tini and
again within the past few months re
''oteod that collditions existin.. in
('hina are more lamentable than one
can well iiag i ne," w rite s Governor
Cooper. "It is particularly ditlicilt
for a beople who (o not know the
pangs of hiuiger or the distress of
Comliplete destitution to appreut-ciate tii
full a muouniit of suffering now beilng
eillred in partz of China.
"Naturally one is sonwihat reluc
talit to ask foIr money from the puh
lie, fro there have been manifold ap
peals tlese past few years. And then
too. husiness with s i. not so good
as it miight be. Ilut the fact is that
lnot a man in South Carolina is
threatened \vith starvation. Our con
(lition a comparegwiti that of maniy
millolns of Chinese is excellent. It
is limaginablie that people in South
Carolina should die of hunger: and
it is also uniniaginablc that we would
remaiii i ndi fferent if people anywhere
lose to us were starving* to death.
Ciina is a long way off, but it is not
,;o rellote as to prevent our sympatly
reaching out and saving human be
illgs from torture.
"Therefore, I feel justified in asking
that we be mindfal of China's, pight,
aind do all we can to alleviate condi
ions. I hope and urge tlhat the ai)
peal of this committee. in behalf of
tie famin e trick en '1;eopl e receive a
kiin(ly reception."
We're Knocking the
"High" Out of the
High Cost of Living
Our prices have created a sensation,
and the many new customers, as well as
the old ones, are getting the benefit of the
reductions we are making.
Specials for This Week
)0 Th. best ('o m nidll anI .... .... .... .... ....$5.50
15 lb. best ('ompi und L2ani .... .... .... .... ....$4.25
8 lb. best ( m om id 1 .rd .... .... .... .... .... . 95
4 lh. est ('m pound Land .... .... .... .... .... . 50
W esson ()il. I eint .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .55
Wessfn Oil. Pits ...... .... .... .... .... ..... .... .28
W hite lious ('iotl'e. lb . ..... .... .... .... ...... 1.05
W hit ll u '. J > ...... .... .... .... .... .. .35
Three Nico -Julerv .\avkvire.l .... .... .... .... .... .25
Two l.. Pru es. .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .. .25
Two lbs. Dried Apples .... .... .... .... .... .... .25
Get Our Prices on Flour, Bacon, Oats,
Corn, Hay, Dairy Food, Chicken Feed,
and All Heavy and Fancy Groceries.
fEast flain Street and lill Village .... .... .... :::0 A. .\I.
Nort l arper Lee St., 0(t. .... .... .... ....!9:00 A. 3M.
South I arper. I rb1y Aven e. -;Illivan St te ..9::0 A. 3..
West ilain St. Glass Factory. Todd Avenile, oe. 10:00 A. N.
North Iflper, Lee St.. ete .... .... .. ... .. ...4:00 1. Al.
Ve'st Mlai SI.. et.. .... .... .... .... .... 5:00 1P. .1.
South II1 arper St.. et.. .... .... .... .... .... 5:: P .
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are included in the
2O7o Goodrich
Tire Pike Reduction
Among tires SILVERTOWN is
the name that instantly conveys
the thought of the highest
known quality. Their genuine
value has given them first place
in the esteem of motorists.
Motor car manufaaurers and
dealers are quick to emphasize
to their prospeds that their cars
are equipped with Silvertowns
knowing that neither explana
tion nor argument is necessary.
This makes all the more impor
tant the fadt that Silvertown
Cords are included in our re
a'djustment of tire prices which
took effed May 2nd.
oAkron, Ohio
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