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TEbj ebbertiser
Subscription Price $2.00 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurens. 8. C.
Adv'rtising Hate. on Application.
Obituaries and Cards of Thanks: Ono
Cent a Word.
1atered at the postoffice at Laurens,
2. C., as second class mail matter.
L AUlENS, S. (., MAY 18, 1921.
Just being glad is
A brave thing to do;
Looking for the glad thing s
Itather thanx the blue;
Filling life with sunshine,
Just a steady glow;
Looking for the glad things,
1'verywhere we go.
Just being glad is
Often hard to 1o;
Forgetting all tho sal thin -s
That we ever knew;
Living in the snlzihlt.
Speaking words of cheer.
Looking for the glahi thin;:.
Through each buy::
Just being glad briigs
leaveni here below,
Looking for the glad things
In the love-light's glon;
Burdens will be lighter,
Life Svcinls m1ore com1plete;
Looking for the glad things,
Glad things we shall meet.
-Elizaann -stes Dendrie.
The comittee twom the Civic
League, 1111der the chairman1ship of
.lrs. Balle C. Cris;), has madl0e a ;won
defuill 1111provemllent in tile appearance
of the Cout louse sciuare. Althougli
the flowers have not had favorable
weather this spring, they are growing
stenldily and tile change from the (ld
order of things is very pleasing to tlie
It has come to the point where the
imiprovenmtts contemplated under the
Pro)osed bond issue elections are
necessary to the health and conven
ience of solme sect iols of the city. The
improveiets to be imade in the Lau
rens 1111 village are long overdue, for
a considerable part of the populati~ '
there has been neglected in tile past
although tile inmill itself pays nearly a
third of thf property tax which goes
into the city coffcrs.
* * *
The prini'iples of orgallizatioll 11pon
"which the ('oope(rative Cotton .larket
ing Association is to be bised, as we
learn, Were adlOpteld froll thl Califor
nia Ilan of Cooperative .\lkting.
These prine iplei s of organization wI.
giveln in The Adver1ltiser by ir.
Trevathan, Coon ty A;enit, last wee(k.
It is a Well knowvn fact that "Ill unil'tv
thele is strength. This has Certainly
tprovell true1 inl California. A large
propor01tionl of the prodnlets ofCa
fornlia are man rk eted through the vai
(ils lproduiceris' Coopora tiv lar Mt ke tn
AssociatIons. Th'lese atssociations hlave
tenlded( to stabil Ize the0 pIrices (of the)I
prodlucts of Califoria to thle gleat
shenfi t of thle p roduIcers and to till
state as a whtole. In Sotuth Carloli na
wye hlave at 0o crop1 systeml of farming
and~ no defInite systemn of mar'keting.
Consequilen tly kkouth Carolinla has felt
a tremendous011 shock froml the general
deoflationt of prices, wileI CaIi fornia
has stiffered comparatively lIttle. To
prove thIs statemnent the following
figu res are cited: In 1919 crop values
iln Southt Carolina amiounited to $525,
000,000 and In California $-175,000,000;
whereas inl 19210 Cr1) values iln Souith
CarolIna amounlted to $282,000,000 and
in California $*157,000.000. It wIll lbe
Observed thlat as a restult of a genleral
deflatIon ini crop valutes, CalifornIa did(
not teel the effects as 'Iuickly or as
severely as did Soth Carolinla. This
was dtio in Part to tihe fact that Cali
fornia has been plracticing a diverif~iied
system of farming as comparedl to tile
one croll systemn of Southl CarolIna;
bult it Was also very largely due to
the effect of cooperative marketing In
CalifornIa arid the( lack of cooperatIon
in South Catrolina.
It will- lie thte purpose5 of thle Asso
elation, Wo uinderstanld, to soil cottonl
for' tile benlefit of thte produicer, but thte
b~ankers and1( 811pply melrchlants wh'Io
finance tile miakinlg of the crop) wllIl be
flprotected. All mtember's will be re
(iuired to dleliver cotton to thle associa
tion as so01n as possible after It Is
ginned. The member will receive a
r'eceipt for bhIs cotton, wich kItn nor1
anal times will he first class collateral
for borrowing mnoney at the banks. It
is also probatble that the association
Will arrange to le1nd money ort th cot.
in at tho time of delivery, for the
pulrpose of gayling of of any notes
'thlat mIght. lie he01( against it. Ar
rangements can :be mado ,betbween the
association, the grower and tihe bank
er or carrying merchant, whereby tile
asisociattion agroees to protect tihe bank
or or melrchlant tup to tihe sale value
of the cotton, 'by tturining over thle
grower's dlividendsl to such banker or
mnorciant to omver sch not,. a.. may
be 'held against such cotton. After all
notes, held by such banker or mer
chant against the grower for making
the crop, have been paid the remain
ing dividends and profits will go to the
This arrangement will protect the
banker or merchant and at the same
time give the grower all the benefits
of cooperative selling. With this ar
rangement the farmer can give his
entire thought and time to the iprob
lems of economical production, as he
will no longer need to worry about
w'when will the 'best time come to sell
nor need he to worry about the cotton
being forced out of his hands when
the cotton is selling at the lowest price
of the season.
En0thusiastle 3Iceting of Interested
Partles at ('lint on Last Tuesday.
(The Clinton Chronicle.)
The Clinton Comiercial Club devot
E'd alimost its elitire session Tuesday
evening, May 10th, to the holding of
a convention looking to the organiza
tion of an association to proiote the
dleveloment of 'what is temiiporarily
called Th 1ie Seaboard Pai Alel IIigh way,
c.inecting tlie Quebec to Mianii liih
way, whiich 1passes tiiroigh Cheraw,
S. C., from tiat point to Athens, Ga.,
whir-e colniLiol is made with the
laklihead iiigliway. Tihls means that
tourists from San 1)iego, Cal., fol
lowi ng the Ilikiiead National liigh
way, can make an alterlnate route at
Athens, Ga., via the Seaboard Parallel
winn built, to Clierawv, S. C., then by
the Quebec to Mliami Highway up1i to
Italvi dh, where the Blankhiead Nation
al Hi gh way and the Quebec to Mliami
lighway join.
This means also a connection at
Cheraw with the Wilmington, N. C.
iligiway, easy access through Cieraw
to the upper Pee IDee section of South
Eventually this highway will prob
ably beconie a very important factor
in the development of the South. The
Bankhead National Iiighiway is now
worlling' to 'raise money for a hard
surface road all tie way from Wash
ington, D. C., to -San Diego, Cal. The
Quebec to .\lia li Iighway will eveli
tually be hard surface, as it is a main
ilio from Canada to extreme southern
Clinton Is pecuilarly fortuinate in be
ing locat(d strategically along ite
proposed Sealboard Parallel con nection
betweii tile lankhmead National 1lighi
way and the Qulebiec to Miami Iiigh
way, formrly known as Capitol to
Capitol HIighway.
The visitors wVero quite numei 1crols,
betwell tiiirty-five and forty being
'resenit, ep-esenting Athens, Elber
tl, Abbevill-, Greew,vood, Cross 11111.
Whlitmlire, Chlester, Pagelanld. ChIeraw,
Ilighiway Comins10sions, tate and 1ocri31.
Nmne1 r(tois anid m11ot ixcye!!i(it
spehswere! deliv-ered byrh enn%
lives froii tie towlns, and by engineers.
'ihe'-se speeches brouglit out a great
deal of information as to development
a long tihe line, indlicat in g that a large
parit of the tmilecage of tihis road is al
rady comp ilted, somei riverl pirobilems
already solved with bidge pirojects u~n
dler cotnst ruction or' planned.
E'ncomr1agemenit was offered by
spmeechies from enlgineers amnd others as
to the feasibility of biridging the gr'eat
rivers of Savannah, Broad and Cataw'
ba. Smaller rivers ar'e already provid
edi with brlid1ges, wich ultimately will
110 dithlt have to lbe strengthened to
accommtfodalte miil itar'y t raflc, the gov
ernmtent nowv retiulring bridges to
cartry fifteen ton truck loads in order
to meet 'with time apiprov'al of the
Unlited States goveirnmenmt as5 military
r'oads, and come in for assistance of
tihe government in construction of the
br'liges, timat. assistance amounting to
50 per cent of the cost.
Tihe filling in of the connecting
links, the impr~iovement of btridges over
smaller rivers, andi tihe construction
of several lImportant .bridges consti
tutes a prolem.
The greatest optimnimn was ex
pressedl as to the feasibility of the plan
andi time enthusiasm of the meeting
gave a send-off to the entire piroject
which practically assures the coopera
tion necessary to carry it into effect,
The response fr'om the cities and
towns repriesenited was so enthusias
tic, and so optimlistic, andi the origani
-attion so far adlvanced by this con
ventionl as to atssuire eventual suiccess
In -the huilding of the r'outte.
C'hambher of C1ommrmerce Meet inig
A mfeeting of the Chamnber of Com
merce is hereby called for Friday ey..
ening at 8 o'clock in thme Peoplesf Loan
& Exchange Bank ,building.
. Ri. R. NJCKILS, Pres.
.AI1SON IEm'E, Sec.
PA LMJfKTTo LOD~OJ, No. 19, A. i'. 3f.
A rogtilar commithicatid~n
of 'Palmp~bto L~odge, No, 19,
4. -A. F.. M., will be held on
IFRID)A'x ld$hmt, Mfay 20th,
' at 8 .pfelock. Members
aro especially urged to attendi and vin-.
Iting brothr-en welcome. 'Work in E. A.
lBy order of
Cotton Oil and Fertilizer Mill Burns.
Of Unknown Origin.
Allendale, May 1.-Fire of an un
known origin destroyed cotton and fer
tilizer material to the value of $75,
000 in the plant of -the Allendale Cot
ton Oil & Fertilizer Co., here last
At daylight this morning the flames
were under control and the larger part
of the mills' property had been saved
from the flames by the local volunteer
fire department. Their efforts were
aided .by a heavy rainfall, which pre
vented the spreadin.g of the flames.
The flames were discovered about
3 o'clock. Monday morning by the night
watchman. iHe experienced some ldifil
culty in arousing aid, and it is said it
was an hour before the work of cieck
ing the flames had begun. The in
creased 'Pressure of water resulted in
the bursting of several links of the
fire department hose. 1lad it not been
for a heavy rainfall the flames .would
have had more farreaching effect.
The large brick seed crushing plant
operated by the Allendale Cotton Oil
& leytilizer Co., which adjoins the
property was saved. A branch of the
state warehouse system was operated
in connection with the fertilizer plant
and contained about 800 bales,.it was
stated this morning, all of which were
completely destroyed. Tbhis was cov
cred by insurance. In addition to the
cotton in the building there were abolut
:1,00 tons of fertilizer material, .which
was almost completely destroyed. This
was fully insured. ihe building was
valued roughly around $15,000, partial
ly covered by insurance.
This is the second fire suffered by
the plant in the last, 10 years. The
last fire destroyed a valuable seed
house and a large amount of cotton
J. II. Ilewlet, manager of the Al
lendale Cotton Oil & Fertilizer Co.,
said this morning that he was unable
to state the origin of the fire.
It was discovered in the cottonseed
hull house and may have been (lue to
spontaneous combustion. The fire
lighted up the town to almost day
light brilliancy. The fire hose lplay
Ing upon piles of nitrate of soda andi
potash caused several violent explo
sions which -blew portions of 10
building in all directions and sen:
the volunteer fire fighters, many .
whom were ne(groes. Some diffieulty
was experienced in getting them to
returnii to tihe hose after the explo
Quiarterly .lecetlg of It. Y. P. U. *
* 0
1ro4ram for Quarter Meeting of
Laurens County ii. Y. P. 1. Conven
tion, to be held with iigilind 1lome
clhui rich, .\ay tihe 29th, 1921, : o'clock.
Words of Greeting-Mliss Louise I lun
Response-.Miss Vera Bald win.
l)evot ional-Mir. Pierce Mlyers.
i~emonstration by J tighiand H ome
I 'nion.
S"pecial Alusie--Clinton and Mlount
Pleasant I'nlons.
"Value of 'Ixtension 'Work"-lis
Louise Dean.
"11ow to Get Our Boys l'nlisted."
Miss Kate Wofford.
"The Work of the B. Y. P. U'. in the
Seventy-Five .\ill ion Campaign."
.\Mr. George Bobo.
"How the B. Y. P. U. fEncourages the
Spiritual Life of Its Young People."
---i's. LTawrence Ba rksdale.
Special Music-Laurens Union.
All Baptist young ,peoplie are urigedi
to attend this meeting.
200 ptairs Wonten's White Shoes and
Oxfords on onale this week at 98c tc
$1.98; worth dlou ble oni todlay's market
pr'ice. J. C. *IBarns & Co., Lat.ens.
Professional Notice
After June 1st, 1921, Drm. J. T. Rut
ledlge, formerly of Cheraw, S. C., will
be associated with Dr. '. r,. Timnmer
man in the practice of d ntist ry at th(
oflices occupied by the ate, Dr. G.C,
Albright. D~r. Timmor 4' mif mwill con
tue to practice at hift'same offices
over the Peoples Loan andI IExchange
Bank Building. 44-3t-pd
My butter is on Bale
45c a
Delivered Tuest
Always Fresh
S* .5 * S * $ * S * $ * I'*
8* 0
Wanted-Small house. Fred Mar
tin, at Vincent's Garage. 44-it-pd
Automobile Painting-First class
Auto Painting done by an experienced
fpctory painter, with the highest grade
of paints and varnishes. Sumerel
Motor CGo., -Laurens, S. C. 44-5t-pd
Cotton Seed-Wi1 buy seed until
Saturday noon at 90c. Bring all you
have to sell. IDon't come after 12 M.,
Saturday. J. D. Culbertson, Maddens.
Rooms Wanted-The Laurens Hotel
wants 100 rooms to holp accommodate
the Grand Chapter Order of Eastern
Star, to meet in this eity June 16 and
17. Please let me know at once how
many rooms you can let me have. A.
S. 'Perry. 44-It
Tires Cheap-Absolutely firsts; size
30x3 1-2. Price $9.60. Non-skid and
rib tread. Look on the 'bottom rack
and take your choice. McDaniel's
Vulcanizing Plant. 44-It-)d
Lost-Black overcott; left on ipost
near bridge below cefietery. Finder
please return to Advertiser office, or
T. J. Branlett, l4tiurens, It. 1. 4l4-It
Lost-arly part of last week near
Davis-Roper Comptny store, green
gold filigreed bar (in. Reward if re
turned to "Miss Louise Simmi1on0s, phone
23. '14-It
WInted-Twenty-flve men of good
character and . habits, having high
school education (college education
better) to take a free course in life in
surance salesmanship at our IHome Of
lice. These men will then 'be turned
over to General Agent controlling ter
ritory in twhich they live, both the
Company and General Agent helping
them get started in a profession that
pays, that is 'grdwing and that requires
no ca)ital. A great opportunity for
men twenty-five to forty-five years old.
Address C. W. Estes, Supt. of Agents,
Southeastern Life Insurance Company,
Greenville, S. C. 14-It-c
Found-Saturday, 'May 7, pair of
plow stock handles and sonic bolts in
the wrong car. Owner call at clerk of
court's ofice, pay for adv. and get
same. 44-1 t-pd
Wanted--A few room and table
boarders. Conveniently locted near
the square. \[rs. John Miler, 226 West
Laurens Street. .4-ltpdl
For Sale-Good lot of corn in -the
shuck. Consult Owings & 1b01)0.
lHot lolls-Fresh hot rolls made on
special orders. Rolls baked morning
after order received. Phone 307.
Corn--T want to sell 100 bushels
home raised corn at $1. 5 per bushel.
Austiln lraulett. Narnie, S. C. 42-2t-pd
RAGS WANTI-D---We will buy clean
white rags. Advertiser Olice.
Potato Plants-Forto Rico, Nancy
lall, Early rriumph Sweet Potato
plants, $1.r0 )per 1,000. Greater Balti
more Tomato Plants, $1.50 per 1000.
Large orders, pronvpt shipment. Dorris
Plant Co., Valdosta, Ga. '0--5t-pd
Not lee---I have arranged to be in
Laurens two days each month. If your
piano needs tuning leave order with
S. N1. & E. IT. Wilkes & Co. 0. M.
Tully, Piano Tuner. 28-tf
Write 1u.,
('linton, S. C.
0. Langdon Long
Enterprise National'Bank Building
All (Legal Business Given
?rompt Attention
.Dr. T..L. Timmerman
Laurens, South Carolina
Offiee in Peoples Bank E'uilding
Simpson, Cooper & Babb
Attorneys at Law.
Will Practiee in all State Coarts
Prompt Attention Given All Business
0. 0. Featherstone W. B. Enight
Attorneys at Law
Laturons, S. C.
All Business Intrusted to Our Care
Will Have Prompt and Oareful Atten
Offiee over Palmetto Bank
Mr. Featherstone will spend Wednes
day of each week in Laurens.
at J. C. Shell & Co. at
lays and Fridays.
Ask For t
Use Old 7
as Spares ||
Your oldest casing may
have In it hundreds of
miles that we can save
for you. Some day it
may come in mighty
handy as a "npare". Bring
it In and let us look it
over-we advise only such
repairs as pay.
Our skilled methods and complete equipmnt will make your old
tires strong and serviceable.
We make all kinds of rcairs In our vulcanizing shop, using genti
Ine Goodyear Factory Repair Materials.
Drive In today with your old tires.
Tires, Tubes, Accessories
Gas and Oil
McDaniel Vulcanizing Plant
Next Door to Post Office
. Introducing
New Shoes. New Styles
Brought b> Your Very Door
By Prepaid Parcel Post
One Strap In fine grade of Brown and
Black Kid or Satin and Suede
Pumps combinatiens; French or Ba
by Louis Heels.
Priced from
$8.00 to $13.50
Satin Pumps Brown or-Black Satin,
fine quality, one strap
styles; French or Baby
Louis heels.
Priced -from
$7.00 to $10.50
Full Line of Wpmcn's High Grade
Silk Hosiery
In All Leading Colors and Styles
Write for Our Spring and Summer Catalog
Wright-Scruggs Shoe Co.
Spartanburg, S. C.

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