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* .*SSSSS 05
* IoWa and Persna Xentin.
Miss Rebecca Lake has returned t<
the city after visiting friends in'Vir.
%ginia for some time.
Miss Theo Woods, of Darlington, I.
the guest of Miss Sadie Sullivan or
West Main street.
Mr. E. P. Minter left yesterday morn.
ing for a buying trip to the New Yorl
Mr. J. T. Martin, of the Dixie Floul
& Grain Company, spent E'unday Ir
Columbia with relatives.
Mr. and ,Mrs. R. Coke Gray cam(
down from Gastonia Saturday and
spent the week-end in the city witli
Miss Rebecca Clarke spent the week
end with- her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C
M. Clarke. She cane down from Gas.
tonia 'with Air. and Mrs. R. C. Gray.
Mr. Nat Kennedy is spcidlng thi
week in Columbia in attendance upori
the convention of the South Carolia
Em0rnbaliners association.
Mi. and Mrs. Harold Adams, ol
Greenwood, speilt' Sunday in the city
with Mrs. Adams' iparents, Mr. and
Mrs. Profltt, on Irby Avenue.
Mrs. L. L. Knight and little daugh
ter, Caroline, of 'Portsmi'uth, Va., arc
visiting Mrs. Knight's parents, Mr. anc
Mrs. C. If. Roper.
Misses Margaret Dunlap and Carri(
f'leming left yesterday for Camden ax
sponsors for Camp Garlington al
the annual reunion of the Confed
crate veterans.
Friends of i'Mr. John D. ChilIresi
will be sorry to learn that lie pontinucs
very ill at his home in this city and
that igrave fears are entertained foi
his recovery.
Miss Ethel Simmons has returned
'home after teaching the past sessior
at Clyde, N. C. She was accompaniecd
by one of her friends, Miss Watkins
who spent sevei'al days with her.
Mr. 0. B. -Simmons has returned tc
the city after spending about ter
s'eeks in Miami, Fla. Conditions arc
fairly normal in that section, said Mr
Simmons, and few complaints arc
heard as to stagnant 'business condi
Mrs. L. Connor Fuller and Miss Bet1i
Shell have returned from Charleston,
where they visited Mr. and Mrs. De
Witt King, and Fort Myers, Fla., wherc
they visited Mir. and Mrs. Geo. W,
Shell. In going from Charleston tc
Fort Myers, they took the water routt
via Jacksonville, the entire trip being
a very enjoyable one.
* * * * * * * * * * S * 54*
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Clinton, "May 17.--Miss BTlanchc
Turner spent the week-end- with her
parents at Gaffney,
Mr's. W. 13. Owens, Sr., returned
Sunday from Washington,'after spend
Ing the past month with her sister.
Miss Emmie Young spent last wee
at Brienau College 'with friends.
Mrs. W. P. JTacobs and chifdrien re
turned Sunday from Spia rtanburg, af
tei' visiting her miother for two weeks,
Messrs9. J. F. Jacobs, Jr., and Iryi
Coleman spxent last Thursday in. Un..
Mrs. L. S. Hendersdn and children
of Blairs, areo the guests of .her p1ar
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adali'.
Mrs. Rlobt. McLees and son, of Eno
ree, spent the week-end with her par'
ents, Mi'. and Mirs. R. Z. Wright.
Mi's, R. S. Owens and son, of Mc
Cormick, ai'e the guests of Mxrs. Edgat
Miss Mary Bean spent the week--end'
in Laaurens with Miss Alliene Franks
afrs. 0. O. Copeland, of 'Newberry
spent last Thursday and Friday withi
her par~i.3, Ma'. anjd Mrs. Jno. !Hipp.
Mrs. Wmn. Bailey Owens entertainec
the "Tuesday Club" last 'week. Aftet
an hour of sewing, the hostess served
a delicious salad course and iced tot
to the following guests: Mesdamnei
Ileece Young, Kenneth Burdette, J. F
Jacobs, Jr., Jas. Rt. Copeland, . S. C
hlays, J. A. Chandler, J. I. Coleman
U. E. Sadler, and Miss Dorcas Mason
Mrs. W. E. Ferguson dlelightfully en
'tertained the Acteon flook Cilub lasi
Thursday afternoon after aeyci:a
games of Rook the hostess served l
temptinig salad course, iced tea anc
mints to the following guestas. Mes
d (ames ,R. 'B. Vance, C. M. .Bailey, Jas
R.- Copeland. T. D. Capehand, J1. W
Copolandh, Jr., J. A. Chandler, Lloys
'McCrary, Geo. A. Copeland, S. C. Hays
A, J. Milling, I'. J..Adair, W. B. Ow
ens, Jr., l. B. Tilard, M. J. McFadh
den,' T. D. Jacobs, Misses Martin
'Maroney, Bolt and Bradley.
To Sell Refreshments
The ladies of the Euiral School Im
provemient Assooiation of Poplai
Springs will sell refreshments at the
school 'house Satumrday, May 21st
Everybodf .bring your nickels an<
dlimes and help carry on the work o
improvement. There will also 'be at
educational rally at Popl'ar that day
so corge aend hear the speeches.,
Mrs, HI. 0. Walker.
Party In Honor Of Teachers
One of the daintiest -parties of the
Spring was given saturday afternoon
-by Mrs. J. Warrejn polt, at her home on
Church Street, In honor of Miss Vir
'ginia Rhodes and Miss Mildred Laney,
two of the city -teachers. Bowls of
Dorothy .Perkins roses converted the
i)arlor hito a garden ibower where
tables for Rook and Forty-Two were
arranged. The teachers of the Lau
rens city school and a few close
friends 'wore greeted at the door by
Mrs. Bolt and after a pleasant 'hour of
progressive games, cream and cake
were served by Miss Amy Wolff and
Mrs. John Bolt, Jr.
Suddenly, amidst the 'babble of
voices, sounded the notes of the wed
ding march from "Lohengrin", played
by Miss Mary -Ste Bolt. In an expect
ant silence, a diminutive- ,bride and
groom, little Miss Catherine Moore and
Master John Bolt, Jr., entered,, carry
ing a silver tray of English walnuts,
which they )assed to the guests. The
secret, in a nut-shell, was soon dis
covered: "Miss Virginia Rhodes, Mr. L.
F. Yates--1lid-summer." After the
exclamations of surprise, Miss Mil
dred Laney proposed a toast, "To the
bride-elect;" this was followed by an
other, "To the teachers," given by Mrs.
Miss Rhodes, for the past session,
has been the domestic science teacher
in the high school, and during her brief
stay in Laurens has made a host of
friends who wish her much haippiness.
Mr. Yates is from Darlington.
Money Advanced by Finance Corpora
tion. Big Sums Advanced.
Washington, fay 14.-Approval of
advances of $2,000,000 to assist in fln
ancing cotton exports was announced
today by the war finance corporation.
Advancement of $1,600,000 against cot
ton actually exported has already
been made, the announcement said.
One approval was for an advance of
$1,000,000 in connection with the ship
ment of cotton to foreign ports for
warehousing and distribution. The
cotton will go forward to 'Liverpool,
Havre, Genoa, Bremen and Kobe, Ja
The other application approved was
also for an advance of $1,000,000. to
finance the exportation of cotton from
American interior points and Ameri
can ports under contracts calling for
shipments from October .to December.
The corporation announced in ad
dition it has advanced $1,600,000
against cotton actually exqported.
The distrIbuting points to - which
the cotton has been consigred, the
corporation said, are Liverpool,
IHavre, Triest, Genoa, Venice and
Bremen. Cotton consigned to Havre,
the corporation explained, is distribu
ted to the nearby mills and also to
mills in the interior of France and
Alsace-ILorraine as well as in Swit
zerland. Cotton to the Italian port
will be distr'ibuted to Ita~an mills
andl also to Austrian mills. Cotton
warehoused in Biremen wvill be dis
trfyuted to Czecho-Slovakia, Auistr'ia,
Poland and Sweden.
The corporation also announcedl
that it has issued a circular outlining
the requirements of the corporation
in connection with app~lications for
advances to Amer'ican exporters and
American banks, hankers and trust
comp~anies for the pluipose of assist
ing in the exportation of domestic
Singers to Meet
The Laurens- County Singing Con
vention will meet 'with the Lucas Ave
nue Church at Watts Mills on the Fifth~
Sunday in this month at eleven o'clock.
A number of good singers areepet
ed to attend this meeting and the lov
ers of good 01(1 fashion singing will
miss a treat if they do not attend.
Among the numbers of singers exp~ect
ed is the C. M. Castle Quartette, from
Spar'tanb~urg. The public is most cor
dlially invited to attend this service.
The people of Watts Mills wift enter
tain the visitors and all others will
please bring baskets of 'good things to
eat to assist in the entertainment.
0. C. GWINN,
Opera JHouse Closes -
Through an agreement with J. IN.
'Bolter, lessee of the Opera House,
the lease and part of the equipment
of the Opera House have been taken
over by Messrs. Lee Bros. & Switzor,
owners of the Princess Theatre, n~ho
have announced that moving pictures
will not .be run regularly there in the
future. The Princess Theatre, which
'has 'been running on a curtailed
schedule for severn weeks, will return
to the full week schedule. Manager
Switzer states that if his program can
be arranged in time, the full schedule
will-'be resumed Friday. The Opera
House gave Its last show under the
Boiter managrement Monday eveninfs.
Local Veteran Contributes to Rotary
Luncheon In Greenwood When Vet.
eran vere 1Eitertained.
Warren Stribling, local Confederate
veteran and "Old . Time Fiddler,"
-played his way into the hearts of the
G reen wood, Rotarians and their guests
last Tuesday night :when the Gireen
-wood veterans were guests of the Ro
tary Club on Alemorial Day. Veteran
Stribling, who was visiting in Green
wood at the time, was included among
the guests and "added a new and
opleasing feature to the program," ac
cording to Tle 'Index-Journal, #which
gave an account of the luncheon the
following morning, asfollows:
About forty Confederate veterans
were guests of honor at yesterday's bi
monthly luncheon of the Greenwood
Rotary Club and it was the unani
mous opinion of the old boys that they
hadi a roya'l good time at the hands of
the younger boys of the Rotary Club.
They enjoyed to the full a bountiful
dinner served by the Robert A. WNaller
Chapter, 1-. D. C., and as President S.
C. Hodges, of tle club, suggested to
.them, they felt sure that if they had
had a commissary like that which sup
Plied Yesterday's meal the result, of
the war would have been vastly differ
ent. Young ladies froiji Lander Col
loge added greatly to the pleasure of
the guests by their songs, one of
which was a special song written .by
Mrs. John 0. Wilson for the occasion.
President HIodgc thoughtfully han
Presented a real old-time fiddler in the
person of Veteran Warren Stribling,
of Laurens. Mr. Stribling played be
fore the dinner and had some of the
staid matrons of the U. D. C. shaking
the wicked foot in spite of themselves
at the moving strains of Turkey in the
Straw, Arkansas Traveler, and so on
-not omitting the well known tune
about something that broke loose in
Georgia. Mr. Striblin-g added a new
and pleasing feature to the program.
Three long tables were 1sed for the
guests and members of the cml). Sev
en boys from the tenth and eleventh
grades of the Greenwood H1igh School
were guests also, these being the last
quota of boys from the high school,
who have been guests of the Rotarians
at luncheons. The veterans were
placed at one of the tables, the lo
tarians using the other two together
with the high school boys and the
young ladies of Lander College.
After the fine meal President 110d
ges announced that there t-ould be
four short talks by members of the
Rotary Club, seven minutes limit, and
each one of the four speakers rose to
the occasion.. These short talks were
gems, each one of them.
Special Sale Men's Summer Suits
this week. Come and look through and
get your suit. You avill save dollars
at J. C. Burns & Co.
Perfume at $90 Per Ounce.
The harvest of Bavarin roses for
last year, being one of the worst on
record, the price of the essence has
gone up very considerably. The
wholesale price juist now is round
aboeut $20 an ounce. Before. the war
it was $7. Contrary to popular be
lief, however, attar of roses is by no
means the most expensive scent on
the market. Civet 'is W~omth Wvholesale
just now $25 an ounce, ta~d musk $90;
ambergris, which forrpms the basis for
nearly alt the best quality scents,
costs $00 an ounce, and is hard to get
at that. These prices refer, in the
case of perfumes to the essential oils,
one or two drops of wvhich wvili make
qluite a decent-sized bottle of scent.
Only dealers in precious stones carry
more valuable stock in a small space
thani the dealers in these highly-con
centrated essential oils. A quite mnod
erate-sized safo in the oflice of a firm
of wvholesale perimers will frequent.
ly contain stock worth $125,000.
Hawaiian Volcano Active.
The great volcano, Kllauea, 32 miles
from lillo, Hawaii, which .for two
years has been exhibiting tremendous
volcanic force, recently overflowed the
rim 'i of its active throat andl burst
forth in fresh activity andl brilliance.
After weeks of Stehdly rising of the
lava in the pit 'of Ianlemaumnu, the
"Ilouse of ire," the molten column
recached the rim and pouredl over it
toward the southeast side of thme great
crater, while simultaneously another
lava stream burst through the crater
floor seome distance from the first,
IHundreds of fire fountains began play
ing on the numerous lava lakds and
sheets of flame gushed intermittently
from beneath the crust surface.
Along the main lne of the 01(1 rift
whleh thme newv flow is following, sev
eral lava cones of small craters have
formed andI these add to the weird
scenes with their thundering blasts of
steam and fire.
A Real'eut.
"Did you ever see that good old
play, 'Ten Nights in a Barroom'?"
-"No," answered Cactus Joe. "Il
didn't like the title. It wasn't true
to human nature. ,I never knew a
man with money enough to last ten
nights and I never heard of a bar
tender who would let him hang around
after lie was broke."
Fit Up Your Porch With
TheO tily Siade-MadeiWithra1Veritilator
They Let In the Air and Keep Out the Sun
All sizes in stock. Now is the
time to fit up your porch.
S. M.& E. H. WILKES& CO.
Work'done by experienced factory painter, with the highest
grade of paints and varnishes. Call up M. J. Owings, J. J. Adams,
and C. H. Roper, presidents and cashier of Laurens banks, and
ask them what kind of work we do. See their cars which we
have painted.'
We can give you any kind of job you want; any color and any
color of stripe you want.
Laurens, S. C.
The Hen HederriofPeeedlforrO
Stupidthe PrPriceobwillhebeiverw
Iwasv over inthe neighbor's~ New Garden
;and well nigh Et Up everything in
(Sight and the Neighbor vows that
IStupid wvill yet Grace a Pliatter at his
li ayn Chnildren, is Fay-in the
Tokens of Honesty.
At some of the London docks, when Ol
two men mak a tradnsagrement, theyW.EMegStn
honesty. This is regarded as more
binding that a written and signed con.A

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