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Take notice that oin the 11th (lay of
June, 1921, we will render a final ac
count of our acts and doings as 1Execu
tors of thu estate of G. W. Babb do
ceased. in the ofhico of tho Judge of
Probate of La.urens county, at 1.1
o'clock, a. in. and on the same (lay will
apply for a final discharge from our
trust as 1Executors.
Any person indebted to said estate
t notified and re(luired to make pay
mnit on that date; and all persons
having claims against said estate will
PrIesent them on or before said (late,
dilly proven Or be forever barred.
(". D). Il111l,
May 11, 1921. 43-5t-A
Renew your health
by purifying. your
system with
Quick and delightful re
lief for biliousness, colds,
constipation, headaches,
and stomach, liver and
blood troubles.
The genuine are sold
only in 35c packages.
Avoid imitations.
%( L Al
It represents the peak
of automobile starting
and lighting battery
development, reached
by years of specializa
Every Willard Battery is
backed by Willard reputa
tion, with us here on the
job to see that you get the
top-notch service every
Willard user has a right to
Laurens Storage
Battery Company.
W. Laurens St.
Phone 446
Iteturns from Washingtolni with Claim
hat Is Commission Would Arrive
During the Week.
Greenville, Mlay I.-That, h ha.s
been appointed postmnaster for Green
ville, was the statement inade yester
(ay by A. R. Gates, republican party
chairman for dreenville, following his
lot(trn 'i from -Washiigtoni yesterday
morning. If$ commission, Mr. Gates
aid, should arrive during the coming
v eek.
leclaring that "service anu(illliencv
with tepuiiIcans first, last aid all the
Lim0e" will hbe the motto of the repuibli
ca(in party in filling appointments in
this state, Mr. Gates said yesterday
that his l)pointment to the Greenville
olice is il' line with tle policy Which
is to be carried out.
But two appointments, both of'
which are temiporary, have been made
but others are to follow, .Mr. Gates de
clared. Tell appoint menti of -himself
as llostmallster' for Greenville was the
first to be made, Mr. Gates said, while
that of .John Cochran as iostmaster
1 or1 Andeirsol was ne('Xt to be made.
All appointillents inl South Carolilnla
wili be made by or iwith the approval
of .Joseph Warren Tolbert of Nnety
Six, Mir. (ates declared. .IMr. Gales,
however, will have charge of the ap
p~ointmlenty., in the fourithl congressional
district, which is composed of (Grveel
vilile, Lau rens, Sjp111rtanh burg and 1 a 'n ion
Alany surprises are in store for those
who have not kept abreast of the
times, .\Mr. Gates declared, adding that
many influential South Carolinians had
alliliated themselves with the republi
c(in party. Several persons who halive
been )01Proilent inl South C11r011111 poli
ties are likely to ie named to imp1ort
ant positions in the .Pailet to State, Mr.
Gates said.
As soon as vacancies exist they wlli
he illled in compar11atively ' short time,
according to Air. G.ates' statelient. Re
ferring to the Greeville postollice,
Gates said that the term of oflice of
Thos. 11. Pope expired .\arch 16, the
va'ancy having existed for two iiionthis.
'Wliere 'oipetent reipuiblicans a re
availablie they will be named as post
masters throughout the state, .\lr.
Gates said. Where such persons canl
not he found the mirty will consider
1wolell, of sound business ability and
of republican inclination. In tile event
that a -I post11Istress is not nam3ed, the
party will then atteimlpt to reward some
of the youngeir 3n11, preferably those
who have served il t-he a'my orl navy
i. 'I'. lhonie, secretary of the ('nion
itepublical League, of this city, who
acconilaniled Nir. Gates to Washington,
(1(i not return to Greenville yesterday'.
,\Jr. 1loime will remain in Washington
foi' soleo tille, ser-ving as private see
retary to Mr. Tolbert, national com
mitteeman from South Carolina and
recognized as the party leader in the
* * * * * 9 * * * * * * * *
* THE~. LOW) ('OSTf OF' *
* F"ew advei'tising men03 know that *
* adlver'tising space 13n newspaper's is *
* by far the ic~oomicall way to r'eachl *
* the consumerlCI. It is a fact and1( thle *
* only reason t-hat adlver'tising wals *
* ever cr'eatedl was because 'wIse and *
* shrewvd business me'n lear'ned that *
* thley couIld buy white space0 in1 pub- *
* licatlins at a mlinimum~n cost and(*
* .because (of the messaige they would *
* puit into that space0 they could1( *
* mnake a profit 03n the tr'aysaction *
* 'and( make1( the aidver'tising a i'eal in- *
* vestmentII inl produlction (of sales*
* and1( good-will. *
* In these (days of high cost of*
* wh11ite pai)0er and( i'ntinig tihe ad(- *
*vertiser' cou11 ld ot 1print. a1 11ul1-*
* page ad vertisoeent and( buy the*
* wivlte paper at the small1 cost that. *
* lie newsp51apier chai'ges himi for t he*
*comlplete page delivered into the *
* home11 by Invitation. That is to say,*
* the r'1(eaer of this ne0w~,paper' buy3 *
* a pagier' because they want to read(1.*
*it and( because they know they get *
* m1or' for their3 mone0y at 2 or 3 *
* cenlts than1 anythling else they *
*. could( buy at thallt 1)rice. That is *
* what malkes the adver'tising 80 *
* valuable to the ad(vetiser', providI-*
* ed thley have the ighit message, *
* the rilgh t illulst ration and the right '
* 111erc(hal niing 1p1an back of thle ad(- *
* vrt Isinug.*
*Newspaper akdver'tising is by far' *
* 1r11(1 thle coiim 0 ner. *
* l'r'e8IdentI, Willi1am lI. 1Ran1kill Ad-*
* veritisinig Agency, .*
* In Newspaplerdom.
* * 9 * 99999* 99* *99
Habitual ConstIpation Cus ed
Ina 14 to 21 D~ays
"LA X--l-'S WlIH PEPSIN" Is a specially
prep~aredl Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Ha bitual
Constipationi. It relieves promptly but
should be takoen regularly for 14 to 21 days
to indluco regaular action. It Stimulates and
Reguilatcs o Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
pre bottln.
Measures to Protect Cotton Industry
Against. Pest to bie Discussed.
Washington, May 15.-Measu res for
protecting the cotton Industry against
the 1pink boll worm will be discussed
at a conference here tolnorrow between
the department of ogriculture and rep
resentatives of the cotton growing
States. Failure o.f Texas to probide
for adequate (luarantine and control
work, the department said, necessi
tated the formulation of a now policy
to prevent the spread of the pest.
The pink boll worm was said by C.
1. Marlatt, chairman of the federal
horticultural board, to be present in
Texas, Ioulsiana and New Mexico.
"The menace of the pink boll worm to
the cotton crop of the coun ltry is n1ow
fully recognized," lie added lin his sum
m11ary of tile situation. Based tpoll
losses occasioned by it in receit. ye(as'
ii l0gypt, lrazil, Ilawaii and \lexico,
lie continued, the department estimated
its Spread through the cot I on belt
would mean an ann iiual loss of from
twenty to forty per cent of the cotton
helt crop, 'or a money loss of several
hilindreds million dollars annu11ally."
The federal government took prompt
action to beat .back the pink boll worm
when it first a peared in Texas in 1917
from .'l exico, tile departmeit. said, ad
ding that iwith the complete co-opera
tion of the states invaded "there seem
ed to be a fair chance of eradication
of the pest."
Mr. Marlatt said the "failure of
Texas to provide for such (IIarainille
and contiol Work as will in the judg
ment of the xixperts of tiIs department
and of several states he adequate to
hold tle pest within its present limits
in that state, and the abandonment as
a general policy of the only nwvthoul
enforcement of non--cotton zones which
Would possibly lead to the extermina
tion of the pest in the infested areas,
necessitates a careful consideration of
the -whole fut!'re pink boll worimI work
in. the United ;tates, and Ilore partI
cttlarly the quarantine 01 Cont rol ac
tion which should be takena Witih re
spect to the Insect toL prevent its spread
throughout the cottoin growinag states."
Jacksonville, Fla., .\May 15.-Five
Iweli known citizelis of South Jackson
Ville, including Dr. 11. 1.. Watts, prom
hient physician, were at liberty to
night on bail of $1,000 each, and] de
puties held warrants for the arrest
of sixteen other persons as a result of
the flogging of F. E. Chambers, tele'
graph operator elIployed by the
Florida East Coast. RailIrIad at South
Chambers, who claims to have
been twice kidnapped and beaten and
ordered to leave South .lacksonville
within 21 hours, decelares he is at a
loss to understand why he was mis
treated. The first attack, lie told the
authorities, occurred the nighit of
M~ay 6 anid the sec(onld the night of
May II. On the latter date, accomi
panid 1)by another y'oung man, he swas
retuirnling to Soulth Jacksonville in hi s
auitomille from a count11ry (dance, lie
sa id, when a score of men1 I held him i 1
and a fter strliping, flogged 1h1im and
struck 1him1 on the head with the butts
oIf pistols. lHe antd his coinpan Ion
climi to hlave recognized soeveraI oIf
the at tackeris and the war'rantls we rc
issued late yesterday after the a uthri(j
ties had spent several days investigat
lng th10 affiri.
A pri'I 1miary hearling for' the men i
arr'ested hats bleen set for next lFrlday.
"And There Waisnt the SlIghtest Smell
Writes John Slipkins', farmer of
Annandale, N. J. "Rats wore costling
mec hundr'eds yearly; tied dogs, fer'
rets, polsonl, could not get rId of them.
fought $.25 pkg. of RAT-SNAP (5
cakes) Used half not a live rat sInce.
D~ead ones aPlenty. I like IlATI-SNAIP
because after killIng rats It dries t hem
up-leaves no smell." Thii'ec sizes,
35c, ti50, $1.25. Sold and guaranteec
biy Laurens Iliard ware Co., P'utnami
5hrug Stor'e, and C. E. Kennedy & Son.
Georgia Giovern or's Hooklet Oni N igro
sA~i led by PromIneunt 31eni.
Atlanta, .Alay 15S.-Plu blient ion (If the
booklet, "Tlhe Negro ini GeorgIa,"' by'
Governor' 1itigh M1. D oirsey, chiarging
ItS (*ases of mist realiinent. of negrioes,
wvas assaIled In thiee stat emlents pub-.
lIIshed here today by' prominent mien of
the state. Advices ieceiv~ed fromi Ma
COnl 'wer'e to thle (effect that a mass
meeting had been~ cal led forl n1ext Suna
day' to ta ke stepis towarid 11impachingi
thle gove rnor. J . Gor'don .Jonies, mnayor
(If C'ordelc, Gleorgia, wa ann1 l~ounced a1s
One of the speakers.
The replies weire In thi' form oIf 1pub-1
lie st atdements Issued by Sa mul l.
Olive, puresldent of the State senate
and( rankIng state ofilelal next to the
governor, and1( .Judge E. II. Seaicy (of
an address at Mel )onough, by TJhomas
,W. IIardwick, frnrn t'nlitd States
senator and governor-elect. negro over has been lynched in 17)on ferred to tie ll,() is iI('Ito sUs
Mr. Hardwick, who declared he county. pect4!d of the murder or t white ""0
would issue a detaled reply as soon a., "Such attitude on ti( lvart of youas man, 1I1"(an then proce d to Aescrlle
he takes oflice in .ftine, made a general inVeStigator and you, as governor, beg- what he sall Were tie facts. Tle ne
answer to the charges contained in the gar coitoipt, said Judge Scarcy in gro, lie declared, attteepted to attack
booklet, branding thein as tintrue and Is statement, t i re of i young faruwv and, fail
as a "slander on the state.'' .1 udge Al i ve denouned the cliargeC N 1'g, ))h With a ho0. XC
'Scarcy went In charges that EId White, general, al, taking 111) a particul giovs an( wlites joined in the Search
a negro of Up1)son county, had been case, that of a negro burned at the and llegroes aluled in applIg tlo
sent to the chain gane" on truim ped-1il) Stake, eclared it refel-ll t L 1)711)- torch, Ml. 01iVQ S11Id. 'IRe Wa ant
charges. lie saId the t idence proved penilg in Oglethorpe county. Ar. Olive 1)1 evidence or the negro's gui it i(a
the negro's guilt, ani( d ded(1 that no (eelanred th e governol's eoovrht be diyclhe to Ins Uonfession, he deslaoed.
uBetter Gatdyearteires of hanYou
vr E ,ver Lnow
Goodyear Tires for passenger cars are
V bet ter today than they have ever been.
You need onl1y to comre he wIt
hisr staeement.
ot!d.ers to U;Cctcir nan-Ifet sperior.
ty. We hae nonc en them chargeskn
genera1, and tahniucakatiera
tread, a more powerful body, an
proved Construct throughout
naking Othem larger, stronger,eavier,
and even. mo1re durnbld thaa before.
If you seek the utmost in economical
and satisfactory tire equipment, ask
your nearest Goodyear Service Station
Dealer for Goodyear Tires.
Offices Throughout the World
Et Wr MAChEN, Laurens, S. C.
spor ofdec rofltheneg'ulina
Bete Goodthnyouar niext AndhaniesProu
paesGnoerie hereassee creo rombt
A bettcc andayuf tanwty a erc whchiscun. t y
Pric.Albrtisol naonedol ciaete cmaeclsiemwt
in topothedrsaosee mae eirnfs spentedor- c
tidy ty. tinhaveand-ehathhitaonhyourr
om pond ndreadwil alor powrflbdy an mok
pondti hmios ok cliroe nstrcto thr un til "
andkingtteepoundger, A.tromr upvir
n evettnb more day sibletwen teoree. ih
Ifoyouesekrthep.tout in comebc
$ 1 ig aybe yoati shtr tieeupet s
th o'sgod nears Gaodye a revoluSttionzdpp
Deyo an't fire outea smoies.Ifonvcud
? a whatyou'repassies Suchughoe aorldfrgt t
inreis-nsswcl~heonly-i yueo Prinebr
-gy o get soe words Albr pcit's deihtu smaoke
pati penouhn so gotit tre'sto its areo fom pipe
Tletooacoad ufcwyancorhwhc sCuootb
yll," ;';.7 thatwill in at onal ess! Cmeil-o mk

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