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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, May 18, 1921, Image 8

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World's Big Men Have Laughed
at Father Time,
History Records Many Who Defied
the Calendar-Too Buoy to Take
Note of Crow's Feet.
Sir James Canile titly ell-I len ges
a CII'IetL ui.ictlisoepitionl in his suite
ment : "Old age Is Julst a pose. A
1111111 USult I ly grows (ll heaise lie
thinks it i dignifled. lie sits hack
and lets tihe years <10 whalt they like
with liln." It is not so with the sep
tuagenarian, who rises at 4:30 and
dances Iiighlanti flings. IlI shaures
the spirit of Teniiyson'.s "'Ulysses,"
who could not bear to sit idIle e1111
his isiand crags, or of luarrie's "'eter
Pan,'' who refused to grow1 up, or if
hirn wit,, accordling to anoth'tizer poet,
kept the imuriiortlI chid tarrying ill
his lifetinite in his heart.
We do not have to look long for
mouinental exianples of grenat lmen
who, likte 1liver Werulell liolies in
Is poelin, "The liys," ald Iin Is per
son'tl exaraiple, <1t-lied the enienilar.
To otr: .suh leeni'iially youug gen
tiernan, nail,jr. W. W. Keen, tih
thna:ia!?'y' that :iffetiontely rever's
hini is even now plreimrringi to ilo logll
or. Ti \ will to keep youthful in tle
spirit seelns to be the bigge'st part of
iinsent'scen. We hayve lately had o
casion to consult the record of ia gon
tIemin narnei Ii epburn, who gevlu
itiet froin Prineeton in 1.S32, and ld
not pass a vay until 1911, 71) years
later, when ;w. iid attintied the iripe
age of ninety-six. Unlike inany of the
Old Testatiment patritrli8, of whorn
iothing is recortede but their exet
ing lonigev %ity, I hotor I Hepburn ai Is
usefiIly anIe fruitrfuly husy through
several gerierlations. The oinpir!e of
Jalllt1i, I CoIIItr iy talit Iever forgeits
anyt1hg or aInyb- ly, will froever hold
his tinme iti honor atmong thie btiefac
tors. Not ntertely thud h trin sote
of the fo'reIest of her tllplonits, bit
hie vornipliedl the( fanlous illemaoilry
that re-solved the barrirs letwixt the
torttouttS toigiute of Nippon andl our
Th'le thought of gr-owingp old Is chief
ly oppiresSive to thiose who neve-r grow
an~ythilig (Ise. .\ost of IbhOse who pro
timur', erit', liteve, lre loo busy to
study tirow's f t. Ili fli- ini tror or r.II
vultle p-rceitiges of lII nt4 In the bionies
or avid lin the iilool. riey are not
forevir it a lonely observat tory onl the
outlook for itew syaoptoins. They tre
Up iil iniig, with it wvhiti e Ill pe
fltv for fresh adventire. There Is
"Labrialor" Culbot of Itoston, who 1.4
forover sttlit g (lit on It one-itnan ex
pe(d ition arong the i dnlians of tlie
bairriens not very far frott the lt:so
lato spot where the balloi 'aine flown
with) I i tnIl a rtlilt tot ll his von
raiols. It is useumss to tell hiin .that
ie Is tot obl. Youi iiight is well try
to plmrsuide "(oin Jolin" Ilurroughs
to 41ijit exploring ,warnips .asa forosts
atil laOying with sqtuirr(ls. Niintre,
ttithey till us, hIas no favorites, bit she
ha1ts it wity of graliting to th nitiural
Ists a spevlal gruce lit growing "'old."
The life of Fahre, whih begitIi it 1823
aral flid n1ot enlit until 19J15, linight be
elteql, or tht of Celitvreuil, 1786-18I80.
Mttny artists, rnoreovor, are like St.
(tldets it ti ke 'd to ''in lieitor-a
the runth-st JIok'tilatl, "litrhapls I shall
knowis wat. lit rtr-tnitot uirtve fortt Itny
Paris Not French Capital.
i'itrls is iolt. It'il- iipitl of~i Franine.
anali(iiatl fuel. I 'itrisiants wtiii aret
Ia' ihat l'atris hias It-nsed Ill iir the
stlls- thit Iall Ioll~i tlld euit s Elf I the
abo~tvt (litit are theot'ii llIIy llegal.
Se'~teinbetr 't, 1914, wht't thii govtnt
tonti It'll I'a ris befhore ft' titttttct of
till itlinntiuittid tht Il'llt'deaux wasl
the It'e iIl jtl ilal f Frantctlt, IInttl lull
U.nti IIt'tit-'ibr t his pirottlire wa'is
froit Parls.
No tnt', howeverV't, in thI stress of
thie t lines, thtoughtl to rnst'rt ta tiot Ie
int heit ( ih('lll 1 .tuai t'ttl to ft' t'ffe't. t hat
h(al of Frante.
"Ravages" of Education.
Ant liinrnce itiiti, spetaiking i-s a
conigre(ss tof gtenttral IaIgets ait ma nin
er's Ithit Iof teI ttn thousianitl miein,
ontly' 3'. hadt nto schloolling, 1 ,0{t8 hiad at
ichooitl trin in g an rd 5,1100 iaret college
grin ItIts. WIll somebt'Iody liltgoe lie
Itory3 irt'liritsli of trura11lt teaters in
thIs itatte by3 shotinig thant Aratham
ttitIntion?- 7.t. Lou19Is Post-i sptIchi.
Remote RemIniscence.
F~Ill the lFlowing liowl,' any tnore,"
"tNo," rr-plied)4 Uncle lIlli Iottletop.
"Thioe o'est we over get to a drink
ing song now is 'Comin' Throught the
I iie. "- .ii~taliitn
To show our appreciation of the past two months'
business, we are making a special reduction on all
summer wear and piece goods. With only a few
days left to do your summer shopping, we advise you
to come early and get the pick of the choice mer=
chandise we are now showing.
Clothing Department White Washable Petticoats in Summer Frocks
Al lI Y \ Cotton, Satinette and Satin faImousI Itiig is tie only Orl to Ku(pplene -he a
II('iilei' iinl Si ilos'~Hi (I~Siiit~loveliness' ot the ti summer11110 tran~spairent Orgvandies
hi-r ma hl-bloss Bros. Suits t1111d Voile Dress 'these are coilig il every day
Ptand t he pive(s arIe very a~iittractive. Piees 1'alre froli
1-2 Price potiiolits (ither oI C1P til e house, 01' $9.75 to $22.50
pJli(c5, out ings, etce. They liiU1l(1OI' 1)011111 iflly, '11141
We have Some (xeptionial vailues and advise vou1 in
o b your er needsC Ver 0 We have Choice i ot
* ~~~toll, .-lI t inette (5 , imported) an Sat0.~in ls. All nia ill( I
st raighit, 1l11e (t'10 w~i thi scallop~ed and heniist itchled A wond (erful asso01tmenolt of' Silkc Skirts ill n11inny4
1)ottOnlls, I ilo-I'l lit, shad1(ow prooQf and himve 11011- pre(tty Shades .11nd sty~les, to hec losed lit
Organdies rip placket. 0 1-2 Price
Super-Transparent Swiss Organdies $1.50, $3.50 and $5.00
This fabri c van be washed and ironed withouti till Mgxtra Special-A clean ,4eep of every suist
S ta ad it, will retai its original fiish and waist ill le i s. e must go ere il e
tranispa;ireni y. ar114 is therefore ver'y pralct icable for IU v IL I nL$00GoieteWitnw. ......$5 0
Prices 75c for white; 85c for tl ~'(o ~~sSi~ 10 xod o :~oVie11( IL~ ~is. 1w.......14
Colorsat111j)'0.Ti111ltl' oad11( otiOx
S p-al p i , ea c ia ....011 ....85, ow . .. .. . .....4. hiii ou....,an il Jus....39c ut.;. S eca
'1'-init. 8o(1nfor $8.0,h,1sw..ial...................$4.0
:1'hin soldhho-k$7.in, 1whit.....'.r..a...........$3.5 1.-.Pric
27-in 141h b i1 gra d j~i Dr in ham .... .... il ... 19c 11t.ildfo I ao..........30
)7-n ch'~ best.a gra e tpro-n i14l( li Che k is i To... ... . ...15c1fo 50( o...........25
32-inch hirt .\1draSpercular SilvalDep...t..3t
Extra'li good~ 4iinali.Cutain.ood..... .... ....259c
:;7-iinh ltdok Sard wiper loth, a rd h.... ..$.295 n 41l~'i5 'l~t l~tI' ~il ot
27 10 es Moh ak e lhees... ( luh i.... .......... ...59 c .I'~~)54'ii..............39 1 5
'~ Ix90 ohaw S ot.'....................$1. 9eO e lo is4 notn g ' mOxore prai lth an00 speial $20washorm~to il hrigtob '0~d
Ii 141.Sil I os, i bnol, )I'w~l'adewities,- outings,--- et. Thy aude bauriucyan
(411' rguln 3.0) vlueare ver y s co o ia to havse yat or chocein 4ot
DaviightRliere'eswt scloe n eCompan
Larn,.O titresokoShe.Sosadxfrs for the W o every ly

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