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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, June 01, 1921, Image 3

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"Black-Draught Is In
my opinon, thebest liver i
medicine on the market,"
states Mrs. R. H. Whie
sideof KeotaOkla. She
continues: R had at pain
in my ciest afer eaing
Stight, uncomfortable feel
disagreeable and broug
on headache. I was con
ST ated and knew it ws
?in igestion and inactiv
liver. I began the use o
Black- Draught, night and
tuornin and It sure is.
euorein e and certainly
For over seventy years
this purely vegetable y
oreparation has been ~~
Sfcund beneficial by thou- ',
sanids of persons suffer
ing from effects of a tor
Spid, or slow-acting liver. . -
Indigestion, biliousness, -4~
colic, coated tongue, diz- ~
Sziness, constipation, bit- r~
..ter taste, sleeplessness, -
lack of energy, p~ain in'
ba'ck, piuffiness tinder the.
eals-any or all of these
Ssynmptoms often indicate 72
that there is something
the oater with your
live:. You can't be too
careful about the moi- '
cind you take. Be sure
Sthat the 'name, "Thed
ford's Black-Draught," i
o: the package. At all o ths
Sdruggists. f
9 Accept Only
the Genuine.
Engraved Cards and Invitations.
Advertiser Printing Co.
It Y Pu
AER oubecau
rAth al
Unsftable Conditions Must be Iteme.
died Before Change coies, Says
Philadeli)hia, Mlay 27.-No radical
change for the better in the real cause
of (lepression, "the unstable economic
conditien of Euro!be," 1i remedied,
John Iays Hammond, metallurgic eg
gineer, told delegates to the 25th an
nual convention of the American Cot
ton M-inufacturers' Association which
opened here today.
"In our own country we have great
harvests, a large surplus of American
products of industry, unparalleled ca
pacity of production and world mair
kets piteoulny, though futilely, de
imanding our surpius goods," he aiad.
"It would avail us little, in view of
the lurP0iopean iiltuation, to assume
oir industrial activities to our it
m.ost capacity; indeed, the reaction
would be to a-ggravate the very con
dition undei' which -,%e suffer today.
"It !s lo the co-called 'hackward'
'ountrics of South Amer:ca and Asia
Anrd to issIa, that America must
look In, the long rin for lier futru
foreignl miarkets. Tile developmien t of
these countries wolid involve the ex
pienditire of colloal suims.
liiurca : fiiinancijal centers cani no
longer provide it; the l'nited States
A. W. \labLean, director of tile War
Fi1.nance Corporation tol the conven
Cor there has been lack of leaders,
a11mn banlkers; genlerally in provatlingi
the fiinancial machin ery neceCssairy for
imainitaining our iforeigni trade, "some1
sort of machinery," he declared,
escn' iaI to the fore!gn trad>', upn
xhicl 2ur piosPerity largely depends.'
'Federal tax rgiil:iion.s were dis
1.::'l by I .,r. Thoamas 8. Adams, chief
)moiislt of the treasury depaitment,
and the textile products1( shIow to be
he held at GretI nville, S. C., in October,
wwa explained by William G. Sirrine,
residen1t of tile Southern Tcxtile .:x
p))itioll, fine.
Grove's Tasteless chill Totic restorei
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching tihe Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheAks and how
it iliproves) the appotite, you will theni
appreciate its true tonic valtie.
Grove's Tasteless chiill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
bem All
eats to everybod!'
se of the pleasure
)enefit It affords.
sest-Iasting ref resh
possible to obialn.
led tight- kept
n Its wax-wraPPed
'ty-Proof Package.
Rlavor Lasts
Arrest of Three Priests Brings into
PIuile Notice Again iysterious I-i.
Toklo, May 26.-The sudden arrest
of three ;priests who Preided over the
mysterious Japanese cult known as
Omotokyo, founded by an elderly wo
man named Doguchi, has again
brought into public notice this relig
ion which aroused interest throug:h
out the Empire because it is regard
ed as a strange mixture of extreme
chlauvinism and revolutionary radical
Many extraordinery reports have
recently been circulated concerning
the mysterious influence of the Cult.
For instance, some people attriblitcl
the ieceit Curious 11111rder of a
wealthy Osaka business man while he
was traveling in a train from Toki!
to that city, as an act of vengaance of
.lany wealthy people who herame
Interested in the cult are alleged to
have beea forced to iake lar;ge con
tributions, and it is cel charetd that
solie people who obtainied intinat'
knowledge of the se cret of thoe Ie
ligion mysteriously dipa.teared. Fume
who went to Ayabe, a -mall village in
the province of Tamiba. Kyoto Ple
feeture, -w here is loated thl(ie lead -
quarters of the religion, for the fim
po).s of dlceting the real nati-e and
-Co1e (if the cult, have failed to return
and are( en tirely unaccounted forI
The chzarge pon which the ti rev
priests were recently arrested is un
known and the .Japantse newspapers
have len ftrbidden to ubliSh any
nws (oneurning the irrest. A girl of
11, Naol.i I uchi, the diau:hter of the
founder, io riapiosedl) to b te r
sidin:n presh.; of the t'mple and it.
is declared th-rt oihrr ji iests have -x
plained whe disa!:Inurace of their
leader.. b;y tellingl thec Omlotokiyo wvor
shi!ppets tlat tthey hIi e bhen hiddei
by sein) udto, deity in a rdance
v.ith divine will.
One of the attihute; of the temple
a A :' was i)oftWl ti a :,eri
ve- I ti e o:nu i Ind oi t I I
rl Ih wit c as uoi : :t,0rd to oNi
froin :'. :prhnx of holy* o:-i in. ln
inw. (IIi enw rs fro!i Kobe v*:ri:Ing (n:
Co~II near the temlple unICover..'
((d tw big wa t'-- l:pes whcih fed thc
Vell from a 101y P 1'id. Tle (n.i
ners w\ill xavate hi groiundi of a
cIllt reri-alw.a i ht:11 I t' v the f:1 cco
g-oldeni avilm i io the t -in(. The
sto:- *:, that tin. foniulb r I ih (nh
i ::rtd a I:t1l ymn' ( orth of pure
N"Ob I in t 1 : oor e i tho tr ple an'!
that t'n11 (aIrp:-ut r who were < mv . Ioy
ed ini the cowuntrtion of the lial nc
er ret urned to their homes.
PIZ7E 1.11611 T ON 1 1-:.1N E-:1)
!oi meit .Iilit r s for -'iti.
\ie:mt L. i:'. .\t.sy 2K- C n mr -
ioni of th~ "'entiig ltgilist ii m!!l tn
:n thet -niteil tates. The re: ohlutione ,
htreSte d by lhe as.-mbly'. hoard! of
ti:m:wrani~:-e anm'I mcoratl wvelf:-r, a -
jtroving the \'olte:td act, expre.:.;:.
regr t cr' li t th d itn.-alit of n 1'y
agents. urcgir a natioin-wide ea1:1
pign for tirderal c'in>orsi of Itic 2
iet ietars andut ft deial nat a.e:.i tf
unliftorm il rri:ct. andi divr e law m:,
tarduing th It oeip.oy- airpten ' i ht
hadl heen :neid. in atddititon tto tx
tpreseing cttnidtimnaitiont of the tight,
thie amendiilinenit tcm mends the X Nw
.lersey muinliterst who have opi; ose'd
the hout.
.\ in1st ers of the churich were in
structed that when asked to her
formi marriage cerenmonies they
should ascertain the facts and refuse
to marry persons not entitled to a
Christian marriage. Thme assem'nly
Inst ructed the bhoard to umr~e upcn
state legislatIve bodies lactmeat of
a lawv making a marriagec license in
valid until flve days after the (late of
Its isstiance. In view of the action
taken on the resoluttions, it was de
cided that no additional action taould
be taken up on overture from t he Phil
adelphia 'Presbytery asking for an
ameindment to the chu rch's con fession
of faith, which wouild mak:- it uinlaw
ful for a minister to marry a di vorcei
per'Otn other than the i nnocen t par ty
wvhcre divorce has been gr'antedl on the
groti nd oif adultery, and also prevenit
in:; a marriage by a minister of the
innoent party until the expiration
of one year after the granting of the
dee roe.
Bilious Fe'ver, (Colds and~ fLa(Jrippe, or
monoy relnid. .
From $1155 to $845
The new and powerful
organization has again
reduced prices $150 on
all models. Thus, by a
total reduction of $3 1 0
since last September, it
gives to more buyers the
benefit of the new good
ness ofthe good Maxwell
Carolina Auto Co.
Phone 404 Laurens, S. C.
he Good
- *- -._ .A
Thefe nest '2i-re fo Smal Cas
A 14.1
blcktra and9 ceamy whiea
sides-clean, trim, splendidly
fmnished~-generously large and
full in size, with the Goodrich
anti-skid safety tread.
This tire will give you much
longer mileage, the greatest of
durability, the utmost riding
comfort and the fullest satis
Like all other Goodrich tires
the "30x3A" is made only in one
quality. It is so thoroughly and
unusually good that its makers
frankly declare it the best tire
ever made for smnall cars.
Goodrich 30x 31
anti-skid safety tread fibric tireekrs,0o
now aailale a theDealers everywhere are selling Goodrich Silver
20% ric Rcuc~in wichtown CordsGoodrich Fabric Tires and Goodrich
if W.VRed or Gray Tubes-all one quality--at the 20%~
went into effea Ma 2nd reduction in prices wvhich Goodrich made efiec
tivn Mayo 2nd, 1921.

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