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V * e w * * . e e * - e
* Local and Personal Mention.
** .0
*0 C *" eo' .e * * * * * e e e e
Miss .Nani).e 1ate Hudgens, of
f Greenwood, spent the weok-end with
her sister, Mrs. C. H. Roper.
Mr. Jeff Taylor and family, of Sc
(la, were v!sitors in the city Moni
Miss Theo ,Woods, ho' has cen ie
guest of Miss Sadie ullivan, returned I
to her home in lDarlington Monday.
Mrs. J. II. Mahaffey and four chi-..
dren are guests of Mrs. Mahaffey's sis
ter, Mrs. J. Ii. Shelley, in arlington.
Mirs. John L. (lIkerson, accompan..
led .by .!muter' !illy Launcastcr, is visit
- Ing relative., in Fuiter this week.
Mrs, i. V. Gasquo and -little child
left yesterday for Walhalla to spend
a few (ays with relatives.
M':3. 1. S. 130lt and little son, of
J.Sc'ville, ar.e visiting her father, Mir.
J. H1. Sullivan.
.\Mr. .0John W. Simpson, of Grcens
I:oro, N. C., spent -olnday in the city
with his brother, Col. H. Y. Sinmson.
MI. W. Ii. Dial, Jr., who is with the
U. S. Shipping Board, Is spending
some time in the city with his par
ents, iDr. and Mrs. W. 11. Dial.
Mrs. 13. F. Posey has returned to
the city from Spartanburg and is oc
cupying her home on South Harper
\Ir-. J. Vaddy Thompson, county
auditor, is aga.in confined to his home
on account of sickness after haviig
.suilelently recovered frci his foi'mcr
illie('s t0 ret-urn to his ofico for scv
oral lays.
F Ie::ds of Mir. 'T. Coke Turner, Jr.,
cf Girecavilla. were glad to see 1im1
in the city mlOdiay. Ile was accoim
l)anfl!cd by Mr. W. M. Anderson, alo
of Greenville, the two com:ng d-.ii on
legal business.
-I:i. ay. Raland has bo.n very
ill at her hCl on West Main street
for several days. Very little change
hag beo noted Ili Ier' condition andi
many fears are entertained as to heri
recovery on account of 'her advanced
I Mrs., C. M. Miller lcft Monday for
:olun.-'>ia to visit her son, Jack, who
has been under treatment there for
several weeks. News from the hos
pital is to the effect thnt lie is rapidly
mending after his operation and that
lie Is on the road to recovery.
Mrs. F. P. .lciowan and Miss Cliar
lotte McGowan left a few days ago for
Charlottesville, Va., to attend the com
mencement exercises of the University
of Virginia where Mrs. Mc~oan's
son, William 13. McGowan graduates
i the law department.
- "Uncle" .lohn R. Finley, of Madden
Station, who has been "under the
weather" for some time was able to be
in town again Friday. Ile was not
dressed up as "sporty" as lie some
tjmes i; on Saturdays and Saleadays,.
but lie had a good t rong voice with
him and looked good for a : long teirm
of years yet.
Sibatanhurg ('ompan y (Geds Perisi
sion1 for Big Power Rate increase.
Ander'son, May 30.-At a hearing
held here today beofoi'e Federal District
Jludge Hi. ii. Watkins, the 1lectic
Lyight and Powei' company of Spartan
'bmrg was, allowed an incr'ease of -10.2
pler' cent I ini e'lectice power rates, to
hecome effctive Juine I and continue
In foi'ce for six months, or' until 't-h
or'dtrI is r'evoked.
The order~i read~s: "'It is her'eby, 01
(h'red thaut the recelve' be and lie is
instructed and direct ed that on and
afteir June 1, 1921, the i'ate toi be
char'ged for electriic energy to textile
mills andl other lai'ge users of power
having a connected load of One liun
dredC~ hoise p)owerC or more shall be as
follows: For flrct 25,000 kilowatts, 1.5
cents .:per imonth; next 50,000, 1.25;
next 50,000, 1.0; next 100,000, .90; in
excess of 225,000, .85.
* * * * e oe * e e e * .
* -
* .
Bethany, May 30.-The farmers of
this community are having success,
although they have had to iplanit over
several times.
Our 11. Y. P. U. is docing a great
wor'k We are goIng to have a public
Ameeting June 5. 10veirybody has at
sp)ecial invitation.
Mrs. Pink Patton is very sick now.
.\l-r. and Mrs. W. 'N. Stephens hiad a
littlo girl to conme Into the~r home
May l~th. They have named it Willie
Mr. and Mris. Reid Cooper' sipent the
(lay with Mr's. Blutler' Cooper Sunday,
May 22nd.
There was a good Cro'wd at the
singing at Gr'ays school 'house Sunday.
Mi's. Furman Morris is very sIck
after having her tonsils removed.
Miss:Nell Cook in-dt ljomne from Win
* Mira lirene F'owlei' sipent the after
--r'.v l ('d,'v yono asu F"liud t o see
ho:' t thua tlime.
,luf- Sawye c'
Invitations were issued last .weei: by
Mr. and, Mrs. Augustus Huff to the
marriage of their daughter, Viviaji B.,
to Mr. Dan H. Sawyer, of Sally. -Pho
wedding is to take place at' the hoQme
of the Ibrid 's parents oil West Main
street, Jne 7 at 6 o'clock P1. M. Miss
Huff has been teaching school at Smlly
for several years and is a young lady
of man, accomplishments. The groom
to-be Is a. prolmilcnt merchant of that
Cash P rizesj Dilstribiut(ei to Farmersm
for Gmod Work on One Acre.
,Plckens, May 2.-County Agent T.
A. Powei has recently closed an in
tcrcsting 'hay contest. Last fall the
Plickens Chamber of Commerce donat
ed four cash prizes to 'be -used In the
work. Considemeble interest was
shown-about seventy entering the
contest. The judges, Mrs. Iraine Mil
leir, Messrs. J. o. Saunders, and R. M.
Stewart, announeed the wvinners a few
days ago. They are Clarence Free
man, of near Glassy Mountain, Leslie
Morgan, Central; A. .j. Morris, Pick
ens, and Sloan Chtidress, of Cross
Roads. Mi'. Morris, one of the prize
vinners, and an enthusiast on home
2rcwn food stuffs, has kndly donatedi
his prize toward a fund for another
contcst this fall.
The contest consisted of the best
one acre plot of oats and crimson
clover. An interesting fact that hay
can be grown here cheaper than the
freight on the -western grown hay.
T:ie interest in the boys' corn and
:! club work is greater this year
than ever before in this county, says
Mr. Bowen. In addition to the clubs
several communities are considering
the. plan for a community fair, which
will be .held in connection with
the county fair. The Ambler school
is the first to perfect' an organiza
tion for a commun~y fair. Several
other section will lik'ely folloW.
Many fields of cotton where the
stand is poor, due to the cool weather
Is being .:)lowed- and planted in corn
and peas or other feed stuffs.
e o e **oe e ** e e e e ee
Clinton, May 80.-Miss Eugenia
Brennen, of Chester, is the guest of
Miss Elizabeth Young.
Misses Collett Griflin, Emily Philips
and. M%1rgaret Motz, returned ldst FrI
(lay from Winthrop College.
Miss May Owens is spending several
days in Rock ili attending Winthrop
College commencement.
Misses Rowena Jones, Mary lenry,
H. and Nan Copeland, Elizabeth
Dou-gias and Elizabeth Young ar e
home from 'hicora College.
Mrs. Wi. Bailey Owens spent last
Thursday in Greenwood.
iiss Helen Bailey left Last Wednes
day for Newv York city to spend seV
erali weekr with firiends.
Mir. and Mirs. H-ugh Giles and son,
of Greenwood, spent Suinday with Mr.
and Mrs. E. S. F. Giles.
Mrm. and Mars. J1. F. Jacobs, Sr'., aiid
Miss Clar'a D~uckett spont the week
endi ini 'Anders'on with r'elativcs.
Mrs. Forrest Summners and son r'e
tui'nedl to theIr home in Newbeirry
Sunday, after spending several days
with relatives.
;Mrs. Reese Young delightfully en
ter'tain ed -the "'TueC.idl~y Club'' last
week. After a pleasant hour' or sew
lag and conversation the hostess
served a delicious salad course and
ice tea to the mnember:s.
Mi's. J. F. Jacobs, Sr'., was hostess
to the F'riendlhy D~ozen BHook Club last
Wednesday afte'rnoon. After several
gamnes of Rook the hostess assistedi by
Miss Clara Duckett, served a delicious
salad ccairse and iced tea to about 20
The Actean Book Club met last
week -with Mrs. E. J. Adair. After
several games of Rook Mrs. Adair
served a tel;pting salad course and
ice cream 'and cake. ,
Mrs. J. 1. Copelad entertained the
College Glee Club and a few fiends
at a ha'A'n party last Friday evening.
Mrs. D). M. Doeu.gas entertained the
Junirs and Seniors of the college
andl their friends last Saturday even
ing. .
Mosdamies John Iholland Hunter and
Judlie Chandler spent last Thur'sday ini
Abb'ev~ille with relatives.
Mi'. aind Mr's. H ale Shanuls spent sev
era11 (ays last week in Atlanta.
Mr. andl Mrs. Guy HI. Copeland and
son, of Cartersvihll p.(a., awe the
guests of Mr. and Mts. llhett Coplehandl.
Mr'. and Mrs. Roger' Coe, of Rome,
G;a., are the guests of Mr. and Mi's.
WV. Hi. Shainds.
Mr. Cris Adalt' spent the week-end
in ('olumbia.
Mr. W. J1. Bailey spent Mondlay in
Columbia on business.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
r ti e Cudh and Headache and works off the
You pay no cash. R<
gard less of how old yot
1 present cabinet may bi
we will allow you froi
$5.00 to $20.00 for it.
You pay the balance i
2 small weekly paymeni
No extra charge f<
these terms.
The regular low 192
prices on the Hoosii
3 prevail during this o
fer. These prices ai
fixed by the factory.
No interest charges---r
extras. You pay t
4 low factory prices---le
our liberal allowani
for your present caL
* *
Cross Hi, M;ay 29.--A wonderful
record has been made in the Cror's
-11111 high school byv the C'ol eman lam -
ily of 'this town. Alma Coleman, who
grad~ua ted th1:is year from thle tenthl
gradle, ha.s 1 een) going to school for
tenl years and has not mnissedl cne day
in all that time-a pierfect attendance.
Can any school any1wwhere, come up to
this record? Lorene Colenman has comn
pleted the seventh grade and has
missedl hut one daty. .James ColemanI
has complleted the fourth grade and
hase not missed a day. Polly Colenman
has finished the second grade and has
not missed a (lay.
Term IHonor Roll
Tenth Grade-Mae itt, Myrtle
Black, Besse Jiitt.
Ninth Grade-Earle Ratchfordl, Mi
rianm .Why te.
Eighth Grade-Gladys Thompson,
Calhoun Pinson.
Seventh Grade-Horace Mc~.wain,
Margaret Rlasor, Lorene Coleman,
Helen Griffln, Anna Corley.
Sixth Grade-Elizabeth Hil11, Clara
Dial, Frances Hlitt. -
Fifth Grade-Blanche Aust~n, Es
teib Wade, Riosa Turner, lone Ropp,
Pierce Chandler.
Fourth (Grade-.John MeSwain, Mil
dred Hil1l.
Trhird Gradeci-DTorothy Iliitt, Joe
Noffz, I benry Raror, Ditsy -Leopmara,
Mario Gregory, Ross Coffey.
Second Grade-Jim Hughl Austin.
IPolly Coleman, Jewel Turner, Frances
WValker, Firanklin Hanna, George Man
heim Hiannan, Evelyn Coffey, sara
Flirst Gr'ade-Augitptums Goddard', Ei
D~ora W'orknman, Niithan i nna, (;rovr
hnanna, rnnet P~nsn
'20.OO for Your OLD
Allowed as a First Payment on a
- No matter how old or how new your pres
ent Kitchen Cabinet may be, it will pay you
to trade it in on a fine new HOOSIER
BEAUTY. We will make you a liberal al- to Present
lowance on your old cabinet, which we will
bring back when we deliver your HOOS
IER. You pay no money at the time of
. purchase. .fyuhvehdyu
puchse HOOSIER ten years or
r If you do not own a more, here is our
proposition. We will al
Cabinet now low you the full price you
$ Delivers Your paid for your HOOSIER
OSIERwhen new, less $1.00 for
H OSIEReach year you have had it.
r There ne was a Kitchen Cabinet that This is possible because
could real y save steps and work the way there is less depreciation
the HOOSIER does. Two million women iE tha any othe hous
now own the HOOSIER---and declare it the hold device. An old
greatest Kitchen Convenience ever created. HOOSIER is worth more
f- than many new cabinets.
re Once you permit us to demonstrate the
HOOSIER to you, no other Kitchen Cabi- Think that fero/
. et will sotisfy you. If you want the best men that whe HOu
m Cabinet made, the one. that makes the work tR you l 1100a
ie easiest, investigate the HOOSIER NOW.
S's $1.00 a year f( r the use
___________________________ ou had out of the HOOS
*S. M. & E. H. WILKES & CO. Hv o vrhado
Laurens,~. ~ moeial offer
OldPrtc Prewentc
BUIC Thre-Pasengr Radstr.Ho--s$,99 $1,690
BUIK Fve.assnge ouingar. If you99 havehadyou
BUIK Fur-asengr Cupe--- mor$282 heres6ou
Allofaboe arsfite wih estmpr Oiton TIESwllal
"Whe Beter utombils arBulthuic Will Bulsshem.00fo
ERN STR.Ahnyohroue
holdrdevie.SAn ol

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