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The following letter has beeui re
ceived during the Past few days by
Mr. 'L. S. Dolt from his son, 'Lieut.
Ueland Bolt, U. S. A., who wns recent
lV ucnt to Manila, Phillipen Islands,
with the 45th Infantry:
Vt. McKinley,;
Manila, P. 1.,
April 21, 1921.
'Dear -Papa:
Til write a few lines to let you
know what is going on in this heathen
world over here.
We landed 0 K from the good ship
Logan after twenty-eight long days on
the high seas. The weather was fine
all the way, no storms at all, and it
was a very delightful trip and quite
a revelation to me. It is just impos
sible to conceive of the Pacific till you
try to cross it, and then after spending
weeks in the journey it is quite a
mystery to know where all the water
comes from, but I tell you land was
the most pleasant sight that we sair
in the entire trip and it was like a
rush to a gold mine getting off when
we -linally docked at Manila. I wrote
home from -lonolulu, but that's over
.a month ago now and seems longer for
l haven't received any mail except The
Advertiser. You might inform all the
congrega-tion that the seven thousand
miles on sea did not make me sick, as
everybd' was telling me the horrors
of seasickness. A good many of the
passeng:;ers got ter iibly sick, especial
ly the ladies, but I think they thought
about it so mu ch that -they got sick.
We stopped at Guam which is the
most desolate Oafd isolated place in
creation, a little island about live by
six miles sitting out in the middle of
the ocean. I am glad that the army
has no post there, for it would be
terribl to spend t'wo years there on
"Put Away
Fresh eggs are prob;
will be this year. Ptat ti
while they are cheap, a
winter when they are sci
We Sell It.-.
Putnam's I
108 Ma
To Build Y4
To Pay Of f
To Improve
And You Can Pay it B
A penny held too eh(
the sun. If you hope t<
while you should own at
the earth's surface.
Opportunity knocks,
door. See me and let m
.*W. T.
a little spot of land liable .to, be swept
away by a-big wave. Hawaii, though,
is the garden spot, it can't be Improved
After leaving Guam our next sight
of land was Samar, one of the -Philli
pine Islands, and it was quite a beau
tiful trip coming through the San
Bernadine Straits which took a day
and night. I thought that these is
lands ny'ere small, but they are scat
tered all over 'the ocean and it takes
about four or five days to go through
them. 'We landed in Manila Bay just
ioutside of the city Saturday night too
late to go ashore, but we got off next
morning as soon as possible.
'Manila is certainly a queer and in
teresting old .town with many signs of
Spasish ownership. Part of the city is
closed in by a great wall and is called
Intro-Muros. This was a defense
:built .by the Spaniards, and all the
buildings are very old and out of date
with narrow alleys for streets. The
main part of the town is built around
this mwall and looks somewhat like a
U. S. town except for the population
which i a little of everything-most
ly dark. The .big business places
-though are run by Americans as you
would naturally expect. I think most
every nation is represented except the
Israelites, and it must be too hot for
These natives are certainly curiosl
ties and it surely makes one appre
clate the l'nited States when they get4
a glimpse of their miode of livmig.
T!eir iouses are ibuilt of bamboo, cov
ered with grass and high off the
ground. They are very socialistic, es
pecially kind to animals, allowing
them the same ;rivileges as their
clil Idren, and the house is openi to all
comersfl hogs included. It is a puzzle
MAienilon Tourists and
You shoild have One of
olr "Tourists S'pecial
Tentobed" large enoupi
for three people $75, or
one large elotili for
two $70. Requires nO
pol' o or stakes, can h
set .1 in five to eight
m .. Rolls u .1
feet o inches long and 9
i nces ( iameter in wa
ier-proof cover.
COL111131MA S1,'1'PLY
-S23 West Gerals Street
oillmbia, S. 4.
"Eggs Now
ibly as low now as they
iem away with
nd have fresh eggs next
irce and high.
50c a Quart
)rug Store
ina Street
4 Per Cent
>u a Home
a Mortgage
Your Property
ack on the Monthly Plan
se to the eye shuts out
> remain on earth for a
least a few square feet of
but you must open the
e explai.
me 427
soldier8 are aboutjhe only ones to get
a square meal regularly.
I rounded up Mr. McCarley and he
was quite surprised to see me and
w'as very interested to know what was
goin'g on in the old home .town. He is
in the Philippine-American Drug Co.,
the biggest In Manila, and is quite sat
isfied after being here eighteen.years.
I also met one of my old friends from
Camp Grant and another one rrom
San Antonio; they are In the govern
ment service over here. This world Is
not so large after all, for .ten thous
and miles. does not separate all ac
4fuaintances and everywhere I go I
meet some one I have seen formerly.
We are stationed at Ft. McKinley
just outside of Manila and it Is a very
pretty place. We have the Philippine
Scouts, and they are the best soldiers
I have seen anywhere. Their only
trouble -is understanding E'nglish, and
it is quite a job to met much out of
sone of them when it comes to ng
lishi. They are proud of their uni
form and will do anything for us, and
t6o, they don't 'bother about booze
which is unlimited over here, thus the
attraction for the booze hounds.
If anyone should ask you whether
it is hot over here just ask them if
fire hurns, for it certainly Is. How
ever, it is not the same heat as rwe
have and a sunstroke is never heard
of. One good thing though it is cool
at night, which makes It very fine. It
was quite a change in climate for me,
for as you renieiber it was snowing
when I left home and I almoat burnt
up1) wien I first got here, till I could
gtt wiNte1" uni1form.; which are vr
caol and coml fortable.
Don't worry if you 0do not hear fromn
me often for the boats don't run re'g
ularly, sometimies there are tixo a
week and then niav be two weeks be
fore another one.
I got Iy promIfotioln to Ist Lieuten
aat juat :.fter landinrg.
Tell everybody that I am getting
along f:ne out for thei to stay in the
l'nited SFtates if they want to live in
1prosperity and a civilized country.
Love to all,
16th Inf. (P. S.)
Pt. McKinley,
Rizal, P. 1.
(I 'ial Is the province, as our..county.)
1ihls on Link Froi City lo l)eadfall.
flonds Already Sold.
Newberry, .lay 26.-Several toad
buildel's and contractor were here
today to put inl bids for building the
highway from Newberrv to ipleadfall,
.5 amiles, that being the distance
from the city limits to Deadfall. lhalf
of the actual exlenise for tills highway
will be paid by the federal govern.
ment, because It is a portion of a
counIty to cotity highway. Deadfall
is on the highway betiween Newberry
and Saltda, a1nd~ It is also otn the high
way -b)otween Newberry and GIreen
wood. At D'adfall the roadh fotrks, the
left fork going to Saluda, the tight to
Chappellis, arid itresumaubly on to the
Saluda riv~er near the Southern rail
road bridge, bitt the contract for
building hbeyondl Deadfall is riot con
cerned in the bids put in totday--only
t hat .:ortlon betweeni Newberry and
Deadfall. After the bids were in and
were being conisidleredl it was decided
by the county hiighwny counnmmssioner,
.Mr. Dlou ~ are, andi~ .\lir:. Sloan, repre
sent ing the state' highwvay commiassion,
to carry thle bhlds to CIoluin:la for f uri
hemr conisidersti~on and for' making thle
Newbierry' county sold its issure of
$ t00,t00t of road .honds a few dlays ago
to J1. S. Ilistpan, of Atlanta, throught
the Newberry Naulonah bank, re'alizinig
$:12,000 not for' thmem. The bonds are
i pecent. -in year bends, the Interest
to 1)0 .paid semi-annually ntthe Na
tIorial Park hank, New York.
TPhe contractors have almost comn
pleted their contract for a topsoil t (51a
between Prosperity and Kiniardis, a
(istance of 18 miles, not counting the
two miles through the city of New
htrry. Whien the work is completed,
the portion of the Piedmont 'highway
that runs through NdA-berry county
will compar'e favor'ably with any part
of the highway bietween Charleston
and Asheville. 'Work Is going on als~o
on the Appalachian h~hrway betweren
Newtherry anid W.hltmre, a disrtance
of 18 miles, and that portion is ex;met
ed to lbe 'ni fine fIx before the summer
travel toward the mountaias sets in.
The Spartanburg boosters who pas~sed
over' it Monday on their way to Char
leston hpronounced it "not bad"nowv.
In the city large forces of 'work
men are making steady progress in
paving Main and College streets, the
two langest and most traveled streets
in tiho city. After finishing these two
streets certain other streets will .be
allowed to make application for pav
ing. 'The -paving Is beIng done under
the plan of havinig the albuttink pro
pen'ty on either side of a street to :'ay
one-fourth of the cost, thus relieving
t.he city of one-half the expnsea.
T11 U v
Anniversary ae
Starts Thursday, June 2nd.
This store is one year old this month.
We take this opportunity to thank the people of- Lau
rens and surrounding territory for the splendid patronage
we received during our first year in their town.
Notwithstanding the fact that this has been a bad year
to do business in, we have enjoyed a wholesome business,
and at the beginning of our second year we are going to
try to beat our last year's record by giving you better val
ues for your money than ever before.
To celebrate our birthday we are going to hold a real
sale. You will find prices lower than they have been in
several years.
"An inch of demonstration is worth a yard of explan
ation" is an old proverb, so come around and see for
Here are a few of the bargains:
Yard Wide Nainsook Men's Blue Buckle and
A nice <i4ality, fully bleached
10c aon's Anniversary Sale Pvrice
c a Yardir
9-4 Sheeting
81 inielcs wide. n111blelClelltd Sheetinrx Men'& Summer Union Suits
Cohien's Anniversary Sale Pricil
35c a Yard 8uuuuuuijer's IICCdl ill I inlCweal.
Buster Brown and Blue Bird
SilkHose49c a Suit
Silk Hose
Ladis 1'uu ~Sd K I loe, .'auuvd bck, 1.5 UOI nioni Stiits
Ladies llre Silk Ho , back,Col 's Aniveary Sle I re
all I sizes
Cohen's Auniversary Sale Price 75c a Suit
65c a Pair
Chambray, Cheviot andArel1.0Sht.ut lFiuaellct
On tbe fGinghams Ce' nvr~uvSl rc
Ondal f l kinds of Gin ghamn, Cheviach
andi Chuamburay
Cohen's Anniverary Sale Picej Me'Sik hrt
10c a Yard ieil htalsie
Table Oil Cloth$49
White and Colors, heQ.t <ina&lity
Cohen's Anniv1ersary Sale Price MnsSl il ok
29c a Yard Wit le ~o ,G cGe n
Ladies' Hose, 4 Pairs for 25c li'. nieraySePje
GoodI Stockings 'for ever.y day wear, black, 2caP i
'bro(wn1 and1 wh1ite are the co1ors. D on 't
misthis o)pportunlity to lay ina supply13. M nsM da hrs 13
(Coheni's Anniversary Sale Priice \~~10 hrs ~1ls oos
4 Pairs for 25c Ul sAnvraySl rc
Wirthmor Voile Waists$13
Ladics' Wirthmnor WVaists known~ through...e'Lil hed oe 5
out t he landl for' their flue (inailit y andilWI wok- I 1'u13 \eerzd cmd 1a , a ra
mm ::hui p. Tleni( dilferenut styles to pick from.Sc~d~
'oei'sAtiesr aeieCohen's Anniversary Sale Price
95c 2caPi
'Fruit of the Loom Bleaching Yr ieSaIlnS
(enuine Fruit of the Loom 'BleachingA fllyd ie
Cohen's Anniversary Sale Pr'ice Chn' niesr aeP c
15c a Yard
Bleached Pajama Cheelis5caYd
36 inches wi'de, fine for Underwear. IrtyldtrnJ~tarvd 0 ~an
Cohen's Anniver sary Sale Price('hn'Anlciay ae Iii
lSctadnd2ardOvrd l ie
LAURNS mrUio ut

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