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To Cure a Cold In One Day
toathe Cv~ aund Headache and workesf the
E.W ROVES signature on each bo 30c.
Take notice that on the 11th day df
June, 1921, iwe will render a ilnal ac
count of our acts and doings as Execu
tors of the estate of G. W. Babb de
ceased, in the office of the Judge of
Probate of Laurens county, at 11
o'clock, a. in. and on the same day vill
apply for a final discharge from our
trust as Executors.
Any person indebted to said estate
is notified and required to make pay
ment on that date; and all persons
having claims against said estate will
present them on or before said date,
duly proven or .be forever barred.
M1ay 11, 1921. 43-5t-A
The next time
you buy calomel
ask for
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nauscaless, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improved. Sold
only in scaled packages.
Price 35c.
UL A'\
That Willard Threaded
f Rubber Insulation can be de
! pended upon to outlast the
battery plates. Ends the expense
of wood-separator replacement.
That wood separators may
seem cheaper at the beginning
but insula tion is always cheap
er in the end.
fhat our responsibility to
you lasts as long as your battery
is in service.
That the Willard Threaded
Rubber Battery is the highest
point in battery achievement.
We're here to tell you about it
--the only battery with Thread.
ed Rubber Insulation.
Laurens Storage
Battery Company
W. Laurens St.
Phone 446
President Harding Calls on Commis.
ston. Asks as to Moves.
Washington, June 1.-While railroad
executives were pressing 'before con
gress today their plea for relief from
financial emibarrassments, President
Harding took direct action to satisfy
himself that a revision of freight
rates, particularly on necessities,
would be a part of the general rail
way readjustment.
Walking unannounced Into the of
fice of the interstate commerce com
mission, the ipresident inquired of the
commissioners what they were doing
toward the relief of shippers who had
found some of the .present rates tin
reasonably burdensome. lie was as
sured that the whole subject was -un
der investigation and that the com
mission hoped soon to effect broad
revision through the voluntary action
of the roads. The hauling charges for
fruit products over iWestorn roads
were made a specific example by Mr.
Harding in pressing his inquiries. The
commission officials replied that the
fruit sCheIulos already were receiv
ing informal consideration.
Although it was indicated that the
question of ratos prompted the pres
ident's call on the commission, it was
assumod that during the half hour's
conference mention also was made of
the road's pro:)osal that the govern
ment discharge at once its debt to
them girowing out of federal control.
This piroposal was renewed before the
senate interstate commerce committee
during the day by Samuel Rea, presi
dent of the Pennsylvania lines, who
arigue d that such action would be no
inore than in keeping with the word
of tle government given at te time
the rois were taken over. The sug
gestioin is known to have received
carieful con sideration by tie presi
dent and his advis1rs, and -a the
subject of :1 conference yesteratly be
t eIn .Ir. I larding, Chairman 'um
min 11 t (le interstate commrerce comn
mifite and Dr. dei Davis of tle rail
road adiistration.
In visitilug tle interstate coinerco
commission today .lir. (Iarid ing toel
nically was dealing with a part of the
governmbent, entirely outside tle ex
ecutive branch, and he asu red tlie
coill iissioners that he had come slinm
ply in the interest of cooperation and
general welfare. WFlnce lie had oIlleial
right to communlliielt' with congrless
regarding rates. he explained he felt
that lie mnight enjoy the same priv
ilege in regard to the commission set
ill as flie agent of congress in the
making of rates.
. 'efore t1 senate interstate corn
ImIice Committee .ir. Rea repeated Iis
arguin mit of yest erday that tile gov
ernment was in duty hound to return
tile roilds to their owners in as good
coilition as wi en they werie ta ken
over, aud decla red thAt tle .president
had powe r :o crry out tle roads' re
habilitation prioIoml itnd thus iit
railway finances once mom on a
souin d foiudatilon wi thou t furithler leg
lslat~ln by conigreiss.
Must Not Ite-Mfarry l'ersonis Ihor('ed.
Wouild 1'phold4 Lniw.
G reenvillhe, Ju ne I.-"'Hecause I be
eve that t he law of the state of South
Ca rollina reflects and uphlol ds thei. ideal
and1( stanida rd (of marr'iiage whiich Chriist
Ilhiims(lf has taught us, I have ruled
tha t unrde r 1no condlitio w(1 ~ill I give per
miioiin to the clergy oif the (church In
SouthI Cariol ina to r'emar ry div~orced
iec.>le," sid the Rit. Iter., Win. A.
('uerr'y, bishop of the South Carolina
(diocese of the Episcopal church ini ad
dressinig the annual conv'ention of wo
mien tf the diocese here today.
L.'ishop Gumerry said that he had
Staltcd thIs poi5tion at previous times
but that so many new clergy have
joinedl the ranks in this state and so
nmany applicatIons have come to him
to permzot the clergy to remarry di
vorcedV~ petople that he felt it hiis dutty
to rilteriate his position at this time.
Thew chutrc'h, Bishop Guriry says, al
lows the remarriage of the innocent
party where a dleci'ee Is granted be
enuise of adultery. Hiowever, hie said,
"in South Carolina the law of the
state per'mits no divorce andl no mar
riare of people dilvor'ced in other1
states," 'Ind foi' this reason he feels
he iaulst take thiis stand in diity to
t he state as well as to the church.
Th~Ie convention of the chiirtch ser
vice league, being heldl jointly wIth
the main convenition, closed Its ses
sion today aftei' electing oflicer's as
follows: is. .James H1. Cain, Columi
bia ', piesiiet .\Mlrs. Joltni Gary Evans,
Sparltaniburg, vilee prieslient; .\lrot. (.
I,. Diai, Volumubla, antd .Alrs. WV. 11.
thiid v~('( priesents; .\mrs. i-. .\i. I rby,
C'oluimbia, sec reta ry, and .\lris. TV. V.
I lannatfoid, Chlarleston, tr('asurer'i.
T(onighit a recepitlon was tendoeired
the visitors by the Itev. and Mirs.
Fr nk A. Jimhan of Chr iist clhurch,
GreetillI e, at whicii .\lIIss Al Ice Griegg,
mnissi'anary to Chin2, wits a gelest of
No Agreement Between China and
Berlin, May 1.-China and Germany
aiparently are no closer to an actual
restoration of diplomtic relations
than they were six months ago in
spite of the fact that -unofficial dele
gations are at work in both coun
tries trying to .perfect a treaty.
Hlerr von Borch heads the German
delegation which Is :working in Pek
ing and Dr. Chang is chairman of the
Chinese delegation which is living at
the Chinese legation in Berlin.
-Although China passed a resolution
declaring it was at peace with Ger
many, following the refusal of the
Chinese to sign the Versailles treaty
because of the dispositlon made of
Shantung province, the Chinese gov
ernment has not yet abrogated its leg
islation forbidding Germans to carry
on 'business in China.
Consequently, German firms are un
able to conduct busines with the
'Chinese in the name of German cit
izens. While the Chinese war logisla
tion is not rigidly enforced, it still
stands on the Chinese statute books,
and German trade is not regarded as
safe until there is some written
agreement betweenl China and Grer
many which wll prevent legal com
It now seems unlikely that China
will sign a treaty with Giermany tin
til the I'nited States devises some
plan of restoring diploia tic relations
wit'h Germany. China followed Amer
lea's lead in breaking off dipliomatic
relations with Gormanly and did not
en:vIr tle war agailst the CenUtral
-l'Owers ut"iI the U'nited States had
done so.
\len China entered the war it
Wsas an associated powir. and not
as an allied ipower of the entente.
A1d nlow.. it staind vith the U n ited
States qa ion-signatory to the \er
tilles trea ty and critieal of the pro
viions of that treaty. China is a
mer.I )er of the league of nations, how
ever having gained admission to that
body by signing the Austrian treaty.
Theoretieally, China is at peace with
Gernian y. It ias no declared Itself by
legal enactment. lit all the legal
steps necessary for the restoration of
(iploniatIc relations must be taken be
fore peaceful relations and commer
cial Interelhange are possible.
China and Germany have not ex
changed ministers and consuls. I)r.
Chang has the sale uilcerItain posi
tion in lerlin that Elllis boring Dres
el, the Ameri ai commfisissione.r, holds.
Both the Chinese an( Aimerican re;
resentatives are In Gnermany merely
through tle couirtesy of tie Gernaoi
Gloverin meit. and Dr. itorelh is iII iek -
Ing merely as a recognized negoth
tor wihout any diplomatic righII ts or
lARliliSIlPS OF WAlt
Inditignanit Proftest lHeling 3ade to
Governimenti that .1t'en are Not Pro
perly (Cired l'or.
Lisbon, .\ay I16.--Amrican(11 soldiers
WI-. compi.laIin that tihe governmcnt
dioes nt. p rollrly take ca re of di s
aled vet erans of the great war
plrobablIy are ini no worse at fix than
some of tihe Portutguese w ho si mi lar
ly suffered and on n hose behalf in
digniant protests are ,being madeI to
the Portuguese governmlient.
Thle greatest indignatio-ai has been
aroused o here by the (discovery that 25
wounaded soldlier hadl been'l dischlarg
ed from a government institution with
an allowance equivalent to about 25
cents a dlay.
'Finding themselves destitute, the
disabled men had diecidled to form a
group and beg alms in the streets of
Lisbon but they were induced not
to doC this .by promismes that their case
would be presented to parl iame'nt and
compjlaint would ,be mnade agaInst the
action of the war ofilee. Subscrip
tions were taken up for them.
All the leading newspapiers joined
in the agitation and one of them
th reatened thatI If the government (11(
not .:ropei ly aid the dlisawbledi men that
they wouIld heC formed into a proces
sion to march tiirough the streets beg
ging alms.
As showing the distress of some oIf
the men who fought for Portugal in
the great war the ImllRiprns says that
one soldier nearly blinod is still wear
lng tile splectacles; given to imi by the
Ge(rmanls, thlat aniothier is wearing a
wooden leg given by the French whlile
aniot her le t ryIig to sulpport a wife
and three .ildren on hbl; allowance
of 35 cents a day.
On thle othier hand, the war minist ry
ihas deni ed any l ack of carme for' the
dIi nabled soldiers anmd a ~s etd that
mon ny have bjeen offered! posta:.
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Wortna have an un
healthy color, which indicates poor blood, and1 asa
ruie. there ia more or I essatomach dlistt'rbar.
larly for two or three vdecks~will cench th~e blood.
improve ? ho dlgestlon:nnd act as a general Strenglth
ening Tonic to the whole system. Nntuiro'will then
threw offeor dispel the worms, and theChild wiiihe
in perfect halth. Plaannt to take. COc ner bottle.
Prices Down.
Chalmers Car Now a Better Buy $
Than Ever at Its New Low Level of 1545
Chalmers prices are reduced, the new level being from $150
to $300 under the old.
The five-passenger Touring Car, which was $1795, is now
$1545. The Roadster (was $1795) is now $1495.
The seven-passenger Touring Car, which was $1945, is now
The Sedan (was $2745) is now $2445; the Coupe (was $2595)
is now $2295; the Sport Car (was $1995) is now $1695.
The wonderful Chalmers motor, the fine Chalmers car---its
economyj its performance, its reliable, consistent service, its
comfort and beauty-had already made this car an invest
ment far above par.
At these new prices, we do not know of anything that even
closely approaches the Chalmers from the standpoint of gen
uine money's worth.
It is even more important now than a month ago to scan the
market carefully before you buy your car.
Do this with the Chalmers, and its nfv price, as your measur
ing rod, and we are sure you will se the excess value which
this car offers.
New Low Prices
S-Pass. Touring Car, $1545 7-Pass. Tourig Car. $17?95 Coupe -$2295
Roudater . . . 1495 Sport Car . .- 1695 Scdoen . . . . 2443
Prices F. 0. 13 Factory, war taT to bo addod
Goodrich Tire. Prices
reduced20 p cent
The last word in Quality
The best..word in Price
. 3O-34 . 24.5O *2.55
i-ai -s32.9~ a-s9O
IEI4~ E 47.3O M4id
33x~1 ~48.40 74.6
34x44j *49.65 ~4.75
33x5 *58.90 *5.55
.35x5 *61.90 *5.80
Fabric Tires
smooth 30x3 *12.OO Isafety 32-4 $269OI
sarety 30x3 *I3.45 Isafet 33"4 *2830I
saet 3O3%*~16DO sarety 334% 371

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