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Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
It brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening. Invigor.
ating Effect. 60c.
Winthrop Coll e
The examination for the award of
vacant Scholarships in Winthrop Col
lege and for admission of new students
will be held at the County Court House
on Friday, July 1, at 9 a. m. Appli
cants must not be less than sixteen
years of nge. When Scholarships are
vacant after July 1 they will be award
ed to those making the highest average
at this examination, provided they
meet the conditions governing the
award. Applicants for Scholarships
should write to President Johnson be
fore the examinan for Seholarship
examination blankf-s.
Scholarships are worth $tfii and
free tuition. The next se.sion will
open Septemiber 1th, 121. For fur
ther information and catalogue, ad
drsess Pres. 1). . Johnsol. Rock 11i11
S. C. 4.T4t
l'nIversit. of S11n1i Carol inn
s(11,011Aill'i AND ENTAtANC}
E XA .Nl T iN
Th 1xU i: l n : the nw nt
t~ilItio't and
7-'%al Nl, xa t~ ( ~ urn!
Po il:r lili
In Attractive Case
Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Money Refunded
This offer for a limited
time only.
Remit by money order
or cash-- no stamps)
Frad Razor Co.
1475 Broadway
New York City
Stop Scouring Pots!
.KPut some Red
h . Devil Lye in the
f water a nd fill
greasy iron pots
Sand pansc'nd skill
e ~ ts with it....let
them soak. They
will not need hard
scoturing. This
w~onderful ly e
sofdens thewater,
1. logsefis the grime,
d is so lv es the
grease, gets tin
tware shining in a
jiffy, saves kitchen
I ,. work in countless
Keep a Ca
Handy for theI
At ea Job.!
5?.~s LOWS MO. .S.
Uoyd's Register Reports Total
of 7,086,766 Ship Tons
In Yards of World.
Total Building Here 1,102,000 Tons,
Is Only About 40 Per Cent of
Record Year Ago-Japan
Shows Small Gain.
New York.-More than 7,000,000
gross tons of merchant vessels are re
ported as being in the shipyards of the
world, says a statement by Lloyd's
Register. Compared with the total on
January 1, the 7,080,766 tons, to be
exact, represents a decline of less than
100,000 tons, nearly 1% per cent.
The actual decline in shipbuilding
activity has been much sharper in the
past three rmonths than appears on the
isurface, says tihe statement. The total
reported for Great Britain. 3.79S,503
gross tons, is a gain of 89,000 tons
over the January 1 record, but there
has been mairked reduct'vn in the vol
ume of tonrrnge on which work is
actually proceed'ng, Lloyd's Register
Work Suspended.
"Included in the tcotat in the hands
of British shirlyards are 497.(OX) gros
tons tf vesIs on which work has
ien suspLnrreii. and anl addicitionai3t50.
(" oins, the cvrmplotion of which h1as
been is t ined. cifly owing to the
strike of the siri pjinrs, which has
iNAtrfered with th fitting out of a
b'er Cof large liters and #'ther ves
se.1s," the report continues. "Taking
this t''tal of si7."s tons into consid
eration. therefore, the total of new
h -n which wcrk Is proceeding in
I iti-h shipyards is 2.31,,T93 tons, or
n. I.*20 p er cont loss than the totnl
at the. he:1ininlig of the year.
"A'Inition'al Iidien tlons of th condi
'i"ns in tire 3ritiir shphuiling are
furnished by the .return., of liaunch
in as anrd now wr begun id uring the
first quarter of this year. New keels
rIpre'stnted only :! 1,tW) gross to.ns, in
conaari.uson with '413,0!0 for the last
quarter of 1I2oJ, and 7e '1,(k) fir the
qu:rter ended April 1. 1'120. Launch
ings during the catItier ju.it ended
repj ires(nd i431,x0K tc 4ns, as giiIst
~ 40,0i tins for the Ilast three mnitis
.f ]h)*!. E-en1 with the delays ine to
Its and( otIrer C I-:cs, theroef ro,
work Is being completed tarro rapidly
than w work is coning on."
Decline in America.
RIotuirns frim American shipyards
shiow that th t decline which has been
in effect 1in1re than a year crtinues,
Lloyd's says. The total constructiocn
roitettunder way coni April 1 is
1.Ut2,taIns, onrly sihirty urIwe thtan
4t l,) r ctt (if the Anericanr total a
ye.r go. The rggreg::te fcr tll other
coutrios except the United Staltes,
<;rtat Britain anid (;,rranny (for the
Iast-ramed no oflicial returns are avacil
Oble) shows a gain of about 2~c,tR.tI tcins,
over the January total, .loyd's e:ti
"The apprent wrId decrease in
shnipbilinitg aictivity durrinrg tihe last
quarter, threrefeore, hras bceen not far
fromt a mil11cn tons. a decl ine oif abtl~
1 2%X l'or cent,"' Ih tac tIemtnt sarys.
"In somte dhivct ionts, howe~ever. gains
are shown in the volumet ocf con~slte
tiont urtder way. These tare must
muarkeid in tihe catse of Fr-rance. which
nocw stands next to the t.'nrtetd KIig
dm ra nid th it nialted Statels as a shi!p
bui1(lig ntion, havrng di jcicislced-0.
land during tire last quarter. A year
agcc F-rance, with only 2410,000) tons un
der way, was led bey Jnapan, Italy and
Ho(liland, and waLs conrstruceting only
t.000N torts more than the British dio
mfinionas. Today, with 427,0040 tonfs
biuildinig, sire has nearly twto and a hralf
titmes tire total for the British domain
lons. arnd leads Jarpant anrd Italy by
1i'3.00t0 tons and 75,000) tons, respect
"Japan shows a small gaIn in thre
total under construction, as compared
with the previous quarter, and Italy,
Holland and the British domainions
slight decreases."
Cemetery for Speeders.
hiiddletown, N. Y.--On either side
of Otterkili bridge, on the state road
between Goshen and Chester, the
board of trade of Goshen has erected
large signs bearing the following in
scription: "Private cemetery aeros
the bridge for reckless drivers." The
sign ise in black and white, decorated
with skull and crossbones. As a re
suit of rbckless -driving by autoaeta,
niany accidents have occnrred about
the spot.
Negro Axman Fe# Asleep
WhM on Trial for Ufe
While being tried in court at
Lake Charlee, La., for his ife,
Joe Berry, negro, alleged 'ayman,
fell asleep. Zie wss awakened
by order of the ju4ge.
A balf hour later' the inry, aft
er seven minutes' dreIberation,
returned a verdict -of guilty,
which carries the death penalty.
Berry was charge& with slay
ing an aged onle-iegod negro
an d aLso chopping aiold wom
an and a bhotwrith the ax.
Sweet Tooth? Hear What
Yanks Ate In France
Coblenz. - American soldiers,
whose predilection for sweets
has often caused Frenchmen to
gasp with amazement, are still
world champions in this respect
it is shown by figures compiled
at the Cafeteria, the largest res
taurant In Coblenz, under the
mamigement of the Y. M. C. A.
During the last year American
doughboys ate at that restaurant
alone 233,138 puddings, 415,843
tarts and cakes, 310,874 cookies.
and doughnuts, 63,151 cream
puffs and eclaiA-s, 024.006 dishes
of ice cream, 366,351 chocolate
sundaes, 01,378 pies, 223,787 ap
ples and other fruit, 282.741
glasses of lemonade and 43,702
Eggs were also "played across
the board," the total number con.
sutned being 211,105.
Freaks of Growth Are Explained to
Scientists by D. T. MacDougal
of Carnegie institute.
Philadelplia.-Spenking on the
growth of trees before the Ainerican
Philosophical socIety here D. T. Mac
I 'ouga of the Carne:Ile Institute of
W'shingtn In s ert laboratory, Tue
son, Ariz.. saId that sone species be
have like a henvy hose feeding from
Spressure systein to a fire engine.
C x res:se I. lw said. reten lite
entine tenios to t:1e water itater thtan
?['plied, th, ho-e telds to colhIaps.;
wh,- 1 the en. ne slacks its action, the
l,,n~ls etlb': varitions by3
which I 't nn;y I e atually stualler
in ddtuhli-r nt aat sunriSe are
,great(..t 1.1 ash, pinle, Spru,1ce, fire wail
w.: and I-:st In IphI) rit. 'veninore,
eo chi nal oak trees;," Dr. MaelIu val
airl. ".teurate tue:uirenetnt of the
entnzs in trinks it.ernial to the grow
it: layer show that these varitions
are diri t!y c''nneced with the rech
ni!sni 'f the nsacnt of sap and are
explainable upon the assumption of a
rlb:iii water column in a tritn!< com- I
1,4s.'l of wvoorl cels and ves .ls enp-I
b of no shrInkage and expansion.
"'xended tueasturvemeints of the
griowtih of ian :ty trees of a nhuer of
spc*- h:ve been inade by the use
of the newly des.i-:ned dendrora ph.
which tan c-s a contitmotns record of
ban;:s eof dhtanetor, and the recently
I. rfoctod diendh-onoter, whh-h registers
total chante In circumfe-ence," Dr.
Mndettru-Il exp'.ncned.
"It is fwltnc ihat the lir!)l <htrng
wheh gr:o-.vth takes phwe,. even in
el h elimnates v.ith indleto-rtninnte
senens, does not extend over toore
th:tn two or thre mont hs, and that
growth 1V rot thythcinl, itnany se11sfl ,
buit (h'ends upin fool sippcly, tema
perature, mnol:tniro and other environ
Iunltal condi11tlonls."
Thea o ti p
grphd n eli Iniwi ted
in te pein o te habe o
Princs an weaing ewel waled a
the Mharajh o te cart pheto
closely guarded wherever he goes
whie wearing the rual jeweis.
*t'a-Mnth Farmer Boy Realsee
Dream for Cash to Buy
Own Lad..
Salem, Va.--Henry Dameron, twos
ty-dive years old, desedant of pioneer
Virginia ettlera, who works on his
uncle's mountainside farmn ncear hee
from sunup to *undown at $10 a
month, often dreamed, he said, of fa4d
ing a treasure and buying a fanni of
his own.
April 9, while plowing near the foot
et Brush's mountain, his plow uan
earthed a peculiar looking object. In
vestigatlon revealed It to be a small
metal pot wrapped in buckskin emn
taining gold and silver coins valued
at $14,906.
Young Dameron was fearful that
his forteno might be taken from him
and kept his discovery a secarot unti
found out. -
20 Per Cent
We always have your size
and style in stock.
"Vulcanizing of the Better Kind"
City Vulcanizing Station
At City Filling Station Oldest--Strongest--Best
Close Out Lot
One Big Lot New Laces . . 5c Yd.
One Big Lot Ladies' Silk Hcse, regulax $2.00 and
$2.50 values (white only), special $1.3S Pair
One Lot Silk Hose, regular $1.50 and $1.75 values,
(white only), special . . 59c Pair
All Children's Lisle and Cotton Socks to be closed
out at . . . . . 10c and 25c Pair
The biggest bargains in Slippers for the season.
All ladies' and children's slippers in black and tan;
values from $3.00 to $6.00, will be sold for $1.99 un
til the entire lot is closed out. Watch shoe window.
Silks Voiles
36-inch good quality Taffeta One lot figured Voiles. Value
in black, navy and brown. up to $1.00 a yard
Special $1.39 Yd. Special 25c Yd.
Silk Stripe ShirtingOrade
One lot Silk Shirting, regu- 40icgodqatyOan
lar $2.25 value.diswhtnvpkad
Special 75c. Ydolrse
Silk ShirtingBSpca50Yd
Special bargain$2.50 to $4.50 Setn
value 94Pprl heig lah
Special $1.49 Ydedndubacd
Men's Union SuitsSpia50Yd
Summer Union Suits in allEXR SPCA
diesOu Phie n ilk and
Specal 1.00I MSleial 50cderea
Davis-Rper Co.inblah
Lau e e Our C. cso Sln

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