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Customs OfficIals to Hold Arms Until
Mystery Is Cleared.. Omfielals Trac.
Inv Orlin.
New York. June 16.-4Ownership of
the 45 machine gins and -he bun
dreds of spare nar-ts. seized yesterday
by. custom officials after they were
found secreted on the steamship Fast
Side. and .resumed to have been des
tVned for Ireland, is still subject to
investigation by government officials.
The guns, :hrough federal warrant of
deten!ion, were restored toda. to cus
om ocial, from whom they were
tan on a sear. ar. izrewaran,
A :1t+ a: .. n r : .oa:;I Wae.
ng n a-em t .re '.h Cf n from
ton~n ;. L of Fpptit ;anHad
aches. duet Tri Lhr
ony ate
And an aPa tn Bt to a 1 4: w rr =
t- :nA penny.* hl toC an
f l.The- at'ssrf.
Quiekly rf-li#-sf-sO pon4ipaton. Bek.
do os. f mPe>(.tt and lftad
ache. tWe to Torpid T .er.
Money at
To Build Yo
To Pay Of f
To Improve
And You Can Pay It B
A penny held too ci
the sun. If you hope t(
while you should own at
the earth's surface.
Opportunity knocks,
door. See me and let m,
present and former members of the
crew. The Inquiry will extend to Nor
folk. to which port the ship cleared
after leaving New York last night.
Mr. Williams. through his attorney.
also is conducting an investigation to
determine the idenity of the pnersons.
who, he claims, stole the guns frorn-his
warehouse. 1e also is concerned re
garding the whereahcouts of 1('? add!
tional machine guns he said were
ktolen at the same time. Mr. WilaMs.
according lo City A:!orney Falcon. of
Hoboken. is a contractor with an ofce
on Broadway. New York.
Advices frcm Hartford. where the
arms were manufactured. said they
were made for : e Auto O:-dnance
Comany of New York atdi t in
It c sual way. .: the : i of th.at
n re .:no-Acde cf thr sa'e
to Frank Wilarn was c:siazmed. The
.y:.- --f - seized, an oI a of the
,comjany sad, inown as the Tom:-r
son s -- : -; n and
t: . If Wi:
a M- . g :u s . the
6oss7 n n n a ae h C-n of ieD~n
an a
>c~s:on~ -' .. .- I ~fl:
act of : o
: athu ~nanrnn( o
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Drists rtf'rd rnney if PAZO OINME.'T famii
Per Cent
u a Home
a Mortgage
Your Property
Lck on the Monthly Plan
>se to the eye shuts out
) remain on earth for a
least a few square feet of
but you must open the
a explain.
)ne 427
alts and stacks of gold in
Reserve Banks make your
it is in our bank.
lou come in and talk busi
vant financial advice come
e a pleasure to serve you.
cent. interest.
k YOUR bank.
National Bank
C. H. ROPER, Cashier
Federation Votes Unanimous Non.
Concurrence In ResolnUon for One
Big Body.
Denver, Colo., June 16.-The Amer
ican Federation of Labor today unani
mously repudiated the "one big union"
Without discussion the forty-first
annual convention of the Federation
sustained the action of its committee
on organization in non-concurrence
on a resolution calling for "one body
of workers through amaiganations.
fedepraions and protective agree
M _ t S.
The declaration, presented t-y J. L.
Paue. o- the: West Virg.nia State Fed
eration of Labor. also urged all na
!ional and :nternational unions to in
-ert c acst in their working azree
rey :hey can 'render
aitance as is needed b.y any
d al: crafts, when called tz.:n 'o
1) so. "and to arrange the dates off
con'-acts so they woud exire
a, -he zame time.
T -E con .ention was thrown into
on hen several delegates ty
t'!:4s denied the nezro deleza
re ;e sion to introduce a resolu
. cor.demning the -moz voence"
of the 'Ku K:ux Klan o White Ca;s"
off the Soth.
Presid.r.t Sa:nuc Go,;-ers had diff
Scul u. retor.ng crdcr. as nearly a
off dc:ezates jurn;ed from their
seatz and demanded the names of the
d-gates who had oljicted. He de
(:i;en. to vive the names.
A the conf':on increased, W:!am
'teo.n. i..de. of the 'nted
rothr'.od of Carsenters~ anl Join
..a:.. ar.d said:
If you want to know who the oh
....7...---it .s I."
t-ral de~egate- called his r.ame
a *-; athe convention proceeded to
The r.'olution also provided that
ste;.- e tak.-n !o have the: g.vern
:r e - !h this 'in aw organ za
nk n as the Ku Klux Kan cr
t'a;- and that the federa-o-.
-- t entieavors to protret or
:an.zed :a:.rj- as ne;.re-'.ed by the
A rat-0. at:i.n wa- i'-n the R'v.
S. La:kland, of the (rare Meth.
:-- E. b-r.Jal (.rch of ho.v
icu ed -'-e he du-y -if tho- chuch to
a- r." lie waschered re;watedly- a-;
he c de:nned th- tenm.'-. of organ
::d Isaor.
' on l Olney. .5. Ous. tle-y. drc
of '.he AV. neir I/:.:ion. br.:ght a
rt.-:na 2....e.'-r f.rm t:.a ):~:an
t .n.
T r uny of thi .nat. n ar..
n i
. ~~ nf War - Shos w- drone
.\tC W ..ons
te n mill ilee fmonth.
t! s. Oi. 8. .Jenk ins, of ('olmirnbija, has
finih-hed h'mr school and is at home' foir
' '1 umn :- withy~~ her pa.rnt i, lir. andi
.\rr::.','.T. Jons.
b : r. and .\rs James IJa ni il and
dau:'ht'r. Eliytahtth and .- er. Mirs.
la-.se, of Mlanning, r.( ently visitedl
their aunt, Mrs.. 'W. T1. .Jon's.
\..:...... .k-ndoz'a IiIgb~rn., rf !a:c.
rndl &. ('. Riley. of Itileys .uvo iiret
ty fis of y.oung corn.
We~ we:-e vtry sorrv to hear of the
recent death of our old teacher, Mr. our life-long friend, Henry Johnson, friends, M s e Oulla, of Florence,
Fletcher Townsend. of Nova Sscotia, Canada. He was a Edgar Alexander, E. C. Connor, Leon
Mr. Matthew Mattison, of Belton. brother of the late lamented Judge ard NicNinch, Prof. John Moore, Al
visited relatives and friends here last Joseph T. Johnson. Henry was born ford Snyder, W. H. Canfield, Preston
week. and reared at Brewerton and was the DeVore and Benjamin Franklin, of
In the death of our good friends, peer of any man. We tenderly sym- Greenwood; Marvin Joyce, of Corona
Mr. Lewis Rogers, Greenwood county pathize with the bereaved family. ca; Henry Bagwell, of Honea Path;
lost one of her best citizens. 14e was' Mrs. T. J. Beacham, of Rileys, re- Paul Ril-Y, of RIleys; John Simmons,
a brave Confederate veteran and high- cent visited Mrs. W. T. Jones. Emmett and Ben Allen, of Greenville.
ly esteemed by all who knew him. We Mr. Walter X. Jones made a Pne Mrs. Wiley, of Greenwood, Is YiElt
sympathize with the bereaved family. crop of oats.
We hve usthead o th deth f ~~ ig rd panh, r. Jon Mr Alr
erecently met the following Rogers.
For a juicy, brown
ca;Ienrroast- Bgevenly done
ALADDIN ND when you decide kitchen, which makes for comfort, evenl
Puto bake or stew on warm days.
you'll be able to do Then, too, the three million and more
SIXT~YOIL either on a New Perfec. housekeepers who use New Perfections,
are not bothered in their kitchens 'with
tion Oil Cook Stoe- coal, ashes, dust, wood and litter. And
with the least possible they know inat a saving of time and
trouble. All the Ieat you labor that means.
want for any kind of cooking is The New Perfection is sturdily built
ready in an instant. No waiting throughout, is equipped with brass
,r tburners and will last for many years
for the coal fire to "come up". with ordinary care.
The white-tipped New Perfection flame For best results use clean, pure Aladdin
produces quick, clean heat and the long Security Oil-it's economical-for it's
blue chimney drives it all up to the cook- all heat.
ing utensil or oven. All the heat is used New Perfection Oil Cook Stores are sold at most
to cook with. None of it is wasted in the department, furniture and hardare sores.
form of soot on your pans; only a neg
ligible amount is radiated about the STANDARD OILCOMPANY(NEVWJER.SEYI
Oil Cook Stoves
Goodyear Tires That Are Even
Better Than Before
/ \ \\ ~ We arc building better Goodyear
Tires for passenger cars today than we
have ever built before. In the past
S few months we have added to their
value time and time again-making
them larger, stronger, heavier, and
even more durable. We believe we
speak truly when we say that no
\ where in the world will you find
~' / their equal in endurance, mileage,
and sustained economy. You can
J et these tires from your Good
/ year Service Station Dealer now.
'4 OJ~ices Throughout the World
E. W. MACHEN, Lauren.,s. C.

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