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Adjutant General W. W. Moore Ends
Life of Service to State, After See.
lug Ils Latest Ambition Almost
dolumbia, June 1S.-Brig. Gen. Wil
1iam Woodbury Moore, adjutant gen
eral of South Carolina, died at the
Columbia hospital Thursday night at
7 o'clock from diabetic trouble and
an operation to remove a carbuncle
from his neck. General Moore, al
though suffering from diabetes for a
long time, had been in his office all
last week and only Monday was forced
to remain at home.
Thursday morning attending physi
cians decided to carry the adjutant
general to the Columbia hospital to
operate for the carbuncle. The gen
eral went on the operating table about
1 o'clock, but never regained con
sciousness, dying shortly after 7
o'c I o k.
Word of the death of the military
commander of the state spread OVer
the city. especially among his inti
mate filends and cast a deep sorrow
ove.r many homes. General Moore was
loved and admired by p'eople all over
the s tate. numberinz his friends by
the thousands. Il!s death came as a
ditin' :-ok. r-ven his office asso
cia: s n r-a: izing the serious condi
tion theelove d nat ional u ard coi
ma ndr w in. un:il a s;hort time be
fo:r- tie en! ram'.
It ws :.:-.0 tate o ( neral (.qore
to liv- : ;ona cn: h to see the
Souhn Ca:-*lina national Lua-d reor-1
gani;e( :'.ne- the war, his efforts
again o p. : th- il:tia on a sound
footing in ti statre having just
brui'u.t ''oth a complete regiment of
infantry. Only Tuesday a colonel of
the i .-nimt was ele-ctcd. (;eneral
Moore had rked untir'inaIly to re
bilid the .0tuard and just when he had
suc((((led (h. was removed from life.
* * *. * * * * * * * * * *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
F:k,):n, June 21'1.--W\e have had fine
rain. for rhe paat several days. Elvery
thin- was ou-nning to need rain bad
ly, spe(illy the gardens.
We are glad to report the health of
our 'omn.iunit:. v(ry good at present.
Mrs. C. '. Caldwell has not been
so well for several weeks. We hope
she will soon be well again.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas
Cooper, a boy; and to Mr. and .\rs.
Roy Cuilbaertson, a girl, recently.
'lhe Ekom base ball te'am crossed
bats with the Cold Point boys Satur
day afternoon, the game ending in
favor of our home boys.
Mrs. H. S. Walla-e spent last week
with hcr rsistr, .'s. Jennie lamilton.
Mrs. Clelvin Cheek and ch ildren, of
Greenuvill '. are spend( ing soie tine
with .\lr. Calvin Cheek and anily.
Master Jack 11urts spent last week
1it h his grand arents. lie was ac
tompaniedi homn. Sunday by .\lr'. and
.\!-s. L. C. CulIbe'rtson and Mlaster
Charles Cuilbertson.
.\4rs. Oddll of nea' Ware Shoals andI
.\lrs. Thios. Burton were dilnne'r guests
of .\rs..Jay' 2oopier last Thui'sday and
in the afternoon were (calilers at the
himes of Mlrs. Lou Ciui~ertson and
.\is. Al lie Culber'tson, for a short
.\ir. and .\ ts. Ryiand Cu lbertson and
little son 11irold1 were cal lers at the
homie of Mi'. and .\irs. Roy ('ulbertsonu
Satu rday' afternoon.
.\i'. anid .\l rs I-. J. C'ooler' ient Sat
urday i iht and Sunday with relaiv~es
at I,:iuriens.
.r. and .\I is. .J 'rnie (Check spen t
Sunday with .\lis5e5 l-:vcelyni and IDol
li' (Culbhertsoni.
D r. .J. G. C.ooper' and wilfe visited
.\iriS. lou~t Cilheirtson and dau Thter
Sunday afternoon.
Mis s's G race atndl Lon ie Cooperi werie
Suonday gi-sts (If thecir aunts, .\lisses
.\ir. 13roadiis K'ooper and family
.lpent Sounday at the home of M\r. Lan
dlon Iloland.
A\i'. antd .i's. Griay Cooper' spent
.Sunday with M\r. T. .J. Brissey andl
Ui ers'ity of South ICa'rollna
TIhe exaninat ion for the award of
vacant schoharisbhipis in t he University
of Soth Carolina andl for admission
(of new studIeniits will he held at the
('ountly Cou rt I lose, Jtily S, -19f21I, at
P a. im. A pileicants imusot not he less
thain sixteen years of age'. Wh'len
schiolaishipsarie vacant after' July 8,
ith'y will be awardled to thoWe making
t he highest a veiage at- dxamination,
prov'.ided thery mobt th' ('oinditions; gov
erning t he award4 Applicants foi'
schoitlarishi: s sholdl wrii te to l'residen t
('uirrellI f(or schiol arsly application
blanks. TIhese blanks properIly filled
out by thle a pplliant should be filed
with i'r. Curirell by .Juily 5. Scholar
ships arie sorithI $100, frece tuition and
fees, total $1 2. Next session wi'll op
oin Sept. l. I, 1921. Foi' further' informa
P'resident WI. S. (Currell,
U'niversity of MothI Car-olinkt
Columbia, S. C.
President of South Carolina Cotton
Association Suggests Nine Ways to
Aid lit Selling Cotton at Profit.
Columbia, June 20.-The cooperative
marketing association which is -being
formed by the South Carolina division
of the American Cotton Association
proposes to effect many absolutely
necessary reforms in the present sys
tem of cotton selling, according to R.
C. Hamer, president of the association.
"Specifically," said Mr. Haier, "I
expect the association to do the fol
lowing definite things for its members:
"F'irst, it will grade. staple and
weigh each able of cotton delivered
to it by its members.
"Second, it will warehouse all cot
ton delivered to it by its members.
This will at once reduce the trenien
dous loss from 'country damage' esti
mated at from $6 the bale upward.
"Third, it will sell all of its cotton
in even running lots, each grade and
stap)le within its own ;'ool. This will
assure a highr price than can be ob
tained in anyv other way and save to
the producers the cost and profits of
middlemen and speculators who buy
mixed lots from growers and, after
concentration mnd classification sell in
even lots to mills, at higher prices.
"Fourth, it will sell its own saipl-,
and warehouse certificates. This will
again reduce another heavy loss,
known as the 'city crop' and prevent
"FIith, it 'will sell collectively and
only when the market demands it.
This vill reduce specialization and
tend to stabilize prices.
"Sixth, it will sell its cotton as di
reetly as possible. This will elimi
nate many present -wasteful bethods,
shorten the route between the :ro
ducer and spinner and secure for the
producer a larger share of the price
paid by the, spinn(er.
"Seventh, it will determine the cost
of production of cotton. This will as
sist in asking a price which w.ill yield
a profit to the producer.
"Eighth, it will encourage and de
velople the production of uniform and
standard varieties. This will assist
still further in pool selling and in
sen((ring a better price.
"Ninth. it will advise with growers
on production methods and prolblems.
This will be essentially helpful and
"This program can be carried out
only in one way and that is under the
plan of organization outlined in the
maiketig agreement of the cooperative
associatio. This association will begin
to function when a membership rep
resenting at least 100,000 bales of cot
ton is secured. Each member, regard
loss of the number of bales lie produc
es, signs a legally binding marketing
cont::act with the association, repre
senting himself and every other mem
ber, in which all members agree to
sell all of their cotton through the as
sociation for a period of five years.
This guarantees that the association
wtill stiek and that it will b~e able to
d,-liver the goods."'
* a e e ee * a e * * * * a a
Clinton, June '?l.-Mirs. W. \M. Scott
a nd claughterm retur ined last Saturmday
to t he ir hionme in itishol vi lie afte r
spernding s'eierai wee~ks with her par
('nts. .\t r. and Mrs. Wcr. h-:dgar Owvens.
Miss 1'.ise Sp;e ner returnecd last
TPhursday from a visit toC friend(s at
1 lat tieville.
.\ b~ Gr..(e' l'rter 'ipenc'it the week -
end with hi' r parmenus at Pickenos.
.\tr. and Mrs. .J. F". Jacobs,.Jr'., and
dlaiig'hter, Mirs. J1. F. Jacobs, Sr.. Mrs.
Wmu. iiailey 0Ovenis and son1 hilly, ~'cent
last Thuirsdhav iln 'nionl.
M\r. and Mrs. J. fb. Thorniey and
famaily spient t he week-end in Pickenus
wyith r(latives.
.. J. F. Jacobs, Sr., spcent s'veral
days in Atlanta last week on bus~ness.
Alris. I Ia rvey itrannon. of State'.
ioro, Ga., is the guest of her inmther,
Mr's. Emma iaittle-.
lar. and Mrs. Jas. it. Copeland en
tertained thin following guests at a
dinner party la st Friday eveniing : Mr.
and Mrs. A. J. Mling, Mr. and .\irs. J.
A. Chandier,' Mr'. and Mirs. W. H. Ow
(cns ,.Jr... Mr. and Mrs. Swink atnd
daughter, of Gaurens.
Mrs. Kenneth Hcirdeltte( enit(rtainied
the "'Tuesday ('lab'' last week. Deli
('Ious lee' tea and a saladi 'ourise were
ser-ved to the following guests: Mes
dame's Rleece Young, W. P'. .Jacobs, ii.
.l. Pitts, Misses D~orcas Mason and
Fiorrie Thurdette.
.Mris. I ic-nriy Young spent several
clays last week in Greenville with her
daughter, Mi's. .John C'. I ienry.
Mrs. W. G. Neviille left last week for
Montr:ed1t to sipendh the suimmer.
Mir. and Mrs. Tom 'ar'son and
daughtei' ar'e the guests of Mr'. and
Mr's. Hale Shands.
Miss~ Major'ic- Spenr'er of W~ashing
toin, D). C., IS the guest of her' parents,
Mr'. and M". A. E. Sp)flene.
Miss May Owens is spe'nding the
W('ek at Mtiea
Providence, R. I., June 15.-Secre
tary of State Charles E. Hughes told
a gathering of his fellow alumni of
Brown university today that it was
not desirable that Amerilca's helpful
influence should be frittered away "by
relating ourselves unnecessarily to ao
litical questions which involve rival
ries of interest abroad with which we
hIave no proper concern."
"It is equally true," he continued
"that we cannot escape our relation
to the economic problems of the
He said the 'prosperity of this coun
try largely depended upon the eco
npmic settlements which mi-ght be
made in Europe and that the key to
the future was with those who made
and control those settlements. Amer
Ica, the exemplar of free institutions,
aiding humanity in their preservation,
he said, called forth the- supreme en
deavor in the World War.
"This sentiment is still with us," he
added, "We have not lost the capacity
for the high and unselfish endeavor
which linked us In an unexampled
unity and joy of service in the crisis
of the great war. The spiings of
fai'h, of mutual trust, of imperialistic
d1signs and cunning purpose or to
protect a land where avarice might
find its surest reward. They offered
their lives and all the energies of the
country were harnessed in the su
preine effort, because we loved the in
stitutions of lierty and intended to
maintain them, because we hated
tyranny and the brutality and ruth
lessness which found expression in
the worship of force and because we
found our fate linked with that of the
free peoples who were struggling for
the preservation of the essentials of
freedom. WNith them we made common
cause and, as from one (nd of the
country to the other rang ay:oeals in
the name of civilization itself, tI
whole nation responded."
"It would not be fitting for me at
this time to discuss our forelhn rela
tions. But I am glad to say that the
message of America is one of cordial
friendship to all nations. We have no
subtleties, no duplicity of meaning, no
soft words to conceal a purpose of
self-aggrandizement at others' ex
-pense. The only method of diplomacy
we know is that of candid dticusslon
of the merits of prohlems. ThisN we
think is the way to prosper a cause
believed to be just and we shall ad
vance no other."
In thi
W h it e
This is the season of the year
when every woman is thinking
about White Footwear.
Our showing this season is the
finest display of handsome crea
tions that we have ever made.
White Reignskin One-Strap with Baby
Louis Heel . . $5.00
White Reignskin One-Strap with Baby
Louis Heel, Corded Tip $4.50
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tary Heel . . . $4.50
White Reignskin Bal Oxford with Mili
tary Heel . . . $5.00
White Reignskin with Tan Trimming,
(Sport Oxford) . . $5.00
Wells Clardy Company
Laurens, S. C.
"If there is one business on earth that a 'quitter'
leave severely alone, it is advertising."
tising is the power which creates sales and
business. The natural time to increase adver
.s during what are termed "dull" times.
, way wise merchants--n-by using advertising
.-keep their sales volume up to normal.
Advertising in
Sells the Goodsa

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