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Conslitutlbn and By-LaWs are Adopted
at th .nlinton Meeting. Fine Pro
gress Afsendy Made.
Clinton, June 10.-'With representa
tives inesent from CverY town and city
on the DFoposed rohte, the Calhohn
lighway Associationl was organized
hore yesterday at a good roads conven
tion held in the Commercial clu'b
rooms. A constitution and by-laws
was adopted, officers elected and plans
formulated for the construzction anld
maintenance of a new -bighway con
necting Athens, Ga., which is on the
*Bankhllead highway, with Cheraw, S.
C., Which is on the Qunbec-MIami high
way. Strong shpecehes of endor.selenzt
wore *made -by leading citizens fron
the two states and a spirit of enthus
ism and determination was in evi
dence that Ibespeaks success for the
undcrtaiiking. The project started a
month ago, is now well under way as
the ro:orts from all along the route
showed yesterday, a large membership
into the association having already
been secured.
The convention was called to or
der by J. F. Jacobs, Sr., of this city,
temporpry chairman. After giving
a brief outline of what had already
been accompliished, the matter of a
Permanent or-an ization was eltered
into and the delegates to the conven
tion, over vovety in numelr, b Vwere
seated. The by-laws and constitution
'were drawn 'by '1. M'. Hlanna. To head
the assoclation for the coming year: J.
F. Jacobs, Clinton, plresident ; -Martin
J. Abney, Athens, Ga., vice-president,
GeorAla; -'. 11,. Ianna, Cheraw' S. C.,
vice-president, South Carolina; W. W.
Illarris, 'Clinton, secretary-treasurer;
county directors: Lancaster, D. Reese
Williams; Chester, A. 1-. Gaston;
Union, C. A. Jeter; Newberry, 'W. M.
Sherard; Abbeville, J. -.\M. Nickles; 161
'bert, C. A. Arnold; Madison, F. D.
Smith; Oglethorpe, T. J. 1rvin; Clark,
'W. (. Griffith; Chesterfield, C. C.
jDouglas; Greenwood, Kenneth Baker;
Laurens, C. ,". IStone County vice
presidents: Chesterfield, J. 1E. Ageo
ton; Lancaster, Geo. B. Craven; 'Ches
ter, I. 0. Atkinson; Union, M. C.
Deaver; Laurens, Jas. R. Copeland;
Greenwood, Thos. W. Cothran; Abbe
ville, J. S. -Stark; New-berry, 1,. M.
Child; 10thert, S. .M. Orr; 'Madison,
Dr. '11. 11. lamptou; Oglethor'pe, A. P1.
Dunaway; Clark, John T. Pittard.
Following the election of ofilcers
and directors, the meeting adjourned
and the visitors were motored/out to
the Bois-Terre Country club for a
social hour as the guests of the Com
mercial club. There delicious punch
was served, cigars were passed, and
an acquaintance meeting held. Upon
returning to the city the visitors were
the guests of the Commercial club at
their monthly luncheon. Speeches
'were made by Geo. C. Grogan, of 10l
berton, J. M. Nickles of Abbeville, R.
N. Hanna of Cheraw, Kenneth Ilaker of
Greenwood, and Martin .J. Abney of
The matter of formulating plans
for the thuilding of the new 'Calhoun
high way was 'put' in the bandls of the
above namfedl list or otlcers and direc
tors andl fine pirogress is being made
alreadly. Thle route will run iparallel
with the Seaboard roadl andl the pro
moters throughout the respiective ter
ritory. feel confident that the project
-'4vll succeed,
* . * * e o * . y- * * e .
* *
* * e * e * * a a a- * a a a
Watts Mills, Ju~ne 20.-On Sunday
afternoon Miss Grace -Patton and Mr.
Andrew Johnson were uited in mar
riage at the home of and by Rev. Mir.
.Spear. '1his young coule have the best
'wishes of their many friends.
Rev. 'if. C. Martin who has 'been as
slating Ilev, Mr'. Goings in a series of
meetings at Lydia Mill, recturnedi home
last wee(k.
Mrs. Lula Kelley,:who went to Spar.
tanburg lart week and tunderwens an
operation, is htlll right sick in the hos
iuital there.
M rs. Diavo Crew was also carried tc
Spartanb~urg' on Monday for the pur'
POse' of' an oporation.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 10. Burns of Gre'en
v'ille, visited relatives at Watts Mills.
on Friday and Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Padget~t and]
danughter, Miss Marie, accom panied by
Mr. Marion fSmith, all of 'Union, wert
guests of 'Mrs. J. RL. Kir'by on Sunday
Nearly Four Times as Many In State
Columibia, June 19.--White mn in
the .state penitentiary outnumber ne
gro men nearly four to one, there be
ing 151 white men and only 12. negro
inen. The majority of these white ien
are also young men. Last year ahout
this time there were 89 white men and
1416 negro men, making an addition of
62 niore white men to the population
in only oie year. ,
- These figures are accordlng to See
retary U. Croft Williams of the -;taitc
board of -public iwelfare, who iadc an
unoilicial visit to the state peniten
tiary this week.
- There are also five white womnun
and 43 negro -women in the state pen
itentIary at the present tine. Last
year there .w'erp 25 negro women and
three white women.
-Negro men are shifted from the
penitentiary 'to the state farms wihen
crop conditions demand it, but the
White men are kept at the peniten
Mr. Williams says that lie was par
ticularly struck with the number of
young men in the 'prison. These young
men are -healthy and appear to be of
normal intelligence, Mr. rWilliais
says. "At the time of life when they
siould 'be building up :businesses and
homes and In other Nyays doing their
part in the affairs of their commutini
ties, they are serving time In a state
prison for stealing, killing or some
other grave offenses," lie says. "Many
have 'been startled 'at t'he Idea of a
crime wave going over the country.
.ilIowever, there can be no doubt that
for the last year crime has increased
in South Carolina -and this increase
has been inuch larger among the
whites than among the negrobs,"
"As there are thousands of youthful
soldiers at Camp Jackson and as
these are drawn from all parts of the
country andi have a certain per cent.
of anti-social characters among them,
It might be expected that some would1
find their way to the penitentiary. Yet
the growth of the white 'population
of the qpenitentiary cannot .he attrih,ut
ed entirely to the pi-oxinity of the
camp as there are a num'ber of South
C iolinians in it."
"It was dinner time when I visited
tle institution," Mr. Williams says, "so
I went into the dining room and
kitchen. I found the fare wholesome
and well 'prepared. The inmates
showed a "'od spirit and no cvi
dences of . a4inig a cowerilng atti
tide. The humane administration of
Col. A. K. Sanderq should be coin
* * * * * *4* * * * * * *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Ibanford, June 20.-Children's day
exercises were observed Sunday morn
ing at the Baptist church and was
much enjoyed by a good congregation.
Th~e refreshIng shower Sunday af
ernoon mnade a veiny agreeable change
in the wveather.
A saie or the household effects of
the estate of Mr. Miles (Grubbs was;
condutctedi by 'lr. RL. M. Steward here
Monday muor 'ng.
Mrs. Nannie, Maitin has been spend
ing several d1ays swith her daughter,
Mrs. J. RI. 'Patterson.
Mrs. J. S. -liggins, Mrs. A. RI.
iolmnes and Mrs. Troy Criow were
guests of Mrs. C. D. Cox Monday.
Mr. andI Mrs. 10. D. Lomas andl famn
11y' of near Gray Court spent Sunday
with 'airs. Ethel hLanford.
The 'Rural Improvement Association
will have its regular meeting next 'Fri
(lay .afternoon. It is hoped that all
time ladies willl 'be presenlt and as
many of the men 'who care to come.
Our subject is on music thIs ilme, and
wo hope all 'swIll the prepared1 to say
something on this important subject.
.Mr. 'ii. .. 'I liggins and family, of
Buffalo, visited his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. $. Higgins, Miss Mairy return
ing with thomn for a fewv days.
Mr'. and -Mis, iW. (17. Patterson enter-,
tainied TIh ursdaiy aifteriiooin in honoi'
of Mrs. Patterson's parents, Mir. and
M~rs. M. M. Cunningham, 'yho are their
'guests for thme summer. A' "ciport a
dlelightful occasion.
Capt. .J. \V. 'Lanford has; beenm sick
'but is recupievating.
Mr'. iW. 'L, Mix and fanmily went, to
Gr'eemrwood on a visit last Sunday.
Mr is. izz/'/ie Waldr'ep from Cro.ss An
chor-, vilied1 hcr brther' M'r 'hm
Crow and family. Also Mr. Jim Han- :
ley of Laurens.
'Messrs. C. IL. (Waldrep and Laurence l
Patterson are in Laurens, this week v
attending court as jurynics.
31rs. J. S. H-iggins was to see her I
brother, Mr. '11. '. Ferguson, whose V
condition has .been so critical and still I
remains unclhnged.
Alaster Joe Mlurray 1Cox spent Fri
day with Master Jack Higgins.
A "JliOMAN' 1)i1'.
A famous imoti, picture star In a
story 'by a renowned author will be
the attraction at the lPrinces. phcatr-e
next Thu rsday 'when Pearl 'Wlite, the
Pox star, will Tbe seeii in "'le ,lomi
tainl Woman," adapted from Charles
Neville .13uck's great novel, "A Pagan
Jae thle lfillis,"
AlIlss White is seCen as "Alexander"
lcGivens, the ".gal In pants," "the
he-woiman," reared as a boy in the1
tilnberlands of Kentuclik. 'She is re
iardedl by the mountaineers with ad
liratlon Ibecause of her wilId -beauty
Ind with 'fear becausc of her daringI
nattro an(d h1er constant attitude of
'hands off" toward all suItors.
H er father is wounle(d 'by a young
nn (Irunk with mioonshine whiskey.
Nlexander undertakes to float the logs
to Coal City and meets with a series
)f (ralatlc adventures, barely escap
Hundreds, 5l
ing at the prices
much money; in
have made man]
their methods ai
the confidence a:
our store every s
been a wonderfu
To the wom
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F"ut ine ality .10-incmh Sea
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ig'with her life when a hotel in which mate prey. She Is kidaped and tried Richard Traver, and Cozqiss Giles
he is sleoping is accidentally set on by a gang disguised as Ku-Klux for have important parts il support of
re by a drunken loafer. She ineets her alleged shamelessness it the wear- the star. The scenic effects are ro
rith a handsome stranger whom she Ing of a man's clothes. i)orted to be ingularly beautiful. The
elleves to be -a nkountaincer, but who There Is sni to be a genuine punch direction was by Charles Giblyn, whoie
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fact, we will be glad if we meet expenses. But we
a friends who will believe in Cohen's, their merchandise,
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