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Jiardiwick Succeeds Dorsey as (.over
nor. Finances of State.
Atlanta, Ga., June 2-.-Reorganiza
tion of the finances of the state and re
lations between the races were the
I iicipal subjects discitssed in both
of the inautral addresses of Governor
Thomas W. Hlardwick and the final
message of the retiring governor,
flugh M. Dorsey, to the legislature
here today.
Goverinor llardwick took the oath
cf office at noon today in an outrloor
ceremony, the first held at the Georgia
capitol since Hoke Smith was inducted
into office in 19107. The new governor
was accompanied to the rostrum, built
on the west plaza of the capitol by
Governor Dorsey and former Gov
crnors Joseph M1. Brown and Nat E.
larris, where the oath was admin-.
istered by .Judge Roscoe Luke of the
court of appeals.
O)t hursts of applause several timies
interrupted the new governor's first
address, and es, ecially those refer
enees to the ne(cessity for economy in
state afrairs and his criticism of the
inIphIl on race relations in this
Georgia has recent ly been indict
ud", he said, "mo t unfortIately am.
I think -stly in : or*,: p iublic
amlil "e dc nl d "h rei no ' l as
in tutil and. it fa t 11: on v.ilh the ac.
sat~ion (21n 1r , I Ilo salid h re is
nI( ,i'at e an11d no vu tr :1 n T w11 hich a
0"o, aw b IIn a a aeni.l nc. r 11 " n
liv Vith m lore seui y to hi: lif.' than'
I o 1)ors' s r f n Iu, y to th
oi' eac I o) I t I is llt( , ( 11 cI
mifr :to th heislature . he ht !
decla red Imob viol ece11 c L i shol1d b(
-',uppres-vd and by st-at- athorities
.or " it wa., n1o; doneu it i4 \ery prob
able 'fd-ral intervcition will not bI
lon delayed." le onted out thal
Finec(; his indutction in office in .lune
1917. the newspap er's have cari a(..
counts of( the lynching of 5S nrroe.
in the state and said: "From source.
which so far as I know aie reliablh
I have in formaton rega rting othei
lynchi n:as not included in that list."
The reliring gover:'nora recommend
Cd that a state gIrand jury, como0et
of cItizens sveet(,( ft.-m all seetsom
should he provided for as a means io
combating mohl violence. le alIs
urged that the governor he aiven au
thotity to remove any sheriff derelic
in his duties.
,1. C. BUR'INS &(
I lG RlN'Ot 1?1)It IllKI N G PIM-('
- tIB
Lowest Prices Were Made on Oien
Ing Session, Iidest on Closing Ses.
New Orleans, June 2.-In the trad
lig of this last week in the cotton
market the lowest prices were made
on the opeiling session and the highest
prices on the closing session. At the
lowest levels, July sank 'below the tenl
cent level to 9.95, a new low record
price for the season. On the same ses
sicns spots fell to the new low record
of 10.38 for middling. These prices
were the lowest In about seven years.
At the lowest of the 'week the trading
months were G1 to 82 points under the
close of the preceding week, but all of
this loss was regained in the later ses
sions, prices finally working 13 to 18
points over the close of the preceding
week. In the net results the active
wcre 1 to 1 points down on the week
except on January, which closed net
unchanged at 12.13.
The early weakness unquestionably
was (Iue to liquidation of the long in
tI rits in prepalatiol for going over
the first notive day for Julv. which
came at the clo..e of the week. Follow
in ihe'initia weakn.4, thei were
eaction~ tiwardl on rualiz.ing by
shiorts wh lii le more or l. new buyin
caame'n1 on 1'- s1Sfactory vcather
( onVlt:Cis in th' ";(.t. the sft iing I
land ovr Txas of the hlurricane from
tropicaI waters and mecasin com -
jiints of ))am"I : the eol %.eVl.
.it the (i of 'Acwe an 1c t>.e a id
firm ..aket d'velopec'dl bocccauv. of th('
%:arzerne1S.s- with v.'hich .-potinret
took ul .I ly tonders. l'st i'c s i'i
:Ilk! for .1hat mIonlthl m un) to 275,-'
44:1) hales aind they wore stopped on a
rising imarkeL
Monday is first notice day for July
in the New York market and large
tender; are expected. Unreai day
('o:nos on Friday, which will I til
closing session of the we'ck be"-:iso
H tiple holidays in ch servance of In
dependence day.
The coming hureau day will he on
of the most implortanit of ile sea con
beasen its statistics wIl Inasu re the
iprogress of the cro) at a critical sta. e
of the growing season. cAtimateil the
11,r-age under e((;ttoil anid count the
inadiaeted yield. lhe cond ition repoit
will carry the crop) down to Jiie 25
ndwill Iac 'e with 70.7 as the
I contdit ion on lune 25, a yEar ago. This
figur* will be used 'juite generaillv I
a Cm1 r-ison fmr thi' r't percent
,-. of condition. Ti is week 's private
esti matesc on tcreage ranged f"om a
decrease of 21.7. to a decree of I ; 0.5
per cent, compared with the acreage.
of a year ago.
EverY Mea"
want to concen. E
trate on a pic
of work~ ust slip =
ick of WMGLEY'S -=
ween your teeth. E
a wonderful help =
:laily tasks - and =
ris as well.
Hazards =
.... sappear =
and hard =
PlaCes Come easy,
elvesy~ou Comfort !!
and poise-It adds =
the zest that =
neans success. =
A treat deal
for 5c
In IIst
S a e' *W*S9e e y9e e e q
* 9
Lanford, June 27.-On Friday after
noon the Rural Improvement Associa
tion held its regular monthly meeting.
About twenty-flive enthusiastic public
spirited women were present to show
their interest in the school. The sub
ject of the program was "Mlusic" whici
was ably discussed -by the ladies pres
ent. Several selections of instrumen
tal niusic were well performed by
.lisses Alax and Annie .\lae Patterson
and Lillie Mae Cox. Dainty refresh
meats of ice cream and cike werE
served by a committee consisting of
61rs. J. 13. Wiliams, Mrs. Toy Crow
and Mrs. C. D. Cox. The report of ou
delegate to the woman's short course,
by liss Carry Fowler, was listened
to .with much interest and was pro
nounced a very helpful course for tli
housek eepers, yet it is with a tinge of
disappointment that. we note in het
report that Laurens county is the
only county without a demonstrator.
We are greatly hurt at losing ours and
feel like our representatives have not
been fair with the women of the coun
ty. We have taken. note of this an!
will make it (ount when our tim(
comes to vote for them in the nexl
election. We don't want to take i
With any one but we o u t
kno-v wvhat good we have dirived h)
doing away with our :. ami):trator.
I "v. lNohertoi reInclied a.t tihi
Alethodist chuIrch Sund1ay no1ringl., deL.
lirlinlg his hlares With an able ,eir
1i11. ie and Air. C. I.. W0ldirep :n,
faIlyI!% were dinner uest at the. haml~
of Mlr. and .\t .J. 1',. W illir"ins.
!.uev. .1. W. Wts aaeSna
aftrinoon was one of gieat xworth a
he always givc s somnthing to thi-nil
about. His con -'r'gati on feels so for
tiinate in securing 5(o En'e a youn!
maln for their pastor.
Alls. .\. W. Fowler anti .\i Carr:
lowleri spent .londay Wit .\lt's. Mar,
Tionpson at Ora.
.\Mrs. Maile iruimmond is on an rx
tendled visit to relati'ves in Spartan
'urg, (affne.. Greers and Greenvi' lIl
its. Ir. \'incent and chiltd ren. Q
Laurens, are spending some t!:ae a
the l)ruitomionid loime With their aunt
Mrs. Lillie Rogers.
Atr. .ou iill and fm.iy, of Friend
shil, spent Sitnday with Mr;;. Ciar
ence Garrett.
Alisses Leitha Cooper and Ollic Ma
Taylor spent the week-end with Mil.
Nannie Taylor near Warrior Creek.
.\I. aid Mrs. 'Walter Odell antI balh
Nell, of Atlanta, Ga., ari Sp'eidinl
Some time with their mother, A in
itheil I.:n ford.
The yonilg people of the tapti.
11in111.ay Slchool togetli with soine c
their friends eioyed an afternoon pic
ill(. Thursday at Yrborough's nl
on i n&olee river. Mis. T. A. )rum
Imiiontd and .ltis. .1. T. Patterson wi'r
chaperones for the( occasionl.
Alrs. lolace Tname and dart r
of iiurene spent a few dys kith \Ir.
.1. II. I atter soni anmd fa tmily v last we'lt
Alirs. l'. I). \'ernon of Ih' mnnett s il!
is visiting at the home of her' fath ~i
Aliss Nannie .\ae l.anfo'd is t:
Steed'(!y't hsp0ital wher' e shei was opit
a'tt'd on lamst week. 1er conit ion i
not very siouaits and it is hotpedil
'.ill soon) he rstorid to her .u
.\lr. ii. .\l. .lohnson sp''nt ithe weik
t hi 'ti throgh the('04 onity !n a1 <a:
\li t. mL .\lr'. .\l. .\l. ( unnminlgtiai
havc rt'itrinedt to their home in Adlair'e
'itle, Gai., after a delightful visit
their dauighter, .\lt's. W. I). P'attei'son
A ver!iy destructiv le ti'e was scit
froam lierme W~edesday afternoon ii
the diirmet ion of Wairrior C reek anrd 1
lroved'( to be~ th l d 11i 1 rwnlee homn
neat' thle chuiirch. \Mr. I:ascomI.
lmrownlee was living in the home.
is repoited the entire' hiousehotld effce
A.\'ss Jetnness Cox has retui'n'
heome fr'om Conway, Ilorry C'ounty
She was a memberm of the faculty o;
tihe Htmri'oiughs hi gh s'chool t here last
,1. ('. fl'ItNM & ('0.'S SHOE1 MA i,E
2010 l'A IfW iADilIES' WHlIT'E ('AN.
VAM SIf0EN, -izEs 3. 3 i-2, .4, -i i.d
MALIE AT' 98e.
2001 P'AIRSM .IEN'S WH i'i' ('A NV'A'
A T iT'Ii1l TOR ES IN L.A :R E NM.
The Car Eiyerasting
U Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton. S. C.
Comnet Changed Its Itoute.
Canibridge, 'Mass., June 27.-Several
weeks of intimacy rwith this solar sys
tem have had such an effect on the * MECHAN ICS
Pons-Winnecke comet that it ha s TH G
changed its litinerary and departed
from its orbit, the larvard observa- AND TW O GOOD HELPERS
tory announced today.
The change in the coniet's plansa
ha sheen caused by planetary influenc- Come in and see the boys work.
cs, a d as a result the predicted me- TERMS CASH
teoric showers are not now likely to
fall, Solon 1. Bailey, acting directorI
of the observatory asserted. HENRY CUNTS' GARAGE
"As far as we have learned, no
showers have yet occurred and it i,,
unlikely that any will take place," Mr.
Bailey said.
The comet, he added, is now out
ward bound t hrou gh space. ________________________________________________
Srova' s Tasteless chili Toni restorese r
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enrichi,:e thle Blood. When you feel its' C O TTO N
strengthening, invigorating effect, see howI
it brings color to the cheeks and how We have a profitable working plan to offer you. Write
it improves the appetite, you will then' for letter C 50 without obligation on your part.
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So: R O SE &. SO N ~
Ipleasant even children like It. The blood'Cto Brks
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to'
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and' 24 Stone St. New York
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. G tc.
W. M. RIGGS, President
1.171 A( I.iCS O1F 1JAN1. VAILt'E PLANT (IVIA1 E.tO0h.i.iNRIOLLMENTl 19119- 101, 101-1. (WIC-1t
ATEap preitit seii mit truetscnical
Agricultuire, (SevenI AMajors) E 1) UCA 11 10N NATIONS
A rGro e's IIte. A teTseiical educatcioh ii the bestllTonicistsi
Iron litrV and Quinine;r suspended oin syru.S
p he emical Engin iering. Thsurance against hard times. I dred and seventy four-year scholar
E ivil Destg lacring. alring it imay equal al sips in the Agricultural angerm aex
Electrical engeinete of 'or th untrained tile Courses. Each scholarship
Mlechianical i'nginecring. are- the positions of ploverty and ob- itflcfls $100o to hell) pay expenscs
Textile I ndiutry. fsculrhty. and $16E0 for tuition apportioned
industriaW Education. Times are hard in South Caro- qually over thc iou. years.
General Science. E~na. but the cost of aln eucation Also fifty-two rcholarships In
f at Clemson C'ollege is- conmparative- thle One Year Agricultural Course,
tsiIOIIt' COURISES ':' low.-sulifcicentlv low to be with- these scholarshipfs are Worth $100
Agilcult oral, in the reach of any ambitious andl tuition of $40. The scholar
Teil InM dical . young inan in South Carolina. Shipls mu11st be won by competitive
Me~lical.Scholarshiip, free tuition andl the examinations which arc hield by
payment by tile United States Gov- each County Sttperintendent of Edl
51 M3ML-A SCHOOL 'lumniient to 11. 9,"T'. C. studlents, uicatlon onl July 8th. It Is worthl
.j11n.e 13-Jiill 23 still furlther r.cdtl'ce thle cost. your while to try for one of these
Agricultural Teachers. Wo not allowN thle financial (1101.- schelolarshii,5.
Cotton ;raders, cult les to hkciC you from entering Credit for xaminations passed
5 College 'Make-up. college this fall to tprepare Yourl- at thle county seat will be given to
R2moval of Entrance ConditionsN,ef for the opportualties that je those who are not applying for
Agricultural ('lob Boys. rhead. ' scholdr.shilp., but for entrance.
ItI. o. r. ('-'esnIs a miember of tbe scaler division of the Rleserve Officers Training Corps. All
It. 0. TI. C. stIIdl(nts receCive finanicial aissistance from the Federal Glovet nment, this reaching about
$n 0 (111-r,1i1 tile juniora senlo' claEfec. 0s.
1011 FULL1 INFORMATION ().It 1 ilE
W. differen heat foriE
ograk-twoe bunen ljrs)o h e r naibl olradmr on
Pefcti n Onil okStveileiering. t ok n ts ratrle
you lcrl hehet ned. Adyu t er fcaahs utadwo
bolven al and akinfeeoenringce. ndter refwe
it ndstial teducha mout-on..
itihenstbry. Adteciny uiom aifcoyrsls o
ofth ,ilune us--,n ha 2 cacet
AgbricturlTeta ndpouchters.lbcas t' ueal et
Cotto Praetors lu.ey ar trs
F Remtchan eqipptre CwitnwP. ST DADOLCM NYswrnn
Oi techica Soectis tebs
inuaceaant adtie.I

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