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'iiverslty of Souh Carolina
S('ll(L.\ltSllIP .\ND ENTIt.%NCE
E X. A1N.\ 1ON
Th' examination for tihe award of
vacant scholaiships inl tihI. l'niversity
t'outh Ca:-olin a and for Idilission
of new stu t I I ill I hold at the
12' i1n' Y 'ourit Iloui1Se, Jul . 91. at
1. m. . \ li tints Il t Iot be less
,'I I ixt4-n y ars of a _ e. \\'hen
s - Sip. ar1 vaca 11it afeIr .1uly S,
-h I b! w ti 4, lo those mini
1: h !ihk t 1V rare at xaii mi llenation,
11rovb l id 11h(y m1..(t Ithe coniditionsS .z V
o~ h.uh A . houb.,wri t t r. zden
('ar re kfor c i ohir it appli ) ) ) 1cat ionl
i t la)~ Th'Ieilsek )1 i b ln s p ,rope rlIy fillIedI
I:,, - y t he app I "IzcanItt shoul b)I( e fIIled
w;iit Ir. Currell by July .. Scholar
sh i'.4 . lth i811144, 2ifre tuition and
1 I.Ai .~ Next session will o1
en S it. ! 1. 1:21. Pl-r furt heir infor m a
tCon write.
I'resident 11'. S. (urrell,
'nvriyof Southi Carolina
Coilubia, S. C.
.17- 19-50
Organized 1892.
PiROPEH'1TY INS'RiD $16,130,000
WRITE Ol CALL on the undersign
ed for any information you may desire
about our plan of insurance .
We insure your property against de
struction by FIWE, \INDSTORM OR
LIG-lTNING. and do so cheaper than
anl)' company in existance.
Reieblier, We are prepared to prove
to you that olris is the safest and
cheapest plan of insurance known.
Out Association is now licensed to
write Insurance in the counties of
Abbeville, Greenwood, McCormick,
Edgefield, Lauins, Saluda, Lexington,
Richland. Calhoun, and S1artanburg.
w lCirontdon.l Sum11ter, Ia - lN.( aw
T1he otlicers are: Gen. J. Fraser
Lyon, Preside:nt, Coliimhia, S. C.: J. it.
lake, Gen. Agt., Secty. and Treas.,
Greenwood, S. C.
A. 0. Grant .. .. ..Mt. Carmel, S. C.
J. M. Gminibrell .. .. Abbeville. S. C.
J. Rt. Blake .. .. .. Greenwood, S. C.
A. W. Youngblood .. ..Hodges, S. C.
J. Fraser Lyon .. .. Columbia, S. C.
It. H. Nicholson .. Edgefleld,S. C.
W. H. Wharton ......Waterloo. S. C.
W. C. Dates . . Datesburg, S. C.
J. R,. B LAK E, Gert. A gt,
Greenwood, 9. C.
Jan. 1. 1920.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children auffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of Hayes' Healing Honey In
side the throat combined with the healing effect of
Grove's O-Pen-Trate Salve through the pores of
the kin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies are packed In one carton and the
cost of the combined treatment is 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Ends Bad Smells!
Stop foul
L.. Us e .
a~~~ ir d0.ha
pailsandsw ill
ttu bs..t it e
ftrf os germis,
kills bad
smnells. Al- .
ways keep a
Can handy.
Use it often. / /
Kills flies
in the egg A
Purifies and your
dinfect. grocers
Liver and Stomach
The Laxative Tonic
With the Iron Bracer
For Sale By
Laurens Drug Co.
Lauren,. C. 2
L. (. IlIolleinman, llnaler, Leaes Note
to Wife indientint llPurpoe to l'nd
Ills ~life.
Anderson, J)title 2:3.-1.ee G. 11011e
manll. ofeit of the 1'Ople's Ibank of
Anderson, shot h:iniself throuh thec'
head tIt Is afternoon iat 4: 21 o'clock at
a aragev in wlich he had an nllteest
There was no onie -in the arage at
thle time. A man across, the street
heard tle shot and ran a(' ross to lie
garage. Mr. 'oleman was dead wilii
ho reached him, the( hnllet onterine"
the ri-htt ear anl coming out thotih
the left.
There was a directors' meeting of
the bank at 4 o'clock. ''lh(e directors
were waiting for \Ir. H(olleman ihen
they heard of the death. E. 1P. Van
diver, vice pres"iden t, says the bank
is entirly solovent and no one nved
worry over tle condition of the banik.
In the pocket of Mr. Hlolleman's
(oat 'was a note to Ils wife with this
inscription on the envelope: ".May the
great God protct you; and forgive
ile for what I am g-oing to do."
It is thought that hard vork. finan
cial strng nc a d :train weref 1,in
c't'se of tle act. \Ir. Ilolletaan Wa.
of a jovial disposition and was the
last man in Ith coimuniy that iwouhl
have i n t ho- htT t'o have ta\l' n i
own life.
.\r. 1ll10of lman wai~s 1: y ar o t ., ,I
ht vin litn II 1, i . W aiha lt . 1an '
ry I, 1 2. a I inovefd tof .\ittrl n
in 1412 wht r D i "h tn ioi- a b okk(.i -o
in a mltttrcantihl t b is d l
lIto becae on.e tof tlie rirs . (f
ti " I N op;le' :- i: f .\ dr;n1 and
was a'sihtant cad:!": and bossilr eri
un1. .\t that tin", ho b-cacnv 01h.
firtl bank iioineri'f Smo h Cairo
lni. Ior a olrmi ofa
fourI ybir. t ie s-rved fo ny::. two yvar..
and ti n trI to Ander.:on to
hecote prnsidht of te iople's I ank,
all institution -which under his diree
tion became o'ne of the( -Ironl.est
bankls in northwesteorn S4outhl Caro
t r. lt'leman hras' h scrtary
of the Soulth a lina l' anker' astt
tition the last four years. letslonsi
ltis to the city were nevir ohirkd
by tr.' Holleman. lie served a mayor
of Anderson two yars and as an aldr
Ian light years. 1Ho ws a ilember
of the lotary club, a .\lson, blon"ed
to the Klights of Pythia , and fit(- t Ih
' th dist Church.
In !!oC, he tuarried4 .\iN .lenn:!,
('pp r of .laryand, who sirvivins him).
I'lin 1IaS'igS ih v.: i te11 IE1)
\'aslhigl on, .n to :>1.th retarv
l~b oday "pubhlicly" rprninM
iiar Adinicl W illiam S . im is a
'sl of tha III tIh (- :n4tiiral nl a me
ieonldon .hitnt in whic h ay i
i the radrinind.t\on ;nby patn-.
~'ed ctehsn bittsai Iat he novy ct
S::r in' nt bnil founde la to msorlit tot
rianl wiais notetionedais th..n thlier
1t9milands rvfii t to he rsdnt If th
0'1l' lea Ind, the We d :t Ios'tlv fici
Yo url~'il reipltu-k 1 othe oicain.
Askeudr is cunson thefth teen
etiu ie ial 'ben ; a tn t,< h ir te dhitt
''Ord f tilstciit inastr ton.
tiI iulil Sutset torimandt Adral~
ttmts' wts Ic l 'li t o fl idt' N vl arin
an theI Whlit411 e fl isi. I t a' exi nedIA~t
dont st'h Ihira calt leave h vi(dis'
Scaa is' Ih'e autom lien igh nava'i'l
tfiters turn t rom tttl(a ltrieuaod t hmy
Tha he president~vl lnied fiihm t ibt
fa e to mtisnutes'. Otti lie, a
vI'onc ' l din l the WIIsthilted o,
geneial oSim's.t lrefring to thle reprwi
o"he gotdr ona I lieserv'd, the ntameo
thSonfar afterl b rnlan te te
admial' s iittIhe pesd n..'
A411111ted to Practice in Another ('ourt.
At Sivelial Session.
\\aWhington, June 2..-\\'oodrow
\\'ilson appeared in person today in
01'i cilambers of Chief Jti.'iti(. .\lCoy
of the 'District of Co litiba supreeli
court, to be a1mitted to tle practice
of law before that Court.
A s -eIal s e. i on 1 of Ih court
was called for the purpose of amilt
ting Mr. Wils"ol, the( court having pre
viouisly amlentled its rles. s o that
fIorm 10r presidents 111d vice presidfe nts
of t1e I'nited States, w ho are hawyers,
mi::hlit be adlitted to piactice without
:tpin'ation or other formality.
Mr. Wilsoni was accomIpani lled to (he
(olirt by his law partier, hailbridge
C lby, former (c'retary of state, and
by .oselpil P. 'I'linilty, formerly his
pr ivate secretary. The admission of
ile formeri chief 'ex(c1tive was,; mISiiiovdl
by John l'aul E'arnest, chairman of
the examining (omilittee, and the
usual a1t11h was adtiillstierd by .\or
-In 11. Heach, clerk of (101ur1t. At the
r-oncilision of the ceremilony the( chief
ils iti ( br1.10fly w\\ med .\ r. \\Vilsof
to the mem the 11lir b01150 oioholvar.
To avoid Plhoto ra -her, )h i m) 1 of
Ohi cere ony was'e kept <1:tict. .\l:. \\' i
mon reahe.d he court h1nie lhorIly
be i an n inl anl a1t1o ) !.il 1nd
walked titw s4hort dis:t.IInee f,10om the(
-.1r to :n 4elevator, w:6.1h carr-ied him
<Vrr etlyv to theo ehtuuh1er of Jutm
c1(0y The ceren11umy and leco!p1ion1
4r1 bth 'ri and I.\ Mr. \\'iI tn d
-h a 11n1v way to h is Waiti l automlo..
3('(141 ae ndant 11 ls CUiiiQ lie forn -r
-rtsidentbo. ate r d : tr hlealth
i'odthan 'when hed rtired fmn it he
\'il c1 liu v-, a t:ou ehl h f ioll tho
\V1 h 1 ohi l . I Ilhs1) so IIIi ! h iI5 I tlha
1en assis ofanle of al rt atldant inl en.
I in: and leavin 's : ismotorcar. lil
ing the . .AItiIf IeoIl .\; M r. \\'iIson
-tood, leallilg on hi (n e : ie a
V. ~ ~ h( (l, calv~ ni' ei~ . I I v4 .1ii!
,Ztllnin'd to devlf til muc-h (onl it when
l'ollowing" his foma111l admission to
the har, Ni. \\'ilson shook hands 4 .Nith
mem' idberls of thie couirt and bair and1l
Court attaches.
1 lEiSONS ' lATI-:
WHE 14' :N H E l' I li ' 11 1:4 1i
lindles oif . Adu111., n111 6i f 'hildren
I 4 nd Ill 1n11 1s (if l ime. Fll' 1n 'n1
Mlayfield, KyJ n)G--h odlics
of live t dlo ts and i. ,;r1114 wor.
folllund in the 1.1011:4 of hil l. hon g of
I 'i'l' . 'Ivl n il , f( 4 list jq,
w4 as1 4 d )1. 1 r lyed b f44.ire W4!i i-ni:n 14 - 1
T O wer1 indication;s th t t e ad
may' hod e be n the 1 j1 tin' ()I fol
play. :id if 0 )1r'1. 'i I' luc t ieh
her' tlidiy : no n-,;':lini I \l.f -lio
Th' 'had vi : '', Lot 12::,. v4,, :
hio wife. - a nd th e ch iien rnd)1n '
ren :,hs . O io Instw -:Y. ni ,i(' 4 :(
ofd the lntleh rn:iln. wiomn isu
. hiou.h Ito av foly u'ii| ilitng in h lig'
141r1w, '.1. (I'enceio~ wit blood.r
In 4r 4 b oifthe1-in-law ai wth lrew
or both ereh~g"00aiyle
(ienillflbou ai mi11113 fromI th'eg(5 lawrence
hgus. a tilewih . !luireo <,nay 1two(
ro' s, n thi(l~ he0( lazl a ot i 0X1 ::;n
co'l '-k. rT woll young3' au n, thefirst td
arrxe on thebe splng, wei' tne to01
o ner the house1 beaue of thie oir'1e
thieh hdtie lini onti the 3oor.
An~ ex:lninaion of nth bodiesT( w'htichn
weehd1 t burned 0 beyod recognition,11
deah.wdta n ftewmnbr
woundilsthats seeme-d 14 have been d
othe infant )4 i hrh hIswa i stl eoi4 i
th iought~ 4 tolveeenhodig n.e
ars'wsenched with1114 b~lod.
lrati;ois wo'e10 re in were ai revolver3
contiinglit1 si emp1y ('ar Iltrigy a11 Ihot
axeon11'theil bedl spri toa the bodyA
which had bee kept~i~(~ 14n4 ah t yard.
to the bo ie4o(1e e ,1ho in1ta
they. ha o eie eoete e
etne oiARTFORD
IT is not to be expected Out of this tire developed
that Hartford Tiresand the fabric that is now
Tubes will be found at so being used in automobile
called "bargain prices." fabric tires all over the
Into Hartford Tires are world,
built all theyears and allthe HartfordTires cost you
ability of Hartford expe- no more to begin with
rience, running back to than any good tires.
before the time the first And foreverydollaryou
automobile was built. payfor HartfordTires you
Hartford developed get a full dollar's worth of
the single tube bicycle tire. sefvic in returti.
Har~~tfodTrscs o
Itatratsesecalythansan whoo tires
biedwihcofotand eon aordTiesyo
nubegfoe wh fuwn adarswthf
thesigl tbebiye aoirerie nmis nusa reto n
EaNCErby Motor Co.
PbIt Squrct eseilyPhsho 200
inlnd olo frbauyc m
bie ih o fr ndeoo y
"'*This is evidenced--- by the astonishing -

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