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Senate 11n1d HouSe con0fer'ees Agre(. o)
11111 CarryIng *417,000,000,
Washington, June 23.-Comlch
agreelnentIWas reached hite today I
enate and house conferees on tlh
naval appr0)ratilon .>Ill. ''ie ncasuir
as agreed on will carry approxiIate
ly $117,000,000. The total of the cornl.
promised bill cornpares with foir' hun111.
(Ire( an( ninety-six million' Coltintil((
in the measure as passed by the sen
ate and three huilndred and inflety-sib
million dollars appirop'riate(d by thi
house. Tle measure as' agreed to catr
ries the Dorah alendment reqiestinip
the a uthorizing the president to en te
into negotiations for a disarininenlt
conference at whlich the Tnitedl Stats
(Ireat Ili'Itain and Japan would be rep
The retol Illll.-atlons of thle coi
fer'ee now ret urn to tei holse for
action and if adopted the bill will thel
be sent to the seite.
.\1any poitls of dispuiti were consi
promised today. Senate provisioin
eliminated inc'liided those for acqui
sitionl of a'site for a Sinaroine he
at San 'edro, Ciliforia, e(stablish
1m11nt of a sliumar i no and dostroy'er
b.1se at (itam, compIletiio oof the 'ew
Lonidont, Conni., submarile base, coil
tinuation of constiiction of a riigid
diigible. i new confstructiii alnld pro
curement of aitralft and equipment
at a eost of $i, ',750.
Areements ireaiched In Ierfeetling the
hill inicluded develolinclit of a sub
laairince base at Key West, Pla.
TI'he completed bill makes provision
for a personnel of olie lhunodied and
six tholtusand men as compared Witi
'ne liidred an d twe1'ty thousaid pro
vided by the selate atnd one hiundred
tholuad by thle houlse.
Engraved Cards and Invitat ions.
Advertiser Printing Co.
The had nee bef
nev ilen atim ten
ththe t-..kos ue
berbeev ld ever who,
Thney h:'d rncve:: cec
orfl:0 did hu' mo d\'O r:l;
them.an Thev hadi'i rieve
in the( whok'. b'Ag of tr'
produce'. r nbeiramm:(
Whmi G--emred to the
of' all?
The cuJ storage pha
The Whiteu, Makn 4
hunt and fish when ho
Here wa'; civilizati
greatest benefaction.
This fe iture of cviv;:a
Swift & Coinpany, in the a
to store a supply of fo;od for
of scanlt, oir non-production
maintain f--,r all a constant !i
necessmary foods as Prenr
Blrookfield JDutter and Birot
Swift & Comp
1oo ofl(P lintion In IIItecently oee.
Idled''erritory is A gIy One,
.1 itssolorf, Germany, .1un 2:.....
Ihe anti-oceupation sentiment is mu h
stronger in Lttsseldorf, Itithrort and
Dulisburg, the citIes of Ilihenish Prus
sia recently ocetiped by the Frenci
than in Mayence, Coblenz al(d Cologno
which also have been under fo reign
ocettpation for more than two Years
by the French, Amerileans atid iritish,
As one crosses from the left bank
of the Ihine and enters recently oc
''u pied territory the inood of the pop)
tilation 'becomes more stillen. thelr be
havior inore aloof and their hatred
miich ml ore pronouillned.
Thie reasonl inay be that the Frencli
arC occupying that part of tihe right
banik of the llhinie that they hold neat
the itu1hr in real military fashion and
the ociiupat ioll is mutch IIore SV%*et
thatn that on tile left bank.
The hatred of the pOplation is di
r(tll more especially, against t It
FIrlich and chiidren are being brought
11"p inl a constant terror. and undis
g'iised scorn of tle ocCII)31Ing forcec
wiicl gives but little -prom)ise that it
real brotherly love hetween FrenllCh
and Germans will Xe achieved witll
t h< om1ing geniematiol.
Occupations bring out the wittY
sides of the ocecupled population s and
books have been writt en about the
good jokes which the lelgians perle
trated on the Gel-mants whIo the lat
ter wet e ruling their countIee by frea
of a lms. The Germans ire now in
tle same position tow an the Frenell
as the lielgians were toward them and
' have not failed to take Alitan
tage of the situation an'ld a ser-;e (
htumiior has been devlo0)d among tl
GeIlnls as an 11 ut:] country
which (11hey totally lacked when they
s Greatest
roe brought down to
official business.
re been south of the
n a street, a town, a
ccr. A bed, a water
t produced completely
cars were unknown
c-at d of; trains not to
be Id.
ni en a.uomobile until
.;; in one. They had
m~r airpkLno unhl sorne
stunts~ in one to thrill
even seen a movie I
p~XC mfoved them most
eks which civilization
er t andL arnazement?
mu the grea test wondier
dn't always have to
wanted to eat I
on's grecates;t gift, its
iont rr2esi it possible for
Lfason of over production,
distributecn in) the season
Thus we are able to
upply of cuch choice and
ibm Mi2k-fed Chickens,
>ktfield Eggs.
any, U. S. A.
totally lacked when they were the oc..
Cupying forces.
The absolite reftual to speak French
oven by persons well acquainted with
the language is one of the most com
mon ways in whic,. G'tmaz:s shlow
their dislke of the Fteuchz riitairy
men. The correspondent walked into
a eigar store the other day, while a
French ollicer was attempting to make
the woman in charge understand the
brand of cigarettes he wantked. She
see:-ed absolutely at a loss to under
stand him when the correspondent
translated the otlicer's request in Eng
lish. After the officer had departed
she told the correspondent in -purest
French: "I understood him the first
time but I would not give himI the sat
isfaction." Many shopkeepers have
forsaken good sales by the same reluc
tance to speak French.
Few women in Dusseldorf, flubhort
or Duisburg will be seen in the com
Iany of a uniformed French soldier
or officer in the streets. The few wio
transgress the unwritten law arc
promptly catalogued at the German
city ieadat orters and are marked for
reprisals. In some Cases the diliculty
is avoided by the occupziyilg swain
adopting civilian clothes, Which seems
to be satisfactory all arounzid.
In thie 'wizne cellars of lie iost
fashi onable restaurants of Diusselzorf,
there is a corner called "the occupa
tion corner." There are diosited all
the 'bottles of w ines which have been
refuzsed by the German eistomers as
having soured owing to defectlive
corks. When a party of Frencl oli
cers puts in an appearance the-y are
alw-ys served with two or tzree bot
ties of the special wine wliclz they
Srbm~ t rly reject, as a Frenchman's
taste for wine is infallible, but 1)y the
time a real good bottle of wizze is
reached "tlhe 'French cannot taste tize
good of it'' as one leadwaiter put it.
The oentrance of a party of "ien chi
ollicers in a beer garden causes the
temiperattire to descend to the f'reez
ing point. and stirrounding tables to be
vacated as promptly as they were by
llelgials inl their cafes wlen German
ollicers came march ling in. Overt in
sults are avoided as carefully as they
were in 'Ielgiitim but acts in Contra
Veitioni with the decrees of the occt
'l)yilng forces a re treated by the
"renlch as thoy were 'by the Gerinans
in '3elgium. Fines are imposed in
ma rks.
The Belgians and the French sif
fered oceipation of territory more
stoically than the Gormans and witi
less self pity. Tle owtier of the pa
I latial home recently I'etlisitioned in
tisseildorf for the general staff of
General Degoutte, the French coim
mander, wept bitter tears as lie de
.parted from his nouse.
"Tratlor 14) Cause of Ameriea" Ie.
'lares 4omlipers , 1 Federal Ion.
DInVel', Colo., June 23.-Williai
i11(1dol lhll Ii t as denloiiced oil
thle loor of the ('onvenztionz of the
Amei(ricanz lede ratzin oif I azbor today3
by Presiden t Samzu el (;iimpe rs as a
"tra Itor to thle cause of A inerien. to
t he cauise (of freedomil, an enemi *Oy oif
lab or or I relandt."'
Thie staztemient withi inanyi othier de
iniciatory remar~iks re(garing~. I tar st,
inuade by l'resident (Gompjers inl reply
t) a quei(stion fromi thie tloor' as to his
lstaml oni thei Irzish lquest ion,. werec
I '~iT vtra labor:v leulh- dec1uzled
hi~al delindt to cie t oIC pi* il l his
i'zitedi States" d b~ecause, he lho
Itriezl to '"see to it thiat .\l,'xico shzall i oi
undliAturbedt iami hot merrunz bay t he
LDefininjzg hi's standz oni the Irih
that lit hi carried ouit 've'ry dle'laran
iitn oif It' federat ion ext end inzg symii
pathyi andI aid to the Irnishz republic.
"Thez only3 realI charge alga inist me is,
andl I plead guilty to it, that I have
not freed I reJand,"' lie sahd.
"I chzallenige arvy manz to show r
hav~e 'heeni failthil'ss to any declariationi
made by thle Amtierican FederatIion oif
Laor or that I have beeni false, faith
less or negligent to aniy oif its dlirec
"'Whetn the American Feeration (of
Labor tdeclared thait policies lbe p ir
stied, even if they throve mzen to Jail, I
didt not falter in the fIght or in tile
President Gomnpers expressedl regret
tha t lhe had to discuiss lbhis matterz be
fore tihe election of olilcers.
Mtrlke Ini England S(eemzs Endited
.\anchiester', Eng., June 22.-Th'ie
wage settlement plan offe'red by the
empldoyers Iin the cotton indultstry has
been acqtuiescenid In by all brzanchles
of the spinnIng tradle, the wage reduic
lIon Involved affectIng sonie 200,000
Thze last assent necossary was that
of the oplerative cotton aipinnlers, and
it was annouincedl today they had un
animoualy decided to accept the sot
Prices Back Three Years
The new and powerful or
ganization first gave the
good Maxwell its new
goodness. Now it has
increased the value and
savings for which the car
is so well known, by put
ting prices back to where
they stood three years ago.
Carolina Auto Co., Inc.
Phone 404 Laurens, S. C.
cThe Good
Goodrichire Price Reductim
applies to all sizes
without reservation,
\The name of Goodrich on a tire means
just one thing-.quality. And that quality
is always the highest that can be produced.
Each tire is specially designed for the ser
vice it must deliver. Goodjich Fabrics, in
the popular sizes, have established them
selves as unusual values from the stand'.
point of real economy. Silvertown Curds
in their class have always held first place
in the esteem of motorists, not only be.
cause of their symmetrical perfeaion of
fimish, but furthermore, by reason of their
long life, complete dependability and sat.
@ '" isfaaory performance.
Your dealer will supply you atthese-fair
30x31' $24.50 $2.55
3233 32.90 2.90
-3214 '41.85 3.55
33x4' 43.10 - 37
32x41 47.30 4.50
334 748.4 4.65
344 49,65' 4.75
33x5 58.90 5.55
35x5, 61.90. - ,5 80
Th ankdaey~ AU Ic ThaS
ood haftv
20%.1~o rics 1Sf~tY 30(3 1.45

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