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Meal and Personal Mention. 0
Mrs. T. .L. Little, of Greenville, -1i thl(
guest- of 'Miss Annie Huff.
Mr. J. !W. Todd and failly left last
W0ek for Montreat to spend the sum
. Miss Virginia loseley, of Barnwell
is the guest of .Miss Illah Todd or
Vst iain street.
'Mr. Atmar 'Martin, of Columbia,
spent several days in the city with hit
1 rother, Mri. .1. Turner Martin.
Mr. Leon Connor, of St. Georges, im
spending the week with Charles
Thompson on Gordon street.
r-M. Gary Michelberger, of Charlotte,
spent the Fourth in the city with rela
Rev. W. S. 'Holmes and family have
left for Sapphire, N. C., where they 'will
stpend the summer months.
-M r. and Mrs. John Gilkerson spent
the week-end with relatives of irs.
Gilkerson in Sumter.
Miss 'elia Taylor, who is no\w livilg
with her sister' in Columbia, spent the
week-end here with her mother, Mrs.
Frank Taylor.
Mr. and .irs. 3. 13. Goodman, o1
Cross ,11111, -have moved to the city
and have taken the Phinney Hotel
which they will operate.
Mliss Gladys Roper' is exlected home
todaf from Augusta, where sh has
been visiting her auit. ' for several
'r. and ..ilrs. C. .l. Burgess visited
rClativ'es in Spartanburg Mionday, and
then motored to Greenville to see' the
ball game.
Mi's. Corinne Ifloyd, who is now mak
ing het home in Sumter, arrived in
the city, last week to spend sonic time
with relatives here and in the county.
.\lr. and Mrs. -Hart Richey, of Co
lumnbia, have been spending a few dayq
in the city with their parents, Mr. and
i.\'s. W. P. Richey.
Miss Caroline Vance, of Columbia,
Spent the -week-end in the city with
AIrs. W. IT. Whlitley', who Is visiting
het father, Mr. Jos. hi. Sullivan.
Mr. and Mrs. Chiles (Calhoun, of
Grecnwood, spent the Fourth in tihe
city with Mirs. Calhoun's parents, Dr.
and Mrs. W. If. Dial.
Miss Katherine IBarksdale, of Green
wood, has been visiting Miss Juanita
Wilkes and other friends in the 'city
for several (lays.
Rev. and Mrs. J. P. Marion and chil
dren, of Sumter, have arrived in the
city to spend some time with Col. and
Mrs. T. ). Darlington.
Dr. Vrgk, 4Henilogpson, of Fountain
Inn, spent the Fourth in, the city with
his parents, 'Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hen
derson, on South -l1arper street.
Mliss Janie Hlough, of Chester, is the
guest of her uncle and aunt, i'r. and
*Mrs. .W. H. 'Iough on West . Main
Mir. and Mrs. Oco. W. .Shell, of Lees
burg, FIa., are visiting Mrs. Shell's
parents, .Mr. and Mrs. ,W. P. Childress,
and ethier 'relatives in the city.
Misses IElla, Resale and Doily Ro
land. Miss 10lizabeth Moseley and Miss
IElizabeth McIeod left yestei'day for
Cedar' Mountain, N. C., to spend sey
ei'al weeks.
Mr. Cari'isle Dial, w~hio is connected
wvith the Internal Revenue D~epartment
at Charleston, sipent the Fourth in the
c'ity with his parents. Di'. and Mirs. *W.
II. Dial..
M'iiss JLula Dial and Miss Kate W~of
ford have gone to Louisville, Ky.,
where they wvill take a spec i buisi
ne(ss 'oiurise dur iing the summer
Mr'. and( Mi's. J1. McD). Mooi'e and(
c'hildreCn i'eturned yesterday from a
imotr tri p to .1 artsville, having left
here Fiday morning. Tfliey v'isited
friends thicre and~ r'epoi't a very p'leas
ant tip.
Misses Amy Wolff and Alpha .ilolt
lave i'eturnedl home afteor an extended
visit to Newborn, N. C., hlai'tsville and
Muilins, S. 2. While awvay they also
a.ttendedc~ a house Party at Myrtle
The many fi'iends og Mrs. A. K.
Kisards will be glad to know that she
'is impi'oving after several wveeks ill
ness and is exp~ected to retuirn home
from the Columbia lsptital in a few
dIays.-Clinton Chronicle.
Mr'. WV. P. Tihomason retuined yes
te:'dayx from San Francisco. Los An
grelesg and othei' westeirn coast cities
aftei' attendl the nntional convention of
the Junior Order' Ameican Meehan
'ies, of which he wiis .a state dlelegate'.
Mi's. B. F. Owens, of Dunbiarton,
formerly Miss 'Snrah Bolt, of this city,
ari'ived in town M~onday to join the
"Sand" cast wvhich b; to give enterta!n
ments In Chester and~ Rock 11111 this
week. While hero sbe is with her' par'
ents, Mr'. and Mt's. J. F. Belt.
-M': 'te -'s ('hv ios, and I lenm y Foster,
of Tiimmtonisville, camne up last night
to spendl some time with thelir grand
viother, Mrs. W. T. Darr'~oh. They wvere
Pre'ompnnled( this for by Har iold and
I dward, McLeorl, who spent the night
lidird last night and1 will continue to
Greenville today to visit their grand
father'. Col. F. W. Keith.
Misses Leora IHunter, Grace "Young,
and Idleanor Miller have returned from
a delightful visit to Montreat, N. C.
Mr. and -Mrs. W. 1L. Gray leave on
the 12th of this month for an extended
trip through the West. Their main
destination in Ventura, Cal., where
they will visit their brother, Mr. J. P.
Gray; a native of this county, but
while away they will visit all the cities
and points of interest in that section.
.Ar. and .Mrs. John V. Simpson and
daughter, of Greensboro, N. C., Mrs.
.8. J. Simpson atnd Mr. Ernest Simp
son, of Spartan-burg, spent the week
end in the city with Col. 11. Y. 1imp
son and other relatives. Last Friday,
the "guests with Col. Simpson and Mr.
J. N. Wright motored down to Belfast,
the ancestral home of the Simpsons,
where they had a :Aciiic dinner and
spent-the day in looking over the old
-home place.
Washington, June 29.-Acceptance
of German bonds as substitutes for the
obligations of European nations debt
or to the United States is not at pres
ent contemplated by the treasury de
partment, Secretary Mellon today told
the Senate finance committee, In urg
ing favorable action on the adminis
tration bill to enable the refunding oT
the eleven billion dollars whichi Eu
rope owes the United States.
Mr. '.\Mellon informed the (onn u tueo
that the treasury dep) artnient m orcov
er had no i ntention of in viting sug
gestions iivolving neCeptanice of Over
man bonds, but added that sounid busi
ness .judgment nm1ight make advisable
the substitution of Gerian bonds if
offered 'by some of lie weaker (ebtor
'1Droad powers' wic'h would be conl
ferred -by the adninistra tion bill on
tile treasury departeieit In'the refund
ing process were Said by Mr. Mellon
to be necessary, for, lie added, "it is
essential to have the new securities in
the most substantial form so that they
may be available to this government
for future use."
Secretary Mellon and Assistant
See retary Wadgworth, who acconi
Panied him, went over the entire field
involved in allied loans and presented
to the cpmmit-tee the following facts:
Unpaid interest on America's loans
to E'urope now amounts to approxi
mately a billion dollars; none of the
debtor nations with the exception of
Great Britain has suggested negotia
tions looking to refunding of the
loans, some of the smaller debtor na
tions are unable at present even to pay
the iterest on thelilr loans and Presi
dent Harding favors to some extent
the proposal that accumulated interest
be added to the principal of the loans
and a 'higher interest rate than five
per cent be provided.
eceptionA for Bridal Party
Donalds, June 29.-A 'beautiful re
ce ption was given Tuesday evening at
the 'home of Mr. and Mrs. S. C. 1111
Ingsworth in honor of the visitors and
briday party of the.. illingsworth
Truit wedding whlich takes -place Wed
nesday evening. The house wvas taste
fully decorated for the occasion, in
1)1nk and wvhite cut flowvers.
Thie guests were met at the dloor by
Mr's. C. -11. Cash, of (GatYney, and Mrs.
J. M. Klllingswor'th, of Green'wood. De..
lightfu Il unch was served in t he hallI
by Misses Allione KIllingswvor~th and
Cleo Ledlbetter, of 12avonia, Ga. A very
original contest was given, the an
swers bleing the name of some one oif
the bridal par'ty.
The guests wer'e then invitedl into
thie dlining r'oomn to ('ut the bride's
cake. Miss Myrtle Killingswor'th cut
the ring, Miss Cleo i(LedbettPr th Ile d11me,
Miss Ma rgar'et Dallas the lbutton anmd
Mr's. Illarmvey Il~rak~e the needle, Block
cr'eam in pink and1 white colors and
angel food cake wer'e servedl..
TPhe ouit-of-towvn guests i'e Mr'.
and Mr's. J. M. Killinghio'thm, Messr's.
Otis -DeVor'e and WIlliam Morris, andh
Miss Cres sic Ciodfetter, all of (Green
wvoodl, Mr'. 'Frank 1Led better, of JUzlton;
Miss Cleo Ledhetter, of Lavonia, Ga.;
Misses Julia Seawr'ight and Edith
Lindsey and Mr'. Leon (Gordon, of An
derson; Mrs. C. eH. Cash, of Gaffney;
Misses Mozelle Moore, of 'Waterloo;
and 'lbettle Stone, of near 'Honea Path,
and 'Mis's Ailiene Killingsworth, of
War'e Shoals,
Home onmlig att l4tbun
TIhem~e will be a IHomne Coming Dlay
at Rtabun Creek Baptist Chur'ch, Wed
nesday, July 13, 1921. All former .pau
tors, Sunday School suiperintenidents,
chnrmch mnember's- ar'e cordially invited
and expected, Every member of the
chur'ch is expectedl, and we urge every
member, wvhether livfuig far or npar,
to *be present, as iwvo want our' entire
membership priesenit. We are 'going
to hav'e a short, but 4nterecsting pro
gram, andI the public is invited to join
with us. Dinner wvil be ser'ved on the
W. A. BADWIN, Clerk,
II illS
Hom'n Ie Mr., and Mr's. James Brown,
Barksdale., 8. C., June 29, 1921, a yirl,
Bonnie Ar'enci'.
Washington tEtxpects Twenty.fiye hif
House. MIrs. Hearst on List.
Washington, July 3.-As a,result of
the congressional elections next year,
it is the' estimate of political experts
in Washington that there will be at
least 25 women members of the house,
and possibly 50. ,It Is not regarded as
proba'ble, however, that a woman will
win a seat in the senate.
Only two women have sat in con
gress. Miss Jannette Rankin iwas elect
ed four years -ago. 'She tried for the
senate and went down in defeat. Miss
Alice Robertson is the only woman
member of the house .at presont. She
represents an Oklahoma district. She
ii a distinct siecess, .and will remain
in harness as long as she desires, it ia
Indicated. There will 'he another wo
man member within a week or ten
days. The governor of Illinois has des
ignated Mrs. Iluciek to succeed her fa
ther, the late Congressman -.Mason,
from the state at large. It is not in
dicated, however, that Mrs. Hiuck will
stand for reelection, the impression
being that she (oes noL reard politi
cal position for 1vomeni as the sine qua
lon and the ie ilus ultra of existence.
There are al ready in d ieations that
there will be many women candidates
next year. One of them, in all prob
ability, will be .\lrs. William Ran
dolph learst of New York, wife of the
nev.spaper (ditor. Mrs. >iearst is be
ing importuned by hiier frinds, and
word comes to Washington that she
will yield. She is a Democrat, like her
hu shand, but admits a tendency tow 'ard
iolitical indopendence. At the same
tine, she has the support of Tamni'x n y
which her hus-hlnd. In his innimerIable
tries for i ;gh occ, never enjoyed. It
i:s understood that Tamnimany is anxious
that Mrs. IIearst run, and haft prom!sed
not only to suiport her, but to elect
ler. If she runs, therefore, she . ill
irobably be the flrst (ecrtain ly aniong
the fi rst) Deiocraic mionen to occuIi'y
a seat in the house.
Mr?. Ilearst. has let her friends in
Washington know that If she ins and
is elected, she will cooperate with the
Dlemocratic party, but will give her
first attention to legislation concern
ing wonen and children. Mrs. IIearst
is described as young aid Inlutsually
prepossessing, With ability to speak
In the language and with the force of a
There is no indication, ai far as
either of the political headquarters in
Washington is aware, that a Southern
woman will off'er next year. But there
are reports in the various congression
al delegations that Oklahoma. will pre
sent another woman candidate, that
Alabama will have a female entry and
that Texas will have two.
* * * * * * * * * * * * . *
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* WTVI'. OALLA(411El- NEWS *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
3Mr. Gallagher, July 4i.-T-ihe crops
aro(undi hiere aire looking flne although
the 'boll weevil is alreadyv on t he cot
Mr i. Rlichiard Kniight, after' a long ill
ness, passed awvay last Wednesday at
the home of his daughter, Mrs. .Johtn
Medloek. lHe was buried the follow
ing day at Plp~la r S prings (chur ch. Fun
eral ser'vices wer'e conducted iby Rev.
Iliarley, of Wo re. Shoals. Mr. Knight
is surivivued by thriee daxughter's and
.\ iss Lui' .Ii1 a il is~ Mhs Ueri'te
iDavenport spent t he dity with MIiss
Francis Odll last Sounday.
''Te frIends of 'M r. J. Ri. llrow n will
bie i leased to know he Is 1wnpro ving.
Mr'. and Mr s. Juilus Paussmnor, of
War'e shoals, spent the Fouth with
theli' sister, 's. 'Tomn unckworth.
We are all pleasedl to see Mm's, Mat
tie Martin back home froim thie hios
pital at Chick Spr'ings, wh'ere she run
deriwenlt a seious operation.
-Mir. and Mr's. J1. I. -Hiaghies and lit
tle son of Grieenville are visiting thlir I
parents, i. and Mrs. W. i. Hu igh,'s,
of War'e Shoals.
Mirs. Dr. 1Uurton of Ivey is at the
bedside of her' mother', who Is sick at
this wi'iting.
Rev. Smith of 'Ware Shoals has been
carrying on a priotr'actedl meeting at
the lUptlAt, ebhtfrch the past ten (lays,
obtalning ovf"V. 100 new members.
Mi'. andi Mirs. W. Hi. 'lavenpoi't visit
ed theli' daughiri, .Mrs. C. A. Marler of
Mt. Olive, Sunday.
Bothany, July 5.-The cr'ops are still
ufering very much fr'om drty, hot
A large crowvd attended the pi('nic
given by the Gr'ays .Sunday school yes
tei'day. .tuly 4th.
NMrs. Salli St unrt has i'eturned to
her old home place fr'om Washington,
I). C.
Mi'. Grieen Sweeney had good luck
fishing at Wofford( Shoals on the
hu'thi. tie caught a forked tail
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t that only lacketd a quarter of a There nya a !arge (crowd at the~ I. C. ('. -"thierstonf, W. B. Knigh
iundi of weighing five 'pounlds. ie Y. P. 1. -Sunday ight. .\r. J.\' \V ~ 1h~iSO~A iJH
autght it graitI ng. Thomfas~on, ourl pattor, was ~iwith u. 'i FE lEiTO.AK H
Thie let ha ny hall team andl Foutain m Al lr'e crofwd attendied thle unvei. A ttorne'ys at Law
nn mill tenam had a game Sat irday. n tllFunday. UIIisi~ s Iltlll J tO 0 Cr
['he Ilethiany boys won by the s Core Cuilrp n Ifuez l int rompit andtt Carefuj rae
>f 5 to 2. Cod Cas rpadIfunaion,.n
Mr'. W. N. Stephu~ens is; int v'iy blLXAI VEBROMO QUININETablets remiovethie Olfice over Palmetto hank
althnow.aus..R Th.r i. nonl onet 'Dromo Quinine." \rr. F. athierstone will apend Wodncn..

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