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No Worms In a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms havo an un
healthy coior. wh ich indicltes poor blood, and as a
rule. there i3 more or I oss stomach distutbance.
larly for two or three weeks, will enrich the blood.
improve the digestion, and act as a generalStrength
ening Tonic to the whole system. Nature will then
throw off or dispel the worms, and thoChild will be
in perfect health. Pleasant to take. 60o per bottle.
- Open to M1el 111141 Women
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iialions tor the free tuition county
scholarships at ail county seats Fri
day, July S, at 9 a. In.
ou r-yea r courses lead to the H. A.
iad 1,. S. degrees. A special two-year
pre-Iedical course is given.
Spacious buildings and athletic
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unlexcelIe(d library facilities. A dormi
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terms. catalogue, and illustrated book
let. address
Liver and Stomach
The Laxative Tonic
With the Iron Bracer
For Sale By
Laurens Drug Co.
Laurens, S. C.
"After the birth of my
baby I had a back-set,"
writes Mrs. Mate Cross
white, of Glade Spring,
Va. "I was very Ill;
thought I was going to
die. I was so weak I
couldn't raise my head to
get a drink of watcr. I
took .. . medicine, yet I
didn't get any better. I
was constipated and very
weak, getting worse and
worse. 1 sent for Cardur."
The Woman's Tonic
"I found after one bot
ie of Cardud I was im..
proving," adds Mrs.
Crosswhite. "Six hot
tIes of Cardul and . . . I
was cured, yes, I can say
they were a God-send to
me. I believe I would
have died, had it not been
for Cardul." Cardut has
been found beneficial In
many thousands of other
capes of womanly trou
bles. If y'ut feel the need
of a godd, strengthen
ing tonic, why not try
Cardul? It may be just
what you need.
Iirding Expected to sign Immediate.
ly Resolution Drelarilng Peace.
'Wash ington, July I.---1nactnent of
the compromise resolution ending the
state of war with Germany and Aus
tria finally was completed today by
congress and the measure will be sent
by special messenger to President
Harding at Raritan, N. J., tomorrow.
lie is expecled to sign it immediately.
At the White ' louse, where the reso
Ittion mwas received early ton!ght, it
was said that the messenger would
leave here at 111in o'clock toiorrow,
arriving about 2 o'clock at Raritan,
myhere 'President .ILarding is the guest
of Senator Prelinghuysen over the hiol
Pinal action on the measure was by
the Senate, which adopted the confer
ence report by a vote of 328 to 19 af
ter a day of debate in which the Dem
ocratic members made a last assault
on the resolution. The I House acted
yesterday, the vote being 263 to 59.
The signing of the measure by the
President wil! open the way for re
sumption of dilomiatic relations with
both Germany and Austria. but ad
mninistration officers have indicated
that :plans for this have not been
worked out. All opponents of the
resolution were (Il'emocrats, but three
Democrats, Shields of Tennessee.
Walsh of Mtassachusetts, asd 'Watson
of Georgia. voted with Republicans
for adoption. 8 Senator Reed, Dlemo
crat, was paired in its favor.
Annou nceients were made that all
other senators paired or absent fav
oreld or opposed tile resolution, ac
Cording to their party aliliations. Sen
ator Knox. of 'Pennsylvania, author of
the original resolution, was absent,
but was paired with Senator Poma
erene, Democrat, Ohio.
The resolution, after the Senate
vot' was signed by Rlepresentative
'Towner, lepublican, Iowa, speakert
to tom inl tle House, inl Ile abseice
of Speaker t(G-illett. who had gone to
New .1(rsey with President 'llarding.
It was then sil0nted by Vice President
'oolidge durt ling an exer'litive session
of tile Senate and sent to the White
i louse.
Final debate today was principally
by Dilemocratic opponents, who de
clared that the Ilepublian plan 'was
futile and would neecessitate a separ
ate treaty of peace later or ratifleation
of the treaty of Versailles.
For the Repu-blicans, Senator Bran
degee, of Connecticut, made the prin
Cipal address, declaring there would
not be a treaty of peace but 1probably
one or more of "commerce" which ie
said, woul (leal with questions arising
out of the war. Senator 'Lodge of
Massachusetts, 'Republican leader, en
tered the discussion briefly, mainly to
support Senator Ifrandegee's conten
tions. Arguing that a peace treaty was
not necessary to conclude wars, Mr.
Lodge said that the United States had
negotiated treaties of coninierce with
Great Britain in 1912 and 1813 and al
so with Spain after the Spanish war.
In r'esp)onse to a (luery' from Senator
lIarrtison, D~emocrat, .\ississippi, Sena
tor' Lod(ge said lie ktiew of no plans
by the admi nistrtat ion to re-snhmtiit thet
tt'eaty of Vet'sailles to the Senate.
Withdrawal of American troops tiow
in Germany was discussed by Senator
'tratndegee, McKellar, Democrat, of
Tennessee, anid othiet's. Disclaitning to
speak fot' the Prtesidlent, i-enator' 'Brani
(degee saidl he believed the peaee r'eso
lution wold necessitate retirettent of
Amieicatn t roops fr'otm Get'man toriI
t ory.
('losing thle debate, Senatot' laFoI -
lette, Republican. Wisconsin, express
ed "'dissent and detiunciation'' of the
provisions t'eser'ving Atmeicani righits
to *Get'tatn prtoperty seized( by3 the alietn
prioperty 3 (ust odiatn. Such'l act ion lie
dlelar'ed, was ini violation of the It'eaty
of 1828 wvith Pr'ussla and also of inter
tiationlal law, life added that lie wvould
reserve freedom of action ini case ftu
tire treaties dealIng with German pro
petty shlt d be pt'esenited.
Delegates Meet to C'anvaas Situation.
"Big lFour" I'tavors Acceptance,
Chicago, July 1.-Railway union
leadlers tonight were undecided on
their -fitial attItude toward the getneral
1'2 per cent wage reduction which be
came effective today on virtually evet'y
r'ailr'oadl in the country by order of the
United 'States rail road labor boa rd.
'Despite considerable di'satisfaction
diisplayed atnong many employees, no
reports of sporadic strikes or any set'i
ous throats of strIkes were ?eportedh to
the union chiefs here today,
A pproximately 1,500 delegates from
system organizations of the Big F'ourt
lh'otherhoods, the sho: crafts, the
maintenance of way men, telegraphers,
clerks and .switchmnen met here today
to canvass the situation, .Ileads of the
Big F'our atnd the sixteen Americatn
F'ederantion of ILaor Unilons h~eld a
short tmeeting this nnorning, before the
offtricer unnneninr1 to onne the OF'
The executives' meeting, it was said,
took ro action other than to place the
entire wage situation in the Ihands of
a committee helded 'by '13. M. Jewell,
president of the railway employees'
department of the American -Federa
tion of 'Libor.
While there was no indication of dis
sension between the organizatiois ov
er the wage reductions, a deilnite line
of demarcatiot developed. The Big
Four. according to illarry P. Daugher
ty, vice grand chief of the engineers,
were favorable to accpti g the Cut as
a "necessary evil," although the i)roth
eihoods might not indicate their atti
tu(le 'hy any formal resolution of ac
Oi the other 'hand the shop crafts
and maintenance of way men were
said to be opposed to accepting the re
utiction. Both have taken referendum
votes on the lower scale andi both are
reported t 'he heavily In favor of its
rejection. The maintenance of way
group, composed largely of section
men. vas the hardest lilt of all railway
employees In the iwage reduction, the
entire increase granted by the labor
board in July, 1920, being wiped out.
Separate meetings were held by en :h
of the brothierhoods today and a report
of their actIon will .be made at con
sol idated meeting of the 'Big Four to
morrow morniig. The clerks, tele
graphers ant switchmen, whose gen
eral clairmen also met. today. olut
lined their plans,. hut refused to make
anIy an11u1 netleitii . Iteports of all
the organizations will be Iiade to the
coumittee of five in whose laids, it.
is understood, final action is vestedi,
M.AJ0R PAt'l
Dieniocrats and Iepublien ns ("ct Busy.
inok imr to Fut ure.
Wadshington, Jine 29.-In respect to
both political parties, there is a "tight
ening np.'" all along the linle. The lie
publiais have reorganized their cxe
'utive coimmittee, anild their publicity
departmien t is 'heg ining to grilnd.
(ecorge White, chairmaii of the I(monn
cratie execilive cominittee. has visit
eI Waslihigton, Ihe former )idevntlI'll,
Senators I'nuderwood '111d -1 [a rison.
and Represen tatives Gar'reitt of Tenl
nessee, virtual floor leader for the
minority, and Flood of Virginia, chair
man of the coagressional camplmailgn
commi ttee. -
fin conigress, as pollited out ;Omle
days a-go, the Democrats have aban
doned their early policy of assistln-.
the Repi'blicans wherever It swas
possible-a policy whilCh consisted
also in permitting lie Republicans
to cover up their blunders. There Is
tighting In both houses every day. The
publicity department of the lDemocratic
comiittee is in charge of Richard
'Linth'icum of Chicago, and a daily
news letter I. issued. As a rule, it
attacks the Republican claim that the
party has reduced appropriations. tax
atlon, and the cost of government, and
in connection with the general 'e
vlval-pr'oducedl imnquiestionably be
cauise of the congr'essional elections
next year' -GCover'nor' Cox has bestlired
hins l f. Ills editorial of last Sunzday
in which lie declared that the adamin
istration had found it impossible to
r'emedy coniditions, thait nothing but
the federal reserve system had saved
the country fr'om a financial pianic,
hat much of the current (list ress was
traceable to the refusal of the senate
to ratify the Versailles covenant, andi
that had the conscience of the people
been able to express itself Ist No
vemnber, the result would have abeen
diff'erent, has attracted great atten
tion among Washington ofilcials and
TPaken in con nection withI the polI
tical revival, it Is not known whethier'
Cox's editorial was simply a berwall
ment of domestic and foreign condi
tions, and of the fact that taxation will
tbe Iic reasedi aniother year andI not r'e
ducedi according to Republican pronm
ises, or 'hethier lhe Is preparing to as
sert himself as titular leader of the
D~emocratic party wIth an eye open tot
the possibIlities three years hence.
President Hlarding is asserting his
authority, also. In the beginning the
president suffered congress to do as it
puleased, to dr'ift along, in othier words.
It 'was his opinion that the e'xeciutive
andi legislative branchies should lbe
permintted to function without dicta
tion from any sour'ce. But congress
got Itself into such a jam that lie hard
to act.
ie called into his Orli'es varlotts
leaders In the house anti senate and
*toldl them that sipeed must be applied,
the peace resolution andi disarm
anment amendment brought out of
c'haos, aplpropriat ion bill s paswed, and
the tariff bill initroduced. As resutiI
progress has been mnadle. The Horahi
anmendmnint will lie adoptedl, and the
peace r'esolut ion of C(hai rman 'Portera
will 'be adopted., The conferees ha v
atgreedl, finally, on the army and navy*
apropriations 'bill, andI soon they will
beai' the signaturie of the president,
Andi so .Polities Is no longer ad
Itadio 'Controlled lowa Located fin
Short Whilo by Dirigible During
On 11oard U. S. S. -Nevadh at Sea,
June 29.--The radio-controlled 'battle
ship1 lowa, representing an enemy
hleeL attacking the Atlantic coast, was
locatcd In a few niinutes less than
thvo hours 'by army dirigible today
when n'bout lifty miles off shore and
ninety miles north, and east of Crape
flenry. More than a score of bombing
planes, manned by aval ad marine
corps 1;ersonnel, rushed to the scene
in response to radio messages from
the blimps that the "enemy" had been
located and hurled eighty dummy
bombs of various sizes at the Iowa,
registering two hits in the forecastle.
The ease with which the air forces
located the Iowa, knowing only that
the vessel was somewhere between I
Cape 'Hatteras and Cape Ienlopen, a
distance of about 215 miles, was a
source of surprise to most of the
naval oflicers iwho witnessed the
biombing and of gratilication to the
army mon.
Weather conditions were ideal for
the test, which was postponed yester
day -because of fog.
Accompanying the Iowa were the
Ohio, the control ship, the battleships
Pennsylvania and Nevada, the trans,
port -lienderson and a number of do
stroycds and mine sweepers.
It was 9:57 when the observers on
the Nevada sighted the first army
Sblnip, the D-2, coming up from the
Virginia Capes, and 13 minutes later
the army dirigible -D-I caie into view.
The first bombing planes, a division
of F-5-L's, arrived at l' :25 and soon
were joined 'by other divisions.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by Its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
The Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
Quick, cl
for every
I T is hard to appr
convenience and s
of cooking with the
fection until you hai
done so.
It's a relief, especial!'
weather, to be rid o
'coal, wood and ash
ing up litter and bla
stove. And then '3
have to "rush the
baking days and he
kitchen. Two burne
New Perfection will
all the heat needec
kind of baking. You
late the heat produce
burner, warmn someth
on one and roast ove
in a New Perfection
The long blue chinr
C. E. Kennedy & Son
Motor Equipment
LAURENS, . . S. C.
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as Spares
Your oldest casing maY
have in it hundredi of
miles that we can save
for you. Some (ay it
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handy as a "spare". fring
it In and let us look it
over-we advise only such
repairs as pay.
Our skilled nmethods and complete equipmient will make your old
tires strong and serviceable.
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