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The Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children auffering from a Cold or Croup.
Tho healing effect of Hayes' Healing Honey in
side the throat combined with tho heal Ing effect of
Grove's O-Pen-Trato Salve through the pores of
the skin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies aro packed In one carton and the
cost of the combind treatmcn is 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Just As Good For Calluses. Money
1Back If It Fails
Thirty seconds after you touch the
corn with this liquid corn remover the
jabbing stabbing pain of it stops, for
all time.
Simple As A. B. C.
No corn, hard or soft, is too old or
too deeply rooted to resist "Gets-It".
Immediately it dries and shrivels, the
edges loosen from the true flesh and
soon you canl peel it right off with
your fingers as painlessly as you trim
your nails.
-Don't coddle cor'n pests. Don't nurse
atnd pamper them. Don't cut and trim
them. REMOVIE tien with "GETS
i'r". Costs a trille at any drug store.
Mfd. by E. Lawrence & Co., Chictgo.
Sold in Laurens by Laurens Drug
Co., Putnaims Drug Store.
Organized 1892.
PROPERTY INSUtED $16,150,000
WRITE OR CALL on the undersign
ed for any Information you may desire
about our plan of Insurance .
We insure your property against de
struction by FIRE, WINDSTORM OR
I.IGHTNING. and do so cheaper than
any company in existance.
Remember, we are prepared to prove
to you that ours is the safest and
cheapest plan of insurance known.
Our Association is now licensed to
wr~Ite Insurance in the counties of
Abbeville, Greenwood, McCormick,
Edgefleld, Ieurens, Saluda, Lexington,
Richiand, Calhoun, and Spartanburg.
Greenville, Pickons, Blamberg, Barn
wvell, Clarendon, Sumter, Lee Kerahaw,
Chesterfld, Lancaster.,
The offleers are: Gen. J. Fraser
Lyon, President, Columbia, S. C.; J. R.
Blake, Gen. Agt., Secty. and Tress.,
Greenwood, S. C.
A. 0. Gran~. .. .. .Mt. Carmel, S. C.
J. M. Gambrell . . . . Abbeville. 8. C.
J. Rt. Blake .. .. .. Greenwood, S. C.
A. W. Youngblood .. ..Hodges, S. C.
J. Fraser Lyon . . . . Columbia, 8. C.
It. H. Nicholson .. ..Edgefleid,S. C.
W. H. Wharton .. .. ..Waterloo, S. C.
W. C. Bates . .... ....Bateburg, S. C.
J. 11. DL AK E, Gen. Agt.
Greenwood, S. C.
Jan. 1. 1920.
Peel Peaches In Thiy Secondsf
Simply dip the
peaches in Red
Dcvil Lye water
prepared as direc- 7~~
tions say... abso
-lutely safe, rcc
ommended by '%
experts, will not
harm the finest '
fruit. Peels them
clean in half a
It Does
The Work
-D oces countless
other tasks around
home and farm,/
day aftcr day.
Always You.
Keep a Can e
Handy tlsi
Five Minute Chats
on Our Presidents
(Copyright, 1920, by James Worgan.)
1837-March 18, Stephen Grover
Cleveland, born at Cald
well, N. J.
1854-An office boy In a Buffalo
law office.
1859-Admitted to the bar.
1863-Assistant district attorney
of Erie county.
1870-Elected sheriff.
1881-Elected mayor of Buffalo.
1882-Elected governor.
1884-Elected President.
1885-March 4, Grover Cleveland
Inaugurated twenty-second
president, aged forty-seven.
NO 0TII~ inan hils steppe'd so
<Itucky froint obscurity to the
presieflency as' Grover ("leveland. WN'141
artleld stooti onl the steps of the cap
Itol to he i nauguatmed he never had
hiaird the name of this Puffa lo attor
ney, vlo was to stan11d in the saille
place four years afterward.
At forty-five Cleveland remained utn
known outside his ouity. At forty
seveni he was in the White IHouse.
It was a met eorit rise. Yet this mnan
wits no meteor. Slow of inind, with a
narrow range of reading and of linte
lectual interests. Cleveland was stolid
in manner an( without brilliant qua
itles. But he had a character as rug
ge and 111 immovable as a miountain. It
had been but it up in rural parsonages,
where his father, a 1'reshyterian mlii
1ster. was required to r-ar it aa rge fain
tly and set ail example to the conniti
nity on $0O0 a year.
For more thn a (ituarter of a Cen
Wury he plodtiled along in 'iuffalo, a
quiet, trusted, but not distinguished
lawyer. Uniarried and without family
or i hnie, hI( took no part in the so
clal life of his conunit y, where 100
other lluffaIlonins iniay have been het
ter known to their fellow-townsmaen.
Ip had been an assistant district at
torney of Erie county and also its
sheriff. The first that was ever hegrd
4-.. ..
Cieveland as Shoriff.
of him outsidIe his neighborhiood were
his sledge-hammer vetoes from the
manyor's ofiee only t wo years before his
election to the presltdenc-y. The whole
state of New York stoppedl to listen
to his resouinding whacks and next the
whole count ry took not ee.
The <mdden, the theatrical rise of
the uman wtas not a1 me-re caprice, a
hiinmd stroke of luck. On thle contrary,
lie wtas nominated aind elected pi-esi
di-nt because he wtas the logical, comn
maon-sense choie; becnuse this unl
knowtn, 'nambitious lawyer of Ibifralo
haiid hecome in two swift yea rs thle
most -ohnspienous embodiment of thle
things thaiit thle tImes cal led for-inde
p''uden-ice in politIes amli a higher
st andarrl of condluc(t in omeiie.
Here wtas a man who was to h ake
his owni pirecedeiits5. a miaii who was
to (-are for niothinlg thiat had hap
pened before lie happentled. T1he first
pr'eshldent a ftetr thle ('lvil war to hiive
hadl no part in that str1ife, lie was with
out a pol it iial 1ast, and is face wias
tuirne(d wholly3 to the fuitutre.
le struck dlisimay to the greedy
hIpe o Stf t' I iemiocra tsi, after I 1wir
long watndlering in a wilderness with
out speilis, 1by annoutiincinig thait he,
wouldl let Ite llejuien i-n otihe-hold.
ters finish thlei r terms, wvithI thei tx
(If "ioffensivet part isansip." '' Whenj
the ltepl ian a ent t tptedjit to
ite(rftere with suhi iremiovalis its he
tdi a ake, ih- ohjertetd to theit rev Ival1
of iii old stattt' "fter lin (xltistece
of nearly 20 yeiars of' almost tinocu
ai chl for thet. senatt rs, anad th lii wa
At last I(levelandl dr-liherntely sac
iticed himnself for thii Salm( of irlain
speaiking. The pirtisti ors (if his rt
elect ion wterie brighlt. Ils nati'e von
ser-vat Ion hind made him i a fiivoite
in th lig reat fina nciatl ('enters of Ne-w
Yoirk, anad th li ll-i Ipowerful buisI iss
intIerests of thle countIry wer-e satis
eleet wiinto 1SN ihe utjii tihe entlir.
senlsut 'lnt Ii t niiff m<t -sn zzo, ole liii
n~ot n th~eort~ '
Five Minute Chats
on Our Presidents
(Copyright, 1920. by James Morgan.)
1843-January 29, William Mc
Kinley born at Niles, 0.
1861-65-in the Civil war.
1867-Became a lawyer in Can
ton, 0.
1869-71-Prosecuting attorney of
his county.
1871-Married Ida Saxton.
1877-91-Member of congress.
1892-96-Governor of Ohio.
+996-June, McKinley nominat
ed for president by the
Republican national con
vention at St. Louis. No
vember, elected.
TIL,,IAM AleKINIE Y challenged
W and lisproved the old saying
that the presiley casts its shadow
on no nan hut once and that if the
(c1h1nce he aiissed then it will never
Come igain. Twice the It(publicatn
noliilati lon seeiled to be within AMe
Kinley's reach--in tle national con
ventions of 188. and 1892. 13ach tine
lie put it away, content to walt his
proper turn, when lie (dd not have to
lutko thle tree to bring down the
ripened fruit of his patience.
Alek.inley was heaten for the speak
ershi) by Thomas It. teed in 1 S9, and
Ie left Vashington a defeated con
grvssman only six years before he re
turned as presidenit-elect. I [ad be
been sr-aker, and, instead of Reed, in
curred the title of "Czar," or had lie
not been turned oit of Congress . . .
had lie won those simiiller honors he
well iight never have won the highest
lionor. A dispiipointment ianfully
borne enlists tile popular sympathy,
ad the nuthor of the McKinley hill
entered the contest for the presiden
tial ioiiination in 1896 a1s on1e who had
suffered martyrdom In the cau.se of
the protective tariff.
After teaching school a tern or so,
McKinley was called in the Civil war,
that hard university which graduated
the men who were to lead the nation
Mrs. William McKinley.
through four decades. Having gone
into the aurmiy as a prIvate in the
regi ment of anlot her presidlenit-to-bhe
Rutherford B. Hayes-he carne out at
twenty-two a1 captain, with tihe brcevet
tit le of maijor.
Becoming a lawyer at Canton, 0.,
again lhe found hliself in the mnidst of
Indlustries in their'struggling infancy.
Andl for 14i years lhe wa'is the spokes
man11 in congress of that industrial
(list rict.
Thel y'otung major, wh'n lie caime to
'3a111on, wasH a clean i-(ut, uip-stanttdi ng
fIgure, geniiai ini his nture, hut with a
sober-I dignity3. Iils read1(iness oif spee-h,
whean on his fe-et, enm te fromi hiis prae(
tie 1o(f the arti in the (debat ig Sue-iles
oIf his schiool days3. hils habtits aliso
had( been1 p~ropierIy formedo~ in hIs bony
hood when lie jo ine thel11 Methodtlist
chutroli at. eni ami11 grew uip a youth l
whlo was ats enirefuil to1 keep hisi tongue
as his collar cleanl.
All doors ini thle little town nai tural
13' swunig ojpen with ai welcome to
"'suchl a nice younig man1 i," and( a1 ma
Jor to boot. Althe3(6gh he was yet
Jpor, whVlen 1(1a Saton1(1, thle banike-r's
dam13 ihter, whlo had1( lbeen to school In
New~u York oity and whlo lhad juist come
baick from I'urope, smiiled yes to hIm,
while. they we-re "takinlg a buggy ride"-'
thle ba nker siled, too(, and1( iinde thleiim
a1 weddling gift of one0 of the~ test
hoss In ('nnton. It wase fron~ io he
fronlt porch oif thait honeymoo11 n (Iw~elI
Inrg thant Mo K inley3 .niade his camupa igni
for the plresidiency' in 1890.
M(cKinl(ey'0 !-( (3ne of th hew -and31)1
(11e ofi thle mo3(st pathlei-love stor31-ls
in t I he domestihc relods oIf thle pre-si
denily. With th le bi1rthI of hier 50e(ond
In fiye year is of her wvelin lg diay uttecr
13y overwhlelm1ed her nerivou~s (or;:aniza
0(1 thlenfeorth tile ((onstan3it object or
her buls~iad's tenIder enire.
Alliithoui lhe ibev'- 013hi kniow fronm
I a:' s :;1 ca Li in. he3 'nd her Is
mi~nino helen1. n-Mwe
Loan Fund For Girls
The South Carolina Federation of
Women's CluIbs has a loan fund from
-which loans are made to needy and
ambitious girls who, without thuis aid
would be unable to secure a college
education and thus become self sup
porting in some speclic line. 'ntil
the fund grows considerably loans
ranging from $50 to $150 are prefer
red. Application blanks and rules
governing loans may be secured from
.Miss .i.abel '.\lontgoiery, ehairman;
Mrs. John 'largrove, 'llon; .Mrs. A.
C. -Igon, Orangeburg! -.\rs. J. Thiom;
sol Irown, .ock 11111.
Engraved Cards and Invitations.
Advertiser Printing Co.
3Ox3% Sta
30x3%-inch C
34x4% "
R.. ' t
Dealers in everything for the e~eme
The largest and best equipped mon
umental mills in the Carolinas.
GREENWOOD, - - - S. C.
** .
Lndard Non-Skid Tire
This new low price
is made possible
by strictest econ
omies and special
ized production.
Plant No. 2 was
erected for the sole
purpose of making
30x3%.inch Non
Skid fabric tires.
With a daily ca
pacity of 16,000 tires and 20,000 tubes, this plant permits refined pro
luction on a quantity basis.
All materials used are the best obtainable. The quality is uniform.
It is the best fabric tire ever offered to the car owner at any price.
Firestone Cord Tires
Tire repair men, who judge values best, class these tires as having the
sturdiest carcass made. Forty-seven high-grade car manufacturers use
them as standard equipment. They are the quality choice of cord users.
ord - - New Price $24.50
" -J "" 54.90
VI row~in~* to *acco
Yo ca'/etaCml eaueyucntba h
Ty'llyou that'thebexper Camel, eas O a' beat the
choice Turkish and Domestic tobaccos makes a ciga
rette smoke you can't equal-no matter what you pay.
But it doesn't take an expert to tell Camel quality.
You'll suot it ihe very first puf Tr aes.oref

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