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Efje Ebertiser
Subscription Price $2.00 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurenis. 8. C.
.Advertising Rate3 on Application.
'Obituaries and Cards of Thanks: Ono
Cent a Word.
Entered at the postolilice at Laurens,
Z. C., as socond class mall matter.
L APVRENS, S. C., JULY 13, 1921
The Civic League made a good start
when it made the court house lawn a
real thing of beauty instead of an ey-e
sore. We do not know to what the
' league will turn its attention next but
it will (1o a good work in cleaning
up and beautifying the town If given
'C' '* *
The Advertiser carries a number of
bank statements in its issue today.
While one not versed in banking, ex
cept in giving notes, cannot tell all
that there Is to be known about a
bank by its statement, still one can
tell whether conditions look healthy
or not. We believe that a istudy of
Laurens county banks will show that
they are more than ordinarily sound
and that they are in a strong tposi
tion to carry on the work they are
called on to (1o. All of them, no doubt,
have had trying situations to face but
the conservatism that has charac
terized the town has stood them in
good stead during the past year.
* * * * e e ae*eee * * ***e
On June the twentieth there was a
health conference held with the col
ored people of Laurens. This health
conference was held at the request of
a class of nurses being instructed by
the county nurse. At this conference
there were 52 babies examined. A
mass mecting was held the night of
the twentieth. At this meeting health
talks were made by IlYr. Maxwell and
others. According to the report of the
district nurse this is the first con
ference in the state to be held among
the colored people.
A "Little Mothers Club" is to be
organized at the -Red Cross Room Wed
nesday afternoon, July the 13th, at
three o'clock. Girls between the ages
of ten and fourteen are asked to join
this club. Red Cross lectures and
demonstrations in home nursing are
to be given at this meeting. On Thurs
day afternoon such a club is to be
organized at Gray Court in the Metho
dist Sunday School rooms.
On July the 28th health 1pictures
are to be presented at the Princess
Theatre in the afternoon and evening,
These pictures are sent out by the
Red Cross headquarters at Atlanta,
Miss Hlagquist urges that as many as
possible see these pictures.
Under the aulspices of the *State
l.'oard of health and the South Caro
tna Tubercular associa-tione.,a frec
chmest examination will be given at
the court house at Laurcns on July
29th. Dr. Cooper of the' -.SN~itariumi
sat Columbia, will assist the county
iphysician in this examination. This
clinic is being held fg' the j~ur'pose of
alding Utose who may :Q iuffering
frdin the a fter-effects o' In fitibnza or
i'rom the effects of the trying months
spent (luring the war as -IwelI as. those
whlo are sufferirts from persistent
co!ds,; loss of weight and loss of ap
petite. Thie leaders wfor this clinie
'hre to be of service to many folk in
.the .country who are suffering from
these 'seenIngly minor (defects and
thus remedly them before they (develop
into t~uberculosis or some other seri
Ou's tr'oube.
; *
P (thany, JTuly 11.-The farmers arc
wfi i leased( this morning on account
of a ricen ra yesterday.
ir. Kenneth Cooper, of L~aurens,
is visiting Mr. Thad Edwards this
Mir /Ttty Eidwards is . xpe'cted to
have an operation this week.
hcsWillie Lancaste'r visited Miss
'Rosa Stephens Saturday night and
Miss Grace Cooper and Mis-s Goldie.
Pe~ttort vipited 'Miss Allie flee Phillips
Saturd'nV night and Sunday.
- Mr. lw~in Phillips from Asheville,
*visited his parents Sunday.
Mr. Allen iGodfrey is visiting his
people here.
The B. Y. P. U. is going to have
Pible study class, beginning the af
ternoon after the fourth Sunday in
2Sc quality Fruit of the Leom and
Andoseoggin tBleaching, 36 inches
wIde, 10 yards (July Sale), for $1.50
nt 3. C. Burns & Co., Laurens,
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
* '.*
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
'Iaiford, July 1 I.-In the beautiful
grove around tli residence of Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. Johnson on Tuesday, .1tiy
i was a scene of gay festivity and
mirth, when ,the relatives and friend,;
of Mrs. Julia Lanford Johnson gave a
surpriso ;picnic in ho)or of the 76th
birthday anniversary of their much
beloved "Aunt Julia".
After greetings, hearty congratula
tions and an hour or two of pleasant
conversation, the 'merry party re
paired to a table beautifully and taste
fully arranged under a magnificent
old oak tree which ,was literally
groaning under a wealth and bounty
of -good things to eat.
'When the party was seated Capt.
J. W. ;Lanford made a few well chos
en remarks, announcing a very ap
propriate paper which was read by
Mrs. J. L. Higgins in behalf of the
Bible Class of which Aunt Julia is a
faithful member. The paper was
swell written and suitable to the oc
casion, telling dear- "Aunt Julia" of
the iplace of honor and high esteem
she holds in the hearts of her church
and Sunday School associates and re
calling her. many words of encourage
ment and cheer, the countless deeds
of love and kindness she has shown to
others along her pathway of life. Af
ter this reading a poem composed by
Mrs. J. W. . 8ohnson, wa. beautifull,y
delivered by Ir. It. Yates Waldrep, a
recent graduate of Wofford College.
This poem added much merriment and
fun to the occasion, qgiving just the
touch of humor needed to restore the
smiles to faces saddened by the
pathos of Mrs. illiggins' address.
Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Johnson, of
Arcadia, Mrs. J. W. Johnson, Mrs. r.
S. Higgins, Mrs. C. 'D. Cox, Mrs. C. L.
Waldrep and Mrs. Alice -Moore served
as a committee to wait oil the table.
Then kodaks of the crowd, repre
sentiug the 3rd and 4th generation,
were made by Miss .Nannie Mae -Lan
ford. They were honored with the
presence of Mrs. J. T. littlejohn, of
Scranton, whose husband is a leading
pastor of the Baptist denomination.
Late in the afternoon big waiters of
delicious ice cream refreshed the
guests for their homeward journey.
After bidding all adieu they left wish
ing many happy returns of such de
lightful days.
Mrs. W. D. Patterson entertained
her Sunday School class Thui'sday af
ternoon with a tplcnic at Yarborouigh's
Mill, which was also a delightful oc
Misses Eleanor Drummond and Lil
lie Mae Cox, Messrs. Paul lHunfley,
ilarry Drummond, Joe Murry Cox and
Jack 'Hliggins enjoyed the hospitality
of Mrs. J. S. liggins last Wednesday.
The day's pleasures were given in
honor of Misses Mary Lou Ferguson
and Helen Vincent, of Laurens.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* 'INTiON N'E~IN *
* * * * * * * * * * a a * *
Mr. andl Mrs. Joe Smith of Abbe
ville are the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Jas. Rt. Colpeland this week.
Mr'. and Mr's. IBarney Parrott are the
guests of Mi'. and Mrs. .1. . W. Cope
land, Jr.
Mrs. Emmna Glenn retumrnedl to
Spartanlurig last Saturday after
spendin'g several weeks with relat ives
Mr's. JIus. Sprunt andi children, of
'Dillon, arc spending several weeks
with hier mother, Mrs. .\. A. Hlays.
Mi:;~ces May and .Nancy Owens rec
turned Tuesday from Blishopville af
tei' spending a week with Mr's. Marin
Dr'. and Mrs. S. C. Hays entertained
a number of their friends at the
Country Club last Friday evening.
Mrs. Harvey Brannen, of States
boro, Ga., returned to her home last
Saturday after spending several
,weeks wIth her mother, Mrs. Emma
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Davis, of Laui
rens, spent the week-end in the city
with relatives.
Mr-s. Reece Young delightfully en
tertained the "Tuesday C2lb" last
week. After a pleasant hour of sew
ing the hostess served a delicious
salad course to about a dozen guests.
* Mrs. RIobt. Mcbees and son are
visiting relatives in Greenwood.
Dr. and Mrs. Townsend, of Andei'
son, are -the guests of Mr. andl Mr..
J. F. Jacobs, Sr., this week.
Mir. and Mrs. Jodie Chandler de
lightfully entertained at a card party
last Monday evening in honoi' of Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Little, of Abbeville. Af
ter . several (ganmes, delicious erc~mi
and Cake were served by the hostess,
aissisted *by Miss - Dorcas Ma son.
(Dr. and Mr4. Jas. Rl. Copeland -en
tertained a number of their fra~nds
last Thursday evening at the country.
cliub in honor of Mrs. Harvey Bran
non of Statesboro, a
*~~ e a - * i -10 o
S * * * * * * * tiee * * 5 *
Crogs 111111, July 11.-A very quiet
mar-riage took place here Sunday, July
3, 1921, when Miss Sara T. Corley be
came the happy bride of Mr. James
'Clairborne Macdonald of Spartanburg.
The ceremony was performed at 3:30
o'clock in the afternoon by the bride's
pastor, Rev. W. 'D. Ratchford, in the
presence of a few immediate relatives
and ut"ie home of the bride's mother,
Mrs. Florence Corley, who for a num
ber of years has resided here with her
sister, Mrs. Nannie Williams. Though
this marriage has been coulidently ex
Pected for several months by Miss
Sara's closest friends, still it was kept
a profound secret from the general
pu'blic and ,was a surprise to most
In her kindly devotions and loving
care for her afflicted mother and oth
er members of the family the bride is
seldom surpassed, while her reserved
but friendly disposition and her con
genial and exemplary life in school
and society has won for her many
warm friends. We regret to lose her
from Cross ilill but extend her all
good wishes in her new and happy re
The groom is a young man of good
business qualities, the son of ..\Mr.
Alexander .\Macdonald of illackstock,
S. C., who is a native of -Scotland and
belon'1gng to that claaa of citixens not
ed for rigid honesty and uprightness
of life. ils home is now in Spartan
burg where lie has a good 1position as
city salesman for Swift & Company.
S * S * I * I * I * S * 1 * S
Collard Plnits-White-i lead, trans
lant now. G. A. Fuller, Jones St.
For SalC-100 bushels goop home
raised corn in shucks. See -. W. I.
Dial. 52-2t
Lost-One female Pointer pup, well
grown for age, white and black and
black ticked. fReward for retlrn or
in formation leading to recoveriv. D.
D. Peden, Gray Court. 52-1t
Store Rooms For Rent--Three new
store rooms now ready for rent. Laui
rens Trust Co. 52-5t
Strayed or Stolen-iound dog,
black and yellow, large size. Return
or notify W. A. Garrett. laurlens, Rt.
One. 52-It-pd
'Iin Repair -Parts-Lugs and, wedges
for 1ll inake cars. City Vulcanizing
Station. 5i-tf
Notlee- have been moving houses
'.4 years. Am ready to move yours.
C. A. Owens, Clint6n, Route 1.
For Rent-Seven room cottage, close
in. on South Ifarper street. Price $26
per month. laurens Trust Co. 50-5t
Notice-I have arranged to be in
Laurens two days each month. If your
plano needs tuning leave order with
S. M. & N. 1. Wilkes & Co. 0. M.
Tully, Piano Tuner. 28-tf
State of South Carolina,
County of Laurens.
Whereas, petitions signed by a legal
n umb~er of the qlualifed electors and
free-holders rosiding in Tainford
school dlistrict 'No. 10, Laur'ens coun
ty., South Carolina, asking for an elec
tion upon the (uestion of votin'g an
aditional 3 mill tax uJpon the pro
perty in said school district, to be
usedi for school piurposes, have been
filed with the counmty board of edluca
tion, an election is hereby orderedl upi
on salid q uestion, said election to he
held on the 28th (lay of July 1921, at
Lanford School Building, in said dis
trict. under the management of the
trustees of saidl school (district.
or personal property for taxation andl
Only such electors as return real
who exhibit their tax receipts and
rc'gst ration certl flates as requmi red
in the general election shall be allow
ed to vote.
Those favoring the 3 mill additional
tax shall vote a ballot containing the
*'ordl "YFES" wvritten or printsed there
on. Those against the 3 mill addi
tional tax shall vote a ballot contain
ing the wvordl "NO" written or printed
thereon. .Polls shall open at the hour
of 8 o'clock in the forenoon and shall
remain open until the hmour' of 4
o'clock in the afternoon when they
shall be closed and the ballots count
The trustees shall report the result
of the election to the county auditor
and county stuper'intendent of educa
tion within ten days thereafter.
R. T. WII'JSON, Supt.
32-St.-A Bly order of County Broard.
At Dr. Aibrighti's Old Stand.
Traynhlam BuildIng
Phone 31
C., C. Feathmerstone W. B. EnightI
,Attorneys at Law
Laurens, S. C.
All Business Intrtmstod to Our Care
Will lHave Prompt and Careful Atten.
Ofmee over Palmetto Bank
Mr. Featherstone will spend Wednes
day of each week in laurens.
Statement of the Conditlon of the
Located at Gray Court, 8. C., at the
close of business June 80th, 1921.
Loans and D'iscounts .. ..$155,461.99
Overdrafts ........... 2,753.09
Bonds and Stocks Owned
-by the Bank ........ 100.00
Furniture and Fixtures . 4,928.'20
Banking 'ouse .. .. 4,129.25
Due from Banks and Bank
ers .............. 7,209.70
Currency ............ 1,045.00
Silver and Other Coin .. . 11
Checks and Cash 'items 299.69
Total ............$176,018.01
Capital Stock !Paid In .. ..$ 50,000.00
Surplus Fund ...........5,000.00
Undivided Profits, less Cur
rent Expenses and Taxes
Paid .. .. .......... 3,099.14
Individual Deposits Subject
to Check .. .. $30;426.69
Time Certificates of -De
posit .. .. .. .. 27.215.83
Cashier's Checks . 276.35 57,918.87
Bills Payable, including Cer
tificates for Money -Bor
rowed ...............60,000.00
Total........ .....$176,018.01
State of South Carolina,
'County of Laurens.
Before me came A. M. Owings. Cash
ier of the above named bank, who, be
;ng duly sworn, says that the above
and foregoing statement Is a true con
dition of said bank, as shown by the
books of said bank.
Eworn to and subscribed before me
this t1th day of July, 1921.
'Notary Public.
Correct Attest: L. R. Brooks, J. E.
Johnson, Festus T. Curry, Directors.
Statement of the Conditlon of the
Located at Owings, S. C., at the close
of business ,itte 80, 1921.
'Loans and Discounts .. ..$ 60,058.78
Overdrafts .......... 1,373.72
Furniture and Fixtures . 1.315.62
Banking (-louse .. .. .. .. 1,287.54
Due from Banks and Ihnk
ers .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 11;,5 17.38
Currency ............ 2441.00
Silver and Other Coin .. 123.97
Checks and Cash .1tems .. 101.18
Total............$ 76,022.19
'Capital Stock Paid In .. ..$ 25,000.00
Sunplus Fund .......... 12,000.00
Undivided 'Profits, less Cur
rent tlxpenses and Taxes
'Paid .............. 6,507.77
Individual Deposits Subject
to Check .. ..$21,806.34
Time Certificates of De
posit .. .. .. .. 10,648,58
Cashier's Checks . 59.50 32,514.42
Total .. .. .. .. ....$ 76,022.19
State of South Carolina,
County of Ia~urens.
Before me came ilenry Etta Ow
ings, Cashier of the .above named
bank, who, being duly sworn, says
that the above and foregoing state
ment is a true condition of said bank,
as shown .by the books of said bank.
Sworn to and subscribed -before me
this 8th day of July. 1921.
Notary Public.
Correct Attest: C. 1W. Owings, Hen
ry Etta Owings, R. M. Bryson, Direc
Grove's Tasteless chlil Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chili Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by Its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
Laurens, South Carolina
offie In Peoples Bank Builng
Write us
Clinton, S. C.
0. Langdon Long
Enterpris.NationaliDank Building
All Legal Business Given'
Prompt Attention
Simpson, Cooper & Babb
Attorneys at 'Law.
WBi Practice tn all State Coat
Prompt Attention Given All Busins
Oil Tanks and Pumps, Air Com
pressors, Computing Scales, Floor
Scales, 'Show 'Cases, Aecount Reg
iaters, Rebuilt1 Cash Registers,
Safee, store F1 lures.
Colnntla. 8. C.
The Water's Fine at
Cold Point, S. C.
will be at Crystal Lake all this season to instruct
ladies and children to learn to swim and dive.
Lake Open for Bathing at All Times
Bathing Suits For Rent
We have a high i)ower, fast cutting outtit foreed feed-a complete
power plant in itself for sawing logs to any lengti. Does theework
of six to ten mon. L*ver control of blade while engine Is run
ing. Have good assortment
of Gasoline Engines. All
eqluipped1 with Bosch Mag
neto and offered at factory
Lever control starts and
stops Saw.
828 Gervals Street, COLUMBIA, S. C.
New Shoes New Styles
Brought to Your Very Door
By Prepaid Parcel Post
One Strap In fine grade of Brown and
p Black Kid or Satin and Suede
Pumps combinations;'IFrench or Ba
by Louis Heels.
Priced from
$8.00 to $13.50
Satin Pumps Brown or Black Satin,
fine quality, one strap
styles; French or Baby
Louis heels.
Priced from
$7.00 to $10.50
Full Line of Women's High Grade
Silk Hosiery
In All Leading Colors and Style.
Write foi Our Spring and Sunmmer Catalog
Wright.Sc-uggs Shoe Co
Spartanburg. S. C.

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