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Quickly relieves Constipation, Bi.
fou8iiess, Loss of Appetite and Hend
aches, due to Torpid Liver.
The Car Everlasting
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Clinton, S. C.
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Employment Decreased 2.9 Per Cent
iI Julune Over May, Survey Shows.
Washington, July 7.-A decrease in
eilioyment of -2.9 per cent during
June as compared with May, Is indi
ctted .by a survey made by the depart
ment of labor of reports from 1,428
firms employin-g normally 1,600,000
persons. The decrease since January
in these establishnents situated In 65
principal industrial centers has been
6.2 per cent, a statement issue(d today
All industries reported decreased
employment except those engaged in
the manufacture of food products,
textiles, leather, liquors and -bever
ages, stone, clay, glass and tobacco.
"Detailed examination of the pres
ent returns indicates clearly the fun
daiental causes of the protracted in
dustrial depression and the mounting
tide of unemployment," the statement
(leclared. "Continued unsatisfactory
conditions of transportation, with
freight rates in many cases consid
ered almost prohibitive; lack of any
thing like a normal foreign market:
the present low value of farm produce,
stagnation fin iron and steel; high
costs of construction and the general
dulnhess of the retail trade stand out
prominently as leading factors in tie
While there is an almost ntation -
wide housin g shortage, the statement
sad, the only resutnnption of buildinug
o!ierations noted has been onl a re
stricted scale.
"Industry generally is optimistic,"
the survey continues, "and while the
!ikelihood of a duull summer in almost
all lineos is fully recognized, the ten
dency is to count on ilprovemnent by
U01 and a healthy though n'ot spec
tacila r business revival by the spring
of 1922."
Eightt leading indistries. represent
(1 ainong the 1,-100 Odd ants, re
porting, recorled an aggregate de
crease of 56,772 walge earners while
six other industries showed a total
increase of 10,089.
I'eIria, Ill., showed the heaviest de
crease among the industrial centers
with a drop of 36.9 oer cent; San
Francisco was second with 25 'per
cent, an(d Syracuse, N. Y., next, with
17.1. From these figures the decrease
raniged, down to Youn'gstown, 0., and
St. Louis, Mo., with less than one
half of one per cent.
Among '26 cities rricortisg increased
Employment, Atlanta, Ga., was fIrst
with 16.7 per cent ; Sioux City, Iowa,
with 16 iper cen t, and Toledo,
Ohio, third, .with 15.6 iter cent.
lederal Ieserve Relots Siow De
crease in Notes in Circulation.
Wash i ngtoni, July 7.-iederal re
'serve bank operations during the past
year have resulted in aI increase of
ts gold hIIoldi Ings by $-18:3,607,000, a de
Cre'('se ini its niot es in' icula tioni of
$ I 0,0J00,000, and( an incerease in its
Iotal Iresertves of $519 ,000,000, a('cordi
inug to a stati1stleaI summar11 ty issuted
by te boarid ot gov'erntors tod~ay. The
('(ntraction of the ('iurrcy tudiented,
lie -hoard said1, thle dIegr'ee to w"hi ch
lhe coutry13 11( had et'eed a period of
Total resoutrces of the reserve sys
temtt, aumountIinug to $5 .2-12.000 ,000J on
Junite 20. 19121, werc dlecreasedl 13.7 per'
(cnt from the total on J1unte 25, 1920,
of $6,071,000,000i. Tlhe capital of fed
etal r'eser've banks, however, incr'teasedl
from $9 i,500,000O to $102,18-1,000 durii
tug the same11 peiodi, dlue to the fact
thmat ''tme system has steadily in -
('teased In mtembersip and strenigth''
duintt~ ig thle year'. Th is, the boar r'l e
mtarked, was "ini striking coiitrmast with
thle decl Ine in 1(otal resources.'"
to) work' ott of the banking system
c.f thle 'outry 3, and( inito .halnds of pr'i
Vale ('otnporteit investors, it was r'e
mar ked, hecause r'eserve loans on
treasury h''londls and certiflicates of in
debtcdness dr:opp~edl from $1,300,000,
(t 0 in .Jute 1920 to $2I.18000,000 in
,Junte this yeari. The total of reser've
notes in cit'eilation last month was
$2,t:3-t,000.000, wvhle In the ~sme
muonthi of 19!20 it w as $3, 117,000,000.
Disciussing the gold movenments the
boar'd polntcd out that the metal
flowed out of the' United States in
19t19 ini considerablIe quiantities but
began i'eturning in even greater vol
uime in 1920, the imptort for the last
year being ($618;00000. Off-setting
Impor'ts aigainst exports, since the ar
mistice and to June 10, the coun
try's stock showed a net Increase of
$120,000,000 and w.as still boitnd up
llanking systems abtoad were not
able to accomplish the redluction of
paper' curren('tcies, the statement saidl,
to -have anything like the degr'ee
whic'h the federal system showaed.
In tEniglarli, circulating notes were
redceltCd 2 per cent during the year',
while In France they increased eight
item' cent, in Italy 11 per cent and in
(ie'rny 2 7 ner cnt,
Staple Enses OIY From Best When
Stocks Turn Easier in Afternoon.
New York, July 7.-An early ad
vance in today's cotton market seemed
largely the result of the better tone
reported in iWall street, and when
stocks turned easier during the after
noon, cotton also eased off from the
best. October contracts, which had
sold up to 12.76, closed at 12.65 with
the general lisit closing barely steady
although last prices were 13 to 18
points net higher.
The market opened steady at an ad
vance of 6 to 9 'points in response to
relatively firm Liverpool cables, re
ports of an improving spot demand in
the market there, al( private cables
claiming that 'Lancashire was showing
more interest in new crop shipments.
The south sold a little cotton at the
opening and -there was scattered
realizing which may have been pro
moted by the favorable weather map.
These offerings were readily absorbed,
however, ain( the market showed con
siderable strength diring the middle
of the (lay on a scatterin'g demand
from the trade, Wall street and local
operators. The feeling appeared to be
that the better tone roported in the
early stock market would lead to Wall
street buying of cotton on a more ac
tive scale or the covering of shoit ae
coutits. jily sold up to 12.0.1 and Dv
cember to 13.25 or 2.1 to 28 points
set higher, but the advance was then
checked by scattered realizing and
there was liq(uidation -by early bu'er.,
in the late trading. Reports of an in
proved( demand were received from
'astern belt sections, and there Was
talk of ai firmer spot basis, while very
little southern selling was noted
around the ring after the early offer
Ings had been absorbed. There was
reports of increasing curtailment
among eastern yarn mills owing to a
contilued poor- deind, but early ad
vices indicated rather a better toie in
'.oodls with some export I inquiry. The
bulk of the late selling was attribiut
ed to tile early buyers who were siip
posed to be disa1piointed] by the fail
I ire of Wall street buying to develolp
as expected. Kxports today 6,891
bales. making 5,50,878 so far this
season. Port receipts 12,752. 'nited
States port stocks 1,520,899.
Prominent Anderson Attoriiey is Ap
poinite4 I'. S. District. Attorney.
Anderson, July .7.-The noiniiati)n
of l Frnest ". Cochrian, as 1'. S. Dis
trict Attorney for the western district,
w%.as ;made today, and was gratifying
news to the entire city, for although
Mir. Cochran has al ways been affiliat
ed with lie repuiblilen party, lie has
held the highest respect of the coM
imunity. and is consideredl one ofl the
ablest lawyers in tle Piedmon t see
tdonl. Mir. Cochran wats district at
torney, before tlie state was div ided,
andl held th is pos it ion fiom 18 uintil
W\hen Ai r. (Cochri an was asked abhout
lie nioinat ion todlay, lie sta ted t hat
he had not been oflicialIly notiftied, t hat
lie was not an appliennt foir thie posi
Ition, lout if I endIer'ed him lie woulId a p
pr'e(iate t'Ihe hionoir, and~ aneept . .\lr'.
Coeliran1's w'ord(s were: "While I am
not an apaplicant, if my13 nomiination is
()on1'firedl and mi iy government11 feels
it ine(eds iiy lhiumble14 seri'c e, I shall
cer'ttinly' accept It."
Engraved Cards and Invitations.
Advertiser Printing Co.
Nintemient of thle ('ondition of 11he
11.N5 OF" OltAY (0orltTi
l.4caIted iat Gray ('ourt, S. ('., at the
c'lose of buiness'15 ,une 301, lit2 I.
Locans andi Discounts .. .. $117,840.00
Overdra fts . . ... .. .. 8,759.21
Ilonds and Stocks Owned
I1by the llank 1.. 7,47;;.00
ilanking Ilouse . . .. . ,, 1,75(0.00
ODlier ical IEista t( Owneitd.. 1,000
('urrency .. . .' . . .. 196.00
Silver aund Other 'olin ... 71.63
('hieks and ('ash items . . I ,256.00
Total .. .. ........$8050.47
(Capital Stock P'aid In .. .$ 25,0th.00
Surplus Funnd ...~. .. 25,0001.00
lindilvidled Profits, less ('uri
i'ent Expenses and~ Taxe~s
Paid .. . . ... .. 16,566.59
D)ue to IBankb and Bankers 81(0.14
IDividends lIn'paidl .... .. 312.00
Individual D~eposits Subject
to Ch ec k . . .. $20770.55
Savings lieposits 48.36
Time Ceitifleates of De'
posit .. . . .0 .1,912.73
(Cashirs Checks. 1.10 82,74t1.74
'Hills P'ayable, including Cer-.
tificates for' Money Bor
Total .. .. .. ..... .$l80,h50.4,
State of South Carolina,
(ounty of i~au res.
lBefore me came V. D). G;ray, ('ash
ier of the above named bank, who, be
ing duly sworn, says that thle abhove
andl foregoing statement Is a true con
.dit10on of said bank, as shown by the
books of sat . bank.
Sworn to oh d suibscibed before ime
this 7th (lay of July, 11421.
Notar'y hPublic.
Coi'rect .Attest: (1. F. Dorroh, S. D).
.Aartin,.I1. L. (1rne' nirectors
It is owned by many who can afford
to pay anything they wish for the
things they use.
It is always bought because of its
known value and its after economies.
The gasoline consumption is unusually low
The tire mileage is unusually high
Easterby Motor Co..,
Public Square Phone 200
Od Devil
At doe
WahayUeRe eilLetomk hret ae
/ W~Asday se ite Red Devil Lye tomkehrdn wiate4
aqsf siwatr. Then ak the p ots ilnsd
clohe wtha itlesopan skisets censt e ad ovrn coring w tem!
thus oftend. D rt mops est grease and bae di o lvus.Los
RdDvlLehldoten sooting ie estnaesiig
An' eyday aglttl Red ei Ly >n o
any waster' Tento twh e otsi, hen and.
skiletsclanR ]c-insteadet corn thoe
Remvetgras adaetroys gerst. llss
enesotand gre.vets ire mhtcing.
~Makes Blsndsle terl Soeam!
Thiwnawa adlastd.Itistnoas
ne ijhob to mak gord soap with Red D~evil
an waste.Lge.w coe Qu ckl one-vt er hecrncal.
--an it wcill b~e justs ohsale as
directins. onarf thet .r itndse
Demtan Rel Devil Ly t re a
4 cat ce ouv r cae iialecras,

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