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Bete than Til GT
Death only a natter of short time.
Don't wait until pains and aches
become incunalte diseases. Avoid
painful consequences by taking
The wortY; standard remedy for kidney,
liver, 1:ia.'.r and uric aci.I troublrs-tho
Nationji IZ2Iredy cf HlA.da vince 1695.
Gua .':. : . sa, a' druggists.
:"k r - .no Gtld Medal o::: evry-: boc
Uid fccpt no imaitation
Saves So Much Work!
Use Red Devil
Lye washday -
m akes hardest
water soft as rain
water. Then just
soak the clothes and
jA gct rid of most of the
washboard drudgery.
Use Red Devil Lve
to mop or scrub, and
Fave yourself back
ache. It cleans
quickly. Disinfects
at the same time.
Use Red Devil Lye
in your kitchen work
i little in your dish
water cuts the grease
out in a jiffy.
Save all your grease
and kitchen scraps
it's easy to make ten
pounds of good soap
with one can of Red
Devil Lye. Full
directions on can
Your try it-save money.
eons it
SU re is Strkong/
17ST. LOUIS, MO., U. S. A.
"Black-Draught is1 in
my oinion, the best lhver
mediine on the market,"
- states Mrs. R. H-. White
' ide,of Keota Okla. She
- ''continues: "f had a pain
. tight, uncomiortable feel- ~J
:~jng-and this was very
~?4disagreeable and brought
Son headache. I was con
Sslipated and knew it was
~A~indigestion and inactive
liver. I began the use of
SB lack-Draught, night and
morniind it sure is
speddand certainly
Sgives relief."
Thodford 's
.'i ' lor over seventy years p
.. this purely vegetable '
t&Jo reparation has been
.' found beneficial by thou
sands of persons suffer
. ng from effects of a tor
p ' id, or slow-acting liver.
SIndigestion, biliousness, :
Scolic, coated tongue, diz
dr iess, constipaition, bit- f
t taste, sleeplessness,.
'lack of energy, pain in
-back, puffiness under the
.eyes-any or all of these @
symptoms Often indicate S
Sthat there is something
Sthe matter with your
h fver. You can't be too
careful about the medi- i
Sthat the 'name, "Thed
ford's Black-Draught," is
,on the package'. At all
tile Genuinm.
Mob Gathers Around Jail in Iva. Of
ficers on Alert. Sam Starks,
Charged With Writing Let
ters to White Girls, Taken
to Anderson.
. Anderson, July 1.-Reports that a
mob had surrounded the jail at Iva,
near here, tonight seeking to cap
ture a young negro were received at
the sheriff's office tonight. The ne
gro had been arrested, charged with
writing improper letters to three
white girls and feeling was said to
be rising higher.
Anderson, July 16.--The mob that
had surrounded the jail at Iva, this
county, in an effort to secure a negor,
accused of writing improper letters
to three girls, was outwitted tonight
when the sheriff's officers .spirited the
negro from the Iva jail and brought
him to jail here.
Greenwood, Jtuly 17.-A telephone
message to The Index-Journal from
Anderson at midnight stated that
quiet had been restored following the
removal of the negro, Sam Starks,
to the Anderson jail and no trouble
was anticipated. In addition to Starks
his wife and Will Pettigrew, another
negro, charged with being implicated
in the letter writing, were carried to
the Anderson jail. Officers were re
ported to he uncertain as to the guilty
parties and two more arrests at Iva
were expected to be made today.
Anderson, July 106.-Three negroes
arrested in connection with charges
that improper letters had been writ
ten to three prominent young white
girls at Iva, were rushed out of that
town tonight and brought here for
safe keeping when a mob gathered
around the small Iva jail.'
Quiet was restored shortly after
wards at Iv-1a and no more trouble
was Txcted. The negroes are Sam
Starkes and his wife, Julia, and Will
Pettigrew. The letters were said to
hear Starkes name, but when he pro
tested that he could not write, Pet
tigrew was held on stispicioll that he
wrote them and forged Starke's name.
Julia Starkes was taken inlto) custody
aid brought here as a precaution.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I read with interest thait mlly friend.
S 't rd lloyd, was woirking on a 1ami,
I to catch 0he cotton hall w!I veeil. Years
ago, I met ('apt. Gerge Andeison, of
Waterloo, in .lohn lurins' iin shop,
W who was; lmlkdig him son1 til lans to
trpthe m1oth or millers t so
destri1etive to bee hives. lie made
Gem xakctly like our mlother's- round)(
-ike i ans. with a hollow tub1e placed
inth ctill: to hold a can dit, t0h1n hIlie
. a . i!led :.witi water' all arotuid
h m id 1 idle tu b1a. The ide'a was to et
thI141an on the bee benihes about sun
down.lait tho~e andh-'s to scorch
offihlwiis or thei moths as they
~flew ar'oundo the light. And they would
ll into the surrlotluding watter and he
drowned. Thle g reatest ohbiectin that
I se to this~ pin ( ui tthhe w o
ma~kie oil Iampijs .1th ghass ghlbes and!
set them Into the' balsins of waiterit
Sdrtown ii)1t Ite insects. Th~ey would
fail anyway inito thet water wIthout
bingli 5i'ed. .\Iy wife sits a tan of
w.ttr 'on thle table at siipper' timel to
(catchi thIle antib' flies who come1 to
t he li:.ht.
*As IResult Of ('harges Mlade 11y .John
Skelto W41~ illiams11 For D eflat ion
I 'ol iev.
Washington, July I7.---As a resuilt
Strller14' of the ( utrrency John Skelton
Wil1liams1, ini Gt-orgiai Iast week, bit
4terl y at tatck in1g the federal reserve~.(
boardit fori its5 def'laltion policy alfec tinag
farm produltcts following th(e war, the
ioinlt co~ngressio~nal com111mittece, which
is invest igat i ng agricul tire c'red it (onl
Sdit ions will include the act of the re
Mr'. W~ilflm will be called before
Sthe ct omi ttee in a fewv days as the
Iirst. step in this phlase of the invest i
Sgat ion andl~ he will be quest51ionedl1 in de
til icontllcernling the swe'eping ('harges
he has made as to) thel ailleged deis
trucltiv cours'e01 of the boa~ird in ('on
Inec(t ion wi tb agric'uItuoral credit's.
That the ivestigation nlow being
condlucted will be1 extendled to includel
Ithe record( (If the r'eser1ve boardl was
dleclared todauy by Congressman Syd
nay A nderson, of Minnesota, c'hairm11an
Iof thel joint committee, after the Wil
Fliamis' speech had beetn 'ailled to his
utttention by Representative ,James F
I lyr'nes, of South Carolina.
-Pites Cuared in 6 to 14 Days
frwitst refund money 11 PAZO 01rtNT ft
t o curo ItchIng, lind, Uleedligor Protrudtog iles
insttrntl y reltevts ItchIrag PIles. and you can Mc
. catient alentn after te first annlicaelon_ Prie Oe
Four Others and Thirteen-Year-Old
Boy In Jail.
Anderson, July 15.-Two men, are
dead and four others and a thirteen.
year-old boy have been committed to
jail here as a result of a shooting
affair late yesterday in' the home of
T. F. Ramey, neir Carswell Institute
in this county.
Thomas Hays died shortly after the
shooting and Ramey died late today
at a hospital here where he had been
carried suffering from five buck shot
wounds and with injuries to his head
from apick handle. The men arrested
are Walter Hays, brother of the dead
man; and his brother-in-law, Ed Wil.
son, charged by a coroner's jury with
having killed Ramoy; B. H. Ramey,
thirteen, chirged by the 'jury with
having shot Hays, and Allen M. Emer
son and George Wilson arrested in
connection with the shooting.
Mrs. T. F. Ramey testifidd at the
inquest that Thomas Hays, Walter
Hays, Emerson and the two Wilsons
caie to the Ramey home late yester
day and two of them stood over her,
husband with pistols, while the others
proceeded to beat him. She declared
Ed Wilson struck Ramey several times
with a pick handle that had its head
driven full of shoe tacks. Ramey
pulled a pistol from his pocket after
being.struck, she said, and the firing
became general.
Receipt by Ramey and his brother
in-law, 11. F. al3gwell, of a minature
collin containing a note advising him
to leave the country was said by of
ficers to have precipitated the trouble.
'Ihe Qii n be That l)oes Nol Aloyeet
the Ilead
Because of Its tonic and laxative ef
feet. LANArTIVic. .1RO.\l QUIlNINHC
vl'ablets) ann be taken by anyo ne
witliout cautsing iei'ouiisness or ring
ing in the iead. +_ \V. GROVi'S st
nature on box. 30c.
E you oild follow
the prii rose path
o simiartness yoi
most have at leaat
one Ginghaiii Frock
ini yourStummer ward
robc. In . .
And in r
Pictorial Review 'i
Patterns for August
You will find all the
newest desigins for 4
Gi:nghaim Frocks.
Now on Sale '
Pictorial Review Pallerns
20 cents to 35 cents Dress 9
Sale of \
$8.50 and $10.00,
your choice
Sale of V
White Gabardii
good quality of gal
$6.50 and $7.50.
$3.95 anid
Sale of C<
Fif teen piec'es o
id colors and figu
Special this week i
25c t:
Forty-inch Whi
quality; on sa. at
*50c, 76c and
Gossard Corsets
They Lace in Front
Low and Medium BUSt
Now Selling at
Price Level in '
(And Oth
Tire repair men, who
having the sturdiesA
grade car manufactm
They are the quaLity
This new low price is
and specialized prodt
Plant No. 2 was ere
30x3 -inch Non-Ski<
of 16,000 tires and 20
production on a quan
All materials used ar
uniform. It is the be
owner at any price.
For This Weel
;es, Skirts an
oil Dresses Sale <
Voile Dresses, worth Ready-to
Special this week, proof; wortl
. this week, y
[bite Skirts Sale
ie Skirts, made from Fifteen I
ardine; worth $5.00, Voiles, wor
Special this week quality. Sr
S$4.95 Each
ilored Voiles Sale Whi
E colored Voiles in sol- Five piet
res, worth S0c yard. ings; good q
tyard. Spe<
Eie Yard 50c, 75
Organdy C
te Organdy, very fine Fine qua
dy in all sha
$1.00 the Yard
-Wells Clardy C
Laurens, S. C.
the Lowest
ire History
- - $24.50
- 54.90
er Sizes in Proportion)
judge values beat, class these tires as
carcass made. Forty-seven high..
-ers use them as standard equipment. -
:hoice of cord users.
made possible by strictest economies
cted for the sole purpose of making
I fabric tires. With a daily capacity
,000 tubes, this plant permits refined
tity basis.
5 the best obtainable. The quality is
st fabric tie ever ofered to the car
fashlionl "Is
plaitinl- or frilla inl.
some form to her
Summer frocks to
give the newe-st
touCh. All t he lat
est ways of us!inlg
plaiting shown inl
Pitorial Review
Paterns for August
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Patternr 4
res~s 9558 20 cont. to 35 centa
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if Gingham Dresses
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i $6.50 and $8.50. Special
our choice
of Colored Voiles
~ieces of forty-inch colored
th 50e and 75c yard; good
ecial this week
39c the Yard.
te Gabardine Skirtings
es of white Gabardine Skirt
uality, worth up to $1.50 the
hial this week at
c and $1.00 the Yard
olored Organdy
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ides. Price
50c the Yard
0- Dove'-Undermuslin
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Gowns, Skirts, Teddles,
Nainsook and Crepe

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