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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, July 20, 1921, Image 9

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Quickly relieves Constipation, Bit.
Jousness, Loss of Appetite and Head.
:aches, due to Torpid Liver.
The Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
The next time
you buy calomel
ask for
The purified and refined
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nausealess, safe and sure.
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ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
4 Price 35c.
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bills for replacement of
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the plates.
Next--keep your battery
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Finally - drive around
twice a month for a battery
test. You'll know us by
the red Willard Sign.
Ask about the Willard
Threaded Rubber Battery.
Laurens Storage
Battery Company
W. Laurens St.
Phone 446
Fordney Tariff Proposal Regarded As
Joker By Minority. Question of
Oil Also Disturbing.
'Washington, July 17.-After a Sun
day's rest the house will enter to
morrow the last week of considera
tion of the Fordney tariff bill with
what has come to be regarded as the
most highly controversial of all para
graphs in the measure-the duty on
oil-staring it in the face.
Under the special rule governing
consideration of the tariff bill, a
final vote is due late Thursday. In
the meantime, however, the house has
to dispose of the oil question and
take separate votes on raw cotton and
asphalt. Whether cotton should be
transferred to the dutiable list pre
sents another problem likely to bring
a storm session and leaders said it
probably would be a repetition of the
fight for a duty on hides.
D)emocratic members of the house
from cotton growing states announe
ed after informal conferences today
that almost a solid party vote would
be cast against the Republican amend
ment to the Fordney tariff bill provid
ing a duty of 10 per cent ad valorem
on raw cotton.
Rtegarded as Joke
Outlining the position of the mi
nority, Representative Garrett of
Tennessee, acting Democratic leader,
declared the "iniquity of the propo
sal was glaringly apparent" in view
of the statement of Representative
Green of Iowa, ranking Republican
member of the ways and means com
mittee, that it would not increase the
price paid the farmer for his product.
Mr. Garrett added that "the only use
for the tax was to enable Republicans
to increase the duty on cotton goods."
"Amidst so many jokers in the
Fordney hill," said Mr. Garrett in a
statement, "it is well nigh impos
sible to say which is the superlative
one, but certainly tht proposition to
put a duty oin all raw votton-when
none is imported, and the treasury
can dgrivo no duty thereby-is at
least as great as any.
"To bring it immtlediately home to
the cotton farmer, a duty on raw
cotton will give nothing by way of
increase in price, but it will be made
the excuse for raising the duty and,
therefore, the price upoi everything
made of cotton which he has to buy.
"In framing the ta ritf bill the ways
and means committee kept raw cot
ton on the free list-where it wa In
the old Payne-Aldrich hill. When the
(e1.publican caucus took the bill in
hand, however, a fight led by South
ern Rtepublicans was made to tax cot
ton, some of the advocates of this
move asserting it would help break
tihe 'solid Sout h.' "
Noi Foreign Competition
I eelaring that the bullk of the
Anierican crop of cotton was export
ed and that not more than 200,000
1bales of long staple or Egyptialn cot
toln wIFs impolted in any year, Mr.
Garrett assertecd that mn short staple
cotton the South 11:1(1 soltely no
coml)pet it ion for scatrcel y a bale of' it
wats imp11ortedI.
"'An no(0w it is proposted, in view
of'10( pouct ion itnd im)porit records,'"
he said, ''to impos al5 itduty of 10 pet'
cen'lt on al Ic'(t toll. Why Tiv2'he l''ord
ney joker lit's ini the faict that when
the house votes in the 1 0 per' cenit ad
valorem on rawi cotton, the comm it tee
(on watys and means 1) wvill imminerd iately
follow it with amendments upon11 the
cot t 1onil manufacturers' schedutleUI r'aising
the duties atfixedl uon~' them ill tht'
hill fromcl 12 per 'enit upl--iln other
wvords, they will give the comllpenlsa
tory du~t tis and1 i ncreatse cost of everyv
sinogle Itrticle mitnu0factu red from cot
Th'le c'otton tatx , undera tht' special
rule by which the hill is being coni
sid'eed iln Ih' host', will be taken
tul ftor avot e TIuesday. ltt'garlelss of
the outcome tht'n, t here will lbe
an.tlothe'r vote on the prloposatl purior' to
tday nlight.
4 * 4 4 * * * * 4 * * i 4 * * * . .
I.:,o:'ins l'a:tlist A\ssoc'iatin will lmeet
:ogra wii ~ll be a's follows:
lI:ih0--Devotio~nal serlvi(ce. .101hn II.
0:: 0- -:nr'ollmtent 01' mhe'senger's.
lent and l'rayerCl lift conformi 1o
Whatllc rlts1 as to Spiritual powerl?
II: 20- Serm'onl by IDr. J1. 0. Mart1in
12' 0-- Interi'i ssion.
2 : 0 -ID)iscussionm: 'H115sinerss and social
conllIlons of todlay, es;'eclally inl
seekinog wealth andl woirldly pleas
uroi', ats hIidrances 1o Chi'stIan pi'o
groeis. .latt. 6:ay,-2'. . II.uMheton,
.W. A. Baldwin, W. 11. Cooper.
3:00-Discussion: Spiritual life, the
greatest need of .todhy and the most
valuable contribution 'by man tb
the world. Matt. 6:25-34; Matt.
5:13-10. J. P. Simmons, J. A. Bag
well, J. 'P. Coleman, W. V. Cooper,
J. 0. Martin.
10:00--Sunday School.
11:00--Discussion: Study and worship
in the Sunday School. Dr. J. 0. Mar
tin, 1W. &P. Culbertson.
I I:30--.lissionary sermon. by Rev. .J.
P. Coleman.
EWery church in this Union Is ex
Pected and urged to be well represent
For Committee.
Engraved Cards and Invitations.
Advertiser Printing Co.
Time is the test of triuth. And Doan's
Kidney 1'ills have Stood the test in
laurens. No laurvns resident who
suffers backache, or annoying urinary
ills can remain unconvinced by this
I wie-to1d testi mony.
R. J. Franklts, 381- Fleming St., iau
rens, says: "My first symptom of kid
ney trouble, which I lad sevel'al1
-years ago, Was backacle. \Vhen I
woulid stoop over to pick tlp antythinig,
a sharp painl woutldi catlCh me 141 the
small of my back and I wouild have
to brace myself in order to strai-ghtenl.
,\Iyelkidieys didin't act right and the
secretiols were sgaity anid ulirniig inl
spassage. I had dizzy spells, too. I
,read a bout Doan's Kl1iney ill I is and
-got a su p ply.' I felt better after tak
Ing the first box and two boxes eii
tirely cured tme."
OVI TI'll IEiN 1lPAlS I1ATIiAl, :.\r.
F'ranks said: "Doan's Kidnevy 'ills did
me a lot of' good several years ago
itnd I haven't had to use a kidney
toitmedy since."
6nc at all dealers. l oster-'MilburI'
Co., Mfrs., i3tffalo, N. Y.
U.- . i ie
qulite ind depend
-r omy wih a not
by any tireto i ts
to Src. USiCO
U. S. FaROYMin
by ene it
To Cure a Cold In One Day
kS the Couih and Headache and works o# the
. .W. GROVE'S signature on each bo. 30c.
Cures Malaria, Chills and Fever,,
Bilhlons Fever, Colds and LaOrippe, or
money refuided.
We al
City V,
At City Filling Statio
EOPLE use(
cretly envio1
young fellow N
tearing up the
stopped his car wv
Now they are
criticise such abu
A rnark of the grc
s. Usco their service, t1
Aservic3 their value.
vhio hatva
s well as
e a:~ for This sarne respec
tl~aUsco tire is the reason w
abeco- square tire dealer hf
e'C~d~(l odds arnd ends, "job
onds", "cut prices"
out squarely with tU
quality service of
He is getting
bigger, and also bet
@$ TireS~ ter, tire business ihm
TireS he ever head before.
'R{LAD He is dealing nov
TREAD 'Nith lhis own tint
ted States
Iardware Co., Gray Court, S. (
arug Co., Lauren..
Spartanburg, S. C.
Orders can be executed through Jas. M.
I Per Cen
[ways have your
id style in stock.
nizing of the Better K
dlcanizing S
thin bs
AI~ T It S,
to be se- of people. The
is of the izen. The ma
'ho came that you can't
street and for notih-.n T1
ith A jerk. iorner-not the
nLiCn to To the man w
se of ':c:. kXepred theC
eir wiorIC, anid mal.:e him2 sh
Herce- is a mrai
t for a good with on:e of th~e
by the four.. Branches-a co2
is passed up fresh, live U. S.
lots", "sec- The U. S. Tire
-and come built for cr irrenjt
ec standard overproduction.
U. S. Tires. stock. No loss
the c
"'I " cok;~
P.. R.BbOi
P. R. BMb, Oir
Phone 876.
Clardy, Robertson Hotel Bldg.
substantial cit
n who knows
get something
10. steady cus
bargrain hunter.
ho has not yet
1Arrd :Hro serv-.
r inj U. Ej. Tires
ow you.
1j in close touch
2U.S. Factory
istant supply of
you buy is a tire
demands. No
No piling up of
of mileage by
ing around on
[ealer's racks.
rery wa yyou
it it, apar qu~a/
Urc at a net
igs, S. C.
faterInn. S. C.

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