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Delegation Has Refused
Provision for Superviso
After an all-tiay conference Thurs
day between tle Supervisor and the
County delegation, at which the super
visor asked the delegation to make
provis-i6n for the tip-keep oL the chain
gang for the rest of the yCar, the meet
Ing broke up late at n ight aft er the
dolxal ion had deianded t hat the
niperv'isor 1l11lI1e a statement showing
that tle appropriation made at the
last session of the legislature for road
crxork had been s;ent for work actual
ly done this- year and that if this could
not be done that the supervisor fuin
ish a state'ment :;how inog how much of
this year's appropriation had been
used iI paying off a (lecit of last
year. Senator 0. 1. (hlovin was not
prese lat ath ie last. 1meet ig of the d:ay,
having departed earlier in the after
noon when the dek:ton as a whole
Ia(i givei ilglde tha' it wol d not
make any o: Ovit l"r t)e vp.
viSor:,;nor t hri ff' o"11 -e , both of
which have -::dmustedt eilr appropria
The (elegalatin:t to Ih (Ly
again Friday and yesterda, when it
was indlcated to them hy outs de Iar
-ties that the silelV I would prob
ably make tip : :ltate'ment. In the
-mii(dIle of the afternoon the delegation
(Irew lp a statenwnt of its own and
pirented it to The Advertiser for pub
liention. This Ib-, foulin ~ aillncther col
umn1)11 of this iaper.
The delega tIon wCnt toI C(11nton ' ast
nihpt upon the invitation of the Ci, n
ton Chambler of Com nerce. It is uln
derstool that the dielegatlon wais to
be asked to Iege t.ie Ieayn'at of
about $.",5(m wh - Clinltolq citize,.
proposed to mubsr ibe to l1n1.1tain the
county chainganig while it works tho
propyosed Ca houn a:hway through
the lower part of the County. Super
visor Watta, accordilg to li.; Auae,
imenit, has alreadly agreel to send the
gang there and allow it to be usedl 1)y
the '01111ton) people at their exen
provided the Coity delegatioll does
-tOt make provision for It as tile super
visor has aked. RIepieseltative Nance,
before leaving yesterr'ay, said that he
could not consistently agree to :uch
i proposition.
The110 contention of tie sulpervisor, as
It came out at the varlous micetin4s,
is that by reason of tile cut of $1.1,50)0
under' last year's appropriat-ion an1d
of $20,000 ulInder this year's budget and
with the greatly increased size of the
claingang, tile appropriation foi chailn
gang I)uioseshs 1118 eI) xhullsted. The
dolegation claims that tile s11pervisor
Tefused to come to Columbila to tell
what ie wanted 'or tile Current year
-and that they had to go by last year's
Supply bill, cutting dlownl the appro
prlation in view of the lowered cost of
The. Acts of 1920 siow: that the
suporvisor asked tilen for $58,,161.87
and that much was 'granted Im,1. Tie
report to tihe Comlptroller General this
year shiows that lie asked for $61,161.70
and was gIven $44,500.
1fl0presentative Carrol D). Nance, who
la8 (lone mlost of tile tailing for tihe
-delegation, said( that lhe has1 n1o per
Bonal motives in Ils refusal to make
(110 desired alpproplriationl, lhflt thatt he
si mliy wishes the p~ublic to b~e fully
informed( as to tihe finlances of tho
COUnlty so that the voters will under
stand why at raIse In the tax levy man1
he necessary. If there was a d(eclt
brought over from, last year, lhe saidl,
ho wished for the blamne to be placedi
wheve IL rightly belonged and 11e did(
not ltlih it to ap~pear thalt tis delegaI
tioni had1 been extravakgant in I!....p
From the statemlent mlade b~y SuperC
visor WVatts andl Julished~ below, it
willl .be found .that lhe clis a1 deOlett
frpmn last year (If only ab~out $5,000),
whelreas It had1( been generally believed(,
from indefinilte remlarks made in thle
meeOtinlgs, that tile dlefiet wasl ar oungI~
*$25,000. UClzensI wh'io hatve been fol
1owinrg thie proceediure closely dulring
tlioipast fewv days explressed tihe oppinI
* on last night that hlad the aICtual
~aoulnt of tihe (defelt been kno1(wn be
fore, the delegatIon would hlai
provided for tehi snlipervisor's o0 l at
tho11 first meeting~ Thurllsday.
SpPervleor WattIS dictaltedl the fol
* ioving statemlent to a reporter for
TheO Advertiser' yesterday aft ernoon
.about five o,'clock, after thle statemntt
Issued bly the (delegationl had comle inl:
Wq find that we have 1)a1( ini 1921
rthree bills for' nmules that were bought
DC(uonber20tlb amlountilng to $3,50-1.50
So Far to Make Further
r's and Sheriff's Offices.
aid on1e hill of lumber amounting' to
$674.92, making a total of $5,029.42
brought over from last year. M~very
thIng else paid out this year with a
few ilinolr exceiptions is tr equlpiment,
mle11 feed, colivict feed and other sup
plies bought arnd used this yvar.
I asiked for I total appropriation of
$61-,161.70. The delegation gave me
$141,500. The aimoiunt appropriated for
this year is about $20,000 less than
isked for anId $11i.i00 es than 1920.
'le caItingalng 111 ilereased three
fold and inl the pastIL m10onth m10ore Com
Illitlmelents have benil made thani ill any
tuont since I have been su pervs' is;or-.
Thel, type of road mnaintelalice t inc Im
proved an1(d entais niecessarily some
m'ore cost.
We, have- had anl itvimized aemn
of expiendituores for the ilr-st :i
mIonthsl~ of the yevar mlade 1:1. anidti
statem 'ien is open for in:;pectAIn to
any cit'aeni of thle county.
She:-itY P( !d, who also has a delliit
in his ofltev, stated to the delegation
Thur'day that tho large increase of
iall comlii iteti had iCeased his
~x;ens5, f;'wer prisoners. than usual
bein'tak n out on bold. Asked in
t:e me't'Wn l by 1'ii. Nance as to hiLarg
ing the con'y with (itt-of-the-Couilty
tnilps Vwi tI! or his doplity only had
in1 cro;ss tie 'miluy line to tiorce, the
li " iff rili that lhts 111 had alhays
benll the lstom1 and he had followed
,1n thle '( !,,; of huL predeces-ors.
Lamt 'ight the( deleg-ation had mlade
110 provision for either the(' snlTwrvisor
er th' sheriff.
Illny Bel Ionl 'altis and14 ,1. i-:n enei
nbDIps Dll ni Cross lill!.
Cros;s 1-1i11, Aug. 6-4 Vs e---m
usual as well as very sad events oc
curred here within the last week. On
1hurdi 15('ay mornilg of -last week Mr.
HIen1ry elton 1 Watts died after a linlger
il-g sickness which extended over a
period of several illliths. Ile suffered a
severe cut on the foot last Owiliter and
it is thought this hadl something to (to
with haiistening the end. The funeral
and burial rites were hel1d at tte Old
laptist. cemetery, Friday afternoon at
A o'clock following Ills death condiIclt
ad by his pastor, 1Rev. J.. . Wilsoni.
Mr. Watts was a very (liet, loerved
iliaracier, a consistant Christiall,
memiber of the Baptist. church, ana a
!.good citizen. lie is survived by his
wife, who was Miss Bertic Boyd, and
Iwo children, a daughter, .is. 1Lcile
Larter, and olin "onl, MAaster loyd
Watts. The deceased 'was tifty years
)f age, was born and had always lived
.t this Alace, with tle exception of a
very brief perlod at Coronacit. Ile was
i go of the late Clayton Watts and
\Irs. Colonla ONeal Watts. Ie had
wo sisters and one brother all of
vhhomf are now~ deadt.
On Thursday night of this week Mir.
I. F~ugene Watts, younger brother of
\lr. Helton Watts mienitionedl above and
ho la'st member of the Clayton Watts
amily, died of typholdt fever, Hie had
100en' sIck foir two weeks and( waUs
.hought to lbe Imlproving als he swas
itout. clear of fever, but1 51uddenliy tie
same worse -Thiursday andt died thiat
ilght at I o'clock. Interment was at.
lhe 0o(1d mapist cemetery Saturdtay at
2 o'clock. The deceased was -I8 years
>f age and was twice imarried, llis
la'st wvife was a Miss TIurnfler, daugh
er' of Mr'. and .\lras. Alf Turnaer of this
ilace. To thais union01 were bor'n twvo
ainuter's whoil still surIvive. 1ll ac
md1( marlage wais to Miss Annie Noffz
ulso of thiis pla1ce wtio also survIves
im. le lived only a little miore than
1. year after' his secol nd mrige. Itn
(Ine was11 a hard( worikinlg manll, ino(ffen
athter. 11111 humbiile andl unassum11 Iing
ife w.onl for Iim1 tie esteem1 and1( con -
1(dence of t hose wvho kne1w him bjest.
ins FoIrdi ('air
Mr's: WI lHay Aniderison, of this oity,
s r'iding around In a niew Vord Cal'
1hese (lays as1 i aresult (of tier sulccess
'ut work ina a seed 41 slag coot est
l'h pcarI V wal offere by'tI)'i a lrgeI'0 Pn
Lative setlling the hLirgest!5 amouniI~t (of
ardenlOi andl tt.lowSer ( leed duinig a'gi vI n
period. The 'onitest was )open toI rep
rsenlt atives in the ini ted St ates and11
Canad~a and Mr's. Andersonl tead all
rf li' (ilnl~nenits.
4aurd4ay of 'TIh ' Week will bw the
Lnst Day for. llegistratioit of Voters.
The t:me for rcgiteli ing for tile bond
issue elections will be closed Saturday
at 12 o'clock, noon, accor'ding to R.
10. Btbb, iupervisor of registration.
lelgistratliolo has been fairly rapid, lie
said, bethrn thre and four hundeld
Voters already having registered.
,~ ~ ~ ~ ~~c Uy' Cwseknge h bonld
issue !y:Atr (i.. :l Lhat an erroILan:,
idea had gotten out :n re:-d to Ohe
pro:'osed iiltratio syu rem. Tih, l d
loW Contractin' Company, lit raid,
holds no contract for the erection of
the Ilant a :,me citiens Sim t)
think. ''lhe Ludlow concern only h a
a conla(-t fill- friishing 1id1ns and
seeing that the plai are carrh (I ot I
boy th(!ewontr.ctors.. who .aeVcure IhI - "o:,
tract for the work. Tis. ie said. will
he let to tIe lowvest hliders the laid
-low .In en 1- , -: h ti, l r at all.
Mr. I.t;61ow, h!- 11-.h'1 done ,somw
(0 neti::a; v.lor:: whei town, 'Ar 1
not r''h' to 7:Y1. a vatisfactory'bid for
the wokli in hand, but that 1. is not a
rCgula 't::0eting! firm11 and the( city.
has no contr:;ct wvIth it except for en
gineocring planm:; and oversight.
The OMtion I, to ble held on Tue:,
day, August 21. T e eleetlon is to l e
hold oni tlree bond issues. One i.sa
o? $70,001l is for 1 filtration plant, th
hlr:: the eit imated cost of the plant.
A secoissu of $i.,00of is for
erage extension and $20,000 is for
.rrt.c il povemeniit and studrt cx tc;
W , 1 Y11''l I'TS T11311.E ll- 1-l'E l.
1,aiens .Mil, *Iu yi' A. 1. linekard.
.1. 1'. I.-angston,. ,1r., ,ie k ep r e
tne Liauriens Coti:)n .\lills, was danger
l sta:bbed Fridr' y nornling by A. .1.
l:T a ',a 1.!lli 1!1atv in m i a t-r
calioll vlich berllan inl tie comi)aly
1Toe ( nd.nIl .1iu.t o(u!thi fl'nt:--doai
lesides several minor cits, L.angston
rel ceived a long g.ash about the wai-t
lih whicv h iuuado . sm I ll p teiri ii' of
the lung. For a time it was thought
that the would might ,r.wove faai, I
yesterday the indications were that
lie was ont of dallger. l'iidin r fimal
decision by hi y ians a: to t:1
s riousne-ss of tht I ouind, l-tclakard
bhing held in the county jail withouu
The dilicilty estarted, it is stated,
w\h ,1(n llackiard asked I.m.ug:ton to is
rue1 hIm a coupon book on his time.
Irmlgston asked Itackard if he had
worked the day hefore and the laLter
s said to have made a curt reply. I eat
ed words followe} alnd RIackard Is
sued a challenge to s ttle tlie matter
o11lside. hngston followed and a i liht
ensued Inl whIichil Packard uised his
knife wit telling effect. Althoigh
weakeneld from the lor 4 of blood, I.:n -
st os succeeded In holding off his oi
polent until bystaniders separatel
Maiy Open Unkery Here
Mlessrs. 13. 0. Sanders and A. T,. An
ilerson, of! Camden, have been in the
cIty fotr the past several days look ing
over the citly withl a vaiewa of opieniing
tt bakery here to use elec(tricity as thle
heatl'hlg pIOAver. Thie Li .'. had severa i
locations in vb w., bu. ' .ve not made
iL de~tfIi dlecision) as us locating a
ihan t here. Mir. H-antders- is a r'el alive
iof Airs. T1. l,. Tlimmerman1i~tf anid with
irs. Sanders, arie guests at the home
of Dr. and .\1irs. Tliniaierman. A. T,.
Nhahaffey, local groer, is; also) consul1(
[Iring openin1 g a hakeriy.
.An nual Plenic
Th'le annual pieic of Wallace I Aodge,
A. I'. 'ul., was hel '(1In the up tper ',art
f the countty last Axeek anud aittended('4
by a lar;e numbn er of people. 'llesides
thi' sump1 ltuouis dinner10 , a very intercest
0ag speaik-ing p -rgrain waa enjoyed.
utmong those muakinug addrtessuen heinug
Grand I'otentate (ho. TI. iryain, or
hreenvllle, Distrn l Deputy Grand .\as
ter, 11. 11. Nickels, of I~aurens, I.aut
renls Wil kInson Wal Ilace, of Wu\ash Intg
[tin, I). C., C. A. 14'awer cnd .lai", 11.
Suilllvan, of t his City.
M3inde ('ouuiy Depul,11y
M.r. lilufordl IHaly, who succe-ned
id Wma. 0'. Ilyrd, resigneda, ,as guiardlin
Iena named a deput11y by Shle eiff itld1.
Mi'. Bllakely, like Mr. 11yrd before limn,
was commaisslined a (deputy1 inl or'(der
to ctuforce slpeed laws in the vicInity
of the club waher'e so many petople
3Mati by Ile Name of Emviory, irmn
Neiiberry, Itet'elves F'atual Ilujury
81niday Afternoon.
A All. E0mory, from Newberry, while
coming to wards 1latrcu4Is froin (lin
ton Sunday about noon, rcTe ived in
J1ieS in a citrious automnobile Illihap
frcm which he diel the follovinti;v: c'
('ing at tho Clinto4n hospital. I a
;:li:-y a, the I-he:'iA 's oli.e, tle !;e:t
11hYsieian VWho first attended him and
Zt the imspit;:I in Clilton failedl to get
v, fuli lanie of the d~eeas-d', Ilit it
vas Imr:derstool that le liv( in N.s
bev ry.
he deettv ih . ;; o
drir, it is uInlderstood was on his way
to Elnoree to visit reiai1,1ves. III I he
neighlorIlood or tho ai Torre Coun
.(h the( drive" tii'ht that he
detected t;i.e troul:),e .1111 Ms e ir.
' o 1yt Il uvert tie S;% andl W
if anyt~ hling v,;m a ; v o'.g. [-a I
opdid the door :aitl !,t out 4)1 I he
ritP!ing board 12n1 alti1nleti to leanl
ove t. I e vidently lo;t his 1h ai11:1 ; *
fahill . on hisi head and fracturing his
skill. Ili. .1. II. TVIgIue, of this city,
gave hiin attention but ordered himIn
L tt : to ( .I C lnton 1): ho i t. 11 ro
Illa inIIed ill a (.rifical conditionl uni l
late Monday eveling when lie passedl
.M 1T DISTll illit 'I' 7T1,001) )NS
Fainne lationl is E speor-ifiy S*rI.o~ls
ill Ihe Miiddle Vo DaIistriel.
\' lhington. Au;-. - All:. aIt ll of
the fanlln' Ill tel provnc:u ot l, s;
!lIl I'requ ' I th i bT)ution1 of llit~at
tre" <!Uai:ers of P iiillion tons o
ea ;, a ccod I;n, to estillates
m1.1ade in AIoscow and reported to the
At te ttpartliclnt today.
The follo'wing SummI ary of tele
'tlhi information 0n famine condi
4.-; wis received by the departmilent
.1'r11m - ts ropI'senlt-ati1ves abrotif
"IroA. 1-aratov lo Vjatka, 1. E'., the
Itziddle Volga district the famine situa
tic.;n ; ttilly seiou. The sitiua
liont is developing to an acute degree
In the LIast en l kraine, the North
Caucvasus- and South l'ral Districts.
Not. lI a in 60,000,01 poods (a pood
Iluivalent to :6 )..:nglish pounds) of
-ta in will b1) re-Iquiilrcd for food in the
Volga districts. For the purpose of
nwin, a new crop, 7,000,000 poods will
Ie v(etiredt before Septemibler 1. A re
(nt arrival in ilI iga from Moscow re
ports that 3,000,000 persons are ml
grating to Siberia and almost the same
moving towards the south.
It is stated that within two weeks
10,000,000 people will be mwithout food.
"In the lMoscow Ixvestia for July 27,
Ka-menev (chairman of the All- Russiana
cSluilssioni for colmlbatting famine)
states that 11,000,000 poods of bread
Atuffs are retuired for the ten prov
inces that are starving. This amount
of graIn in lust be imported Into tile pre
lis' districts that were themselves ex
)e(ted to lrodlee (0,000,000 (ion( ds. TlIhe
ri tIes reqirIIe I18,000,000 of grlain is
niow estimated at I 20,00t0,0(JO0 )oods.
"~Laitle or lit winter' grain will be
aownt by Se! tembere 1 , as it Is not be
lieved possible to Eibtahin from abr~oadt
and( trannspor0t to t he iapprIolpriate areas
the reI uisite food(. Tlhe. illnger
st rickenI a rea is .rading."
(Chalrgedl with IiIIouse Brenkinug
Car I Gharn'et , wit te, was itrrestetd In
htIef of Pol Ice lleamis antdI trnd ov
1r t) I 4aurens1 (oun ty Ollters on a
warran~iit chairginig him ith.11 l Inteing
thet house oIf lia rney Wasson, near
II ickory Ta vein, and tak Inlg away ia
watch, pilstol and other tin g.; besidhes
9t;.00 in m~ontey. 'PThe theft is all eged
0 have beten comml it tted Monday night
whliIle Mri. ianld .\lris. Wansson were alt
Shoot ing. Near '11 lion
I Iatttil Younug, (colored, wits serious1
ly shot in thtt lower retgions of the
bodyl by liter lhsand, Sinn yn't g,
\ionda y andl t was larried to the ClIin
on hloslitaI where it was touighit yets
thy s* he ih dl ie. ther' hluand
;taped andt 51 yeatu reht y aft ernIoon had
nolt been it;Irehendtedi.
I1; . I-'ulier lo P~reachI
- ,o 1rw atl tot ;nion ser-vices at
I he iiat It Ptist echurch Sunday mOrn
in~g an eit tnitnlg. 11ev. P''ul(er iR (0on- I
shtlered 01ne of the miost ~lProm1ising i
Ytoima11 i ministers of t he laJptist faIth<
Ill the state and will no doubht be heardi
*v la io (ostgteftlons here.
iersy Between Delegation
redliced t11h number of miles to b
mailntailed by thie 14. irvisor 4111(1,
2nd, cost of feed both as to iltiles and
(conviet had 44creased inl lr-le tO
au(t one-half of the .cost of the pre
viousM year, ;:mI, ;;rd. on acecount of
the gi (14al (i i1.o nili of thet., couiltry,
we (('ided hlat instead o1 appropriat
ingl,;00 the a1upr.. iiattionl of the
1:'vi (45otts yea', w C Would aipropriato
I te ai4oilit of $ 1,.500, and we thotight
and still biev! e that ii 1oulld lie suf
li(n'lt feir brjidges and cross Country
*iroad:: and l1444Ilcl;4I(ng of chainigang
r0 ' I .k', 191!. When on last
Thurdy we w'lle ilid 10 LamIi-eins
an wd d foi miore money, we asked
the .)(iPervisor to inalim a tatnient
that th ii loney had li-eln used to 1paIy
in i,@Go inure o h k
to Jantarr , ht, i!"i. !Ie r-efused
to do :o. \e askedi 1 to 1ia.ke lhis
m anl a publish it il thle coun..(
'wler, so that ill,, imople could
k(ow the cost of :e i*4 n and if he0
h:-. 41 (ctul11ly iused t(his. lll a.y to pay
d h i.; incur :;I i've .I1_ary Ist,
121, thin we would ma 0 lile neces
; AY appr)1opriaktionl to zime Ithe
( n t u:,til~l 1 il to n 4 ' ishItIre
cov(.0 . AI.o wc: told hil that. if hie
lul used i th i appropr4:alion to Iay
ally 11--k it llehiijtedne(s.s it' say sio il his
lwrto thew pu1blic anld ..( wkould nakce
the .11 Iro i altiol e . ary I ( for actulal
e '(4';.I ' for oip'ratio , Iut that he
w u41ild lia e to (itl thit in fairi'ness to
ithe deh ntion and to the people, or
ch'e v.A. w.ould umo inl tn-. iidlet of the
r bui o i any fur 'therl appropriations
o th. peoplcs' mlonIey. I i' positively
refusl.i and4 W1 rfu~i the aLiproria
tuon m thsoi g:-Ond. Tle.;'' ark, the
truu fat..
flespet fully,
0. I'. COlW IN,
cANlUI~Al, 1). NANCF-g
c. .m. iximll,
TO\\1NES .\. WILI.is,
.\:111bers of the H1ouse.
(ON ii:SS KI11,NG
Three Men Arrested onl SuISp1lon A&.
m1it The) Killed (oiIIIIIa ('ollego
Augusta, Ga., Aug. S.-Jesse Gap
pin1s, C. 0. Cox and 1F. J. Kirby, all
white, who were arrested this morn
ing by -Sheriff J. T. Plunikett for in
Vestigation, toilight confessed to the
killing of Bill Brazel, taxi driver of
Columbia, S. C., according to iRichnillld
collity oiilvers.
The body was thrown into the
bu11she10s along the Aligista-Coliml1bia
road between L'eesville and Gilbert In
Lexington coity, South Carolina,
aceording to the alleged confession.
Brazell Wails black-jacked and
then stabbed wit h a pocket knife. No
Illotive for the cr1ime was given ini thei
al1legedi(44 cofessions, 141ut loca140 athlori
ties belieove (desire to 'possess tile au
tomob1ileIc( diven by liraz'/eil to hlave
c'aulsed thle killing.
Itrazeli wats 18 years old1 and1( iwas
a 'oille'go stutden t who d1rove a t axi
to pay is way throutgih school.1
'fie titree men01 hel'd for till mur11
de~r are al0 4 res(''identts of Coilmia1, al
thloughl Fox's form1'er hom1e1 is at Stani
bey Creek, N. 'C.
Tll 1114n were 414rrestd th(isl1 mlornf
ingM a(tllltan, near11 herei, in1 tile dead
man14's ('ar4, thi susici l ieous actionis
leadling to their arrest.
Sher'iff i'luinkett. and14 0oth4er ounty
olii('rls w.'ill I(4 V' lt leav her tomo1rrow
1114)inglI1 for.1()1 Lesille, where tihey
will join Sh144iff TI. A, Ilo(ise, of Rich
14and( ('ountyl, Souith Ca4rolina4, and1( tihe
11eri flf oif 1 Le4x Ington), SohI Ca rtlina,
to 5ear(h for' tile body3.
tRe4v. S. 11. Tem'p4leman1111, of this city;4
441m4 lier. Edward'( lonig, of Clinton, left
'Xnday4143 for' ilue4 l11idge and( Ridge
Cres'4t, N. C. 'Thly A i ill' jined' there'(
byv Dr). Leste (' . (Simon4)4, liastorIi of tie
Tremon4)4t 114a jtist ('11urch1, New Yor'k
'ity, and44 the' l'arty wi cale0 MAliunt *
.\i l'lhelI if th4eir legs QjonIt give out be4-.
11h4se Et | Salturday13
The(( WXl. .\5iill team (' nd( th1( le fast
('ray ('our1t-)OWlwn aggregation11v will
lay on (lil W14'atts .\lills~ gr'ound1s Sat
(Irday13 afterpooni)I, the4 game114 being called0(
a4t 4I o'cloc(k. Thie twoi teams11 arle even
1l' mateihed and a fast gamio .Is
Gives Its Side of Contro
and~ County
The County delegation yesterday is
ulted tha follow;ng Stateinent to tile
.rople of the cotnt in rC'c(ard to the
vh-teui :iit~ozns reported inl the
I:n~prslst weekcl:
To ih' . >le of l uiAt ce Coutity\:
O 3 at Thu'- rilay, the local (iI(gI
.0, w s ale byI ,lhn 1). \\. \\alls,
Lte Coulty Stipervisor to iiect at Lait
11'1S eU rta hous'e, at tenI o'clock A. .
\V t ( 1We told at that tileet ing that. the
.1rvsr' elce was out of nunwy
uid that thiere w.-t no luoney to pay
ht cliai n; s1et 1_e Counliy. Ill fair
11Ss to orlves, to want t state
het folliowill .- ts \Vh1en we- v2,-re inl
l it iao ( -t wi.ater inl Wendaiuce
ilp;i l e G'r10.senby \vo de
iided for the bestA inter t: f tho e (otul
ty . at i v.c it w l \\ i i t ew 1Super-ism .
io coni e to ('uli hliia and contilt 'with
hat as lo th appropriation fo r th Ie
manrtn e of bll.- ollice and asked
the flon. C. N1. 11.1bb, a tu~ hroftour.
;;hI, who t vv.i v the Couirti
ousin ie to tho tuere visr fol..
lowing week--emd and ask him to come
r1own or. : end u I ,Astt.mcnt :o we
Iould int lligently ma t ttake t iroltr ap
propriatiol. Thie Speiltorite;or ""d not
i!y I]. llh' vi:"t n1or did hle .(-Ild us
illy tatmn11t. We waited unt s il we c
wre told by tli aker of the olluse
(hat r mpply N1-I would ha i' to l
il by the followingo Wenity C(i:
wing Harillday wheon tis annoeilllia
lilt wli s Mnade fromi the chair). le
're fthe dicunss ood this articullar p
proprai wa aain. .\Mr. lPae Stid Ile
toule piil al nother ' ffori to ot(( Ie
lietyrvilor to coinm as we adjoiredi'4
ln that day (Satulrtday) intil .Monday.
vain h failed, so there was nothigly
lell for it,, to do but to tae the sup
1.y ill o thee yas itr before and se
What amount was appropriatdi for h0,
Wiii. wi ch w did. it viw of th
'acr.,, 1-t, that all1 the [op Soil hg
ii ail inl the coity had been taken
>wer by the highwmay conmnission which
X. E. Evnis, of reenwood , Charged
-ih lslt ohling Law oll soilllilng
la bo r.
Greenwood, Aug. It .--sChlarged Wifs t
iolating section 83 of the city code,
orbidding operation as an huligranit
kget or a solicitor of labor, With
mtt paying a1 licenlse of $50il, W. 1J.
".vanls, proprietor of anl employment
1-iey doinig bus)ness un1der tIne
ameo of the Greenwood Ile lyienit
gen1cy, Was arrested hate Satuoay
)y the polie authorities and locked inl
ie city jail. Ile was released befoel
lighit onI $100 surlety bond for his all
earance in ei.corder's court 'Monday,
itvans dleclares that ae s not guilty
fnd is doing a le iit t. business and
ays hie expects to cottinu ae to do bus
ha the hausht stae o licenseI and tat
siile i a li'n l f leot'$ l'to gonduit
ovlii uiusst iere tie undersi' to'd ha
n hsring t hat wgeek' eore of lne-s
:110es have atpied :12(1f0 I'vn frjos
it~iinsu lie i t eas 100 negroes' (
.ili edpfor josb otinldy abot 2 haidi
ifs work' is no tn for hist.ets

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