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Local and PersonM Mentr, *
Miss Minnie Havird, of Newberry, is
Visiting friends in the city.
. Miss Lucy 'Darlington, of Allendale,
is the 'Iucst of Col. and Mrs. T. D,
Darliggton p Irby Avenue.
'Mrs. 0. N. Leonard and children, of
SPartanburg, are Visiting Mrs. W. W.
'Irs. W. R. Brown and Mrs. Join
Toague havo returned home after visit
Ing friends in Newberry.
Miss :Helen Boyd, of Greenwood, is
the guest of her sister, Mr3. John M.
Mrs. i. Nichols and sons, I1orace
and 1 Leon, spent Thursday and Fri
day in Greenwood.
Mr. anl Mrs. Fred It. Walker re
ttirned Tuesday from Waynesville, N.
C., whe ef they spent ten days.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Moseley and, two
children, of Spartanburg, spient the
wek-enld in the city with Mr. and \l rs.
C. D3. Moseley.
Mr. and \irs.C. E. Parker and chil
dren rave gotte to iendersonville,,
As-heville and otlher mountain resorts
for a few weeks.
lessrs. .1. PItts 'frown, Joln In
man, .1. 11. Moore and E'arle aid Tom
Owings vpe't Sund.ay is H1-1en)dlrson
ville, goin ip by automobile.
Br. and Mr j. L ,. Moore itid their
guests, Mr. and Mrs. (1. 11. Moffett, of
Colimb1, npeiit last weeik in Ashe
vilde, returning home Satuiirday
liss E.ula 'ltrno had for the past
week as her house guests, Mlisses
Iluiette \WVst, of Greenwood and
Irene Alosely, of Anderson.
i.l rs. n. P. Owens, of Dunbarton, ar
-riv( In t1h0 city Monday to spen sov
eral week:- with her parent.;, Nir. an:
Mlr;. .ihn F. .Uolt.
.\iim.cs OlotteMc tem, " tilbu eh
\i n:elly aind II..titae Gray attetnied the
wedding of Mb V, Vma Smith and l:j.
Cooley, at Easley, Saturday.
Mr. a''d Mrs. Archi am, -f k
gre visiting Mr. arid irs. C. W. M ;a1
Inl .thle Habunl colonmityv and wore
visitora !n the ("Ity Mlonda.
.Mrs. L.inwood Martiin, who'va; pain -
fully idurod as the resiult of a fal1l1
at her home in this city lat week. is
i11provting rapidly.
Mis. J. 1'. Goggans anld ch idrc1n, of
Dallas, Tex., who have been visiting
Mr. and Mi's. L. G. Halle in this city.
have gone to Newberry to visit rela
Mr. .1. Tr. MclPherson, a native of Ithis
county .%-ho is now residing inl Char
l(tt', ha; haI visiting relative." inl the
county for several days and was a
visitor in the city Alonday.
Miss 'Mautie Simpson passed through
the city Molny on the way to her
home1 .MMa Gray Court. ,11Sss Simto ps;on
hasc beeni teaching Primary Methods in
tihe Couity Sum1mer' School at Troy,
N. C., for the pat Six weeks.
"Nil-. C. L. Coats, well known farmer
of 'Mountville. was a visitor in the city
yesterday. Mr. Coati 'aid tih t the
)O1l weevil i are pletifu l1 in his
tion tihis :u', but it I.: hmrd to tl I
.\Tr. Jak C'oheni ret ur ned Saturi day
fr'oml a 1:ying tii to Nev': Yorki. IIe'
wnforced to s tay3 lontgrt than hile ex -
fesCtedC heemiuse his fat her, .\lr.M.\:x
Cohen i, of Woodruiiff, whIo acomopani('d
him, t ook tick A hbile in New Yor
andl only reco'iver'ed ai few day13s ago.
in thte oe.: from; C:n 1(1'kson lwst
wekto :-:emi a atlh befor'e I':.pt.
ltichiey ha2! to 10 .' v:!t 'i ' egimti:t
ich:i.y iriril seve'ralI(1 dys befor'e
them. --
M rx. I. C. Th'iom-. 'ti nd sotn. G. C.
Thomas ,.Jr., .\i s (Carvolineo M.iller and
M.i:enc: lo1t'el le apd Miabhel intsha w, na
WNintston- !'lem.ii N.('.,s pent soeeral
(days in the city last week 'with Mr'.
and Mt's. I1. ..\. Wolff, hav'in' iitade t he
t't!.'p down on a ohight-:seeing toiu: by
Viitor r'otm W1':'hingiiton
Mr. I s.::'ren Wiikin::(en W\allare, of
W~!ai'ton, P.'. Ct., grandlson of tihe
late WIlInI: soni Wallaie of Y'oun gs
townshit, v'isited the Wallace family
andic other01 rtOivesI '0 in thle coun))ty dur t
Iig ..he past wee'k. Mr. Wallacoe is
now woingc iundei' Sec. I loovert and
holds1 a tresPonsibhie position with the
governmenit.t I Io mado a verty intt'r
esting talk at the Masonic meeting of
Wallace's1 Iodge Satitrday.
WiNrli lFamiliy lieunion
*' Ti'Ie dec(endants of the( hate Dr.
Johni S. 'Woff' will mret at Chestntut
Ridge church('l Thursday of fhlin week
to enjoy the annual reuion. All mcim
hers of the family anid friends are Iin
.PA IJME'l"i') O)fi0E, No. 10, A, I', 3i,
tint'la commnicationu
of Palmetto Lodge No. 19,
A. F. M., wili be higld o~n
l'lRI-DA Y - Nlight, Aitg.\l2th.
-at 8 o'cloe MenN~'Htrs
are cspecially urged to tientd andw-ie
'iting bt'othren' welcom i~Work In I. (C.
fly order of
Secr'etary. WV. M.
Miss E ula Burns -entertained with a
Pretty little party in honor of Allsse
West and Moseley on Tiuesday even
ing, August 2nd. About twenty,-ilve
Young people enjoyed the occasion.
The warnth of the weather was pai t
ly foligotten in the frequent visits to
the punch howl, which was presided
over by MI28es Iioise Clardy and Mar
garet Along. A while before the guests
doiarted, they were servd ice cream
and caks.
On Saturday mornin1g, July 2, m121
Ellia Bitiruis entertained With a rooll
party in honor of her hllouse-guests,
A r.ses ' lunette West and Trene Mose
ly. Aft-v p10tyinig rook, a delightful
sal.d course with iced tea was serve(d.
A hout ten young ladles were present
to Ineet the guests.
* * * * * * * '* . 9 * * * *
*2 * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Clinto:1, Aug. 8.--Mr. and Mirs. Joc
Duncan, of Columbia, spent the week
end with .Ar. and Mrs. Will Dluncan.
.\1e:damo; W\'m. lailey Owens and
Jas. Spriunt spent several days last
week W1111 relathv s in Spartlan bu r rg.
Alrs. Williams, of Creelnwood is tLi
guest of .\lrs. Irvin Coleman this Week.
Nl*r. and Mlrs. W. ii. Owens, Sr., WI.
Brooks Owens, .\iases Nancy and .lary
Owens and Mr. 1). Wyatt Neville are
rLnIlding.l tie week inl the mliountains
of North Carolina.
-l :s. John11 1oittle andt( Reece Young
Spen last Tiit rsda y and Friday In
I lendersolville.
Airs. Kenneth lBurdette was hostess
to the "Tuesday Club" last week. Af
ter a pleasait hony11 of sewing a dell
(i s Id : oui'se and i(ed tea 'were
-:'ed t:) the followin g pgi.uss: Ales
<lame1cs liecev Youing, \\'. 11. Jacobs, \\.
V. 11. Owen,, .1I., 11. .1. Piuts. .lis.se5
L.ou se I'itts, Cooley, Florie iurdette,
Ih:a; alason ai d Nancy Owens.
-\vts. .1. F. .laecolis, Sr.. and Miss
Clr(' I ;lIicket tr11e sIendilng the wo(k
.t lenn Springs.
.\lr. J. P. .1aeobs, Sr., is Ili Atlanta
t'1'C( o1 blsiness.
.\ .a nd .\ r. .. . P .I J coh s, .11%.,.\ Av.
Ge.o. A. Cojielnd andI .\iss Hi. Copolanld
snent 1:!-t Saturday in Spartanlhurg.
M:s. \\'. P. Owven returne Monday
:"m Hi2how ille after spentling sev
-i k h her daughter, Al::.
n Seott.
Deelarrs 1Mepori't of Iieai hil (li'lais
will Show There is no mineiflhll in
No 11h11 ami 111 Pt Ilagra has no ti t- .
\\:ihngon ug. 5.-Ielhoffi
einls from 1", SOutherln sta 1tes in 'on
it '!U'e here with Surgton (eneral
Cumm2asinga of~ theo l'licjl llenith Ser'
Vice( r2 'art~ng tile pellagra situation01
were ( dy:1f: ini a reort (If 'ond (itions1
in1 'till 111th and recommendlations:1:01 of0
whlat iehmild 'be done1.
Pre::r'o:1 of' the1 re'port was inl
I i ' l l u l 'd r t e b ( l i i it e ' c o f t 1 e r e n c e
befo rt it w aI m ade(t o im b lec. z 01 1
of th Is'commiiitte 00 aid1( tihe rephort
wouli hold( thlere "'was not 2a 501intilla
of~ truthIi iln(12 Ihages that1 niear fanineit
exist1s in, tile south or' that lellagra
1ha1s increa55(ed there to anly a1ppre~c(iablle
A rluti onl pledgingJ "'the suppor(It,
oIf the hlealthl aorll~ ities and1, tihe 1101
1)1e theyv re'pr( 2('nt ini th lPSOuth toII a
const ructive priogrami whichl wili co
, 2'i(1(adolted 11y tile COnfre'n Ce.
Th'le resoluIItioni Cxpressed50 to thle
::ident 51ppre':iat'on1 of the health
Otiila oIf his iwteroal inI llulir
hiealtih an en1 11dorsed "'the effect Ive ad
mi:nistrat1ion"' of thes public health 12er
v'ice by SurIgeon Geermal Cummin11111g.
'iTe conilference0 Ceiie(laly 1 r3' s,
"*the1 Iesolin cont '0112 ied, ''that the
lthlie heaIilh serIv2iimobilizie all oth1
('r f~cral healIth agenicies, esp1cial ly
thle farm and( hiomei dem~lonstratlon
agen~lcies (If tihe staite a1gr'icultura121
schools a11nd thle D epartment11 (of Agri
CulturIe, in ('arry'ing into( thle rurIal
ho01ms (If thle ('our'iry~ thle pra'2Cti(al
ncessiity3 for ai better balanredl (1ie
which should1( always inolud' mik1 01'
mil1k produclI(ts and11( fresh vegetles110.
"Th'le con ference r'ecluests the Presi-.
dent and tihe grigeon generalI and all
(Itherus initoer'ested( in' the pulli c health
to assist actIVely' In tihe e'fforts for the
estalo ishm~llent of health dlepartmlents
In all eounities; oi' other units of gov'
ern1ment, whIich~ shialihe able, thirough
and1( publlc healthl nurses5, to carr'1y the
hlapler' and1( miore productI ei ve lives to
all the peoleO whiether' living in the
conigested (cnters or in the mioal. rC
.... e' 4 * *' * *' * * * * 4' *
* I-+ e e e e e
Lanford, Aug. 8.-A protracted
meeting of imitch Interest closed Fri
day ni-ght. Rev. J. Murray Robertson
lid the preaching and his people found
out they had a .mos-t excellent pastor
and preacher.
Misses Josle and Lona Mel Williams
citertained a number of frien(s Satur
dlay aftarnoon in honor of their guests,
Mi.ss' Vallie Cox and 'Madge Wil
liamis, attractive young ladies from
Gray Court. Ganies owere played and
.everal selections of music (njoy ed.
At the close of this u nutsual ,party the
l(Stes sev(Ad a delicious Ice course
to tlhoseiv presncit.
OCe of the imos. plea;ant affai.s 'of
the ''a' wcek was the family gather
ing a' tne home of Mir. It. :i,. Joanson.
Saturday, August 6, where Iis children
.nd graidclildrull gailered to cele
Ir. te his 75th hi-thday. -Lifference in
ages was forgotten and all the guests
.re children .Iain as tlhey lived ov
er the years of the past in memory.
The family consists of seven daugh
ters and one son, '30 grandchild rcn.
.\Mr. .lohnson vasl born and reared in
Catawl:a county, N. C. Ills wife was
Miss Parthunia Lanford who died
four years ago. A num'. tuous diner
-::, erved under the oak:; in the yard.
-. .and .\rs. C. 1). Cox etiic:*ta:1ined
tio youti, peo1p!u of tite (SnntumiiV
1 1(a le;y laiin part.y Satui day eV
i:1 . i u-m cI ti~li ec ,3ls
Wilie Cox. About twc.nty couples en
joyed their hospitality.
N is. 01hello Payne who has been
rp(nding some tine in llenderPoilville
i:; vIting relatLives here.
Mrs. Sallie Payne and Miss LAouise
Connor, of Geca-. ood , speilt Funday
wi;,l frienlds hecre.
.Ar.. 1. Y. Coolky, of' I veeville, i,;
';eta:;:'a few day.: wi'lh re~taiico 81nd
i;eind.; here.
0. 0. F. Fwle) r iS sti ill very sich:.
\We hp she .ili sooni e:in to iml
.\lls. Rll:.avd .\oc:-v and chlr:
o .i re ;L' a11' i theivu :
t 1 n with :;. \nd1 ."I rs. . J. Izanford.
Mr. and 'Mrs. 13. \V. Johlisoni, of Ar
cadia, spent S nlilday Withi .\lr. and l,1i.
1). j ohnsoi.
..r". an;d .\',rs. T. 1). 1 l ron111 l, of '411u
VI r.j' At the Week- nd wih frlemis
and re:atihe.i
of \o i u 2f. :l 1u t,;; ol i -; a sc
I k~~hields.
....an Dair~onda'nd .Mr. T.
A 1). 1 . p!~e :lo f~l l :unt .\r ...
S. ljI4igil:i attende( h funeral o. .\lis.
i. . d L'.
- t'!. ming Mvv some.
-: i a: , ta. *
TUhur'muti:~ .\ttt0:vl1 Im:zi'e-ave lFanior
81-) ii 'I~lia th'. coilteSe imoved
t hr~n .: h str'''ts hiedu *evii". tro s
v:st crowdsl~ to th <s a rr2. where ls
8r dy ta bict d a t a 'i vl lie.t ti~i,
,-rCkt flIit(( in the iethisi fhignt
Tlhe cry sta coll'thin enecased itn a
':rawn tby ix hiorse:4. Thelire wVere ini
of . .'.".s ha~d hend c loed ias sgn
in passe(d, airpjla nte tlew~ o.erhieadi.
Si) (de10. werei thle thron2gs thle
tr:c,.; had di''iuIy in hohlinlg I'
;;aile baik. All Ith e ,.!a dow's 8n iil :al
conh'2 werVe (2rowdedI and ii any ol
t ha'n w.orI4 i dral)ed.
* r(fect of >;:: I ini I le tam o i h.t
king and the -V~ oentienit, by t hi .i
etor oi the oservatory and( by, rep
!esett ives of the nuayor and the 1i
tist:s tf the cit.
Thle ba:issi ica of t he famoous (lhuren
the fforimer kiigdlom of Naples.
I efore the- churchll wa s Oeined to thie
pubih:e, \l.;. ('.:ruis, laving tier 1it;U
dauighiter, Glia.i by thm hiand, (came to
viewi the h~or'.y of her husband once11
Otheris of thle grief-strlieken relat'.ve5
galhiered in thle baslI lien and lookedl
for the last timie upois thie facee of the
dIeadl, whIiichi ',eimed to be of oneO sleepi
lng tieaceftull y. Gitovannti, birothter of
10niegic, litrst knielt beside thie (01111,
then ciin g, in vokedi Ca ruso to br-eathe
agaIn.' itud ol fo, thme s~on, was equally3
The ex penses of thie fitneral iiIIlihe
horne by the' mluni l-i pal t y of Nap~leh
Fibre furniture it now regarded
cal furniture for general use in th
line offers a rnulitude of attmetive
ishes and the price is r"ht. "at
among the first to rneet conitom
prices. The prices which we hav
Sstock bring the nost beautiful ar
furniture within fth reach of every
Come in and see our new st
havc many values that are rerr
strongly built, handsomely finishe
If you are looking for a piece of ft
in the home you'll, find just what y
We will be glad to show you <
t l horne furnishings.
S. M.& E. . WI]
("i'lTON NOT l( '
.liniet of South ('arolina
('ountly of lltauren,11.
Nolllev of Special ElAetll Wn
11li f I ss im ('Eopuvoen Ho c
he City (f Latre .is In I 'll, Sna.
5,01011' 1,:1 Ure [!;roei:,:'i.
Whcras ; Via w Lttu 11 ,it0ion
m.:-1.o i o thet fre (elioiders% Ofr t
ity of 1.urens as a pe r fro:.)I'
tax hmoks; of said City, i :ile: jh(:
with the City Collncil of the I 4 v ;-'
laiius asing that an eh~
held 1. said City or lIturen4, at h
eL'VCIo:'; of saidi City th le einestiin
issitii; couiponi hond4 of the Cily
la ar2' in thte sum of $;;5,Eo0u, payahth~ ~o
wII i hi oty yersO fromi the dIoe o
issue0, andilli~ herIng ai rate of intereLstI
anittui0, for the Ipilrlose &of Strieet
!mromniuaii (ity; and.A vro 0
WI:"''i.a:, the said City C'outell m
t he (City of lauilrens has dulty (('i i i* c
*rdsh eiin ennlvassed thc 2 7:In. ~18It
andl fosind it to be in piroperi form, n
signeul by: the retiiulired nuni~'her DfIro no
freclhilhlers;. as p resc':ri bed by the C''n
sittin and1010 ( Statite Iaw ofW ithew Si: ~ ~1ie'Sl
1)1 South Ci(arollina, madle and pirovi cd
thereo' th~pted an Ordinancea
lI olin dated1 1- Ith day of .Jun, '2 M nsBleBc
1h2 I, ti the prayer oif the ;pctiLim
he . rnte d' anud that the <Uestionl ofi the L/
issule oL' : Id blondsl shall be submit
tell to t'o Men'siiedHduyavyisere
electors of saiW ty of I turen1, Mat Lse h
S peela l ection to be held In and for.
the said itLy or La:urens on the 2;1rd
day of Aulgust, 1921.lie' $.0D
NOW TI'll lltll'OlUil, Notice I i; hre
hy givenl that a SpecIal .llection' will
be heldI in the Cit y of Laur ens on the \ey~peia
23r d day~ of August, 1921I, upion the
(le:it ion or issiing hionds of tile C ity 0
of laa: ens ini the stuu of $:i5,000it, pay -
able within forty years from (late of
Issue, and ( hein~ ig iltcrest ait not ex -
cin g six ( t) lierwont. per annu:iim,
for thle loirp~ose ofS trect implro'vemlent
iheldi t th e ol low intg laces: Warid I, t L~.kVU
at City Clerik's Ollice; Ward 2, al
IlatC t 3 PIc I Ioiate:thhet iLov~
low tighav bee a A: Fe1widomaag1
to Ool'.il(t thesaFdneectualityWi'Se1
Power; Waid 4. lDoW.inot Aitron. C
Jo0c Liadies'crIt 11Silk' :
Men'ss Lisleo'lok n tleafThr
of Iwiti rs sorle; ear d t ole for Punc92
119otn tile IStlon tar be auit I .v'. . II
itoer Coli Stil ories' ard o, an
tay leor a ringeCo tle;s la d ard IE . '~i~S
owngs shall bote aphl oticnt maltnagre kan lra'
ca ntuk;re
as the sensible, practi
e home. The Kaltex
desiyns, styles and fin
x manufacturcrs were
~squa rely and adiust
e pt into effect on our
id comfortabl woven
yIes and designs. We
tarkable. Every piece
d and properly priced.
irniture to fill any need
on want here.
~urtente line of beau
KS & CO.
.1 Good Merchanidise
Lest Poss ible Prices.
.'i Unmatchable Values:
SIsland. per yard . . G
igaper yard . 10c
[lose, per pair . . 25c
CHose, per pair . . 75c
:le Overalls, per pair .95c
ork Shirts, each . . 65c
radl Socks, per pair . 15c.
assShirts . . .. $1.35
or This Week En-i Only,
Oc Brassieres, all sizes, at
25c Each
Large Shipment of Thread
t Work, Every Color.
re of Better Values"
elctor C. ('. Feathlerstonc WY. B. J{night
ids shall
A ttorneys at L awi
h da fl ll Ruinss Irusa to Ounr Caro
Wi IHv 'romptjd and (Carefue Alten
Mayor. Ornee o7er P'almetto Bank
MTr. Fecatherstone wvill spend Wednes
dn:y of~ each week in Laren..

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