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T'o Cure a Cold In One Day
stop& the C ough and Headache and works of the
Cold. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 30c.
Quickly rolleves Constipation, Bil
iousness, Loss of Appetite and Head
aches, due to Torpid Liver.
The 'Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
Ends Bad Smells
odors where . ...
Stop foul
odors where
they start with
Red Dev il
Lye. Use
plenty of it in
privies, toilets
and cham-n ":IP
bers, garbage
pailsand swill
tubs..:it de
stroys germs,
dries up filth,
kills bad
smells. Al
ways keep a
can handy.
Use it often.
Kills flies
in the egg At
Purifies and your
disinfect. g
Sure isStrong!
ST. LO UI S. M 0.. U. S. A.
Read how Mrs. Albert
Gregory, of t. F. D. No.
1, Blufor'd, Ill.,.got rid of ~
her ills. "Durmng . . . **
- was awfully weak . . .
My pains were terrific. I
thought I would die. The -
Ubearing-down gains were*
actually so sevne I could
Snot stand the pressure of
my hands on the lower -
part of my stomach . ..
I simply felt as if life was
husband was worried .. .
3UOne evening, while read
ing the Birthday Alma
*nac, lie came across a -
* case siilar to mine, and
* *went straight for some
* Cardui for me to try.
The Woman's Tonic
" 'I took it faithfully and
the results were immedi
ate," adds Mrs. Gregory.
g"I continued to get bet-.
ter, all my ills left me,
*and I went through...
with no further trouble.
My baby was fat and
UUstrong, andmiysel--thank
God-am once more hale
*miles, do my work,
though 44 years old, feel
5N like a newv person. All I U
*owe to Cradui." For .
mnly years Cardul has U
been found helpful in*
building up the system
when run down by dis
orders peculiar to women,
Big Navigation and 'Electrical Ievel.
opnien/ Plinned onl Santee and
Cooper 1tivers.
Columbia, Aug. 6.-The federal pow
er commission has just granted a per
mit for the building of the Santee I
Canal. joining the waters of the San- i
tee and the 'Cooper Rivers. The per
mit was issued to the Columbia Rail- I
way and Navigation Company, of ,
which G. A. Guignard, is president and I
T. C. Williams is vice-president and I
general manager.
it, is claimel -that this big project I
and its associated undertakings will
mean the complete revoiittionizin-g of I
practically all transiportation in South
Carolina. Ii order to bring about this I
objective, it will )e necessary to dig
a canal t wenty-three miles long, to
build an electic railway line from I
Colimbia and to put upon the Con- I
garee and Santee Rivers a sufficient I
number of barges and light draught I
towboats to move the freight rapidly. 1
Each of these matters is taken care
of in the project of the company. The
construction plans call for not only I
the usual can-al locks and other por- I
tage facilities, bmut for a power dam at I
or near Monch's Corger and anothei' i
power dain on the Saluda illiver, at thei
imouth of Bear Creek, on a line from
Lexington to White Rock. All of the 4
ietails of this enterprise have been i
taaken into consideration and have beeni
provided for.
The 4 'ropose San tee Canal will I
shorten by seventy two miles the dis- I
tance from Columbia to an Atlantic
port. It. is twenty-five miles from
the City of 'Charleston to .onek's
Corner, near which place are the
head waters of the Cooper lliver. The
Santee Canal will have a length of
twenty-three miles from .Monck's
Co rn er to Ferguson. Frorn tile lat
ter point to the junction of tire Con
zaree and Waterce Rivers is forty
nine miles. and thence to (oumbia is
flfty-ono miles, a total water route to
Charleston of one hundred anl thir
ty-eight iiles. It will require 5.000
(100 in rournd numbers, to complete the
_tire project arid two years is the
ostimate for the construction work.
The power dam and locks of the canal
will be built on dry land, and an elec
tric line from Columbia to Greurr
wvoot can 1v Iilt without t.he neces
sity of a I restle or a long fill, for the
sirive follovs the Crest of the water
11"u. and In oIln sle of the suri'veVy
:h water1 : is h tlhe Saida tiver
al4l (1n Ihe otiler side into tIre Savan
rnahIi. 'verythin g seeils to favor the
:aWlnii 4Cst hf ('onstrielion.
This is, as .;kl-tchily outlined, a
igreat uniertakiiiig. What w\'ouhi( be
practical results? What is then
1 Justify tile eXihr-nditure of tris
In tihe 1th a phir, ollicials of 1the
444ihany1 dhlareI that ill inoinre of
hiI- conilmny wouirl .i1m1ly justify the
outlay. Tll distin41)'e from ('olutmiia
to Greenwoo\d by rail is SI miles. The
r vy : 111k' 11 10 Sed el4ettic roati
-h u 1 iilt- of 1 .2. 1mt s siort
enling the4 tipl by II i us an11( giving
s.'r4nis4 4,f t1hough trains fromo Co
'1u4nhin41- lor Atanta1. This wou44hI nm-an
th14 sne4(45s of t' ra4ilroati4 projet4 if
it we're irndependernt. of' other (considl
101ains, butt th4Mis und('rtain~g is tor
be ('ons4ide(red1 as5 a whohl. to untder
.1an 141what11 it pro01nisedh.
Irh~rvinr: 145ide the4 4'4ons1'iideto oIf
.41al freirhtls bet'?we'en HIhlson and14
44114n4hia and14 4theri i upstate4 points1.
I i4'11de 'ld that4 t~re (otto 1414rnills
-i:. 4 4w 141b 51av4 4'nou4gh ou4t (of thw
'144r1tion41 of this ('14tri 4 a'nd44 wa1te'r
UI to 144 rtain4 1444in4 to 14 14y fonr the44
hrpa i 4'v y(rs. I .ainrg (lut tihe
('4hetr', York, L anca'lstr, .\artion,
.\htribtor'o arnd Cht( rfI'ihl, wh4ichI may3
to4 1th' canlll oerationr, the( 44)tion meillIs
44f tis~ *Sta;"1, 1hav4 1,2:N1'2l Sphinles,'
4on4inrringt 125,44444,44)4J0 t Irudl of ('ot
1t1n (Ir yh'ar . A\ boati 1 liin succe(ss
full opera:tion41 'oblhl save4 the4 sllhIppers4
of1 (rotton 1544441 27 1-2 hrnts peh'l r un
dre(1 4lounds on4 a 1hau4l for SparIitn
..s4-cxiratelly ai m11iion4 dollars 14 yea'r
saved4 44o thle te'xtile inrhrtis4 if all
4of44 the manurfactred 41 ph'0routsi should14
be sliihiped over tis rou)t4.
I Il' i hFS 0' !
r'14nr ofi Andlerson 1ook tire )ath1 ihere'
todai1y 14s a4 1nited( States attorney44 for
the we48tern'l disltr'it of South1 (arolina
ml lhe 14 rettirng at1torney4, and14 4her4
41h In h ini Ihis 14'ssist ants1. .I. I''. .'lar'
shaIli, D~emroraht, is assistanlt attor41
414 y. .\t. ('Coc4hrn s4'erve a4s d15istrit ait
No Wormst in a Heoailhy Child
All childrrenf troub11l withtl Wormsq ha1ve nrn un
?h'nithly ('441or, whlticl h idicte3 lpour blood, andtot as a
rule4, there ii rnore or I ess at0omac11 hdistu'hanfce.
4 '<N)E'S 'lAST1,IE~SS Cill1!L1 TONIC 4tivenr re~u
arI y fo5r two or three' weeks1 4,will enrich4 1the blood,
m1 ro tl4V he44 d4 i on 4, and4 14(t as' a g,en 4-rnitreng5thr
'!"s-: r.nseto the whole41 4' ystemt. Naiturre willI tn
-re ' 'rh r (lb'u. 1 the( Warms nnd4 tirnChnld whlihn
ioviet Agrees to Release Prisoners and
Take Advantage of Famine Aid Fron
United States, Says Senator France
of Maryland.
Riga, July 30.-Soviet Russia has
igreed to release American prisoners
Lnd to accept fainlae aid from the
ierican Relief association just at
he moment that United States Senator
loseph I. France, of 'Maryland, has
'eturned to Riga fron Moscow deter
nined to advocate renewal of trade re
ations and perhaps diplomatic rela
ions between Russia and the -United
3tates and bringing twith him one of
he prisoners, Mrs. Marguerite E. Har
-ison, of -13altimore, who was freed by
his efforts at Moscow.
Senator France, who entered Rus
ia several weeks ago skoltical of the
bdvantage of immediate diplomatic re
ations with the soviets, but believing
hat trade relations were advisable,
ias returned an ardent enthusiast for
While American officials In the
3altic are speculating as to what ef
ect the release of the prisoners and
he entrance of the American Relief
Lssociation into -Russia will have in
learing up the itussian situation, Sen
tor France declared the Lenin gov
rnnient was starting a new line of
levelopment in Russia 'which "can not
)ackslide into racial communiisn
in reply to a question as to whether
he .loscow Bolsheviki were trying to
'evolutlonize the world, including the
'nited States, Senator France said:
'I know nothing about the third in
ernationale but no man worthy of any
ttention ever believed that propaganda
:ould start revolutions. Conditions
tre not propaganda, history shows."
Washington, .July 30.-Ofileial word
if the .Russian soviet authorities' de
'ision regarding the American r'elief
idministration's offer to furnish food
o starving Itussian children, condi
.Ioned on the release of Anerican pris
mers, and the state dlepartment's de
nand for their release still was lack
.ng late today. The state department,
lowever, was ofilcially informed late
in the day of the arrival at Riga of
\lirs. .larguerite 1E. larrison, of Bal
Limore, one of the American prisoners.
Beyond press dispatches ainounc
ing the soviet government's accept
ince of the relief offer and its 'willing
iess to free Amiericai prisoners, Swe
retary lloovr', chai rmani of the relief
adiniinistration. was withotit a reply
to his t'eheraml sent last week to
Mlaxim 1G orlky at 'etrogral. Iteceipt
of the telegr'ain was acknowledged sev
cral days ago.
On the basis of,' press reports that
the reply was being sent by way of
laondon, official here declared that tle
lisweri imiight he expected at any timie.
Slate depatmleiont oliials, on tIhe oth
er hianid, su;iggested that no formal an
5we'r wouli he iad(. to Ihe demlianld of
t'e Anwrican gover orn t for the re
bult if (hey wore fred uder the conl
litions 0f Sei'r'etr'liiy ill cv r's (lffelr, the
Ittsslin aiihocrities .woiubl let thei ac
lioni st and~ as s ecakig forCl itself. ite
i'l'es of AclIrS. ilirrisoni unanniouencedi
'as said to iniente thce possible
dte tion (If suichi a cour ise.
Scertary I loover indeicatecd t hat re
lief wocrk coul d begin wvitin IN hour1s
rom11 the time Ami'eian lprS~isoers wverle
tilt of liussiani and r'elre'sentat ives ofI
the' adiiinistr'atioln woul be sent at
dnce to Itiga to noc.;otliate' thle details
':' a TS FA *il l'V I *
On last TPh ursday Ai'. an ml rs. 'P. 1.
hinrts, their ehildrein, and in-laws and
gr'andeild~reni 'ill cmit at their: old
bollne "I le'nde'ison l'ilace'" in the IEkomc
wetion1 and hadt~ ai pieni:- whii'ch was
'lnjoyed~ iby all v'er' much(1.
Ther01' ar'' 1N ('chibic hi necludict the
in-law:- an d :8:! .rndeidren. .\ll
werie '"r'e'lnt. It was a y rent reni ion.
.\lrc. iluirts had sc'nt word'c for 'l of
lie aande'hildren1 tol((lC c' come r iaed
r'eady' a nd thcey' soonl were''1 Ic in ol Itahun
'ireek. It r'emiiined 'cir. ilutci'' ve'y
uicich of theiC timtes when lie iase 1(1 I ake(
2nl yeari s acgo.
It waes such a hicurb crowd in swim
ming until it was ir'eni the ianme as
After' the swim acli went back uip to
lic' oid houlise M iihl has bcee'n vacanit
for s'veral ye'ari', buet still looked like
le saCme (ld homciie pclace, a lii hugh
ccoi coldn11't learidlIy get to1 thle housei~a
Fo' the bcushe's andie w~ee'ds. omce elf thce
'i'owdl saw thIe o1(1ldiouse' Cal theriec bult
It happlened to lbe oIf thce '"iole'" \ariity.
Ver'y fortuinately it didn't get anlgry.
1Dinner ('was speaid un dec' sonme nic(e
shade trees and( thiee was plenlty for'
tea, fried ('hicken( anid caniitalou11pes.
Thliis li'enii( waos enjoyedl so mu i ch
that it was dce'ided tel leave a famiily
ieni( aennualliy. Then all left fell
thir homieiles, fe'elin'. happy eve'i bav.
ing nie. and ic e'en all in this waocy.
''One I roen:l"
Congressman Says Clique Controls
Federal Machinery. Says Harding
Is Tictntorial.
Washington, Aug. 7.--An attack on
the adninistration generally, and on
the House ways and ieans conmit
tee iparticullirly, for its handling of
the tariff and tax questions, is .made
in a statement issued today by Rep
resentative Keller, independent Re
publican of St. Paul, Minn., author of
four tax revision -bills, which have
boen lintorsed by organizations of
farmers an'd others.
-.Mr. Keller chages that "the ma
chinery of government has been com
mandepred by a little clique, ignorant
of the A 1 C's of economics, whose
blind obedience to Wall Street is re
spolsible for the stulpid, selfish, short
sighted policy that is retardin-g our
prosperity and creating profound dils
trust and discontent anHong the peo
Declaring that most members of
the 1House want to carry out the peo
ple's Wishes with regard to taxation
and other economic questions, Mr.
Keller says a "little dominant minor
ity has tied down the safety valve of
free discussion until an exvplosion timt
pends, which ,will scatter the iepub
lican party from Maine to Oalifornia."
"The President has assumed more
power than any of his predecessors,"
Mr. Keller continues, "and tells Con
gress what bills to pass -and what not
to pass. Bills concocted at secret con
ferences are introduced withouting be
ing referred to responsible committees.
The President's advisers seem to think
it possible for this country to lift it
self by its economic boot straps and
vaguely promise that a half billion
dollar gift to the railroads--which in
some mysterious manner is not to in
crease taxes- will 'restore prolslerIty.'
They woll! do better to busy theiml
selves. with lowering tates. taking off
the tvansyorlation tax and seein-g to it
that the railroads are run etlielently
with a minIium of ,waste. Hut, that
is not likely so long as railroad ex
ecutives canl depend upon the adminl
istration for lavish gifts."
Flueluallons Were Series of Small
lte(essiolns and Upturns Quickly
New Orleans, Jluly 2-1.-A trading
market truled in cottot last week,
ilnltitutions bli't a siles of sices
rvvc :10o:)18 and v, tulrnl, 41uickly fol
lowir.,: t"Ich othevr, withi the doxnl
ward oivement nore pronounced than
tH i. . . . a , : . s .I t.; as Iough none
of tle price 1inove iints sI prolonigetd.
li th early part of the week prices
werelo five to thirty poi ts high. i thn
tell, close of thect preoeding week wit
October tra.ing as high is 12.72. aat
er tilere Was a drop to levels 1-1 to -li
points- withl October- off to 12.11. Porom
lt udeo thi close of the preceing
eek ihest to thev lowest, thevre was
a drop of ,2 to 75 points. n thle
clor te iioprkct showedt5 nlt' losse ti for I
miditnlst 13Wa po'intsin he et roie
sus, ltgat tit7.e ear ofgh
midd0ing Itcltts et~ at Wast.75. tot
orgtt thit dowturns, t-litess aviyin
over spoti partmentI alpen01 tlyero
taiunt uove the filllintgo .ly com-(Ir
omeasure, 11 (afo at thep nd ofit-ther
whek some1t of te s(lInf t could e
t'ral fo the ~t'' renewad attWaingtonles
ofalttit tfo ati-tuturkes traen
legd iltgiItoaltrly itint faorbl 1-ate
over c o d I I( at of enhelti une
tityI tover the5'~i t leningt5(I ,iyrpotn
on odiio of the epland et unfatsvcr
ral forahe weekp atued ore or less
eailtert mo e markt in1h this cout
andla ouao insnth rfdtion to it I -2
weren ill th le utonk of Isctlandatget
an fthe d etbils'nt ra of~ itportant
dtevellipet. The~ I lan t.Ils for nit
fianing cof l coton 11 'announce by th
FV(IancI eCorportiion keli tw( rnsidred
thighl buish.ios OtIt tit~ r
nThet anew asllomts tt ing iPE aout
lgislain gainsflt fi e tittetrain
wireall ted litre d isonryting Iito
c tt mat becusit wlais niott under
st o her howd rto plant orrin
aningi cottin cu li e carrtin ettt,
(Ifre thi futur urk oti xpcet Inytraere
mae aga(in t) I lyot that ae end
iy htdges in thi utudifrelmaret.If0p
lol rwas bidnw hart toa eanythin'g that'
mader1 t~i ol rsl isatrowuslyl io
Tis omainAgieek rt.m.nfatr
tbengrhed pere nt ofcnitIon of
dnreg rdinswht rtege fo. h
Don't Neglect Your Tires
They Cost Lots of . Money
We Make All Styles of Repairs
All Work Guaranteed to Give
Satisfactory Service
Goodrich Tires Fisk Tires
City Vulcanizing Station
At City Filling Station
Cecil's Butsiness ('ollege Appeals to the Untrained
NVho stays on the pyr.1oll wien others are being laid off?
tWho continue to drav their salaries withotit interruption when
Other's sluddenly 1111d tj(iei In iflnes stojiped ?
We o contintle to enjoy the comforts of life while others are
feeling thle pinchl Or nieesity?
Who mnarage to go ol and uip the ladder of success when others
are looking for a job? If you have not thlolghitaboutWhen others
tions, now is a 'good time to turn them ove In .au these If yo
have not made plans which will keep YOil.t name on the payll,
better make such plans now. FOlt TO.\lORIOW MAY BE1ay OO
ti.lsiness is slowing dlown. Already, there are evitlences of na
I 0on-widle unemployment. W'hether. this condition is to be tem
Plorary or Piroienged, it does not matter. Sooner or later the (lay
of reckoning will be here, if, indeed, it is not hore right now.
Sooner or later the nation's businhess will be fully a(ljuste(d to
the normal neefls of peace. We arec going through that period of
re-adjustmen t nlow. Soonier or later supply will fully catch iulp
with demand. It is catching up now. Then -will you be face to
face with tile roblems--which Is confronting others now--of
keeling Y17ti name on the -payroll.
Now is tlie time for You -t liProfit by the0 Mistakes of the tin
employed. Now is the timlue for you to make plans whieh-come
wl-at may- --will put YOt'It Iame Ol the payroll and KE l1P it there.
The Ineiployed--adil those who may soon joil tlheir rals
are now payinig the iPenalty for their lack of foresight. When they
iiue thei r start, they folloved he lintes of least resistalce-the
(alsiest, shortest andl <inickest way to certa in disappoint int rather
thani the easiest, shortest and (pitickest way to certain success. They
to()k t1" irst jobi tihat ame a00ng. ThV did not ask these ques
Where ihw's this Joh lead t.ol At thirty I will be too (l to turn
hack- -1 will be oi my way to happiness amd(comfort or failm'e
but which? ,
11ow ann I fort ify myself against hard t lines?
When others are biig laid off by tle housalds how can I
keep ity n1ami1e on the payroll?
\\'ite to teclil's Ilitusiness- C'ollege, S.~paritanbuitrg, S. C.
[ab/e, S.C
Not a foot of waste lumber
Not a minute of lost time.
I L11 - ____ is a~ wonde rful muoney and
troubileu saver. Evry boaird
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insst on ' so" rand Cypress from y our nearest l-.uber udeualer. If tie
iyisn't enloulgh to siauply you, giv.e us hisu namle sad ws'il "do thle need-ltil."
lsoE malcnufa(cturers of *iperir 'upveIo, '"', ;/c , si l,pl sl'orig a o

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