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0 NO FArIFit
The Evidence Is At -Your Door
Laurent qroof is what you want and
'the statement of this highly resoected
Tesident will banish all doubt:
J. . Henderson, S. 9Iarper 8t., Lau
rens. says: "My kidneys woro badly
disordered and I suffered from pains
in the small of my -back, across my kid
noys.- 1 felt nervous and out of sorts.
and my kidneys didn't act as they
should. I would have dizzy apells and
a dull ache In the back of my head.
There -was a sediment in the secre
tions, too. I surely was in pretty bad
shape. I read of Doan's Kidney Pills
and lbought a box at 'the 'Laurens Drug
Co. Doan's Immediately relieved imc
und soon fixed me u) in fine shape."
Mr. (Henderson said: "I have -had no
use for a kidney remedy since Doan's
Kidney Pills cured me. I know Doan's
are Just as represenited and am glad
to give another en(lorsement."
60C, at all dealers. Fostor-Milburn
Co., Mfrs., huffalo,,T. Y.
The Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
When a Cow P
\VVOULD your
they coul
you give them a I
ration that lets
without robbing
Cow- 4
supplies the elements that are I
ing in pasture. It furnishes
digestible protein and mineral r
ter that is absolutely necessary
continued milk production. N
own records will prove that it;
to feed Cow Chow on pasture.
Your cows need you for a frier
now. See that they are fed p
erly. It will show up in the
Sold onl.y in Checkerboard Bag
mHER~E i~
.reason wi
taller should I
ity on ,tires.
In recommen4
Tires for most
you the hone
our inside knot
is going on in
ing industry.
4 4 * * * * * 9 * * *
10 1141 1 4
* ** * .* * 4 * *4** * 4
ihiloh, Aug. 29r-JMrs. 'Bello Gray
Visited In the Shiloh community last
On the evening of August 25th the
young men of tho Shiloh Epworth
League delightfully entertained the
young -ladies of the league with a filsl
fry at Tumbling Shoals. After sup
per quite a number attended preach
Ing at Trinity-Ridge. Those preo.en
,were: 'Misses Irene, Cornelia and BesE
Wallace, 'Ethel and Nova Hellams
Ethel Armstrong, Sarah Belle Owens
Ora Simpson, Janie Wilson, and Sal
lie Wolff and. Mrs. Garner; Messrs
'Woodfin and Roy \Wllace, Arthur
Robert and Milton Wilson, Tyler, John
Claud, George and Gladie Armstrong,
Herman Pdwer, Algie Simpson, Harol(
M!cDowoll, Richa-rd Bolt, and 1Ethel
Slellams. The Visitors were Misse
Gladys Montgomery and Stella Mahon
Nannie Kate lHudgens, 1lora Graydin
Mlessrs. Melvin and Wellie Abercrom
b. Chalpcrones were Mr. and irs
Furman Ifellams and Mrs. Willian
Mrs. William Ray, of Ithaca, N. Y.
is vis~ting her parents, Mr. and Mrs
J. II. Wolff.
leeds a Friend
"Flies, Flies, Flies! These
pesky beasts are driving me
crazy! I'm all jumpy and
hot andnervous. It's harder
for me to make milk now
than it was in winter and
I don't get nearly as good
cows say this if
I speak? Or do
)roperly balanced
them make milk
their bodies ?
nat- -w
for PUR A
LL & CO.
s, S. C.
every good
iy the tire re
>e an author
ling Hartford
value, we give
:st benenft of.
'ledge of what
the tire mak
Colunblia Already Hearing Talk About
(ubernatorial Raco Next Year.
Columbia, 'Aug. 27.-It's *a long way
to tho -political, Tityerary, 'but there'a
already talk of 'yho'll be w'ho in th
arena next year. So far no hat has
been definitely thrown into the ring
but it Is likely that politics will warn
ill) -in 19422. There's talk already,_
The race of chief interest next yeai
will 'be -that for governor. Already
the people of the state are tallting
about candidates for. that office, and i
is said that a ring full of hats ar
being slilned up for the campaign.
Several former politicians have bee
mentioned, either by themselves, or by
others, 'as' possible candidates for thi
seat. -of the ellief executive, amoni
them Former 1bieut. Governor Bethe.
iormer Attorney General Peoples, anc
Former Governor Blease. Licutenan
Govern'or Wilson G. Ilarvey, of Char
lecton IS beting' discluss;ed as a possibl
jaspirant. State Senator J. H.-Marion
of Chester, considered one of the ables
men in Inublic life in the state, ha
been 'mentioned 'publicly as a i)o0i)l
candidate. 'Col. lImmes 13. .Springs, o
Greenville, formerly of Georgetown, h
also one of the leading men mentione(
in connection 'with the race for gov
ernor next. year, and Major Henry C
Tillman, of Greenwood, has also bee
talked of. Still another man who IF
thought to be aspiring to the race aiid
to the office of governor is State Sena
tor George K. I'aney, of Chesterfield
There 'will also possibly be others, bu
these are the uien 1whose names hav
gained the greatest amount of notict
in connection iwith the office to ib
vacated by Goveror Cooper at the end
of 1922.
Former Judge Mendel L. Smith, o
Camden, has also been mentioned in
connection with this office, but Judge
Smith stated In Columbia recently that
he 'was not thinkinig of running foi
governor; lie said lie iprefers to prac
tice law.
There will probably be some othei
interesting races. Whether Governoi
Cooper intends to run for some highei
ofmo is a matter of some conjecture
,but a matter on which the presen
chief executive has maintained silence
Senator Wightman, of Saluda, faim
ed for his iuthless attacks on stat<
expenditures, ia also allowing 'himsel
to be .mentioned in connection witi
politics, though lie has made no deft
inite announcements. Ills spchlef
during the 1921 General Assembly led
to the belief that lie had the politica
bee in his bonnet.
* * * * 9** * *** * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
.Jones, Anlg. 27.-We extend congrat
ulations to Mr. Jas. Jones and Mils:
Lillie Martin and Mr. 'Carl Bishop am
Miss Mary Jones, who were recently
In the death of Mrs. Irvin Babb War<
Shoals lost~one of her best wvomen
The 'berea-ved family have our sym.
Mr., M. B. McCuen, of Willlamson
visitedl his~ son, Geor'ge, last week
Uis fr'iel.ds were ipleased to see hinx
looking so well after his long illness
R'ev. T. C. Odell, of Colutmbia, re.
cently visited his sister, Mi's. J. R
Several of our' people1 attended th<
oldl soldier's reunion at Quaker'.
We are indiebtedi to Mr'. Jloel A. Smnith
for' sonme extr'a nice muelonis.
Trho farmerts are ver'y mttch (1e
pressed over thte fearful ravages 0i
the boll weevil.
The goodl ':eople of l'Ooplar' Spr'ings
are building a siplendlid school hmiset
It was ouri goodl fortunec on the 23r(
Inst. to becomie the guest and r'eiil.
enit of the whole-souledi andl unstintem
hospitalIty of ouri good1 friendl, Mr'. F. H
'Boiand. -lie gave a barbecue and 1)c
tie dlinneir to his~ relatives, nir.~ll;hbor
andli frientds and they all enjoyedI thi
gracious hosptitality of Mr. and Mtrs
'Holand,. .Julst before thle crowd diS.
up~oni andi respondedi ith a few,, lm-i
i)rompt tu1 r'emar'ks apprr':rfiate to thli
Mrt. and Mrs;. WV. TI. Jone.3, Jr'., r'c
cetly13 vis ite Mr i t. anid Mrt'. C harle13
Matuldint, of Anderson0t.
Mir, andi~ Mr's. JTake Goldetn, of Foun
lain Inin, r'ecently visited their piar.
enits, Mi'. and M~rs. Miltoni Goideti
Mr'. Waiter' Jones hamd the fIrst cot
ton 'to Iopen in this community.
'We r'ecently met the f'ollowing
fricnds: Mesrs. Josep~h Sullivan, Os.
ear Ihenderson and Jas. Machen, 01
Laur'ens, ltnoc llagwell, of WVhitmnire;
I e: bor't W',illiamnsont, of hDonald(s; Jolhn
h'viH, of llrewer~ot Lonr c
Niet, I'! esto~n Devor'e and Wili<
('ooper, of Gr'eenwvood; Auatin Andier.
[451, and Dr'. W. C, Thomn~lson, of Wa
1'Te Quinline .Tihat Does Not Affeel
'thte Head
Ilecause of its tonie and laxative eif.
(Tablets) can ho taken by anyone
.w ithtout causing nervousrness or' ring
ing in the head. E. W. (O'ROVE'S sig
natutro on box. R0en
No Worms in a Healthy Child
Allchildron troubled with Worms have an us
he c which indicates poor blood. and as4
rule, there Is more or leass stomach diatulabance
larly for two or three weeks,will Oirioh the blood
linprove the digestion, and actas a general Strength
enind Tonicoto the whole system. N~aturo will thez
throw off or dispel the worms, and theChld wihibo
in perfect health. Pleasant totake. Ooper bottle
? S
Fresoe- rtm d
of $1.95 n -te tnn
Ma . u lpr
thrnghb m e
n i.. F.reYon
~iUaauw. . ..j hso
Our college to a o
merclat Schools of
the world. To 0
out what youV
gain bY attending
Accrodited 8 c h o4
send for our ci
Iotue. at once.c
otin fo
CAMELS-the Qui
Why, just buy Camels ani
It's the best packing scienc<
oigarettes fresh and full fla
Heavy .paper outside-secur<
and the revenue stamp over t]
age and keep it air-tight.
And note this! There's no
Camel package. No extra v
improve the smoke. Not a ce
that must come out of the q
Camels wonderful and excl
.merit alone.
Because, men smoke Ca
taste and fragrance of the fit
blended. Men sinoke Camel
refreshing mildness and thei
retty aftertaste.
Camels are made for men
* 411P
~ise 30x3%
Sthe owp rice to Plant No. 2.
ard No-Skid, p rice reduction
hbasing power $16.65 to $13 95.
business, and ever before feer
f it~s $7,000,000 If your dealer
eturing exclu- Size in stock a
e this possible. ard Non-Skid
ii of the Extra- price. You will
en transferred unusual tire val
ards That Don't Blow Os
restoine Cords. year- 10,000.
eds don't blow miles, a'
n will tell you str N
rout this past tod)SON
Cord Tirea are being sol Grevil
7 30W3%---84.50 Saa
PLE, AyT TENTION! for and
PLE9 TTENTONIstart You in bus~ucss.
mber of the Watlonal Association of Accedited Com.
the Uni1ted Statoe-the strwngeet chain of schoole In
EA in making
dlity Cigarette.
look at the package!
i has devised to keep
vored for your taste.
, foil wrapping inside
ie.end to seal the pack
thing flashy about the
rrappings that do not
nt of needless expense
uality of the tobacco.
usive Quality wins oif
mels who want the
test tobaccos, expertly
s for Camels smooth,
r freedom from cg
who think for them
-Salem, N. C,
This permits the
on this tire from
No such value has
ioffered tire users.
hasn't the Extra
sk for our Stand.
type at the Sa-n ,
[still be gettirished pa

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