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Tje Zbbertiser
Subscription Price $2.00 Per Year
Payable in Advance
Published by
Laurens. S. U.
Advertising Rates on Application.
Obituaries and Cards of Thanks: Ono
Cent a Word.
Eatered at the postotlice at La'irens,
;. C.. as second class mail matter.
L.ItllNS, S. C. A%'GUST 31, 1921t
The \\'orbi \'ar may have saved
Democracy, but it evidently left a big
war prohhl:n still on hand if it is
still litecesarv lfolr Lihe I lited Sttes
to buy and eplleiii(lmt wit $2. 000.0o0o
d!jitis and Ie'nyi lives as well
as a .:rpart of the cost hefcre the
thing is deliver;'d.
* , *I
Seniatoer eed S m, -o)t objects to the
distens ion of tlie l'nressial lee
ord with excel ts from govertinmen t re
ulorts a:nl n( wtspapeer vditorials and
tie New YoIk Fxenin. Post, arguing
that The R ecord is gain in ig in inter
mst, mentions among other iewspta pCI-s
from which contribu tions to it have
lately been clipped, the Lauren's (S. C.
Advertiser. 'Wit-hou t having seen The
Advertiser's article The( State is pre
pared to underwrite its seltinielits
their ino ructive and en terta iing
quality. If the Congressional liceord
(ill not be enlivetied from 1iaurenS. its
case i beyond humni aid.-The State.
Yes, if those old stiffs in Washing
want to have a little excitement, 'Iat
ren will iever be found lackirig. But.
we hadn't had the pleasure cither of
seeing these remarks of 1which The
State -peaks. 'lhe fact is, we do not
have time to keep track of the Con
gressional IRecord, the New York pa
'eirs and other big sheets to see when
they take some valuable remarks from
our collumns for the editiation of their
readers, but we presume it must have
been something pretty good, possgibly
a bri ht paragraph or so knocked off
just as the mood struck u:; to say
sol thing briglt and sparkling. We
are a i y: gI:ul to have i e boys use
out1r stuff if they ne(d it to fill up.
* *
What is neieded more inl South Caro
lina and the nation as well is not so
much "respect" as fear for the law.
The word "respect,"i as applied to luw
en forceemen t, is generally in ders-tood
to convey an. idea of cooperation and
voluiltary acuiesCeice whereas the
elliciency of the law is found in its
enforcement upon those who refuse
to abide by it.
The law is nothing more than a writ
ten obligt1ation o1 a majority of the
;cop !(t zo 1):otect itself against those
of a miloritty oplilion onl anly given
poilit. The, law may he just or unjust,
according as tie majority m view it,
:biut it is a val id contract. of a griou p
to ca rry out, (Pertain in gs. Anyv v id
laltion o (f it. by any of the mlajotity3 is
a breach of contrtact. A violsition by
the mlinlority against whom it was
originally framed is a flaiuit in the
facee of he miajoit :uand a ebll enge
to1 the inajority's tale. \\~ explier,
r~'ei of ta he s fran ti he I fraIt:iners andl
fe:ii tfromi tlidhse at whom~n it is directi.
J1udig by ther niumeri ous crimies that
ariCe bin c (4!1n t it and thei amn: ini
st :i a '. x whr the ha w has, been i re
.guhn byf i' mb.; oft j i/can , a wholce
sollie tear of the l:i wx is ;'b.eni l'i the
lhuni aii a miiiority cf thle people are
rutnig I oughisitod over llu he' ct.
The ilii dul ciininalI of th e da.
nol i lo e itsr the ext raim eiuni:;h-~
menillti foe-lyx il-tdl ceut fir (irimc.
nor1 ;een th- ligh :ientcc uof the
judi:2(. iiay Ii;e 1 en;rly ai.wriihed tis
r in: *.n elii m a a he I criimi
inally ine cild lhat iiuni hmien;t wxill bei
light. I1is tru lthat these have thlei r
a . o t: refuvsai of' juiiie: to
ccin'ic ;ea ii : beccessful Iavo'ccdan ce
of' liu)n5hinent aft er selltibnces have'c
ie in cpa..'d liave hil nireat wcighit in
crc:: nn Ct e ll 1htr idea that the lawxx
is ..raxving iniffective in ineting (out
me~hn nit. TIhe mob is ~gentera'lly
complI1(ede ill pail. iint gets; its strengthi
fr'omi thlese men wxhio fcear that full
1)01nishmnenit wiil n rot ice meited (lit.
Tlo conlvince the publIc anid the mob11
thait the law is to be supriiemhe as wecll
as; .ist. it tio goal to be~ rec~eid. Fair
ials, sterni dul-y 1.3 pon101 the Pat. of
flIab andl jul >s, fearless
0ieof thle sanrincries andi a de
-.... - -1 hat the 'laxw xwill be miade
Vi'i .~;i!~,t w'ill ge tar toward'e
''cr Tom ii.. of' nl orm liity.ii
.iek n, o f I ''ur' nts, C in cu i
\ j \ ' :1 )oweclI, of Gr'eenwxvc
'i I' r*i frind, Mlin'es .anle
x:1 iuh :::cl t' Ilarn that she
'!.. an :.1ir:. WV. II. Dacven'port
I ". . s'ri'xca (it ltCC(dy OIri
Figures by Counties as Census Indl
entes. Some Counties Low.
Washington, Aug. 2.-The follow- 11
ing statement shows the percentage of
illiteracy in the cuunties of South
Carolina, according to the returns of
the 14th census. whicAi was taken in
January, 1920. An Illiterate, as de- h,
fined in the census, is a person ten rt
years of age or over w-ho Is un'a.ble to
write either in El'nglish or any other k
language. The percentages are based 01
upon the-- total population ten years of ti
age .nd over or the total native white,
or total negro, as the case may be. The
total for tihe state is IS.] per Cent. .
Among the whites it is 6.5 per cent;
among the negroes 29.3 per cent.
Total White Negro $
Abbeville .... ... t 1 5.2 21.
Aien .. .. .. .. ..12..9
Alle iale .. .. . . 32.-l 1.1 -."
Aindcron .... .. ..12.S 7. 2:. 1
ailiberg .... .. .. .5 1.N 2.2
I3i n el .. .. .. ..23.8 3 .
lc-aufort . . .. . .27..-.
Berkeley .. .8.4 9. 1 .1..
Calhoun........ 19.5 1. 28.2
'harl .esto .. .. .... .5 26.6
Cherokee .......17.3 11.1 :1.
Chester ..3.. 5.4 37.6
Chesterfleld . 9... . 3. 2N.
(larendon ..2..5...19.5.
Colleton. ........25.6 7. 38.7
I)arlington ......19.2 9.9 26..1
Dillon .. . ... .22.3 10.9 :3.1
orcliester ..... .20.3 8.5 32.6 t
Edgclleld .... 0. 1.6 29.0 C
Fairfield -. .......2.1.1) 2.9 32.0
Florence ........17.8 7.1 30.9
(Georgetown ......39.7 7.6 40.7
(Ireeiv ille .. .. I .3 23.7
ireenwood ..6......3 4.7 2
llaipton .. .. .. .20. .5 3
Illcrry... ..1.5 11.9 :1..1.3 t
.asper .........3:.0 6.1 43.5
Ker'Ahaw.16.0 6.2 23.2
Lancaster ...... 1.8 8.1 29.4
Ilarens.. .... ..19.7 5.3 38.C
... .. .........25. .8
l'Xrinmg ton ..5 ..0 28.2
.AeCormick ......20.1 2. 29.2
alaion ... . ..22.5 7.2 35.4
\,arlHoro ....... .0 10.5 23
Newberry .......19.5 .3 0.2
Oconee ..1......2.5 9.0 25.2
orangeburg .. ....1'8.0 :1.7 25.7
Pickens ........10.7 7.2 27.2
Iichlandl .. ..13.7 25.1
Saluda........ ..16.7 1.9 2S.0
F..at tanburg .... ..13.7 8.2 27.1
suntr .. .... ..1(.-1 2.7 22
U'nion ........ .: .2 28.2
\\liinwoimbrgh .21.7 5.3 10.3
York1 5. 1. 1.2
.1Aug. 29.- event of
:101(11 imo-11A andl iuleasumi to ti . par
I i' -itits *w Iie; imit of tow (arroht re
* Il w~ic 110 it th1 hom lof Mr.
1 . -. ;. 'I II II~ 7.81 1 .1
S. M . G t of :th' c A i t. 5.ere
W0iT 01: 1 111 i- : fl 3h .- en
I I Ii 1.51121 ..1hIy
I II .1IA I .lI ' 1 1. 3l, .(f 0 ll
Alv.a d l ~ 8 A. il l'I13.3 28.
((li. vlhll:... lin li -. 1 2l' .>.7N
:5: race(i~vnn hs h!O . t 2(it
.Rie 1111 \Ii'. 1 m C rr we1. l(1 2.0
vistos f ArsLak ndM.9 32.0
7.1 0.9.
Al r .~l !'5ie 1111 f .ly of 40.7 tc'is
:7' P v dys ~sttwek ~ltl hi
lll'Ot, tiU.~ilf .lr. a' fi. 3.
Mr..Ih~1:1!11 hn iiiiy4.t 26.9
(:r~xt ~51'a ar theiime orAll.WaI
3.5 31.5
at- 0 t agood 6l.w 43.i a
PItts Reunion
There wdifl be a P4tt.s reunion at the
Die of N1r. W. H. Pitts near Friend
ulp church on September 3rd. All
indred and friends have a special in
tation to cone and bring Aicnic din
Mrs. 11. HI. Traynham.
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have an un.
iaithy coikr. which Indicates poor blood, and as a
Lie, there is more or I 4ss stomach disturbance.
rly for two or three weeks.will enrich the blood.
aprove the digcstlon, and act as a general Strength.
ling Tonic to the whole system. Nature will then
row off or dispel the worms, and theChild willbe
perfect health. Pleasant to take. 60c per bottle.
$ *$ $
For 1414--11One 'ord totilting (arl in
0od (o1dition for -$2.,0. Also one
mrl two liorie Iw.agon, . x5%. 2ewis
udeison. 7-21
Ior Sal(--ioosehold goods, Incind
1g beds, I urealts, etc. Apply at 557
(1auofo't street, near Glass Works.
7-1 t-pd
1.051---On the night of August 24),
niiewliere between Ua11ttrens anti 1l
M. ole gold necklace in green case.
ilider pletse retrinI to .1. .\l. ('ox
n1iOn, S. C., and receive rewardl.
an tet ---To rent one good n pright
lano, mahogany ease. Will take pro
(r ('nr(- of it a(! keel) it in lti e.
hone 135. 7-it-c
Stolen-----Aboult two weeks ago three
)11s of G-inch galvanized barbed wire
n iwire spools. Iteward for informa
ol concerning saine. J. L. Baldwin,
ray ('our't IRoute . 7-It-pd
For Sile-Second hand sebool hooks
%)m h to 10t1 grade. Good condi
4n. lialf price. )r. If. W. Lewis,
.(a"deiy street. 7-it-pd
I1osht-Crocheted bag. eern thread,
reen satin lining, containing about
1ree (101I biIIs and $1.25 In change.
adlock key, handkerchiefs. Lost he
ween Mrs. .1. 0. C. Fleming's farm
nl town. Finder Please retICuri to Ad
ert.iser office, aid receive reward.
Vo' lent--Three rooms, down
lairs, all convenIences. 41.1 S. liar
er street. 7-I t-pd
Wantei-1o buy. sC Cotton and
eel cattle. J W. Hefderson, .Jr.
For Rent-Nice store room on West
lain street, opposite postollice. See
)r. 'W. I. Dial. 7-2t-pd
i1ut ed ---liddl e aged (coloredl wo
u1an-1 withoti children as cook for
anily of two. Good one room i house
o live in and will pay good wages.
lay pick cotton illorniings and ft(er
loonls, for ,w 'hWill pay vash. .1. if.
ari n.Gray Cout t, S. c. i-!-p
Set d---A brIzzi Rye, sd oats, (Co
ina grown;1: ba giiig anrd ties. It. It.
)w $.r- v Court-, q. ('. G.0
. 1,usi lniil ,All wh-Io ex e . to bv
n1 mly 1nutsie cas this witer see mwe
ir 'all No. I Ibeforev Sept. 5thl. I he
Iin leachintg the 12th. Irances Kll
ldy. (6-2t-tId
F'or 2'hi-.- Two office.; on the 1i f ar.
auilreur rus Co. :.-..t
:i rm For Sitle----I 1: acres, 7-room
(b Il Ing, .-.:od I:t an I ,d tenant I I hoise;
ile () of c( 1 ity, IearI, I thu re(h, high
h '11d h .w. Cii o :wh or n (asy
*avmenh'l.. 1,110her1 \\'am:on, ,L. \\'ilkes
lim Repabir. l'arts- Li,11! an w d te
or all1 1mako cars.. C!!y \'ulcanlzing
;tationl. .51 - (f
Nolice- -I ave ariran 1ed to be in
114ano need ting~i; leave order wvith
.M. A IX. If. \\iik~es & C'o.' 0. M.
'ully. I'!anio lTnm-r 25-tI
1'' 'i iN.\ IM.TT(41 I~f: i IT (4
'44t41b i.-, 1 1 1\.1 I' will4 r(I:.ier a : n!
4)nt' to 4)f th Is ite ofi1 (.4.1\\ '.A.
It 4in 4 d (--a et4 li th fll l ice of I: in
I 44 ' lo k. I .mit l on i e w n
re ~len thtio rbeo, :ild.e
ily pre 4: ;-4 he' formr) barred.
I. 1.,1 1.|. .':
The Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
Do You Want
a Job?
if you~ are ~ut of em
ployment r would
like to mal dhange,,
Employment Agency
Greenwnne S. C.
Just As Good For Calluses. Money
Back If It Falls
'Thirty seconds after you touch the
corn with this liquid cori remover the
Jabbing stabbing pain of it stops, for
all time.
c1 NS
Simp!o As A, B. C.
No corn, hard or soft, is too old or
too dee)ly rooted to re.sist "Gets-It".
Immediately it dries and shrivels, the
edges loosen from the true flesh and
soon you van peel it right off with
your lingers as painlessly as you trim
your nails.
Don't coddle corn pests. Don't nurse
and pamper them. Don't cut and trim
them. RIEMOWIP) them with "G0'YTS
IT". Costs a trifle at any drug store.
Mfd. by 10. Lawrence & Co., Chicago.
Sold in Laurens by Laurens Drug
Co., Putnams Drug Store.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
!riggsts refund money I, PAZO OINTMENT fo..
-.,cu-o Iteh~ng, D3ind. Bleetling or P'rotruding Pie~
.:.:uty relleves Itchir.1i 'iles and you can g.
F1 ful :ken after the inst naplication. Prki OG
Cures Malaria, Chills and .Fever,
Bilious Fever, Colds and LaGrippe, or
money refunded.
C. C. Featherstone W. B. Knight
Attorneys at Law
Laurens, S. C.
All Rusiness Intrusted to Our Care
Will Have Prompt and CarefuI Atten
Offlee over Palmetto Hank
Mr. Featherstone will spend Wednds
day of each week in Laurens.
Dr. T. L. Timmerman
Laurens, South Carolina
Ollce in Peoples Bank Huilding
0. Langdon Long
EnterpriseNational Bank Building
All Leg~al Business Given
Prompt Attention
Simpson, Cooper & Babb
A~torneys ait Law.
Wil Prl'1.e( in all State Courts
t'rompt Alttenioni (lven All Bulsiness
Traynha* I lm lb lin mml
C. F. Kennedy'& Son
Motor Equipment
LAURENS, - - - S. C.
If you are troubled with pains'or
aches; feel tired; have headache,
indigestion, inzom ima; painful pas.
bge of urine, you Avill fed relef in
Theo world's 3 0ardard 'rr'oty for /Idnejy,
liver, bladder and uric a'cid troubles and -
National Retmrd!y cf Hfolland since 1695.
Three nizes all diruggistai. Guaranteed.
L~ook for tho name Colda cia 015 bo
Always On The Job
Good Mechanics and Fair Prices
on Any Kind of Automobile
Henry Count's Garage
Don't Neglect Your Tires
They Cost Lots of Monew
We Make All Styles of Repairs
All Work Guaranteed to Give
Satisfactory Service
Goodrich Tires Fisk Tires
City Vulcanizing Station
At City Filling Station
-, ICreful Men
Put you mone inorNtoa akadko
that t isabsoutel sae u alsaefr n
buga4ro an men wihmnyan hrce
stand beh~~~~indorNtoaak
Ou baki?n ftevs ytmo eea
Reev akhc tn toete fo h rtc
Teou oneyprise National Bank dko
tha it iL abPrueysfen. valt arER Caireran
burgla pLEAF andERS..... ad hace
gladto AveyuVoetn seermus.

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