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** **e- -, 0 0 1
* Local and Personal meati.
Mr. iI. Nichols and family spent
Saturday in 'Newlberry.
Miss Orrah Lou Irby is visitin'g her
coulin, Miss .Reba Nance, in -Whitmire.
Misses ;Lucile and lunice White, of
.Walhalla, spent the week-end with
their sister, Mrs. 11. W. Gasque.
MIr. W. H. Miller, of Hartsville, has
been visiting his mother, Mar. Virginia
Miller, for several days.
Dr. and Mrs. R. E. 'hlughes have re
turned from a visit to relatives in
'Richtmond and other Virginiha places.
Mrs. Guy Brown and daughter, Mary,
of l0towalh, TeiI., spolt last. week in
the ctty with Mr. and Mrs. . 1. Boyd.
.Mr. J. iW. lloyd of Spartanurg ,
spent last. ,veek in the city with Mr.
and lis. D. It. Boyd.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ilerindon and liss
.1fizabeth lerndon, of Greenville, have
been visiting Dr. and Mrs. Clifton
-Miss Kate Padgett will arrive today
to have charge of the millinery depart
ment of Minter Company.
Mr. T. C. -Switzer has returned from
the northern markets 'where he has
been buying fall goods.
Mlr. and Mrs. Grover C. Richey, of
Columbia, spent the 'week-end in the
city with their parents, MNi'. and Mrs.
W. R. Richey.
Mirs. G. B. Green and children, of An
derson, have been visiting Mrs. Green's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. 13. C. Crisp, for
several days.
Rev. and Mrs. C. F. Rankin ipassed
through the city Monday on their way
from Montreat to their home at Farm
ville, Va.
-irs. J. Mfoore Mars and little daugh
ter, Irene, and Mirs. W. Joel Smith,
of Abbeville, are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. 1. H. Wilkes.
Col. and Mrs. 'H. Y. Simpson and
.John Wilkes motored to Montreat Sat
urday and spent the week-end, i'etut'n
ing home Monday afternoon. .
Miss lhula Dial leaves F'riday for
Statesville, N. C., where she will teach
in the conmnercial department of the
schools of that city this year.
Mrs. J. I). 'Logan and daughter, 11ss
Sarah iLogan. of Cartersvilte, Ga., an1d
Mi's. 1111le Y. 'Neal, of Roanioke, Va.,
arc vlsithing Mir, and .\t's. C. W. Tune.
i'r. W. J. Langston, of Gtecnvilie,
spent Saturday and Sunday in this
city and Madden with relatives atnd
Mr. Thos P. 'Byrd, of Ora, who has
been confilned to his home fot a num1
her of ilontis oil account of sickness,
was a visitor in t'he city yesterday.
Mr'. and .\rs. J '. Keninedy and
children. of Willistot. are visitinig Mrs.
Kenlnedy's parenits. Mir. and .I\'s. I. E.
Barnett, on 'East .Mlain street.
Miss (Irace .Ilolten has returred to
her home jn ilta, N. C., after' visit
Ing .\iss Elizaleth .\oseley for seveial
i. 1L. Kennerly. of the state Ilpart
ment of agiculiturte, was a business
visitor in the c ity N\onlday and Tues
.\ '. I. I'. .AlinOter' teltrned the f1rtt
of the hv eek from Ne York whlere he
has been'i to ipurch'lase fall goods for'
MAintir C'ompany.
M.\ t. 0. Ihtrli n, of at' d iilon itacket,
has returnt'edl fiomt laitimore0 where'~
he hats heetn buyinig goods for the Lati
rent1 s stoies ofi ithe Redcc I ron Itacket
.\t's. .\ati' Swain, the leen
stetnogiapher' t'oi' it I ihey, & it i('hey, suf
fot'ed ai sl iglht sit'okei of faela 1 paralysis
last week anitd her' ma ny friends w ishI
fot' hter' a e;peedy re'(cov ery. -
Dr. .J. Ii. Ti'ague went utp to Gr'een
v'ill .\ londay to consulIt a thrtoat. spe
cialist and from thier'e will go to t he
mtounttainis of Noutht Carolina for a
vac'atio and rf1 est.
The ftilends~ 0f .\lr. and NIt's. S. iR.
D)orrohi will lie glad to k now that t hey
x pect, to tel trn to Laurenils fiotm
War'e Sheais. Mir. IDoi'roht expects1 to
take char tge of t he leing dairy.
.\ir. and .\t's l'utgene A. i'owei' left
Fridany fot' Co1hiunbila to spenud severatl
days before goin g to ivn viille, Ky.,
wheie \ili. Power is a professor in Ithe
K(enttucky M'ltary Academiy, anid .\it's.
Power' ia libraiani.
Dru. WV. F. Thtayer,. pastor of the irt.t
Ilapt ist church''l of Sumt-er aind fortmerly
pastor' of the First lHapitist churchel of
this ecity, will autrrive in Lautrens ne(xt
w~eek to rt:end several days vhslt ing his
01(1 fiends andu ac'quaintanes.
Mr.' and .\t's. Rt. C. Gray have re
tuiedi ' the city from Oantonia, N.
C., wher i'. (;ray andl .r Earl Wil
son are in the ice cream mnuifac tir
ing buitnicas. They rxvill remain her'e
ttIl the seasonl opens aigain nexit
M~aster' James Ir'hy and sister's, Miss
en C'lauica anid R~osle, have retutrnedl
fromt a vi;it to I t'it ncle, Nir. .imn
Isrby, at th Itsrtat e fai'm near Camden.
On their return they stopped at 'Columit
ibia and spent awkile with their aunt,
(Mrs. A. J, Mobley.
C'ard of TIhanimks
We wlah to thank our neighbors and
friends tot' their thioughtfulness and
loving sympathy in the death of our
dear lIttle girl, IElizabeth.
.Mr, and Mrs, Carl Urmlett,
*. * * * * * * * *.* . .
* * * * * * * * . * * *
Lanford, Aug. 29.-The ladies of tlt
Rural School IniProvement Associa
tion met last Friday afternoon. They
varied their literary program 'with a
guessing game or a contest to Ans-wer
tenl stated questions in ten minutes.
Those answering all the questions cor
rectly were Mrs. Laurens Patterson
and Miss Carrye Lou ll'iggins, who re
ceved a haidi(ome tea strainer as a
prize.. Delicious refreshinments Were
served, cisisting of pound cake and
marshmjaiilow cake and pincapple and
lemon sherbert. Those serving were
MIrs. T. A. Drummond, Mirs. Walter
Pini'ice alld Mrs. J. W. Johnson. ,
Mrs. C. 1). Cox, Mrs. T. M. Burnette
Misses Vivian ,and Melile Burnette anl
Margaret 'Drummond attenled the an
nt1ial Ieeting of the Womianl's Ml5sion
ary Union at G ray Court last Thursday.
It was a great and gloriotis meeting1
fill of zeal and iispiratioi. The workt
of all the organizations showed signs
of developimuent. 'Mission study was
especially stressed iby Mrs. T. N. arks
dale and the demonstration of the
Friendship Mission Study class led by
Miss Sara Lou 'Hobo, nyas especially
interesting. Mrs. it. J. Frizer was at
her best in he-r remarks.on steward
s'hip. The other good talks, good
muise, good 'dinner, etc., made it an
occ-asion for G ray Court to be iproud of
and all the delegates and guests appre
ciated the un'bounded hospitality and
Tho protracted meeting began at
the Baptist church Sunday mornin6.
The membership at large is delighted
that pastor J. W. Watts is going to do
all the preaching. It will be a rare
treat to hear all the good sermons lie
has in store for ui. 'lverybody is
urged to attend these services.
The 'Patterson reunion was -well at
tended here last ThursLay by a large
number of relatives and frienls of the
Miss Lillie Wolff, of Anderson, Is
visiting her cousin, Miss Rothwell Pat
Mr.. and .\irs. Marion lryson, of Ow
ings, and Mrs. Alvin Cox and Misses
Valley and Mat tie Helle Cox, of Friend
ship, were guests3 of Mlr. and Mrs. Clar
once Garrett last Sunday.
Miss Virginia Drummond, of Wood
ruff, spent the week-elld with Miss
Carrye Lou I'lik.gins.
MNir. nd 1l rs. Iarry Langston, and
Mrs. ieid, of Cross Anchor, were vlsi
tots Of Mr. 4j. M. Cannoi aiid family
aml attended services Sunday after
The! children aid grandlchi1dren of
1 rs. Mary JAn1 Parsoni twill celebrate
her hithUday next Tuesday, Augus-t :30,
whth a big lienic.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
*It. Y. P. 1'. (Counvenuiion Programu *
* * * * * * * * * * ,. * * 4
Prga for tile second annuaiii l . Y.
I'. 1 . Conv~ention to be held1 at First
I a lit Chu'ntrch, Lau11renis, Septembler
I:'.0 --(),en'ing, C'hor'i ster in cha zrge.
WV lcome- Mr is. Rosa amtilett, I aui
I tI's ionse --Miss Evlel yne CulIheit son.
I 'tilDotionl
Mr t. ltobt. C'aiin, Chestnut lRidge.
Alias. hAnti .latin. .lt. laher
.ilr (. a l ari , ro s 1 1.
1;. I ee,(hester.
AAdls--M.J (~'I,,i MeaggotiSp.H
'V. P'. I'. of South ('arolhli.
"Whuat is All A-i t''nion?"'--,\iss Sarah
lau 'iiobt~o, Friendiship.
"Whyi~ lvery3 15. Y1. P. lV. Should lRead
hli s Cihlde a'vl leend ItI )aily.''
D olpus 'ltobertson, Warriior'
'NShloul d the ii. Y. 'P. UI. Accept the
Ti the as the Minilmum?''-M r. S.
('. IainibrellI, I Ia rmony.
"I 1ow Should We Transfer the H. Y.
P'. 11. Into Church ,Work?"-Mlss
Kate WVolford, New 'Prospect,
Rieports of Offcers.
IElectioni of Olleers.
Special Music-Cliniton -Quartet.
D ismfissal-'Prayer.
TJhie above meeting egins ;itrom ptly
at 10: 30 o'clock and1 all Ilaptist young
ipeole arie uriged to attend. Tlhose who
attend are requested to bring~ pient'
PresOi denit.
111C'TH MY'i'RS, Secretary.
Swliming Party
Misses Nancy and Katherine Meng
gave dI(elighi ii sw iining party fo:
abuJventy, girl friends at thle swim
ming ) I Mondlay afternoon. The af
tern . Waa gr'eatly enjoyed 'by all
Pres b
[0.8 Per Cent are Under 15 Years Old.
One.Third are lin the Primke of Life.
According to the Census of '1920
10.8 per con, or about two-fifths of
he people of the state of South Caro
ina are either infants or children
inder 15 years of age; 10.9 per cen4
tre young people 15 to 19 years old;
13.8 per cent, about one-third, are
nlen and women in the 1prime of life,
Ieing from 20 to 44 years old; while
14.4 per cent, being 45 years of a-ge and
)Yer, are ,well along in middle life if
hey have not reached old age.
The urban population as compared
v'ith the rural shows some rather
trilking diffeiences In age, the per
-entage 20 to 4. years of age being 13.2
)er cent for the uriin 'population as
-ompared-wIth 31.8 per cent for the ru
-al, while the percentage nider 15
rears of age Is 30.2 per cent in the
irban ipopulation as against -13.1 in
lie rural. These differences may indi
,ate larger families of children in the
-ountry than in the city, but probably
ndicate also the fact that country
-hildren as they growt up have la ten
lency to flock to the cities, thereby in
,reasing the active adult population of
he cities at the expense of the rural
Over two-fifths of the population,
[6.3 per cent, are old enough to vote,
)eing 21 or over; and in this class
lie men and -women are practically
qual in numbers. The males of mil.
ary or fighting age, IS to 41, consti
ute 36.5 per cent of the male popula
ion and 18.2 per cent of the total ,pop
To Cure a Cold in One Day
topa the Cough and Headache and works off the
;.W E. W. ROVE'S signature on each box. 30c.
To City School Patrons
The next sessions of the Laiurenn
Jity Schools will begin at 8:45 A. M.
)n Monday, September 5.
Pupils are expected to report
)romptly, supplied -with text-books.
look lists may be obtained at the Lau
'ens Drug Store or lowe's DIrug
3tore. Pupils will not be assigned
eats unless they ' hold 'promot ion
ards or admission cards signed by
lie Superintendent. This does not ap
ly to children Nwho are entering school
or the illrst time.
A child whose sixth birthday doe.,
lot come before November 1st will
lot be admitted.
No child can he admitted to the
ublic schools who has not been suc
:essful ly vaccinated within the last
ivo years. Parents slioild see that
heir children are vaccinated befcee-o
chool opens.
All children between the ages of 7
ild 1.1 years slh< id be reg iste'red il
le Su'ieriIteI ent'; oflice before
ehool opens.
i'upils who h:l'W to makal0e up die
e !encie (conditioned Ipils) shloiuld
'oport at the re'hool buildint. on M1 on
lay, August 29th, praifl redi to s;tanaid
he examinations.
If. W. (;ASQI',
-2t, Sipera'intemcent.
Take notice that on the 5t1 day of
3etober. 1921, 1 willI re'ndetr a final a
tountt of mliy nits ant (doigs as Guard
an of thme est'ate of W.Villiaam A. ia-h[, In
lie office of thle .Jilage of IProbat e of
Laurens county, at 1l o'-elock, A. .\1
All personis ha vi g c'ilams aga inst
alid estate~ will lpresient theni oni or
itftore saitd da t, (duly, pr oveni, or be
or'ever' barred..
0. ('. 'l 10.\PSON.
IProbaite Jlul'.
Take nottice thatt on thle :[lst dayI of
August, I192 I, I will' aender a Ii nalI ac
rounit of amy acts ando d~o igs as Adin -
str'atr'ix oif the estate of .1. A. O)wman
Icceasedl, ini the ofli cc of Ithe Jlu ' e of
P'robate of Laiuraens ciunt y, at I I
)'clock, a. mn., and onii~ lie samae da
vill apply for a linial dist'harge fa o
uy trust as Admninisatrat rix.
Any person indebtlded to sai LI at e
sanotlified and reqir led to nake pay
nent on thaat date; amti all Ic;on
mnving ('lal i -a ainst said est ate w~ili
luzly pr'oven' or be fore'ver barred.il
July 27, 1921. '.23:.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Puarifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigoratinag ef1'ect, see how
It brings color to the cheeks and how
It impiroves the appetite, you will then
appreciato its true tonic value.
Grovc's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
[ron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant oven children like it. The b)lood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to'
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Gr'ip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Noflee of Hondt Sale
Th'le triastees of Younmgs Schaool
D~istrict No. 7, of Ilaaurenis coun ty, lie
state of South Carolina, will sell at
]he ofli cos of Simanpson, Cooper & I abb,
bau renas, S. C,, on the 3rid tday of S ep
tembher, I1921 , at thle hour' of IC0 o'clock
in thle fore noon, coiupon1Is bndsa of said
mchool dIstrict In the sumn of iFour
1'hoiand 7( Two ilundrid ti Dllarms
Vears after dlate thereof, beaing~ hi
cre'st ait six peri cent pci' arnumif, .':iy
tIe somi-annuaally, to the h'ieet
idder, for cash. Sealed hbid will be
received up to the time of the sale, All
idders will bo reluliredl to deonit'
- The
r;;;;;; - this.
-1'---; ditior
- rock
With our new lowered prices, you are o
100 per cent. values. Anticipating the
our slashing of prices you cannot g<
Just visit 6ur store and see what splend
plete suites and odd pieces for the homi
you will see just what you have alwa
justified in paying.
In Your Living Room
This Davenport Suite
A mighty big value, this is one of the fir
Suites we have in stock. The Davenport
a comfortable bed. Having this set in
you will always have an extra bedroom*
is of the best spring construction, cover
erette and comes in dark mahogany fini
A Substantial A Libi
Washstand of Seh
For the odd bedroom
this is just the thing. A
well built, substantial
Oak wash stand, has -
towel rack, one large
drawer and cupboard,for
Here is a
you will be
_ roomy and
chair, rocke
are covered
crate price
S. M. & E. HA
a k in t su m of(jIII i One 'llund t lit
a ($I(10.1u1 to rNdiruute p ri
LCrepted, ) Le -is ofl unsc'Ice(-sful
ftflte close orfit sail. 'Te trus
Loes- resierve th!e r'lgiht to refect any
ndu all bids. S'caledt bids- shuouhll le adl
iressedl to the Chirmaniu:~i of t he' loard
IC Trustee4 Cs. carit Shup n . Cil oopero &
Itnbb, Attorneys, I,aur ens, S. (C., and
p lainly maorked "IHids' for Shuotol T
J. II. Al I hR R .\HE
h~luin lbtol f i '~ee. i n~f Laurei
6---- -- class in pi
WANTEDme befor
By Young Lady Stenog- Bs
raphek- With Experience. Bs
WRi start for $12.50 per rnso
week to prove ability and ____
to make an honest living. -
Box 639
Greenwood, S. C. _______
ck Bottom Prices
)od Furniture
buying public has been waiting for
Instead of making reductions as con
is warrant, we have slashed prices to
>ottom, taking our loss now rather
do so later on.
nce more assured that you are getting
future market, we can saythat with
> wrong by purchasing furniture now.
id values we can now offer you. Com
i are here in great assemble, no doubt
ys longed for, at a price you are now
Table and Chair
181 Combination
'92 Another example of our
mighty values, a Colo
est Living nial style table of golden
opens into Oak, and four chairs to
your home match at $42.QO. They
The suite are of durable construc
?d in leath- tion, and at our price
sh- make an excellent buy,
rary Suite $950
cted Oak $2
three-piece Library suite with which
well pleased. The pieces are large,
:omfortable. The suite consists of a
r and settee, finished in fumed, seats
in a good grade leather. At the mod
you should have this set.
to inform the public that I will be
as on September 6 to organize a
"'ho desire to communicate with
ei that date may telephone Mrs.
of referenccs wvili be furnished pa
rospective pupils by request.
Greenville. S. C.

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