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Son and His Coach
in a few weeks tens of thousands
of yXarcats in all parts of the country
'will enter their sons in college for the
appnroaching session. They unques
tionably expect, have a right to expect,
that these boys will 'be subjected by
the university authorities to sane, cle
vating Iniluences. And so far as con
cerns the character of the men under
'whom they must work in the class
iooms, this ex)ectation will not be dis
appointed. The teaching staffs of the
American un'"ersities, with rare ex
ceptions, consist of men and women
of high standards and correct ideals.
Less universally can this be said of
the coaches who aro placed in charge
of the athletic teans. Some, indeed
'many, behave themselves as conforms
with university duty. Others are en
'4irely unsuited for the task of train
ing impressionable youths of the col
lego age. Yet the influence of the
athletic coach upon the mind and
ideals of those under his charge is far
greater than that -gained through
classroom instructor.
So ,tronltous has become intercol
legiate athletic competition that, in
the desire to win, the larger aspect
of moral training Is often lost sight
of. If a coach oan 'be secured who is
cenb 1)1of turning out successful
New Preparation Known as
Williams Superior Skin
Whitener-Will Clear up Your
Skin, Keep It Soft And Fair.
Will Positively Remove Tan
Freckles in 7 Days. li It Falls
Your Money Will Be
This preparattonl is a new scientifli
discovery guaranteed not to harm th
most delicate skin. Williams Super
ior Skin Whitener is the only prerlara
tion of its kind on the market. It I
quiclk -and delightfuml in its effects an
wIll not harm the *most (lelicate skh
He sure to specify Williams Supei
ior .Skin WiItener. You can secu
the geniiine Williams Superior Ski
\h1ifteneri at Laurens Drug Co.
Torpid M
"Black-Draught is, in
my opinion, the best liver
medicine on the market,"'
.states Mrs. R. H. \Vhite-.
Sside, of Keota, Okia. She iM3
continues: "I had a pain :1
in my chest after eating
tght, uncomfortable feel
ng-and this was very
* isagreeable and brought
on headache. I was con
stipated and knew it was
lie.Ibegan the use of*
IbWBlack-Draught, night and
morning, and it sure is
gves relief." il
For over seventy years
* this purely vegetable '
oreparation has been
* found beneficial by thou
* sands of persons suffer
* ing from effects of a tor
pid, or slow-acting liver. GM
Indigestion, biliousness, M'
4colic, coated tongue, diz
f ziness, constipation, bit
Ster taste, sleeplessness,
*lack of energy, pain in F
back, puiffiness under the
ey es-any orall of these
symptoms often indicate
that there Is something
the matter with your
Siver. You can't be too
careful about the medi- '
cine you take. Be sure
that the 'name, "Thed
ford's Black-Draught," is
WMon the package. At all
Accept Only
the Genuline.
teams, the methods he pursues are
only too often overlooked. The parent
does not often make very careful in
vestigation as to the coaches und'er
whom bis son iwould have to serve.
,What if he did? If he discovered that
they instructed their charges in un
derhand tricks, if they 'insisted that
it was legitimate to break the rules
provided .the umpire was deceived, if
they countenanced Billingsgate, in a
word, if their influence tended to de
grade rather than to elevate, he might
well transfer the boy to some other
institution. ,
By so doing, the parents not only
would protect his own son, but he
would do much to protect other
young men as 'well, for when it is
known that the methods of certain
coaches are driving good material to
rival colleges their services 'will no
longer :be in demand.--New York Sun.
To College Now-Or Laterl
The college years for young men and
women are from 17 to 22. The excep
tions are numerous; many a precocious
youth graduates at 19 or 20 and many
lanother, lacking the means to ente(r
college early, must finish his couirse at.
a greater age. The average is prepared
at 17 or IS and is -graduated in four
yea rs.
The young man who must Iostpone
the completion of his college course
until Ie is '21 or 25 loses . year or
two from his life's work.'
Thus the young man or oinan who
is to have an education and is capable
of taking it and is kept out of college
one or more of the usual college years
is subjected to a grievous penalty. The
19th year of the college student is, for
college purposes, worth twice as much
as the 2-ith year. The 24th year should
be devoted to reaping the harvest from
the work done in the 19th or 20th. Be
sides, the youth is 'better fitted than
the adult to perform the tasks of col
loge. 'I'he youth is the better learner,
'as a rule. If the nind of a youth o0f
19 rests a year, that rest is likely to in
volve a degree of mental stagnation
and loss of vigor. To these things edu
cators universally agree. None would
say that entrance to colloge can 'bc
postponed until the student is 20 or 21
o iwithout entailing a severe loss to him
' The colleges of South Carolina, foi
men and women, -will reopen -withir
s the next six weeks and there is de
1I pression over the land. There are som4
parents who, having long cherished thi
e purpose to send their son or daughte
a to college, will find it impossible to I
so and to those one may say nothing
- They are .perhaps not a large numbei
Advice can not help them.
Another class, not abandoning th
purpose to give their children a col
loge edlucation, will be sorely tempi
ed to postpone entering them anothe
year in the hope that "times 'will 1
better." They should not yield to th
telptat ion. They should have in min
that they can not deprive their daugli
ter or son noiv of college age of a col
lege year at this time without, in th
end, malcing the cost doule to then
T'he 'parent may save -by 'postponelen
b ut there will he no saving in the Ion
run. The sacrifice, severe though
Uhe to the plarent, iwill merely be shifl
(ed to the younger shoulders to he er
duired in the after years.
If a youth is to be sent to colleg
at. all, scarcely any sacrifice may lj
thought of that is too great to make
ordler to senld 'him at the right 'tim
11.t .wouild 'he economy to horrow mnone
at a high rate of inteorest or to se
property at a low price in ordler
av'>id dleferring the b~oy's or the girl
eductation-it is thrift and foresight.
utilize the year for the student that1
most useful to him though the cost<
thiat year seem excessive and onoerom
To these trutht s The State dlirec1
attention, beccaulse to thlousandls <
tparents t'he (Iiestionl of edlucatiin
thlir m children wvill wveigh seriously be
fore the new college year 'lbegins. Th'1
State advises and The State urigi
the1m that, whenever they are in doul
of wvhat they can or of 'what th(
should do, they give tihe benefit of ti
dloubt to the daughter or' the sonl.
F~duicat ion of the young man or wve
man Is of far greater impilort than mn.
terial prosperity or property intiere;
Is to any main or woman of iddllle ag
-T'he State.
Colds Cause Orip and Influenza
::auoe. There is only e "Bdomo Quinine
8. W. GROVE'S signaturoeon box. 80c.
O Ctation for Le'tters of Adminuiitraii
State of South Carolina,
(County of i'Lures.
Ily 0. (1. Thompson, 'Probate Judlg
'Vm'hereas Mr us. ,ALaura 13. Flemiri
t made suit to mnf to giant her' Lette
Sof Admnitr ti on of t.he I'ttate al
4 (effec ts of C. p). Blarksdal.
SI TIhose ar 4 .trfiire,~io cite and a
1101 monish all arnd singular~ the K idr<
Sand C reditoi' of t he said C. ii). Blark
(1dale deceased, thait they be anld a
1)11 l)aCbforeO 111, In thle Court of Pr
*bate, to be4 hieldl at -Lauriens Cou
Ilouse15, Lauren~fs, .S. C., oin the 15th d
of Septenmbeir, 1921 next, after 1mib
catlion liere'of, at 1i o'clock in t
forenoon, 'to sho0w cause, if any th
have. yg)hy the sa)idi )Adminlstrati(
Given rlnder my hand this 3'ist d
should not be grantad.
of Augtlst, Atmno Vomilni i1921.
8..2..A &, P. Li.
- York, Aug. . 28.-4When -a large
smoothing iron wlolded by the strong
arm of his irate wife and the skuli
of John Kelly, negro, came into co*,
lision the other night, it was 'the iron
and not John's cranium th'at was dam
ageU. True, John was temporarily' put
hors du combat, bitt his skull 'was so
unyielding -that the .weapon Iwas crack
ed by the inpiact and 'he can now boast
that he is the man who put the sad
in the saldiron.
The whys and 'wherefores of the
row and concomItant domestic infe
licitIes were aired before Judge
Fred C. Black yesterday, it developing
that Josephine Kelly, John's Iwife, is
determined to abandon the role of
clinging Vile 'and essay that of an up
standing oak.
"Dat ol' igger's too lazy to go wid
me to night preachin', andl he don't
'low me to have no escort coming
back,," she declared. "Last night lie
tuk and rised a row iwid me as Ah got
home. Ah took and struck him on de
head wid my smoothin' iron an' dat
nigger's head wiuz so hard dat it
cracked my iron right in de middle.
Ah's 'cided to stan' up for my rights
at las', for wimmens kin vote now and
is good as iens, dey is."
John had brought the char'ge of as
sault and ioattery against his wife, but
as it ippeared thatl he was only tem
porarily hurt, whereas the iron was
.permanently damaged lie got out with
the costs of the ease and a lecture by
lagistrate Black, which was shared
by his pugnacious half, that they dwell
in peace.
The Quinine That Does Not Affect
the Hcad
Because of its tonic and laxative ef
(Tablets) can he taken by anyone
.without causing nervousness or ring
ing In the head. E. WI. GROVE'S sig
nature on box. 30c.
Bath Robes
For School Boye.
New stock, new colors.
For t
Dresses, Cc
I. Dres:
Wool Dres:
e Ladies' Wool Tricot
Sbeautiful styles, han
Price $12.75, $11
$25 and $2'
Ladies' Coat
iNew fall styles i
Suedine, Tricotine, a
dy Cloth; black, navy
Price $25.00, $2
and $39.2d
Dress Lin<
Pure Linens for
- jumper dresses. C
helio, green, and ros
$1.00 the 'i
Pure Linen, yar<
white, yellow, green,
and blue.
:$1.50 the T
Gossard Corsets
The leader in front lac
corsets. Ask those whi
it wear a Gossard.
$3.50, $5.00 and
Take notice that on -the 17th day of
Septeinber, 1921. I will render a final
account of my acts and doing..as Ad
ministrator of the- estate of '1. F. rDe
Shields deceased, in the office of the
Judge of 'Probate'of Laurens county,
at 11 o'clock, a. m., and on the samt.
day will apply for a final discharge
from., my trust as Administrator.
Any .person indebted to said estate
is notified and required to make pay
ment on tliat date; and all persona
having claims agaist said estate will
present them on or before said date,
duly proven or be forever barred.
J. M. DeSHI lDiDS,
August 17, 1921. 5-5t-A
The Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
Stcrnch-Kidneya- Henri-Livec
Keep the vital srgns he:lthy by
rei;ularly taking the wcrid's
-rd remedy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uric acid troubles
The National Remedy of Holland for
centuries and andorsed by Quecn Wilhel.
mina. At all druggists, three sizev.
Look for tho name Gold Medal on overy Lox
and accept no imitationa
arly F
>ats, Coat Suits,
ses, Linens, Ribl
Bes Silk]1
ine Dresses, L adies' Silk ]
d embroid- new fall styles,
ton Crepe.
5, $18.50, brown.
1.50 Price $18.5
n Velours,
nd Norman- School Girk
and brown. S
9.75, $35 Full line o:
5 Middy Suits
Wear a Mar-H,
sPrice $10,
dresses andan
olors, blue,an
e; full yard Sl
Pard We are sho
line of Taffeta
Linen in plaids, strip
i wide, in sashes, camisol
pink, helio, hair bow ribbo
Price 50c,7V
ard and $
Wells C)
L aure
run our
n rn
Put your money in our National Bank and know
that it is absolutely safe. Our vaults are fire and
burglar proof and men with inoney and character
stand behind our National Bank.
Our bank is one of the vast system of Federal
Reserve Banks which stand together for the protec
tion of each other and their depositors.
We want. your banking business and shall be
glad to have you come to see us.
We add 4 per cent. interest.
Make OUR bank YOUF bank.
The Enterprise National Bank
N. B. DIAL, President C. H. ROPER, Cashier
1 e IWool Sweaters ll
'G y1 S New styles and
new colors.
$6.50, $7.50 and
krr1Va s s10.00
all Shopp-vers
Wool Middy Suits, Jumper
)ons, and Silk Hosiery
)resses Wool Jumper Dresses
)resses; beautiful Ladies' Wool Jumper Dresees
of Satin an and in striped wool Prundlla Cloth.
The dress for right now wear.
0, $25.00 and Price $6.50, $10.00, $12.75
! Serge Middy Ladiea' New Coats
uits New fall styles and new fabrics
r Mar-Hof Serge of Velour, Suedine, and Bolivia
for school girls. Cloth. Black, navy, reindeer
f Middy Suit. and brown.
$15, $18.50 Price $15, $25 and $35.00.
Ribbons Van Raalte
wing a beautiful Glove Silk Hosiery
and Satin Ribbons The hosiery for particular peo
es and fancies for ple; the hosiery that looks well
es and school girls'
ns. and wears well. Black, brown,
c. $1.00, $1.50 grey and white; plain and lace.
2.50 Yd. Price $3.50,$3.75 and $4.00
lardy 00 Try one; they are com.
' 0. fortable and no stays.
ns, SO ce "You'll Like It."

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