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To Cure n Cold In One Day
st~s th 5%I~h and Hleadache and works off t e'
S RO S signatur on each box. 30c.
Always 0
Good MechanicE
on Any Kind
Henry Cow
Turn Waste Grease
Red Devil L:
Save kitchen scraps, bones, bnc
and pan-grease. They arc wor
soap from them. 'It is easy with
Simple, casy directions, plainly printed
SWAP worth 80 cents to a dollar from cv(
The canful costs only a trifle-but the
buyl Your household wastc-fats are w
One Can Ma
Twenty Big Bars
Each can of Red Devil Lye is condense(
the grease you save into ten or more pot
all kinds of washing and cleansing. Red
mous strength that it is by far the bigf
Make soap with it once, and you will b
such an economy IHlome-miade soal)
glycerin and is free from the adulte
.common in factory made soaps.
Handiest sifter-top can keeps the
Lye at its full strength, ready for
waste. Your grocer sells Red Dc
for the striking Red Devil's lca
Ma.de By
Wmn. Schield \
Manufacturing Coa
St. Louis, Mo.
"A~fter Eve
All over the
use this goodsy
for its
benefits, as
well as .its
Keens teeth
cle.a, breath
sweet. throat
Sealed Xiuht -
Engraved Cards and Invitations.
'Looso L'eaf Ledgers, Etc.
Advertiser Printing Co.
The Job .i
and Fair Prices
of Automobile l
it's Garage S'
Into Real Money!
re Does It!I
OW ft
m-rinds, platc-scrapings b
th real n eoz y. Ma k $
Red Devil Lye.
)n each can, tell how to make
:ry canful of Red Devil Lye. 0
soap is better than you ca; (
)rtI big money. Use them 1 81
of Soap u
I porwer that will coivert
Inds of purest soap fit for
Devil Lye has such enor
"est value for the moncy. fo
glad you learned of .1
contains the natural
rants and fillcrs 6a i
finely-powdered .I
use without any
vil Lye. Look
d on the labelP
V aa
' o Countless 11
-- ~ - -- --- I)
- - aP~etite
- a
- - b
Woman BecoIes Wife and Widow In
Brief Time.
Atlanta, Aug. 29.-,Four hours after
Bhe 'became a :wife, 'Mrs. Otto Relhmi
was a 'widow When her husband died
about 1:30 o'clock Thursday morn
Ing after a fall at the Terminal Sta
The .bride was Miss Emma I. Ven
a1ble of 286 Gordon street. .Mr. Rehm
arrived In Atlanta from New York
about 6 o'clock Wednesday evening.
At 9:30 they were married by the Rev.
Richard Orme Flinn at North Avenue
Freabyterian Church, and atterwards
they Went to 'the 'bride's hone for a
,wedding supper.
About 12:30 o'clock they started to
their hotel, MI's. Riehm said, and twent
.by the Terminal Station that Mr. Rehm
might get a package he had lert there
when he arrived earlier in the evening.
le left 'her in the waiting room and
when he failed to return for half an
hour she was informed that lie had
fallea an( injured himself. lie died
without regaining consciousness be-p
fore an ambulance arrived. They were
to leave on their honeymoon ti l)
Thursday morning.'
The cause of .\r. Relm's death was
not determined. The only witness was
Claude Harper, a negro porter, of 1691
West Hunter street. 'llarper said he
saw Mr. Rehmn walli into the men's lav
atory at the station, aptarently normal,
lbvhen lie suddenly thlew l) his hands
and fell over back wards. A gash of
about an inch long in the back of his
head was caused by his fall to the floor
and the embalmer at 'Patterson's in
dertaking establishment to whuich the
body was taken, said the skull ap
peared to Ibe fractured. Whether
death was caused by a heart attack or
apoplexy or resulted from concussion
of the brain after a slight falting
spell caused him to fall will be Inves
tigated by Coronor. Paul Donchoo
Mr. Rchim's home was in l3rooklyn,
N. Y. Ile was !Pullman conductor oil
the New York-New Orleans Limited on
the Southern Railway and was widely
kinown to travelers 'between New York
and Atlanta, the extent of his run. lie
sipent much time in Atlanta, where ie
became acqualinted with Miss Venable.
le was 41 cars old and is survived
by his widow, his father and two sis
ters, who live in 1tirooklyni. Mrs.
Riehm said the body would he taken to
lrooklyn for internient, probably Fril
Take notice that on the 5th day of
October, 1921, 1 will render a linal ac
count of my acts and doings as Guard
ian of the est'ate of William A. labb, in
the oice. of the .Judge of Probate of
laureins county, at il o'clock, A. .\l.
All persons havinig caimns agaiist
said estate will present thtmi on or
heforie said (late, dilly proven, or he
forever barred.
0. G. 'l'ilO.\l PSON,
Probate Judge.
August 31, 1921. 1-;t--A
Prince Albert Is aet o
tidy red tins, hand- ta
some pound and hal
poiund din humidor.s mk
and In the pound
crystal EGas humi
der weith sponge N
Moistener top.
ing it
the gc
and kI
ortli CarolinIa's Production Valued
it $8,000,000.
Charlotte, 'N, C., Aug. 28.-North
arolina's production of mineral's dur
ig the year 1920 twas valued at more
'an $8,000,000, according to Informa
on given out todav at publicity 'head
Jarters here of tie .Made in Carolinas
xposition, based on compilations
trnlished 'by 'Dr. Joseph Hyde Pratt,
irector of the North Carolina Geologi
0I and 'Economic Survey. Dr. Pxatt,
ho is organizing with notable suc
%ss a 'great exhibit showing the di
3rhity and value of the natural re
)urces of the state, plans to nake
assible a .broad study of the state's
Lineral resources by eXposition visi
The production In mineral wealth
ir 1920 shows a tremendous increase
ver 1900, when the total value of
1c'h products was only $1,604,078. The
slres exceeded the $2,000,000 mark
wr the first tine in 1902 by just $3,000,
it drop;ped back in 1903 and 190.1 to
1,900,000. In1 1905, an Increase 'f
i00,000 was shown, and the total for
W06 showed another 'increase of $600,
10, the $3,000,000 mark being exceed
I by $7,000. A slight increase was
ila In 1907, but the following year
reduction of about $85,000 was
own, aiid the totals fluctuated around
'1 '2,850,000 total durIng the next
C years, the total of 1912 fallIng to
,51-4,000. An Increase of $1,300,000'
as shown 'by the total of $3,879,000
r $1913, rwith slight decreases being
iown for $1914 and 1915. The total
$1,746,000 for 1916 represented an
crease of $1,200,000; the total for
17 was $5,192,001; 1919, $6,157,000.
'.1th some fi.'ures yet lacking, the
'20 total stands at $8,051,000, and Dr.
ratt expects the final total to' be
>ot $S,250,000.
The figures given represent the pro
iction of granite, sandstone, marble
id other forms of limestone; brick,
lc, pottery, pottery clay an(i kaolin;
cet and scrap mica; sand and gravel;
>1d, silver, copper, lead, zinc, iron,
anganese, feldspar, talc, soapstone,
ineral waters, corborundum, emery,
ill-stones, chromite, barytes, quartz,
'apltte, coal, peat. tin ore, monazite,
on, rare earth minerals, icludilng
Lmarsk'it e, urainite and coliumbite;
-eciouts stones, including amethysts,
trnets, riubies, sapphires, acquama
ne, beryls, emerald beryls, emerald
atrix, rhodolite, smoky quartz, ruti
tled quart ald moonstones.
Ilull, Aug. 27.--A message express
ig sympathy of the municipality and
aople of Ihull to the citizens of the
nited States and the relatives of the
miericans who lost their lives when
to ZR-2 was destroyed, has been sent
i George Harvey, American ambassa
)>r to Great. Britain, by T. 11. Atkin
mn, the '-Lord lMayor.
"Your 1xcellency,"' the Lord Mayor
id, ". dlesire on behalf of the In
ibitants of this city to exjpress to you
ter great sympIathty in the terrible
'ss of life occasioned citizens of the
nitedi States through the accident to
rship '/M-2. While mournIng our
vn loss we do not forget the losses
'our American ailies. These losses,
io, in niany cases are personal to
any of our inhabitants, wh'lo, (luring
ie somiewhiat lengthy sojourn of your
rmen at 'Hlowden, learned to know
tonm as frIends and to respecct them
i brave and capable men."
WXO IN F"4L11)lA
olbbery Supposedl to Havie lleen Mo.
tive. Munch Money Missling.
Tiamipa, Fla., Aug. '28. -Rube JIones,
~, of Port Rlichey, 'former marshal of
aripon 8,prings, and :Bert Scott, 39,
so of Port Rlichey, were shot to den~th
om ambush at Stevenson's bendl, near
!echliwatchiee springs in wetsern
ernandlo county, 18 miles from
rooksville, just 'before nightfall last
Robbery was the motive, apparent
', s Jone.s was knowvn to carry a roll
about $2?C00 dn casht. This money
rld a large diamond rIng which he
ore on his left hand were taken, A
lamnondl uttad in 'hIs shIrt was over
ioked as 'well ns $34 .which Ito had in
anther pocket,
SheIff {Colrb at Blrooksville stated
nIght that it Is hIs boHef that two,
asslbly three men, had part In the
ni'buirb andl murder as 14 empty
bella foundl on the rondside where
te ambush occurred wvere of three
zen 12 and 16 guago shotgun and 32
id 20 rifle. Fifty-eight bullets piercedi
:mes' body, moat of them made by
tckshot. Scott's face was fairly
lowvn away.
No Worms i. a Htealthy Child
Allehlldr n troabled wIth Worms have sa un
aithy color, whIch Indicates poor blood, and as a
he, there is more or I esa stomach disairbance
rhy for two or three weeks,wIlI entik the blood,
Iprove the digestion, and actas a genera1Strength
,iug Tonie to the whole system, Nature will then
gow off er d e the worms, and the Cild wlhbe
nerec he ,Pleasant to take, W0 serbottle
Don't Neglect Your Tires
They Cost Lots of Monev
We Make All Styles of Repairs
All Work Guaranteed to Give
Satisfactory Service
Goodrich Tires Fisk Tires
City Vulcanizing Station
At City Filling Station
S* *~~ ~
AT'So how easy
perfect substitute for
whole milk with Purina
Calf Chow.
Whole Milk Purina Calf Chow
I Cal. contains:- I Gal. (Prepared) contains:- -
7 lbs. water 7 lbs. of water
1 lb. dry matter. 1 lb. of dry matter.
Cost*:-16c to 50c. Costs:-5c to 6c.
About $4.00 worth of Purina
Calf Chow will feed a calf
for the first two months.
What are yr-ir calves worth.
at birth? What would they
be worth two months later? P
Figure your profits. If you
raise blooded calves you
can cut the cost. Purina red
Calf Chow will take the place of C
nurse cows for blooded beef fm the
calves. You can feed it dry at Checerboard
five weeks. Let us prove to you
that "Calf Chow" pays big divi. 1&
dends. See us or 'phone.
Laurens, S. C.
You'll enjoy the
sport of rolling
em with P. A.!
3T thing you do next And, besides Prince
ro get some makin's Albert's delightful flavor
s and some Prince there's its freedom from bite
tobacco and puff away and parch which is cut out by
home made cigarette our exclusive patented proc
will hit on all your es.0 Certainly-you smoke
cylinders! P. A. from sun up till you
ttse sitting-by and say- slip between the sheets with
.aybe you'll cash this out a comeback.
tomorrow. Do it while Prince Albert is the tobac
ing's good, for man-o- co that revolutionized pipe
you can't figure out smoking. Ifyounevercould
lou're passing by I Such smoke a pipe - forget it!
r, such coolness, such You can-AND YOU WILL
ish-ness-well,the only -if you use Prince Albert
:o get the words em- for packing! It's a smoke
: enough is to go to It revelation in a jimmy pipe
iow yourself! or a cigarette!
he national joy t r eo l u

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