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S* S S * 4 V V . . , . 0 0 <
* Local and Personal Reatiss;
Miss Sarah -Denhaim, of Charleston,
is visiting Aiss Gladys Roper.
Miss Minnie Caldwell, of Columbia,
spent the week-end with relatives in
the city.
3Messrs. Roy and Ran Little, of Co
'lumubia, spent Stinday In tbe 'city with
thir mother, Mrs. J. R. I.ittle.
Miss Jannette White, of Sumter, Is
the guest of Miss Mildred Counts oil
Irby Avenue.
Mrs. E. -J. Gage, of Ureenville, is
spending several days in the city gvith
her mother. Mrs. W. H. Garrett.
Mr. and Mr. J. C. Smith and Mrs.
J. C. Smith, Jr., of 'Waterloo, were
visitors in the city yesterday.
Mrs. Hien Sawyer, of Salley, is visit
ing her parents,'Mr. an( - . Aug
Mr. 0. B. Simmons and family havC
returned to the city after spending th
summer in North Carolina.
Mr. and Mrs. 'Lester Knight, oj
Portsmouth, Va., have been vi.sitinit
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ii.-n oper for severa
Miss Krtileen L'anider, of Pelzer
spent the week-end With Miss Sadi<
Sullivan while on her 'way to Den
nettsville to teach school.
Misses Margaret an(d( Bonny Ma
haffey, or Greenville, have been visit
Ing the family of Mr. Geo. S. Wham
for several dlays.
Mr. and AMrs. W. E. Cald-well an
family, of Greenville, spent the weel
end with their parents, Nir. andl MN
W. M. Caldwell, of this city.
Capt. W. N. Dyess is sending hi
vacation in the West.- While awal
Captain Tolilson is relieving him o
lls riun.
Miss Willou iloyd, Who ha!; be.e
stenographer for Oial & Todd for
nimiber of years, has resigned her -)
sition Wiith that firmln and is orgal
Izing a class in stenography.
The big sak
prices at thii
have made s
Sizes 16-40; in all wool .
Jersey, -popular 81had
Sale . .... ....
Sizes 16-42.' 'All wool sex'
School Opening Sale
'In aill popular fall colors.
(irope~hac'k Satin and ni
$25.00 to .... ....
'Coat Suits
We are featuring th
Lot No. 1-~All wvool mat
Lot No. 2--Fine all wool
Lot No. 3-Nifty, well tai
Coats f<
You do not neced a
at this sale. We are fea
imand your' attenitionl and
turing three special for
and get your p~ick.
Lot No. 1-lkautifl all
Lot No. 2---All woob mn
Schiool Opening Salt
Liot No. 3--T'his lot is a
all wool materials;
Fall Millinery foi
We have made grea
gains from -Newv York an
that hat until you have .
One lot Children's Int;
at ......... ....
See our big spoeial Sale
Smart Hats for ladies'
~We advIse y
buying will
wonderful o
Miss Vivian ifoozer, o Art'esia.
Miss,. is the guest of 'her aunt, Mrq.
J. 11R. !Little.**
Miss 'Rdliecca 10(eiLoach, 'who has
been visiting Nliss Juanita Wilkes,
leaves for her home in Cinden today.
Air. 1. I. McDaniel, who has -been
making his home at'Anderson for sonic
time, has moved to Laurens with his
fantily and is occupying the old Todd
place on lbKast Alain street.
Airs. C. l;'. Parker lef.t last week to
Join 1r . Parker at Myrtle Beach
where they will remain for about.two
weeks -before going to Wilmington,
N. C., where Mr. Parker will be lo
cated for several months.
Ilr. Geo. P. .lenkins and family have
been visiting relatives in Rlock Hill,
Gastonia and Clover for the past week.
lr. .Jenkins has returned to the city,
but hs family are remaining for a
fo.v days ii Rock 11111.
Second lland Clothing
The Kings Dauglhters are sending
a box of clean second haid clothing
to Crossnere Sciool, N. C. Tils school
is supported alost entirely by the
ile of old clothes. The committee
will be glad to receive articles 'I'Thurs
day, the 8th, at the Rest Room
Scraps from the milliner and dress
maker, curtains, 'bureau covers, pic
tures, table linen, and all sorts ol
household furnishings.
,Irs. 1L W. Martin,
Card of Thanks
iWe wish to tlhank the friends an
neigh'bors for' their attention and sym
pathy at the death of our son am
brother, and to pray God's blessing
- upon them for their thoughtfulnest
which will be held in fond remen
a brance by us.
C. C. Sexton and Family.
Friendship Church
n Preaching service will be held a
a Friendship Presbyterian church nec
-iSunday afternoon at 1 o'clock, by ti
Rev. C. T. Squires. Sunday Schoc
will be held at 3 o'clock.
t Minter (
event of the hour.
sale. The boys an
pecial efforts to giv(
er Dresses
erge, embroidered ; in all wool
es, in velvet. School Opening
... .... .... .... .... ....$5.75
ol Dresses
to 1)resses, hevily emblroide red.
.... .... .... .... .... ....$9.75
tine Dresses
Schlool Opening Sal . ... ..$14.75
Crepe Dresses
avelty D)resses; special $22.50,
.... .... .... .... .......$35.00
for College Girls
ree special lnmbers for this sale.
erials, silk line'd, at .... ....$19.75
lmatemrials, fancey silk lined, at $25.00
lored all wool Suits, at .... ..$29.75
>r College Girls
big lot of mnoney to get a nice coal
tturinlg sme specials that will com.
save your' pokeCth)ook. We are lfea
this sale. You wvant to come early
wool Coats..... .... .... ..$14.7t
terials in the popular' shades;
.,.. ......... ......... ..$19.71
wonider; all silk lined and- fine
chool Opening Sale .... ....$25.0(
'College Girls and Schoo
efforts to bring to you the best har
d we 'think we suceeeld. D~on't bu~
eenl our1 Millinery D~epamrtmen t.
s, in all the new styles, special
... .... .... ......$1.49 to S1.9:
IHnts at .... .... ......... ..*4.9
at .... .... .........$5.00 andi uj
ou to buy your needs. F
riot have as good selectio:
pportunity to Start off ti
C omp
Mrs. Tallulah Powell entertained a,
at 'bridge lFriday afternoon at her
home on South Illarper ,street, in hon
or of her -guest, Mrs. Baker, of
Charleston. After a number of
gaimes a dolicious salad course was
Saturday morning Mlis 1Elizabeth
Young entertainedi a few friends at
bridge at her home on North Ilarper
street. Several hours were spent in
playing after which a tempting salad Y
course was served.
\,.'Je. F. IIarney entertined the
Forty Tvo. citub Thrdav afternoon c
at har home on East .\lain street. A 1
iumbrvi or excitint games were oil- t
,oved after whhh a delleious salad t
Cour 'se was served.
' Ullemiait-lPIrby
Announmee-nnts have heen received f
in the city of the marriage of \1Miss
.Tosy'phIne TAillian lHidlemamn. daughterl
of Mr. and Mrs. Josiah t. lidIleman. I
of Washington, I). C.. to :lhr. William
It. irlby, of 10noree. The marriage oc
eurred at the home of the bride's mar
ents Friday, Set. 2nd. After October
Ist they will he at home at 10noree.
where Dr. Irhy is engaged in the drngi
Sieh a Step to be Seriously Considered
as Soon as Peace Treaty Betweeni the
Two Nattions has Reen Ratified.
Washington, Aug. 2.-Intnuiations
t were given in high oflielal quarters to
t (lay that withdralwal of the American
e troops from the Rhine will be serious
I ly considered as soon as the 'peace
treaty signed yesterday in 'Berlin has
00 L
ompany s
Big stock of new g
d girls will soon be ol
you the needed thin
$10.00 IN CA
F or the best. short. essay
IUelped Ale Get Ready 1or S
cash prizes, as follows:
First Prize .... .... ...
Sc(ond( Prize .... .... .
Th'irid Prize .... .... ..
T1his -conitest is openI to a
yearis of age. Thle essay mnust '1
in our store, and1( not ani imagi
he over' 300) words, and1( must 1
tihan ThuI I rsda~y, Septembehr 151
Sat uirday at 11 o "clock, Septer
School Opening Sal
Everyv'child wvil.l nieed 'a
a chlantee to get one att big sat'
ai speciail prii-ce-~you get the '
ChiIlren's Rain Coats, with I
sizes 4 to 12. School Op
School Opening
We all agree 1his is the
Every school child neceds a
biggest values ever offered ii
get one for each member' of
they will not last long.
Lot. No. 1-Children's all w<
School 'Opening Sale.
Lot No. 2-Gir'ls' and Ladies
ers, that 0old for' $7.00
.pick-up enaibles nsm to off
Svalue of the season. Sch
Lot No. 3l-oys' and1( Girls'
Jiust the thing you need
pr'ices. School Opening
Lot No. 4-College Girls' N
3variety of styles. dJ ust e<
(Iiet' w.ill jmeani a1 ick
sale .. . . . .. . .
rices have reached rock b
ris and may have to pay in
ie season with economy.
ien ratified by the Senate aild the t
arinan Reich-stag. 'No definite pre
otion was made but It became known m
at once peace actually was estab- 11
shed -the administration would feel it
cre would be no necessity of buirden- it
g Cernmaniy with the support of an t
'Ily of Occipation.
Under the new treaty Germany
.rrees to perpetuate the .promise she
aide in the treaty of Versailles to pay
te ex'penses o foccupation. but there Is
o direct mention of the subject which.
is understood, could be interpreLt-d a;
I any wi'y affecting the present situa
on or binding the I'nited States
it her to remain or, exithdraw.
The Versailles agreement fixes 15
ears as the maxImumin period of oc
upatlion. So far as is known there
)as ol consi(eration of the subject
it tile negotiations leading uip to pres
ft treat, and oflicials take tle view
Cre that the de(lciion lies wholly wit!
hIs yovertInment. It is suggested by
hose favoring an early witldrawal,
lowever. that mind itnliaice of ithe,
orecs of occupation might impose
tch a financial burden on Germany
ts to delay materially her payment of
-evara1t Ion.I
Army Now 14,000
Latest available figures place the
tmiher of American.troops in t lie
tramy of oceumation at 1.1,000, whose
:'ost of maintenance is nearly a miiI
lion dollars a month. Only a small
part of the maintenance bill has been
met by the German govcrnmet thus,
far, upwards of $250,000,000 heing
due and uipaid to the United States
on account of the occupation.
Despite tle pre-disposition of the
administration to disengage American
relations from any unnecessary en
tanglements In N'urope, many ques
tions will enter into consideration of
the question of troop withdrawal.
Problems growing out of the occiipa
tion already have led to disagree
ments among the Furopean allies, and
it is the manifes hope of American
oflicials -to avoid offense to any of
Cash Depe
)ods bought at the 1
f to college; all of t
gs for school at attr
on "How iinter Company
chial," we will give $10.00 in
. .... .... .... ....$5.00
... .... .... .... ..$3.00
.. .... .... .......$2.00
ny school girl or b)oy below 1 6
nary trip. Thle essay lust not1
e brought to on r st ore ii ii. la ter
hi. TIhe prizes wvill be awareded
nher 17th..
.e of Children's Rain
RaIin Coat f'or school. IIerec is
'ing. All neow goodis, !lhoug~ht at
toodi, iln tani, red and navy,
ening Sale..... .... ....$1.98
Sale ot Sweaters
nost useful article a chil uses.
sweater. *We arme featu ring t'he
.Sweaters. Come prep~ared1 to
thme family. You umust hurry
>ol Sweaters, sizes 26-30.
. .... .... .. ...... ....$1.49
'all wvool Slip-Over Sweat
to $10.00) last year-a lig
erI you the mo(st sensationial
ool Opening Sale .... ....$1.98
hieavyv all wvool -Sweat,
at less tihan half last year's
Sale ......... .... ....$2.98
ovelty Swveaters iln a great
nuec amid see t hem-yourm ver
purchase. School Openinig
....... .... .... .. ....$4.98
ottom--in fact some god
creased prices on some
ash De~
em in the course it adopts.
It is considered unlikely that there
rill be a definite decision.'pending rat
rlcation of the treaty by the Senate
id by the >Relistag, both of -which
re expected to begin consideration of
he pact late next ionth. Mean-time,
Lowevei, oflicials of the state and war
eOparltments will make a detaille(l In
'estigation of ecnditions ii Germnany
nd in the -occupied teii tory foir the
idance of Pres aideit 1-ladin and his
Although the treaty yesteiday cov
r-; hi a gie'al way the (iluCstion of
.radeil relations mby reaflirming numy
Lommercial provisions of the Versailles
ett1.lment, it was diselosed today that
i seplarate trade treaty with Gcermany
robably 1will be !.souight in the n1ear fn
ure. It is possib!e that negotiations
o that end may begin even before the
'en eral treaty has been ra tilled.
3 * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*3 -
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Pitts family reunion was heid
aturday, p tCmIbr 3, 1921, at thi
hoie of M\r. 1. II. Pitts near Friend
ship lresbyterian church, With aboul
1-10 plresent. Mr. Pitts iisr the oldes,
membIerp of tihe family living. lie I
the father'(1 13 children, 12 living
There are 30 grandehildren r living,
About 7 of these were about. Amon;
the absent ones was a granddaughtei
Mrs. John Wmin. Glenn, of SeattIc
Wash. Mr. Pitts has four great-grand
children, Muriel and John Wim. GlCn
Omega and Mui1iphy Nathaniel Pitt.
Several neices, nephliw.s and friend
were lresent.
i-riends of "Inele Billie," who ci
joyed the day with him, not Includin
the kindred, were: Mr. C. B. 1301)
Mr. John A. Franks, Col. McGowai
all of 'Laurens, Revs. Coleman ai
Boyd, 'who are conducting a meetih
at Union church; Misses Thomasc
Lrtment St
owest prices and ofJ
he schools will soon
active prices.
Big School Spc
Ilig lot of Waists closed
the benefit.
One lot FanNcy Voile and Whil
bafck( to old1 t imles. School
One lot Geor'gette and1( Criep
uip to $5.00. School Open
College Suits ft
Wie wanit you to see the
They are4 no0w 0on dlisplay. 'Fl
Sale ..................
Y~ounig Meni's novelty Suits;
twicee the price last lall.
Sale of I
WVe are ifeat.uinig boys'
Yout always need an ext ra Iai
I loys ' all wool Su its. t wvo pa ir'
rule..... .... .... ....
Boys' aill wool lue serge Sit
Opening Sale .........
lloys' Odd( Ptts'. Se1hool 1
Boys' Caips, spcia~l. .. .. ..
Ini Ladies' I lose we re4o1
Phoenix Ladies' laisle..... .
Phoenix Ladies' Silk .... ..
Good v'aluies in C'hilren's I
Suit Cases, BE
Big shi pmenl juist r'ecei
This is a big propoisiti<
solve it. New fall Shoes tha
boys' and1( girls' Shoes.
ds are advancing and
goods. This School (
and Powers, of Laurens; Mr. and Mrs.
G. C. Aborcrombie, 'Mr. Fred Aber
crombie, Mrs. 1League and son, Horace,
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Caldwell, Miss
Liawrenco Culbertson and mother,
Messrs. Gillie and Culver Suimerel,
M.l Wylie Watkins, Misses Margie and
Eunice Weathers, 'Miss Nanie Leo
Thlioiason and brother 'Ton, Mrs.
Kmmna Nalhon, Mr. and( NI rs. Coko
T'raynham, ri . Sallie 'Traynhai and
daughter, Lucile.
A long table was made under the
shade of the trees filled with plenty
of good things to vat. After twords or
graltitude spoken by Nir. Hobo to the
Father above, for .his blessings anUd
giIdance in the past and asking for
protection In the future, everyone was
invi ted to partake of the bounteous
dinner I)fore them. The afternoon
vas; passed in telling 1ish tales and
war stories.
As the sun sank toward the western
horizon kindred and friends said good
'bye, expressing their joy at having
s.pent a perfect (lay, and all hoping
to celebrate the occasion with "Uncle
Billie" again next year.
Habitual Constipation Cured
in 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup ''onic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action, It Stimulates and
Regulate-; , Very Pleasant to Take. 00c
pe'r bottle.
For Best Results
g Sold by Drugg.sts and.'
Fered at special
be open. We
.cial in Waists
>ut, at a bargain-an d you get,
e Waists. They briig, Nd
Opening..al..... .....2.98c
n-dea hie Warge. Y- vaud
ehoOninug Sale . . ...4 and$25.99
news Sitsotj colebys
s vty are v attacive lsoantse
erg Sut. School Opening
...... .... .... .... ..$20.50
Schoog Spnagle 98,~.. .i .$5.98
iloysti 'hiSuis
...... ....$10.0014 and $1.5
.... .... ... . ... . n...$750
eigs ad 98,r1.0u n d $.9
umn S hoe i
i. ."'.n. . . . .10 l1.4 and $i1.95
e di to (go Seet. specialesi
those who delay
)pening Sale is a
t Store

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