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Dials, Sept. 6.--Despite the depres
ion gf the times, the 'people of this
community are of a iprogressive na
ture and are qrdent ibelievers of the
"get-together" movemenit, and that "a
little nonsense now and then is relish
ed by the wisest men," and one of the
nost enjoyable of these inovements
was that of 'Saturday afternoon, Sop
tember '3rd, when the entire commun
4ty "turned out" and enjoyed an af
ternoon picnic at Pinowood Lake.
"Pinewood Lake", with its beauti
ful surroundings, is .well adapted to
outings of this kind, and has been the
scene of a number of such gala affairs
this summer, none more enjoyable,
however, than the one of Saturday af
ternoon. Mlr. B. H1. Gray was the pro
moter of the affair, and much of the
success and pleasure of the occasion
swas due to his efforts and that of the
Curry families.
The guests -began to arrive quite
early and 'by mid-afternoon all had
assembled. The children and younger
People 'went in swimming, while their
elders formed congenial groups along
the grassy shore, rimmed by stately
plines, and induiged in a regular talk
At 5 o'clock supper was served
which consisted of barbecue meats,
fish, loaf, hot coffee of the best (as
Mrs. Ropp had charge of that delpart
ment of the drinks) and ice water. All
were invited to partake, prayer being
first offered by Mr. J. W. Wells.
All good things, however, have an
ending, and when the. sun had set,
till of all the brilliant spectacle,
naught remained but the crimson
streaks across the azure of the sky
proclaimed the hour of departure the
guests, bade each other good-bye and
wended their homeward nway.
Those present were Mr. .B. 1-1. Gray
and family, Mr. Floyd Curry and fam
ily, Mr. Townes Curry and family, Mr.
Jim Arimstrong and family, Mr. Lude
Abercrombie and family, Mr. and Mrs,
John Curry, Mr. States Curry and
family, Mr and Mrs. Z. N. Gray, Mr.
P. M. Hlellams and family, Mr. '. D
Curry and family, Mr. Willie l-arriF
and family, M.r. Haskell Gray and
family, Mr. D. 1). 'Harris. and family
Mr. Julius Curry and family, Mis
Ludie Owings, Mrs. Florence Rop)
Mrs. Ena Harris, Mrs. Beatrice Gray
Mrs. Alec McCall. Misses, Cecil Ow
Ings, 1Uattle Abercrombie, Dewe3
Aiinstrong, Sallie Brownlee, (Clar
McCall, Emma Harris. Magie ). Cur
No E
From the prese
the past few w'
Diuring the last
date merchandi
At that time ti
now receiving
their large list
If you are not
nity to quote 3
sition to save i
2 in Lauren:
1 in Greenwo
1 in Andere
* 1 in Greenvil
'y . Vannie Campbell, Annie Lou Cur- s<
y, Laura Hellaans, Marie Siminons; i
Vlessrs. '4 M. Owings, 1). D. Brownlee,
3rnest Harris, John Sinmons, Leon, si
[alph and Edwin Hel!sns, Frank P
aurry, 'DeWitt Abercrombie, Mart Cur
LY, Coke Curry' and Joe Brownlee. The n
disitors present were Mr. T. A. Willis N
ind family, J. W. Wells, Bartlet Ow- c
ngs, of Gray Court; Mr. J, T. Gilles- d
1)e and family, 'Mr. Win. Davis and 11
ramily, of Greenville; Jack Bolt, of
Hickory Tavern, and Misses Lucy and n
Clara Cheek, of Shiloh.
Mr. and Mrs. 'Harris 'Curry .were
the recipients of a very pleasant sur- '1
prise 'whcn their children and grand- a
children surprised them with a spend- 1
the-day tparty at the old home place
Saturday, September 3rd. The day I
was very .pleasantly spent by all and i
when the good things to eat were un- I
packed at noon nothing was left to I
be desired. The following children
and giandchildren nwere present: Mr. i
and Mrs. iWm. 'Davis, Mr. and Mrs. J.
T. Gillespie, of Greenville, Mr. and .
MIrs. Arthpur Curry and children, of
Shiloh; Mr. and Mrs. Julius Curry, I
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Harris, Mr. and
Mrs. Haskell Gray and children, Nell 1
'larris, Louise Curry, Bonny and
Frances Gillesiple, Mary and Margaret
Davis, J. T. Gillespie, Jr., Jack Ilarris,
Jean Curry and Thomas Curry.
* LAN'F011t NEWS*
(Lanford, Sept. 5.--On Tuesday,
August 30, the children, grandehil
dren, great-grandchildren, friends and
neighbors of Mrs. Mary Anne -Lanford
'Parsons asem'bled at her old home
stead to celebrate her 'birthday, she
being 82 years of age on this day. Rev.
I. N. Kennedy made a few well-chosen
remarks and commented on the his
tory of the family. They have a title
to the land on w-hich the family lived
and reared all the members of this
present family, which was granted to
them by King George, of England, in
1773. Four daughters and tiwo sons
were present, one daughter being
from Texas. Rev. J. 'W. Watts made
a iprayer. A sumptuous dinner was
served under the magnificent oabs,
which was a marvel in the culinary
art, and was equal to all former oc
casions. There were about 85 guests
present on this occasion to enjoy their
hospitality. Kodaks were made and
swimming enjoyed by the younger set
in a swiniming pool on the place. The
houirs 'were passed very pleasantly,
and many good wishes to Mrs. tPar
nt outlook indicatior
eeks there has been
inety T
month the Burns st<
ise to be shipped oul
e Laurens people, oi
daily their share of I
of customers.
one of our customer
rou prices on the bes
i large part of your
od 2Se
No. 1.-210 W. Lauri
le M AKEr OUn
)n, iw4bing many returns for such .
appy days.
Mrs. Frank Dolt and daughter.
pont the week-end with Mrs. M. G.
The- school -will open at this 'place
ext -Monday morning, Sept 12th. Miss
1na Lewis, of'Conway, will be prin
Opal, Miss Jennie Burgess, intorni
late teacher, Miss Footnhan, of Co
aibla, primary and music teacher.
Mr. Yates Waldrep l'ft Monday
iorning for Woodruff where le has a
lace in the faculty of the high school.
Mr. James 'Fleming, 'who is a mom
er of the faculty of the 'high school
.t -Mietesville, Ga., left Friday for
ils school opening.
The 'protracted meeting elosed Sat
irday morning with three accessions
tnd the church menbcrship greatly
evived through the good and faithful
)reaching of Pastor J. AW. 'Watts.
Mrs. 'W. M. Fowler and Miss Car
'ye Fowler, of Ora, attended the meet
ng some and Iwere guests of Mrs. T.
\. Drummond.
The friends of little Mary brum
dond are glad she is improving some.
N\rs. 0. F. Fowler Is able to be up
nost of the time now.
Mrs. [.Lilue Anderson, of Ljautens,
ipent the week with her mother, Mrs.
Mary Drummond.
Mrs. J. S. Higgins is Improving, her
friend t will be glad to know.
The next time
you buy calomel
ask for
al otab s
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nausealess, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
6OW is
is show that anercha:
rn advance on mere
>res bought at great
t to the Burns stores
is People
r the people of this <
he $90,000 purchas
Will Be to
s, it would be to yot
t quality merchandit
lollar. May we do
ens St., Red Iron Racket Old
Open Fall Sal
We have just what you wz
bargain prices. Special lot
going on sale. Be sure ai
week and see for yourself.
27-inch Hickory stripes,
known for strength, standard
weight and fast colors. Sept.
price only . . 15c
27-inch full standard quality
Apron Gingham, fast colors,
Sept. price, only . 15c
27-inch Mottled Outings,
blue; brown and pink . 15c
32-inch Tommy Tucker, Play
Cloth, fast colors. Sept.
price . . . 25c
27-inch DressGingham, fancy
patterns, for school dresses,
worth 20c, Sept. price 15c
Standard Quality High Grade
Dress Gingham Checks and
Sport Plaids, worth 25c, Sept.
price only . . 20c
36-inch Full Standard Per
cales, Sport Plaids, fast col
ors, Sept. price only . 25c
36-inch Brown Dress Linene,
good quality and finish, Sept.
price only . . 25c
27-inch Work and Play Cloth
pink and blue Check, worth
20c. Sept. price only . 15c
idise will advance with the i
Dollar Pu!
price concessions over $90,04
between then and Christmas.
Well Represent
ommunity, were well represe
e and are passing the same L
iYour Interest
rinterest before buying else'
eobtainable. We can prov,
Stad No. 2--North Side of Square in I
e at Switzer's
Lnt for September at real
:s coming in every day and
,d come to our store this
25c Dress Linene, fast colors,
copen blue, rose, green and
lavender, worth 20c, Sept.
price only . . 12 1-2c
60-inch Extra Heavy Tab!e Dam
ask, bleached, sale price, only 50c
36-inch Silk Poplin only . $1.00
36-inch all Silk Black Satin, worth
$2.00 per yard, sale price, $1.50
Only 5 yards to customer
We will sell, special this week,
24 Sport Hats worth $6.50,
Open Sale price, only $4.95
12 Sport Hats, just what you
want now, sale price . $6.50
We have the new Red Hat,
from . . $4.95 to $7.50
Satin and Canton Crepe Dresses,
black, navy and brown; best values
we have ever had, $22.50, $25, $27.50
Dresses of Poiret Twill, Tricotine
ane Serge; brown, black and navy;
now only . . $22.50 Up
Sleeveless Guimpes; Serge and Vel
our, from . $6.00 to $7.50
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rice of cotton, in fact for
30 worth of new fall up-to
nted. 3. C. Burns & Co. are
inprecedented values on to
vhere to give us an opportu
a to you that we are in a po
In Upper.
~urnis Block South Carolina
~S. c.

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