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The Car Everlasting
Ellis Motor Co.
Clinton, S. C.
Statemient of t ('oildition of the
Locatd at. Gray ('ourt, S. ('., at. tie
close of business Sepltetiber 6. 1921.
.oans and l11 iscounts .. . _.$1S,:l57.73
Overdrafts . . .. . . . .
hands and Stocks Owned by
the Bank ............ 17,57:1.00
urniture and Pixtur'es . 1,70-1.6;3
lhan k ing I louse'.. .. .. ....1,750.00
Ote itt eal I-state Owied. . 1,000.00
Iliu froi Ilanks and Hlank
rs-.. .... .. ... .... .. .. . ,29.9IS
ii trrenCY .. .. .. .. .. .. .39.00
Silver and Other Coin .. .. 121.97
Checks antId 'ash Ite s . . . 11.11
Total .219.S 11.3:1
Capital Stock Paid n .. ..$ 25,000.00
SI rpl its Fund .......... 2:.i0110.10
lniivided Proitles. . Cur.
rent PxpeIses and ''axes
Pai (I.. .. ............i. 19.12
Dividends Unpaid .. .. .. 10.00
Individual Deposits Sutljet-t
to Ch ck .. ... , 1 .11
Savings Ileposits 2 2.
Tine Io ertili'ca6s of .1 e
1)os i . . . . . -17.:)70.2:
(ashier's Checks 62.9. 11:8.G00.9I
hills Payah!e. including Cer
tificates for. .Money Hor.
rowed .. .................1 400.00
Total ..............$211.S14.:3,
State of South Carolina,
County of Iaurens.
lefore te cane C. I). G ray, Ca sht
er of the above named tank. Who. be
in! duy svorn, says that the above
ald foregoing statemen t is a t rue con -
ion of said 'bank, as shown by the
bIooks of said bank.
C. 1). GRtAY
Sworn to and suhscribed before nie
this luth day of September. 1921.
W. 11. Mt.CAIN
Notary Publiv.
Correct Attest: 11. L. G ray. S. 11. Gray,
G. F. Dorroh. Directors.
Statetnent of the Condition iof tille
Located at Iaurens, S. C.. tit the clos e
of business Sept. 6. 1921.
.oans and Discouts .. . . $27..209.2G
Overdrafts.... . . . . . . 1.1::..1
Iionds and Socks Owned
by the 11:nk..............27,.io.0
Furniture and -~ixtuIres . . ::
Ilanking I jouse'........ .-.
l!-uie frotmt llks and Bank
ers ...... .. ......... .*.s1.:47
i urrene.......... ....1,114.00
Gold. .................1.
silver-, and Othet' in .o . .119 -
C(7heck and Cai'ht Iteis.. . 1.072. 1
Trial .. . . . . . '0, 57 .:'
Ca1:.it !1 Stock i Jd ill.
St I-eaus ftui . . . . . .:,
l'.,:1% vided Pr ofit.., less :'IIr
Di\id.::, (I. '.np i. .. ..... ::;t.d
individual. liepos its Sub1ject
t o ('hee . . . i10 .1
Sa l..I:... I. ''. it. . .1.7
I n ( 'er:f cuaets Of D
'os'0.: . .. 5 . Itri...7
t:,Iitca ts fr .\ton(ey l(t li I lit
T al .. .. ..) ..' ...$:h'I'1'[.:I::
State of Sout arl ina,
County o . .aure... I01
ie fo teabtve ad baunk.ho
d!'i.n of.... . n ,. . . hon. y i~
(':tiiaI tock ~: i lit. G .! A 2,4.Y4.0
It ii 1a 1(1.......A ...11. 1 40 11
it itt l~x14N1tary5 i'ul'aio.
1'4 :: i t A ':s t 1. i1. e rr.. J
V id . (inn a:-. la. 10 241rns. )irectors.
I.\.14211 f0r .\oae'NTVI-i
iLocatd aI.....u...il..e,... . ,u the
Ovtdats ................1 7,10'.R5
tlttr 'c . t tant.C .l 7llt. ('a.0
iur en y .t. ..i ..ov ..itot ..u~' '.'t. ;t
i~lve an'i ti Oth ys oin ... .it..
011je11:'4 ad C a i ase s. t l' I.n
Th o t d.. of S.i. .t.. . ..21. ,7 ..
Capitl Stck P~id not.. .. bl20 .2.o
Ilure tund .a .u (. M. ."t let, <ash
S'aividte'lW Jr.is luck, Cur-co~
* By Nash Philpot *
S* * * * .* * * * * * * * :1
Conesus Lake,
'Laivonian, N. Y.1
August 29, 1921.
Wl"ditor The Advertiser:
I at a Laurens 'boy and of course
I ant always interested lit Laurens
and in South Carolina. Now, I have
rutin up on a brand new industry in
this country. and I have wondered
wihy South Carolina cannot do what
the state of New York is doing. In
the mon(th (f Alarch past, a number of
wide-a'wake business men organized
acomlpalny and incorporated. This
cotllpatty was orgatnized under the
parent silk company of New Orleans
for ahei prolotioln and spreai of the
silk industry in New York Oate. Of
court ts there will be some people who
will he ready to crv fake, fake: but I
have seen this New York comI panty
and what they ate doinig, at1d I can
see Ito possible Chance for failiu.e.
From earliest colonial timIets diffetrent
parties inl different parts of this counCO
try have entdeavored to raise silk.
llowever, ott account of the slow
growth of tte Iiilber trt'ee and the
small size of the leaf, togetler with
the high price of labor las compared
with the cllea labor of ,JapanI tle
tttelllts 'o ovdiuet silk in this vcouttn
try so far, have fail.d. I want to tell
you about another effort, in which not
the old mu lberry tret' and the old silk
worm are used. but oile inl which a
new tree and it sulhper-worim is being
ised. Three years ago a scieitist inl
New Orleais produced a tree- -a
vt'oss between the itmulberry and the
osage orange- rOhicit suiripasses the
old mulberry tree inl every way. The
tiew tree grows iucl faster. its leaves
are tiuch larpaer, ind froit them I the
leavesi the silk wornts produce iiuch
iore and it ticr silk. Now there has
also been iro(uced a tpu per-worm
which spins a super-cocoon, which i
twice or tlree tilltev. tle size of tle
ordinary cocoonts. Tile old rOcois
cotntain only ahLlut seveni hiininited and
fifty yards of raw silk, while hc nex
on, coltaints anyvwhere froll a hous
and to eighten iunired yards of raw
silk. Three year _ ao a pareit sil'
(0o ty was organized at New O
leants to take ihis new Ire and
slper-wolIm' and sread them over the.
whol, ecunltr. throIv !-tato compllan
t's. and it i. of' the New P'ork comtany
that I desire to te'l you. I have vi.it
vid the New York silk far m, t..Ocih is
lIt ateid at Akron. N. Y., t wior inl the
last two'( weeks an1(d I was sllrpris d
at tile wonderlfll -ogiesi of the new
inlustrvy and of tile siliple <utlture of
silk as outlined to me thre. Now. I
SIa wV ormlilts the re in e vry ( -:'.. Th
I!IrS t e 'Z Lg.4 were'1' fitruI' he1Vd the Nr'.
York company by the paren't mi ny
and these-- t will ket p in11d. inim l
elow I. de r S. Th y Iav ao sil
worm house containing racks and the
beat oi' tlis t house is kept a oit 7''
dlegiees. Teeg r lcdi
pa~sti'boarid box cover and ill from t
to 7 da.ys the eggs hatchl. Ntow a 'iece.
andi chioppue.l leaves alt' laid on the'
nettg. 'lTe wormis t'rawl ut' throughl
antd 'begin to eat. 'lTey tat for' abtut
three days, sleep. antd shed lih-ir :t n
andu s1 ont until the endi of .'' dayn
At (lie eind of the lI (lays thle wor'ii'
are someW '. 01' 4 inIches loitg anItd blac'k
ISpots app1ear Ott theiir bodies, wich'l int
dIceate t hat they ate readly to sini.
is nOv artced over the (lay an lthe
selves and1( for T'! hiouthey lii:, : tht'tr
coeoont. At thle enIld of thiis Ii: ie tihe
cocoons are shlaken out1 of the' brutsh
and are ready for unwV.inding. The co
('0o11, beforte unt'winditng, are sulbjectedl
to carbon disulphide gas to kill thie
chrIysalls. If the chrysalis is nt
killed, it turns into a mo1th, which'
hltilt ithe cooon after' thrit days.
comtes out, lays its e':gs antd dies.. tiw
Itut inI111 hot ltr and1 thIie end of the
silk threadi caii ie seenl tr'a:ing ie
hind. Four thireadls fi omt ftour ('0
crons are star'tedi togethier on ahre
siisu bylt'0 a rmall eltri motoL Thi e
fouri th!iitgi stiek; ftogther to formv
onte. lilt. ete hawndinjg ihera
chalsed 'h: lie rotiats tnd Ir
to furnIth te silik tei t f ('Ic .'
Instrew:'.e8l;aiout handin ftht ltrines
andei~ worm en''t'~I tl thy zearente t g-t
'oons. iii e lc' opany' .is e'oe otti
Sconst(i. I t ae aout Idp 0t ccoIs'
haps you would 'be interested 'to knowi
how the peoiple of Now York are tak.
Ing hold of this new industry. Well
the company is daily receiving orders
for trees to be delivered next fall. ]
hope that what I have -written wil:
interest some one, who will start silk
in South Carolina. Anyone w-ho is in.
terested and desires to know mor<
about this wonderful industry, please
write ile.
Yours truly,
Liturens. S. C.
* *9* *.* * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * *.* ** .* ** * ** **
ianford, Sept. 12.--Tho school herc
started .londay morning undtier very
favorable conditions. Quite a large
c'owd of interested jpatrolns ani bright
promising lookling children assem
bled in tle audi itorium for the school
opening. Messrs. T. A. Drutnmond. ''.
L'. WValdrp and .1. .l. Plemiing. the
trustees. mliad very * able speeche.;,
showi'ing tleir earne'stn ess and inter
est in tile school. The faculty con
sis of Aliss Nina Lewis, of Conway,
as principal Miss Jennie Burgess,
of M.laning111, intermediate teacher;
and Mliss Anna Footiiman, of Coltum
Hi, p mi imar and music tacher. We
all know we vill be pleased with the
year's work as Misses iewis and ilur
vess 'were wit'i us last year and dlid
llicient and good work. We are ex
poeting a very successftul year- and
aire more than glad to welcome these
voing ladies in our midst.
Rev. .1. M. lobertseon ireached to a
very attentive audience Sunday after
Rev. J. W. Vatts will administer tile
ordinlance of baptism next Sunday at
the Baptist church.
Rev. J. '. Littlejohn, Jr.. and his
bride. of Scranton, wcre I guests of their
grandipa. reits, Ca._-t. and Mrs. J. W.
Latiford, last week. They were oil
the'lr way to L~ouisville, where te
aIe both ill trainig for foreign mis
stoniary work. They were marriedt at
the bride's home ill Louisiana August
.l iss Nina Bobo, of Laurens, spent
th weVvk-4:1d w1Ith hr sister, .
Wil Prince.
.liss Carry'e Lou IHliggins began her
school at ArkrighPt .l onday morning.
Miss Mattie Moore will attend the
hjiLl s-:chiool ,t -Laur(uns this year.
Mr. Irb' Knighton, who lives neal
Iee "'as killed Friday night at 1-io
ree by .lr . I. t. Aversotn. .lr. Lat
$3.75 and .$4.00
rena Knighton, his ibrother, was als<
shot and Mr. Alverson sustained In
injuries. It was a very deplorab<
Mr. John Melmoth Fleming left las
week to resume his studies'at Spar
tan academy.
Miss ,Belle Patterson is visiting rel
atives at Pacolet and Union.
Mr. Yates Waldrep, a member o
the faculty of the Woodruff higi
school, spent the week-end with hh
Air. Charles Waldrop, of Spartan
burg, spent Sunday with his parents
Mirs. J. W. Johnson entertatined hel
Sunday School class Tuesday after
noon with a picnic on the island ii
E'noree river. Those attending repor
a delightful occasion.
Mr. .1. 1). Johnson s4:ent the 1week
end in Arcadia with his son. Mir. B
W. .1linson and family.
Mr. T .R. DeShields, of lenderson.
ville, N. C., i.; spending somle tim
with relatives here.
.lMrs. Centillia -Sitgreaves, of Lau.
rens-i, was a recent guest of Mrs. Ethe
ILaiford and .l J. J. .. Fleming.
Federal leserve Notes of Spur10s'
Origin Now Out.
Washington, Scid. 6.-dletection o
three additional counterfeit federal rc
serve notes was announced by the
rre aiiry Department today and the
public was warned to be on guard.
The flirst described was that of a
$50 note of the federal reserve bank
of Kansas City, which was said to be
identical with one recently detected
exce.pt the latter was on the federal
I iousework is hard enough when
healthy. Every Laurens woman whc
is having backache, blue and ner'vous
ispells, dizzy headaches and kidney o
bladder troubles, should be glao t.
heed this Laurens woman's experience:
Mis. F. L. Riddle. 125 1lolnos St.
says: "Kidney trouble got the uilCppe
hand of me several years ago and I
felt miserable. Mv back mnd should
ers felt as if there were a heavy weighi
on t1hem, and aggiravating pains tool
the life and ambition out of me. I hal
blinding dizzy .pells and everythiie
would turn black before my eyes
Mornings I was so lajne and sore I
could hardly dress. Wh'ieni I bent ov'ei
I had to h'old on to sonething am;
hevadaches 'would often cyme on and I
I :0ght my head Would .1,it. M. kid.
I neys didn't act as thoy shoulld, etleri
I got Daan's Kidnev Iills att he Pow
Drug Co. and they soon put 1mly (id
neY in good condition., I u1sed Doan'
and they entirely clred ite of tih
600 at all dealers. Poster-milburl]
Co., \frs., Biffalo, N. Y.
New F
Beautiful sele'
Fall Ready-to.
ready arrived
display at pri
you. Come i
collection. It
ure to show yc
reserve bank of Now York. The sec
ond was a $20 note on the Richmond
i Va., federal reserve bank and wai
said .to be plainly the -work of at
amateur. Tho -third was a $10 on th<
federal -bank of Boston and was sai4
to be so .poor it could easily be de
tected by the ordinary careful handle:
of money.
The lichnond counterfeit bears v
t portrait of Cleveland and the signa
i tures of 'D. F. Houston and Joht
Burke. It is priInted on tiwo pieces o
- paper between which silk threads hay
It's N
to Steer
Buick cars ste
drive---easily a
And like every
the Buick steer
trusted. Ride :
and see for you
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22-Six-48 - - 2325 ss
22-Six-49 - - 1736 Q
22-Six-50 - - 2635 (mb/em
E. W. IV
reds of
ll Suits,
s and
as Now
etions of new
Wear have a
alnd are now on
ces to surprise
n and see our
will be a pleas
lardy Co.
1, S. C.
-been distributed. ' In the 1portrait ot
Clevelpnd the face Is so Indistinct as
to. readily attract attention.
J. C. Burns & Co. sells very near
everything you may need.
Habitual Constipation Cured
In 14 to 21 Days
"LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" Is a specially.
prepared Syrup Tonc-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
r RegulatC3 & Very Pleasant to Take. Goc
per bottle.
o Job
a Buick
er just like they
nd comfortably.
Dther Buick part,
ing gear can be
n a 1922 Buick
Buick Fours
22-Four-34 - $ 935
22-Four-35 - 976
22-Four-36 - 1475
Iv% 22-Four-37 -1660
All Prices F. 0. B.
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$29.7 5
It's Front
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