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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, September 14, 1921, Image 11

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Do You Want
a Job?
If you are out of em
ployment or would
like to make a change,
consult us.
Employment Agency
Greenwood, S. C.
The next time
you buy calomel
ask for
(alota b
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nausealess, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
Saves So Much Work!
Use Red Devil
SI Lye washday -
makes hardest
water soft as rain
water. Then just
soak the clothes and
get rid of most of the
washboard drudgery.
Use Red Devil Lve
to mop or scrub, and
save yourself back
ache. It cleans
quickly. Disinfects
at the same time.
Use Red Devil Lye
in your kitchen work
-a little in your dish
water cuts the grease
out in a jiffy.
Save all your grease
and kitchen scraps
it's easy to make ten
pounds of good soap
with one can of Red
Devil Lye. Full
dietoson can
Your tyi-aemoney.
Don't Le~t "Old Nick"
Nick Your Tires
.- Many tires which coul {{
give more miles of good ser -__
-vice have given out because a S
little nick or bruise wals
- It is better to avoid all
raimwh dlamaige b)y dirivi ng care
fully over bad p~Iaces. Ex.
aronifl your tires often. If
any little injuries are 'dis
covered b~ri:'g them to us.
We canx re:,air them and saveo
L you money and annoyane
When your Rims start
squeaking: we can stop them
by installing rnew Clamps,
Nuts, Bolts or' Wedges.
"Vulcanlizing of the Iletter hInd"
At City Fillmng Station
* . . 4 4 4 4 4 . 4 *4 4 4.
4 * * * . * * . * * , , , 4
Gray. Court, Sets. 12.-Miss Sue
Gray and Airs. Emmie Reeves, of Eden
section, spent Tuesday with Mrs. Bel
ton Owens.
'Rev. ir. Hopkins is visiting his pco
ple In Blackville.
Mrs. Boyd, of Kingstree, has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. Blakely.
Mrs. Sallie Neighbors and brother,
of Greenville, visited friends here
Tuesday and iWednesday.
Mr. and Nirs. Law4is Mahaffey and
Mrs. Clyde Mahaffey and children, of
Eden, spent Wednesday at Mr. T. F.
'Habb's home.
Aliss -Lyl Willis, of Spartaibur.g,
visited Mr. and Airs. Austin Willis
last week.
.Mr. T. F. -Babb, Aliss Allie Babb and
Mir. W. ). Owens spent Friday with
Mir. and Jis. .ohn Putman, of Owings.
. The soldiers who are hiking their
way front Columbia to Kentucky,
passed through here Saturday morn
.lr. Glenn Martin and family, of
Warrior, spent Saturday with Nir. and
Mirs. Smith M1artin.
Mr. and Mrs. Langdon Brooks spent
Saturday night swithe 'Mr. and irs.
William (rooks, of Eden.
Dr. Ellis Gray, of Greenville, spent
Sunday with Mr. and Nirs. Bob Gray.
Several from Gray Court attended
the funeral services of Felton Aber
crombie, who was killed in action in
France, in June, 1918, at Rabun Creek
church Sunday.
Mrs. Gus Owings and children spent
Sunday with her father in Woodruff.
Mr. T. F. Babb, Aliss Allie Babb,
Mirs. Smith M1artin and children, and
Mr. W. 1). Owens motored to Green
ville Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Bluel
* * * * * * * * * * * 4 * *
* *
* * * * * * ** * * *.,* * *
Cross 11111, Sept. 12.-Our commun
ity ivas refreshed 'by a nice shower
on Friday night.
Parmers are busy pulling foaaci
and picking cotton. The crop is very
short owing to the dry weather and
the destructive boll weevil.
The Cross liill high school began
the 1921-11 session Monday morning,
Sept. 19th. Quite a number of trus
tees and oatr ons were presen t and a
largo number of puld s enrolled. Judg
Ing by the interest. displayed the first
morning, this bids fair to be the best
year ever. Miss Pearle West is prin
cipal with the following corps of
teachers: First, second and t hi i'd
gIades, Aliss lAzze GCiffin ; fou rth and
lfth grades, .\rs. .\laulde Noffz: sixth
:111d sevent h grades, Miss Willie Aui:;
Lin; high school, .liss Pearle West,
assisted by Aliss Sadie Padgett.
Quite a number of our .\lasons at
etided tile lasonie il meeti ng at I ,aui
rens last 'i'lursday night.
.\liss Adele .lartin left last week to
assm1..e hier' tdutiles as teachert' in thle
l'nion gr'adied school.
Milss Vivian Nange has gone to ac,
[cut a sPosition as teacher in the P'aeo
let high school.,
.\i isa Almia C[olemnan has eniteredt the
I ,:aurens,[ grmiiedi 5(chool as a 'pupil,
.\lris. 'W. I,. (1i"'gory' and chliildrien arec
risit~ing r'elatives ini Columbia,
Somie of the huin ters of our town
ton a hunt to the lowver part or
thet state last week, Five deer' iseret
inttemienl oifit ('onditIonm of the
ilPEOIlS I,0AN & (EXCII. los,.
iitcatedi at .nuriens, S. '.. at te close
of business Sept, 6, 192J.
I1 a s anti Iliscounlts .. .. $4 I7,1 1 6.'6
Overdrafts --. . .. 790.85
ioan ds antd Stocks Owned by
ile' l:i i k .. .. .. ... . 1,(000.00
iFuriniture andl Fixtures . . 4,300.00
flank i ng Il ose ....., 10,000.00
I ue from hiks and 'hank
erls .,- ,,., -, . .. . 9,062.33
2urrency .. .. ,.,.. ,. .. ,926.00
Uoldl .. .. .. .. .. . .. . 72.50
Hilverci andi Other Coin . . . . 293.5u
I ' a k andl ('ash liemis . . 8t3.%S
l' . illberty Hlonddts . . 2:3,250.00
Tlotal .- ... ..,,.. .. ..$5,7.21
'ap1:tal Stock IPaid In .. .. ,$100,000.00
Sitltus Fund .. ..,.,..,. 25,000.00
Il~'nivided Profits ( less Cur--'
"flit i'x penses and~ 'Taxes
Paid .. ,,.. .. .. .. 57,911.92
Ilue to Hlanks anti lanikers I .009.8'3
In iul vliua IDe)positq SU':.jct
to (heck .. ..$117.19 Al
in;i I Og:;I niositst 5.4,457.31
Tlimiia ou Ceten of lDt
posi .. . .117.476.50
'a shier's (Cht'tksn 1 ,025,.4 2.8(,153.8,6
itr~icat fori .\oney hor'
rowed .. ,,..,. .. . .. 0,000.00
Total .. .. . .. . .$504, 075.21
State of Soulth C2arolina,
County of ,aunrenls.
Before me caine C. W. Tune, C'ash
er of the abiove nametd hank, wvho, be
nig duily swtorn, says that the n'bove
tid foregoing staitemient is a triue eon
lition of said bank, as shown by the
books of said -bank.
Swor'n to and sufubscribed before me
his 12th d tay of September, 1921.
Notary Public.
Cori'ect Attest: -W. A. Wattsq, R. F.
Jones, E. 0. Anderson, Directors.
Five Minute Chafis
on Our Presidente4
(Copyright, 1920. by James Morgan)
1883-Jan. 16, Arthur signed the
civil service law.
1884-Defeated for the Repub
lican nomination by James
G. Blaine.
1886-Nov. 18, died In New
York aged fifty-six.
TT IS one of the pranks of fate that
Chester A. Arthur, whom President
Hayes put out of the New York cus
tom house as a spollsman and a politi
cal boss, should find himself in the
White. House seven months after
Hayes left it and conducting a reform
administration. It was the mandate
and lesson of Garileld's assassination
that we must get rid of factions and
spoils or the government itself might
next be struck down as its chief had
been. Arthur saw that this was the
logic of the tragedy which had thrust
him into the presidency and he did his
best to clean house.
The race for preferment had excited
an unnatural appetite for public office,
and the getting of a job was regarded
as exhilarating sport. From police
man, fireman and letter carrier to
chliefship and consulship, every place
on the payroll of city, state or nation
went by favor. Two endless proces
sions were forever moving, one made
up of those who had been turned out
or turned down, and the other of those
who were struggling to get in.
The civil service law, which was
passed in Arthur's administration, took
out of politics the departmental clerk
ships In Washington but 85 per cent
of the federal employees as a whole
were left under the spoils system.
Nevertheless, the difficult first step had
been taken toward the present com
prehensive system, when- all but a few
hundred of the hundreds of thousands
Mrs. John E. M'Elroy.
of places are open equally to self-re
specting applicants, regardhless of par
ties or politicians.
Arthur also was the useful instru
ment in carrying forward the recon
cIliation of the sections. Lie was the
first president in his generation who
madle no reference in his annual mnes
sages to the South or to a Southern
question. lHe was indeed almost the
first flresidlent in 50 years who felt
free to ignore the unhappy issues of
sect ional Iism.
When he stepped into the White
House Arthur found his party rent
by factions. Hie left it more nearly
unitedl than it had been before in
20 years and wvith at least a chance
to win again in 1884i. Hie might him
self have becen the Republican noem
lace in that year if he had not scrupu
lously refused to take an active part
in promoting his candlidacy.
He looked as well as actedl the presi
(lent. The first city man in a line of
rural or small towni men, Arthur was
the best dressed man to sit in the chair
since Washington, and perhaps the
hmandlsomnest, with a tail, graceful fig
ure, the manners of the great world
and a grave but easy courtesy.
Although a widower president, hig
sister, Mrs. McI~lroy, wvas a charming
mistress of the White House and under
them the social life of the mansion
took on a more sumptuous tone, His
son andl namesake wvas awvay at school
much of the time, but his little daugh
ter, Nellie Arthur, lit up the hoase
hold( with her song and laughter.
Mrs. Ar thur dliedl only in the year be
fore her husband's unexpectedl rise to
the presidecncy, andl her absence from
his side wvas a haunting sorrow to Ar
t huir.
Declining to remove the collreotor i6f
the port of Newv York, whom (Garfir~cd
had ap~pointed, against his protest, lhe
even Ipermittedl that officehohelri te
leave his post and oppose him;: lo the~
contest at the national convenilen.
No other president has (lone .o little
as Arthur did( to obtain a secrym ondi.
It was wveli, not only for the- sake of
the. high example he set, butl for hIs
own sake also. Arthur's healtht was
not equal to the strain of niolther
administration and another term~ in
the WVhite House, where he livi-d not
wisely but too well. In 10.s than iwo
yearn a~tr leaving the presidency, fol
lowed by the good will of all the pco~
nie. ho was dead of anonlexv. -
The New
The rumors of 1921 fashions
of lowered waist lines, flying pane
are now confirmed or rejected by4
these fashions advance the mode,
for greater values and lower levels
come in and acquaint yourself witi
Women's and Misses' Autumn G(
bridge Crepe, Duvetyne, Poiret Twil),
Autumn Suits in Duvet de Laini
Cord; priced from
l1'ashion shows a devided favori I1ism for
low shou this fIali. Ve have just re eived
a shipient in smar,11t Styles anl patterns
in new snapply Oxfords Ir fall: widths A,
It, C and 1), prived $8.50 to $12.50.
See the llrown) with ede ('oibinaation
at $10.00.
We have a most complete assortnivit or
Silk Ilosiery in Glove Silk and Thread Silk
ill black, brown and whi te.
'rives $1.50 to $4.50 the pair.
Our "Charactercloth" Shirting S
shirts made for you. This cloth is gu
and feels like silk; wears like leather.
Clinton, S. C. THE LA
Notice tc
We will give a Fo:
stration on the farm
Bardsdale, on Tuesd
are invited to attend
at work.
Mr. Todd has us
year and we want y
ence in the crops w]
where it was not.
Fight the boll we<
prepare the land bett,
Liberal terms to rear
. $675.00
W. C. W
Fall Modes
--of longer skirts and Chinese sleeves,
[s, gay colors or the vogue for black
)ur authentic presentations. And as
prices recede to establish a new era
You are most cordially invited to
i all that is new for autumn.
>wns in Centon Crepe, Silk Canton, Cam
Tricotine and Satin; priced from
to $67.50
3, Veldine, Yalama, Velour and Twill
to $64.50
The wor1l il-ait. best describes the gn1ality
alld bealty of' all
For Dress, bining and Ihingerie
Our I) ress I )epl ar-t en t is showi a (lol
plete lin l elding Silks for' every pur
Na neet --Satin Ci rce-Sa till Crepe
--Sa t in Messal ine-Ta l'et a.
NJ\V FAbb (08S1kIL)
Front havcing Corsetli
Off'ered at $2.50, $3.25. $3.75, $5.00, $6.50,
$7.50, $8.50, $10.00, $12.50 and 15.00
The question of C('orsets is so elosely al
lied to tile (luestiouns of healith antd com -
tort, that the store's Corset Service re
e(lves at. all timlles oil Ilost earnies4t voil
-sideration. Sixes 21 to 40.
fle ends September 17th. We will have
aranteed not to fade or shrink. Looks
rdson Tractor demon
Sof Mr. B. R. Todd,
ay, Sept. 20th. You
.and see the Fordson
ed the Fordson this
ou to see the differ
Fiere it was used and
evil with the tractor,
er, save time and labor.
>onsible parties.

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