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The Laurens advertiser. (Laurens, S.C.) 1885-1973, September 14, 1921, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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f~eti'~ o IPi'('r~ iii wit\
;'an ~i' flyth rotui'
of the state. They were not so much
apalled by the assumed fact In the
imind of many of the writers of our
history that a majority of the men of
pdier Carolina were loyalists as they
\wIre egnglizant in the influence of
liue-n like Pletchall an (Ithe Qull ing
nim ovr the peoplt antd thir power
o convttt theim to the King: thus
t I have lnady r f.rl. The
fa t it the peopht of th-e tiPet
s:ii 1ry d Ir re :t N vitally
: in''. d ':.y l: he SSe a.,, \\ Iere
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Al' a t :4
-' i'ih ir . n~ h irw land at
I i 'in e n , i lil:tut ti f i
-lfl -(' (iiel itok' icfiige'
It nI. ''I en" i' th ient ivin
11 ju , 11et'ns nfte tIeal. W
ti ino 5 (tfthe a 'Ano WXJ0
a hl~~ult-t .nnt li ;:as Iantliced
accompany Captain MAlDona1d of the
First Provicial Infantry to the Gov
einor's hdnse. The captain went dis
guished as one of Kirkland's sergeants
and Obtained not only direct evidence
of Campbell'CIIS closO COnnection With
the Tories of the up Country, bit also
of a niflitary seh:ne to bring (II
SoUth (ar!! in 1111to complte subjk
tion to the kiig. Suchi a s(ht 0e
therefore. asI hav t mentioned wa
h erefor re vc..l to theQ spy. Cap
taian l a n ad. in Campll ' I s houe-.
,dt d f. II aII th
wa "I" m:t I Iy ,lin y the rt
C:-: Ch '-tonl to Camd1(enl atnd
Ninkt * ix. NOw s . this 1uth
vk Ili -n~ <h m
f1 a: a
ttuh Car Vn
aurens Drvg C., ourens S C.
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La~~n flt~ C., cucns S C
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Harmony011, SopIt. fi.-TIhis coniifunity
h; ni'cdiii.g rain very bad. Ev~erything
is drin1 g til on1 IIccoU Int of such ary
M i: Ellie Coa.1I tol rphlit 14 111ay'
1t tc I'h kt.
Ixet \.11111111~ ls S1.lttii.
'-i*tlli P ida.Zi n SI:
Nv v. L~
a ~ I' w;o ,
i(C . ue t Sa 'Iliriti IlI an 1.11.
C \ 1 111 Jnl
due 14 Torp)L Lher
N I c- Vei
Careful Men
run our
-' ,., *
Put your money in our NationLa ank and know
that it is absolutely safe. ()ur vaults are fire and
burglar proof and men with mm v ard charatcter
stand behind our National Bank.
Our bank is one, of the vast system of Federal
Rcserve B nks which st'and togethr for h rc protec
tion of eaci other and their depositors.
We want your banking businelss and shall be
glad to have you come to see us.
W!eT0 add 4 per cent. inter -t.
Make OUR bank YOUR Kark.
The Enterprise Nationial Bank
N. B. DIAL, President C. H. ROPER, Cashier
Mard" Motor Gasoline
rkable pulig Power
ha (lel (MCl its burnifiuo
I ita IIIX i i iich of ii fir'es aund bow miidic
the product (df 1") igilitc, h lwering
'lie choice of the exlosive 10P44' of t1e
4killful refinling whole mixture. "(0it eoiposi.
esearchi. fii (if'Stanlal"ilotor (as
i.Ieis alrc deter
*.* A % iivQ(ith LI 1iew to inisurinig
y by the ccomplete c itio at
1thv exceptional
of theimproved Thousands of critical moloi'
10r (asolie i istsiavefgiven thiS'andard"
r Developmiient Motor Ca1olimie I thoi'(mg
)t only devotes41I test 1i1i14-1 all Sorts of
its work to re- tioiii". Lucy Say that it Supplies
s, )1t is also till unusually (veil, Smooth
%eking up ile flow of power, athe gives cX
alnce of "Stalid- (iptional lieage.
a11 i "Standard(l otdm' Gasoline is
motors, inl the o (.Ilb who'revr you Sc.
out o theroad. familiar 'S. 0." ign. It is
hiainable from the cheapest gasoline per ile
mch largely oit you ca find.
(New Jersey)
haittoigit, huwlwein
thWeplsie ore f h

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