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New Preparation Known an
Williams Superior Skin
W itener-WIN Clear up Your
Sm n, Keep It Soft And Fair.
Will Positively Remove Tan
Freckles In 7 Days. if it Falls
Your Money Will Be
This preparation is a now selentific
dlscovery gaianteed not to hair the tl
most delicate skin. Willi ams Suiper
ior Skin Whitener is the only prepara.
'tion of its kind on the iuarket. It i
(tuick an1d( de'l ightful in its effects an
%v ill not harim the m1lost delicnte skill
lIe sure to specify Willian is Super
lot' Skin Whitenter. You can secut't
the genutine Willianim Superior Skii
WN'hitener at lailrens I)rug Co.
fnionl- Llier-s ol' A14mhiistailos110
sttte of Soulh Carolinia,
Coiatv of Iau1ens.
-11 0. G. ''lloi)ps(n, l'robate Jutlve:
WheIreas Nil-:;. I'aaura It. Vl-lininL
linalde suit to ilte to grant her Letter:
of AIllilstiration of the ELtate ;In<
effects of ". 1). II irk-stdale.
'These are therefore, to cile anl ad
tuOlish all ;111and Sinl lar th Kitrore
111d Ct ditors or the Said U. l". Ilarks
<Iale deced thait they be and ap
pear before nu. ill the ('Court of Pro
bate, to ble held at I 2umrens Courit
ilouse, I"lllure 8s. S. C.. onl the 15th dat
of Septeinher, 1921 next, after pibli
cationl hereof, at 11 o'clocki inl tht
forenoonl, to show c'atuse. if ally the
have. Why tie said Adlninistrtittloll
Uiiven lnder Iny 1111d this "1st day
sholild not he gratlel.
of Augtust, Annto Domini 1921.
0. G. THlO.\PSON,
8-2t-A J. I'. 1h. C
Taie not1 ice that on the l1h dav ol
October, I.921. I will 'einder a final
accotint of ml::.. t and doing.s. as .\d.
111iiistrator of the estate of J. W. A
Ilolhind decase l. ill th Wlice of tIh
.luJdge of Probate of LanrnIs olunt ,v
at I o'clock, '. mll. and oil the san1
day wvill aplply for at finialdihag
from1 imy Ir as Atlinistrator.
Ally pert'saol indeblted to said estatt
is- niotified anld reuniteod to mnake pay
mlint onl thit dal": -.am14 all personl,1
having chtimsi against salid (' tale wvill
present Iltil on1 or bt'ore said date
duly provenl or he forever. barreti1.
Au ust :',1, 1921. ' ;- t
4 Why
Wonders for Me,"
Declares This Lady.
"I suffered for a long
t ime with womanly weak- 4
ness," says Mrs. J.R
SSimpson, of 57 Spruce
St., Asheville, N4. C. "I
finally got to the place
where it was an effort for
me to go. 1 would have
fr bearing-down pains In
my side and back - es
~ pecially severe across my
back, and down in my
side there was a great
deal of Soreness. I was
nervous and easily flp
The Woman's Tonic
"I' heard of Cardul and
decided to use it," con
tinutes Mrs. SImpson. "I
saw shortly it was bene
fiting me, so 1 kept it up
S and it did wonders for
me. And since then IW
. have been glad to praise
Cardul. It Is the best
woman's tonic made*
Weak women need a
tonIc. Thousands and
S thousands, like Mrs. 4
Simpson, have found
SCardul of benefit tctthem.
Try Cardul for your trout..r
Tragedy the Aceldental Result of the 1
Careless .Handling of a Pistol lie
was ExhibitJng to a Friend.
Greenville, Sept. 12.-JWhilo his
wife, looking on, pleaded with hIm to n
-be careful, Samuel Skelton, 26, book- d
keeper for the Riverside Grocery Con- v
pany, aceidentIlly .blew his brains out I
rwith a .32-calibro Smith and Wesson c
revolver iwhich he thought was un. t!
loaded, in his rooms at 202 River c
street yesterday afternoon. With ii
young Skelton In the room at the tine b
of the tragedy Was 19. L. Field. who 11
was %pending the day with the young a
man and who, only a few minutes be- 0
fore the fatal shot was fired, had been
asked by Skelton to'buy the pistol. Mrs. ]
Skelton was, standing in the doorway r
and saw her huishatnId pill the trigger n
that sen the billet througli his head
and into the Ceiling above. Though t
a -irent hole was torn in young Skel- C
onm's lead a11i in spite of a great loss fI
(of blood. he lived almost forty-five
!nuites after being shot. le never '
Ireg:iuned conii(ousneOs. -
Accordini to tlie story of the trag- C
6dy related by Mir. Field young Skel- I
ton and he were in one of the up- S
sta irs rootmis occ iIied by 'Mr. and s
irs. Skelton, when Skelton took C
from under a Illw on the bed a pearl b
handled revolver and asked If he did 1)
not Want to buy it. Mr. Field stated n
that lie replied inl the iiegative and h
that Mr. Shelton begani handling the
pist rather carelessly when lie -n
varned him to be more careful. Mr. i
Skelton then unbreawhed the revoiver it
an as lie -thought, all of tle cartridges C
fell out. In the Ineantime Mirs. Skei- to
ton, who was in an adjoining rnoi hail
heard tle warning giveln her hinshal Td
hy Mr. Field and came to tle door. a
.Titst as sie was adnionishirng hini to b)
!Ne rILIe careful in handling the we t1
pon, younii g Skeltori placed the in t of
Ihe pistol against his right temple as g
if to show that the *wieaponi was harmti1- .\
tess, bean snappiig the tri'ger. The o
pistol went off and tlie only hullet tlat II
was left in the cliamer cnt a great ;
hot' tlirouigl the uinfrltunate mn's. n
h l and lodtred inl the ceiling. A\ clv
sician was sumoniied limediately hitl
nthinig could hw done to save his life.
SatsIel Skelton was the eldest. son
of .\lr. ani .\ts. S. 0. Shelton, of Mr'
.\':ustastriet. lie Is heent connieet
1d With tlhe Itiverside Coipaniy. al
on(ernl in wlich his fatier ws once
iltere'ted, for soile time. D )ui'ing the
World W\at he was inl thme medical
corps .nd w1;INas stationevd at F-ort
O'.gIilhorpe. Two years ago lie mar
ri-d Miss Stah Canmt-phell, .vio si
vivos him. I
Mir. Skewlton wau, Well knlown ail
vas l{ikd by a lar.e circle of frlends
in this city anid(' section, wh're I ehasX
residtd tlie great 2r part of his life.
*liton Sept. i.--.l. and **s.A
(' t):inieils andt soin, of Ilendersonvillo
sptti Iseverial days last week with Mirs.
Alytle flintter.
Asses I yria rI eamiani antd Floiride
hitudid spent. the( week'(l-endl in C'ross
Nirt. andi .\Itrs. Ilomrii To'dd and ifam
ily, of' ( reenivill e, alientI to' week -end
with .\ir. andl .\is. it. Z. Wr'ight.
li sses I oit, (if .1 aur enis sptent Is'v'
iral days last. weeck wvith thueir sister,
p e n t s la st wi e k Sti ith of .\iliii S ie -
m.a N. ('., Sunar. after tpeing ev
* ral days with hir parients,Niir. and
.\lrs.,.loe liailey.
.\lts. ii'('li Youniig dlelighitfutlly en
t'et~aa id the 'Tntsava 'lubi last. week.
Afte 'r a :'lea ant holt' of sewing. the
hicless s-er'Ved a d'ieliis saladt (couris.
NIirs. WV S. ihtant is spieniinig seveali
iday.s in Spiartanurug with hier dauigh
iir, .\i's, I,. MT. Kennedy. ,
.\lrs. .lmi i i Wrig t was hostess5 to thte
.\l't on t'.ook elub last iFriday rivening.
.\ fter' ~'( ieeal gamnes of IHook, thle host -
(s5 ser ivedl a delliius sadii Coilrse(.
M\i as Sitsan .\NIood y retuiirn edii latt
week from 1'niiion, witere she vialited
hvi eritut. Mirs. tichh Stotne. '
\iss EhI-l i'utniaml left last week
fort i'iiree wh-ere'( she w~'ii teach tie.s
Nit's. I Auli is lira'y an litson, (if Spar
tatihurog, aire the guests of AIli. anid
.\lrs. Frank ('('oeland. Iu
it (v. an till ris. C'. Ilu js I'owlher, of .
Atlanta, visited ft-lends here last wveek.
iretor a1 It e ('olle(ge', returne illlasto
wee'k fronm his home in .\litwaukhee, at
Wis., rttire hte spen'tt thle stttum'. I
.\liss ilill Iltiaiisoni lcit last wVel'k
LAXATIEdReOM, wh~ier Taet ee thes
.s GROES lga, o Aboermarlo, N.CS
'ut Lands In Cover Crops, State En.
tontologist Advises; Winter May
-Check Insects.
Clemson College, Sept. 8.-The mild
oss of the coming -winter will largely
etermine whether the boll weevil nwill
irtually cripple 'the cotton growing
idustry in this section next year, ac
ording to A. F. Conradi, state en
:nuologist. If the winter is severe
otton may again be grown profitably
.i this section, Mr. Conradi thinks,
u-t If the winter is a mild on it will
lean that the boll weevil has become
factor to -be reckoned with through
ut the Piedmont section.
Regardless of what tho approach
ig winter may bring forth Mr. Con
adi -warns all farmers to prepare to
wet the boll weevil. The Uest way
> do this, he says, is to have a clean
ill culture and to put winter cover
rolls on all lands. If this is done the
irmers have done all that hutnan
gencies can to to comilat the insect
'hicli has never been successfully
hecked since it ('rosset the Itio
randie river from Mexico. Asked as
> whether the Piedmont section would
tiffer less from the wevil than other
1c'tions of tihe state Alr. Conradi said
Uat t1h i'i led nont WaI htan diCtI)ed
veause of two facts. One of these is
lc leavy clay soil and the second is
uiterou.; terraces. offering a place of
ibernation for the insect.
To nt'ail'at the weevil the fari'mers
lust first of all destroy the hidinig
laces of the insects. While the soil
i this statlion needs htimus badly, .Mr.
onradi thinks it would be even bet
'I to I)bIuirn the we'evil-infested stalks
t1in to leave themln above the ground.
'he idetl way is to plow such stalks
t least six inches under the grolind
t this re'quires greater mule power
ai i., possessed on many farms.
"i'lte ho!I wecvil malks cottol
rowinug next yeari1 an uncertainty,"
It. Cilraii conclded. "A >unudance
I the weevil dpIends upon tihe mtiin
Moinl t(ma~tr of winttLr aInd Ilh(
un1111nler infall. If next winter is
1Id A%' n Niay " ',kt e y n u e <.
11 yarl ill cotton .trowing."
* * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * ' *
alu1rday n1i.J h t t 'nionl chur11ch with
hout Iwen(ti, acessions to the (hureb,
ltl by letter and vXjerience, Iev,
ON( did soie line preachming a1( we
'el like he hr('lhilt Imembtlers were
-Ie nd Inuch1 P0. cnacmlinj; shedt
y this nieeting.
We ar or' ry oIrot v i \ Mr. Joel W.
[001v Iintite sick.
Thelic fariers are getting butsy' pick
cot ton antd feel inlore encourage(l
>mitltr tho (xtreeliy small crop
ow that the pricc seems to he ad
Ror. \V. 1'. Citibert:son and w Ifely' , of
intes Cuillhertson, oif Founttain innI,
rotughIt them(ii down fromt their' htome
id 0111wn Sattila tnight and tunda
-ilng ol friiends atnd ri vs. Ite.
'1d .Ilrx. C'ulhertsont werie on thleir
ay home from \V righltsxvie Iteach
herie th1ey hadl stentt a x.olc. ( )n
.'iulhetson.a .\Iis. lIarbtara ('ithert
mu, .\liss lahurenlc ('tlla-tsont anid
r. S. .I. IP:aor oif Miointviille, mi o
>red overi to thle homte of 71ir. andtl
0-S- 711 (ooper. of' Shoals .iitt('.
o anid Senut ai ftw hiour
bpning ai)I few lays with her
other, "ir. C. C. (aiwell, anti fmui
Mrt. antd .\1rts. li'rnk A\lt ' britrttbie,
lickory TIavrn, sptent last lTh:urs
.\lr. II. '. \Valinee( spent a few
~yx of last wee ith il her' sister, .\rs.
amtiItoin, I nil a~ Ittled thle mtte tng.
l'rtuf. ii. V. ('illrscot anti daughl
('. iavin1 (ICek, whtert' all the 'utl
rtsoni bru:hors antd sisters were to
.tr ix((jt ite, .\t's. S. .\l. COooer'.
lie Qiulinine Thaot. i)oes Nof. A iy't
flhe lend
teatt'i oif its tl('itand laxaitive of
i'ablt".) enni he t akeni by atnyonte
it hot eauising nter'outsntss or' ring
g in the head. I'0. W. 'elt.OViC's sig..
Taike noticee that on the 14th da~y
Octobter,~ 12 I, I ii rItender a. lImk
'(ounit of mty aits and doligs as Ad
itnisi rator of the (slate of W. WN.
ilbleritson, deeansed, in Ithe ofle of
0 .1itndge of IProbaite of i2aurtn iCtt ottn
,at, I I o'clock, a. tm., andl( ont thte
mtt (lay wvill applly for' a dischtarge
omi myl3 trust ats Atmiinistrator'.
Any liersoni ndtebted t o saId est ate
ntotilled( anid ref~liniredt to .m ake Itay
(itt tin that date; and all itersons
tIvng ('laims augainst said( estate wIll
'esent thtem on or' before sa Id daite,
ly p roveti or be foreve r barr'ed.
WV. II. C'AM1P1lciAl,
ptilmber' 14, 1921, 0-tat-A
Camels are made for Men who
Think for Themselves
Such folks know real quality-and DEMAND if,
They prefer Camels because Camels give them the
smoothest, mellowest smoke they can buy-because
they love the mild, rich flavor of choicest tobaccos,
perfectly blended-and because Camels leave NO
Like every man who does his own thinking, yoU
want fine tobacco in your cigarettes. You'll find it
in Camels.
And, mind you, no flashy package just for show.
No extra wrappers! No costly frills! These things
don't improve the smoke any more than premiums
or coupons.
But QUALITY! Listen! That's CAMELSI
I M =0 LJ. REYNOLDS Tahacto Ca.
T Tto.aIm t.VI.
Will sKnight
P ri c es G.,r.ea tlIy
Roadster . .. $ 685 Roadster . . $1610
Touring . . $ 685 Touring . . $1660
Coupe . . . $ 955 Coupe . . . $2365
Sedan . . . $1000 Sedan . . . $2570
S merel Motor Co
Laurens, S. C.

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